Chapter 243: Qing Wan Is Stricken With Gu

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The appearance of the ability Five Finger Mountain terrified the warriors.

The greatest difference between cultivators and warriors was in the application of magic energy and powers. A warrior’s every move and technique were very powerful, able to even split stone, but compared to mountain-toppling abilities, they were not worth a glance. Also, warriors were not like Star Generals, who could utilize Star Energy to use their Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques. In the face of a cultivator’s abilities, a warrior’s techniques were completely worthless.

Chen Mo’s second Five Finger Mountain was used in succession.

As expected of the Southern Suppression Camp, the number two Great Battalion of the Great Chong Dynasty. Although these warriors and soldiers had committed heinous deeds, they had cultivated a firm foundation at the Southern Suppression Camp for several dozen years. After the initial panic, they very quickly recomposed themselves. All the warriors assumed a battle formation. Their Qi-blood rolled perilously; the powerful Qi-blood combined into one, surprisingly suppressing a God Transformation Realm cultivator’s ability.

With Five Finger Mountain restrained by their Qi-blood, the other soldiers seized their opportunity to draw their blades for a direct confrontation, to attempt close combat against Chen Mo.

If a cultivator was closed in on, if they did not have good defensive options, they were as good as dead.

Chen Mo’s hands each carried Qing Wan and Nianyou. Though he was unable to put them down, they did not hinder him. He opened the Deva Eyes and stiffened the bodies of the incoming warriors. While they were intimidated by the heavenly power, Chen Mo’s Divine Intent moved. 

He was able to slay several warriors through thought alone.

However, it was still too slow to handle several hundred warriors in this manner. If he had cultivated a sword chant, Chen Mo could have been able to wipe them out without so much as lifting a finger. “Your Highness, I’ll protect Nianyou.” Qing Wan felt she was burdening Chen Mo and raised a bit of True Qi.

Chen Mo was very confident in her and handed Nianyou to Qing Wan.

Facing the hundreds of warriors, he sneered. With a flourish of his hand, a giant iron rod that was a thousand catties in weight appeared. When this staff appeared, the color drained from those warriors’ faces, and they became alarmed. What manner of strange weapon was this.

Chen Mo activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, turning all of his magic energy into Star Energy and circulating it.

Northern Dipper swung.

A terrifying wind blew out from the staff. Like dead leaves swept into an autumn breeze, dozens of the warriors standing in front of Chen Mo were blown away. When they came into contact with Northern Dipper, the Star Energy shrouding the weapon already shattered their meridians and organs, instantly killing them.

Xun Lower Broken!

Dui Upper Open!

Zhen Upright Basin!

Each of the Bagua techniques were unleashed using Northern Dipper. Although not on the same level as “Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow” techniques that possessed earth-shattering power, they were more than sufficient to take care of these warriors and cultivators.

After several dozen swings of the staff, a majority of the six hundred soldiers were dead or injured. The serene prairie had already turned from a river of blood into a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

“Good girls can’t watch.” Qing Wan covered Nianyou’s pure and limpid eyes, not allowing her to spectate the savage scene, so as to avoid ruining her impression of Chen Mo.

Wretched screams endlessly filled the valley.

In no time at all, their formidable soldierly determination had crumbled away under Chen Mo’s total annihilation assault. The remaining warriors turned and fled, not daring at all to make any struggle.

Just at this moment, the ocean of blood under Chen Mo’s feet rose abnormally. A black dot mixed with the fresh blood stabbed towards Chen Mo’s body. This blood-light was extremely well hidden, as if concealed in a warrior’s blood. After the warrior died, the blood immediately came to life. Chen Mo did not have his guard up. As he turned around, a shadow suddenly entered his view.


Qing Wan caught that blood droplet.

Chen Mo’s staff slammed against the ground, nearly evaporating all the blood. “Qing Wan, are you alright?” Chen Mo hurriedly asked.

“I’m fine.” Qing Wan opened her hand. There was only a hole, her body appearing otherwise unaffected.

Chen Mo could not help but hold Qing Wan’s palm, activating a soul technique in response.

“Your Highness, I’m really alright.” Qing Wan was a bit tired.

“Drink this wine for now.” Chen Mo took out the Lifeless Wine.

Qing Wan felt this was strange, but seeing Chen Mo’s solemn gaze, she drained the wine.

At this moment, smoke rolled in from outside the valley. Yu Huaizhen brought the Southern Suppression Camp’s main force to attack.

The fleeing warriors were killed.

“Subordinate was slow, please forgive us, Your Highness!” Zhang Ming and the other commandants brought the main force when they sensed the alarming changes in the valley. They could not help but gasp when they saw the scene in front of them.

“I never thought these people would actually rebel when Your Highness forced them into a corner.” Yu Huaizheng feigned an indignant expression.

Chen Mo sneered at him, “It turned out to be great. They saved This Highness a lot of time.”

Yu Huaizheng’s brow rose.

“Qing Wan, you had merit in protecting This Highness. I shall instate you as commander1 of the Southern Suppression Camp. General Yu, what do you think?” Chen Mo smiled insincerely.

“Commander?” Yu Huaizheng was astonished.

In the army, the commander was in control of tens of thousands of people, a rank higher than commandants, second only to the generals. Because their own power was very great, Supreme Generals did not confer the position of commander particularly often. However, seeing the attitude that Qing Wan showed towards Chen Mo, Yu Huaizhen knew that this girl was definitely one of his confidantes.

Qing Wan had also distinguished herself during the Divine Warrior Examination. Already with the qualifications for rank five, it was a matter of course for Chen Mo to confer upon her an office as commander. If he informed Chang’an of this as soon as possible, even Emperor Tang could not possibly interfere.

“Many thanks to Your Highness for granting this to Your Servant.” Qing Wan knelt, and when she stood up, she felt dizzy.

Chen Mo supported her, seriously asking. “Are you actually alright?”

“Maybe I used up too much True Qi.” Qing Wan’s face was pale. Indeed, she seemed to have overused her Qi-blood.

Yu Huaizheng slightly wrinkled his brow when he saw Qing Wan’s appearance.

“We return to camp. I will report to His Imperial Majesty of today’s events. Zhang Ming, investigate the identities of these turncoat officers and soldiers. See what connection they have with the cases that we were informed about. I’ll leave other matters with you all.”

Chen Mo exchanged a few words.

On a mountain peak near the valley, there was a rundown wooden hut. Yu Huaizheng landed his sword here and walked in front of the hut.

The wooden hut was very simple and crude, with all kinds of utensils and pots placed on the ground. Yu Huaizheng looked around. There was a rustling sound inside the forest. A man in strange green robes walked out, and settled along his arm was a sinister, meter-long, dark red centipede.

“Great Gu Master Fu Qi,2 is it done?” Yu Huaizheng asked.

This man, who was named Fu Qi, was one of the Ancient Miao clan’s Great Gu Masters, the one most adept at using Blood Gu. Among those traitorous soldiers just now, there were many who were already infected with his strongest “Blood Death”3 beforehand. If the host died, the gu inside the blood would wait for a chance to move. Without any warning, even the best cultivators would suffer corrosion of their Essence Blood.

“That brat’s luck is pretty good. A woman helped stop the Blood Death for him.” Fu Qi muttered.

“To use gu against a God Transformation cultivator, it truly is a pity to have missed this opportunity.” Yu Huaizheng was displeased.

Fu Qi smiled: “General, there’s no need to feel this is a pity so prematurely. Although that woman stopped most of them, some of the Blood Death Gu still burrowed into that man’s body. Although not enough to be fatal, they should weaken him. By the time he enters Nan Jiang, This Gu Master has a way to make him unable to return.”

“Then good.” Hearing that Chen Mo was still infected with some gu, Yu Huaizheng’s expression warmed up markedly.

However, how could either of them be aware that those blood-borne Blood Death Gu were killed by the Lifeless Wine the moment they entered Chen Mo’s body. 

Tenth day after arriving at the Southern Suppression Camp.

Chen Mo’s thundering methods showed results, and there began to be daily training drills in the camp. 

News came from the emperor in Chang’an, and Qing Wan smoothly became the commander of the Southern Suppression Camp, taking lead over fifteen thousand troops. In the decree, Emperor Tang also ordered Chen Mo to accelerate the speed of Nan Jiang’s subjugation, intending for him to take Nan Jiang before the year ended to act as one of Chen Mo’s achievements for the Title Bestowal Ceremony. However, Chen Mo paid no attention to Emperor Tang’s order. 

Today, Chen Mo was in the middle of cultivating the Book Of Changes Black Turtle in his tent. The seven Black Turtle dots on his body became vortexes. As he circulated the Black Turtle True Qi, black meridians already extended from the vortexes at his Dipper and Ox dots into his organs.

After cultivating, Chen Mo opened his eyes. The Star Energy in his body was increasingly full.

“The Bodhi Soul Technique is so incredible. I was already able to turn two of the Black Turtle points into Black Meridians this quickly.” Chen Mo took a deep breath. The Book Of Changes Black Turtle would be proficient when he cultivated the seven dots into black-colored meridians. According to Long Ju, even a genius would need about several decades. However, he had the Bodhi Soul Technique, so his cultivation speed was enormously accelerated.

Chen Mo estimated that he should be able to reach proficiency in the Book Of CHanges Black Turtle before the Title Bestowal Ceremony at this rate.

“I need to forge my Flying Swords before the Title Bestowal Ceremony.” As a God Transformation Realm cultivator, a sword chant was very important. Chen Mo knew that even though he had such an abnormal weapon as Northern Dipper, if he were to possess one of Star World’s Three Great Sword Chants, facing Huan Wen would be that much more possible.

However, the materials for the “Four Symbols” swords of the Without Ultimate Swords were honestly too hard to find.

Seven Star Mansion Spirit Stones and the True Spirit of a Holy Beast.

Just the Star Mansion Spirit Stones alone were enough to drive a Star General mad.

Chen Mo pondered when, all of a sudden, an urgent voice came from outside the door.

“Your Highness.”

Zhang Ming burst into the tent.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Mo asked.

“Commander Qing suddenly lost consciousness while drilling the troops.”

“Lost consciousness?”

Chen Mo was taken aback.

Nianyou, who was in the middle of practicing calligraphy with her brush, also stopped. Her figure warped in front of Chen Mo, and he grabbed her as he hurried out of his tent.

Training field.

A crowd of soldiers were in the middle of whispering to themselves.

“Practice formations on your own, no slacking off.” Zhang Ming reprimanded them.

Chen Mo walked to the commander’s position. Qing Wan was currently in meditation, but the girl’s complexion was pale as a sheet of paper, beads of sweat raining down. Chen Mo knew in his heart things were bad the moment he saw her. After Qi-blood Nine TUrns, a warrior was already able to control their own perspiration. When a warrior broke into a sweat, that signified an imbalance of qi and blood in their body, a very dangerous sign. The warrior who was first to perspire in a battle often was certain to be the loser.

“Why is it so weak?” Chen Mo checked Qing Wan’s pulse.

“Can it be that Commander Qing was pushing herself too hard training the soldiers the past few days.” Zhang Ming was doubtful. Qing Wan was not yet a complete Three Flowers Gathered Overhead. To become a commander at this level of cultivation was considered a breach of regulation, so drilling fifteen thousand warriors was particularly exhausting, unlike Chen Mo, who entered God Transformation Realm and could control life and death with but a single thought.

Chen Mo sent his Divine Intent into Qing Wan’s body. Qing Wan groaned, for a cultivator’s Divine Intent was perceptible. This was like a large hand brushing over her body, as if she was completely threadbare and exposed in front of Chen Mo. However, at the moment, they could not bother too much about that. “She’s infected with gu poison.” Chen Mo immediately discovered that the blood cell production ability of Qing Wan’s marrow was weakening and failing bit by bit.

“Gu poison.” Everyone was astonished.

“Then Nan Jiang’s Ancient Miao gu masters must have come and set gu in the camp again.” Zhang Ming gnashed his teeth. It seemed that the Southern Suppression Camp regularly suffered through many gu poisoning incidents.

Chen Mo cast a glance at the faraway and expressionless Yu Huaizheng, sneering to himself.

“Quickly call the physician to cure the gu.” Zhang Ming promptly ordered.

“No need. I’m afraid the physician won’t be able to cure this type of gu.” A cold light flashed past Chen Mo’s eyes.

“Then, what do we do?” Everyone was a bit worried.

“I’m going to Nan Jiang to find that Gu Master and have them personally cure it. You all remain here and stand watch.” Chen Mo commanded.

“We heed your orders.”

Chen Mo carried Qing Wan in one arm and called for Nianyou. The little loli very smartly hugged his other arm. Then, Chen Mo used the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape, instantly flitting past the camp. In mere moments, he vanished from everyone’s sight.

A cruel smile appeared on Yu Huaizheng’s face. To the bodyguard beside him, the general nonchalantly said: “Looks like Our Highness needs to find a new commander.”

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  1. 都督
  2. 伏啟
  3. 血亡

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