Chapter 244: “Southern Barbarian King” Miaoling

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Nine Heads Miao Village. In the picturesque scene, the crisp “dingding-dongdong” sound of a bell flowed like a river.

Immediately, a charming laugh accompanied the bell and a fragrant wind.

“Yellow Rank: Collapsing Mountain Shattering Wall!”1

Clad in light muslin, a woman wearing only thin garments to cover her important places gripped a long, long fang sword. It was like a tusk, ash-gray in color. The tusk saber unleashed a fully destructive force, piercing through the mountain cliff and disintegrating the rock face.

A young girl and a woman were in the middle of a spar. The bell on her white wrist rocked with the wind, letting out beautiful chimes. The young girl’s palm seemed to grip a clump of star-light, and she caught the opponent’s incoming Yellow Rank saber-qi.

The Collapsing Mountain Shattering Wall saber-qi beat the girl black and blue, but she was like a boulder, not taking one step back.

A kingfisher chirped nervously from atop the girl’s head.

“Momo, get away from here, I’m fine.” The girl’s voice was pleasant to listen to; she was none other than Miaoling.

Hearing her words, the kingfisher named Momo flew out the window and perched on Yeyao’s shoulder.

The sexy woman was the Star General, Mangyachang, who wore a smile that could captivate all things. “Southern Barbarian King Meng Huo,2 now that things have reached this point, you had better obediently kneel and swear allegiance to me. As long as you swear allegiance to me, I will become the head of the Nine Villages, and I will dearly love you and your Eight Receptions Miao Village.”

“If you want to daydream, you’ll need to strip naked first.” Miaoling disdainfully retorted. She flicked her wrist, and the bells rang.

Her Star Weapon was none other than the four bells on her wrist and ankles, the “Profound Emptiness Bells.”3 Their rings were able to control all manners of creatures and fully utilize their powers. When Mangyachang heard the bells, she feared changes to the situation. Although Miaoling had only inherited her Star Name less than half a year ago, the name she had inherited nevertheless turned out to be Southern Barbarian King Meng Huo, a Star Name far stronger than her own. When she matured in the future, she would inevitably take the position of leader of Nan Jiang.

Mangyachang brandished her tooth blade, and a ray of saber-qi drew a dog fang-like arc as it slashed towards Miaoling, like the bloody jaws of a giant beast.

Meng Miaoling used the Profound Emptiness Bells again. All of a sudden, her body shook, and her heartbeat accelerated a few dozen times. All of her power instantly vanished, leaving her limp and weak.

Just as the saber-qi was about to hack into Miaoling, several birds spread their wings and intercepted, dispersing the saber-qi.

“We’ll stop here for today.” Qin Shaoxu beckoned, and the Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts fluttered around her.

Mangyachang showed a toothy grin and chuckled, “Young Lord Qin Guan, if she cannot pass even the Nine Heads Village, it seems that Meng Huo doesn’t have the qualifciations to be the SOuthern Barbarian King. Your Servant proposes that you serve as Nan Jiang’s chief, Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan, how about it.”

“I have no interest in your Nan Jiang.” Qin Shaoxu flatly declined.

The woman lewdly grinned: “But, Qin Guan, for just how long can you protect this little girl? Ten years, one hundred?”

“We adjourn for this time.”

Yeyao warped up to the platform, pulling Meng Miaoling into her embrace and bringing all of Bana Miao Village’s people hurriedly away.

Watching them walk into the distance, Mangyachang snorted, “Prepare some bold and fierce men. Your Servant wants to vent for a bit.”4

“As you command.”

Eight Receptions Miao Village.

Yeyao pushed open the bedroom door and walked out.

Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan had stood guard outside the door, and when they saw her walk out, they asked: “Is Miaoling better?”

“Just sudden powerlessness. There are no indications that she contracted a gu.” Yeyao was stumped. Over the last month, Miaoling had inexplicably manifested this symptom several times, all of a sudden losing her vitality as if she was a withering flower, and even the Star Energy on her body would suddenly vanish. After a period of time, she would then recover.

“If this is the case, perhaps becoming the chief of Nan Jiang’s Nine Villages will be very problematic.” Qin Shaoxu’s slender finger played with a lock of her black hair as she fell into contemplation.

“She doesn’t have to be chief of Nan Jiang or whatever, right.” Ting Nanyuan twitched her mouth, expressing disapproval.

“This child’s feelings run deep.” Yeyao was distressed.

Ting Nanyuan said: “What do deep feelings and being the chief of Nan Jiang have anything to do with each other?”

A fire beacon suddenly rolled from the horizon.

Qin Shaoxu and the others ended their discussion and turned their gazes. On the horizon, they spotted a Fire Beacon Chariot,5 and Qin Shaoxu said that a certain person in question was coming.

Ting Nanyuan squinted. The Fire Beacon Chariot was very familiar, and the man riding it was, too.

“Chen Mo!”

Chen Mo landed the Fire Beacon Chariot in front of the room and dismounted.

Ting Nanyuan was just about to speak when she noticed Chen Mo holding a girl, “Isn’t this Qing Wan?” Ting Nayuan had quite a deep impression of the Qing Family’s genius young miss.

“What has happened?” Qin Shaoxu asked.

Chen Mo was unable to explain very much, and he requested of Yeyao: “Senior Yeyao, my companion may have been stricken with gu, can you take a look.”

Upon hearing that the girl had contracted gu, Yeyao did not say much more before promptly bringing Qing Wan into her room to lie down. Yeyao saw that Qing Wan’s complexion was pale, that all of her skin was white as paper. She knew that this gu was already settled deep within the girl’s marrow and would require holistic treatment. Yeyao was about to undress Qing Wan’s outer garb when she noticed Chen Mo was still inside the room: “Your Highness, I ask that you retreat for the moment.”

Chen Mo left the room when he heard her.

Qin Shaoxu was currently teasing6 Nianyou; the Magpie Bridge Immortal was very fond of Nianyou.

“Shaoxu, Nanyuan, you’re still staying in Nan Jiang.” After handing Qing Wan over to Yeyao, Chen Mo was slightly less worried.

“I naturally will uphold what I promised you.” Qin Shaoxu indifferently answered.

Ting Nanyuan giggled: “Your Highness White Clothed Tanhua, Nanyuan has heard of your fame even in Nan Jiang. Congratulations to you. You obtained first place in the Divine Warrior Examination after defeating Jiang Yanyu, this is truly unimaginable.”

“And Miaoling?” Chen Mo spotted the green kingfisher, “Momo,” thereupon he asked.

Momo had some memories of Chen Mo, and it very comfortably flew to his shoulder.

“Miaoling has not been very well recently. She is helping you by competing to be head of the Nine Villages. She just fainted.” Qin Shaoxu pursed her lips.

“Why is this happening?”

“See for yourself. She’s in the next bedroom over.”

Chen Mo entered Miaoling’s room. There were many jars and utensils inside the room, and then he noticed that this was the first time he had entered Miaoling’s chambers. Although this was her bedchamber, it did not have the rouge aroma of a normal girl’s room. Instead, many poison grasses and flowers were suspended above the window, and several jars even raised several dozen large multi-colored spiders.

These spiders included famous highly toxic spiders of Nan Jiang, such as the “Black Funnel Spider,” “Twin Horned Demon Face Spider,” “Seven Colors Poison Wolf Spider” and more. Right now, they were all being raised by her in a jar in mutual slaughter.7

A seemingly poisonous aroma pervaded the room.

Chen Mo saw Miaoling laying on the bed. He walked over and sat at her bedside, placing his hand on her forehead. Qin Shaoxu recounted her situation. Because the way Miaoling inherited her Star Name was a bit strange, the Magpie Bridge Immortal surmised this was possibly an aftereffect or such.

However, when Chen Mo placed his hand on Miaoling’s body. The group noticed the girl’s body temperature rise back up very quickly.

“She hasn’t inherited her Star Name for that long, yet she went and fought Star Generals like Mangyachang?” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow.

“En. Miaoling’s Realm is still Reborn Nine Movements.” Qin Shaoxu talked about events that transpired after Chen Mo left. Several of the Ancient Miao Nine Villages’ Star Generals originally were considered friendly. Ever since Great King Mulu’s death, those Star Generals flew into a rage. If it was not for Miaoling’s Star Name, those Great Star Generals would have already united to get rid of her. Of course, Qin Guan’s presence was considered another reason.

Reborn Nine Movements? Then she hasn’t even reached Heart Furnace Realm, and her Innate Skill hasn’t manifested either.

Chen Mo understood that the Star Name that Miaoling succeeded was Southern Barbarian King Meng Huo. This Star Name was insignificant in Star World, but in Nan Jiang, it was nevertheless quite famous, as can be seen from the nickname “Southern Barbarian King.”

As the head of Nan Jiang’s Ancient Miao Nine Villages, Mangyachang, Cave Master Dailai, Jinhuan Sanjie were all her subordinates.8

“But Little Sister Miaoling is already very strong. Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivators couldn’t possibly be her match.” Having personally witnessed Miaoling’s strength, Ting Nanyuan was still very envious.

Chen Mo’s thoughts remained unclear.

“Watch Miaoling here for now. We’ll wait for you outside. It’s been too long since I last saw Nianyou, I wonder how much she’s grown.” Qin Shaoxu said, hinting to Ting Nanyuan to leave the bedroom together.

Chen Mo looked at Miaoling’s sleeping face.

Thump, thump, thump.

He heard the girl’s heartbeat seem to slowly accelerate.

Chen Mo knew that Miaoling was already awake and was feigning sleep.

“You don’t need to worry about being chief of Nan Jiang. Leave the fighting and killing to a man.” Chen Mo smiled and said, brushing away a strand of black hair from the girl’s lips.

The girl continued to feign sleep, but her heartbeat grew faster and faster still. Even without using his keen perception, he could still hear that thumping in the absolutely silent room.

Chen Mo gazed at her for a long time, watching her show no indication whatsoever. 

The rays of the setting sun trickled in through the window, and a nearly inaudible sigh echoed inside the room.

“Nianyou, did that big bully Chen Mo bully at all, you have to tell me. Sister Shaoxu and I will serve justice for you.” Ting Nanyuan pestered Nianyou. THe little loli turned her head away, not paying attention to her.

QIn Shaoxu was lost in thought.

The door opened, and Chen Mo walked out. Seeing her Big Brother appear, the little loli happily launched herself over.

“Is she still asleep?” Qin Shaoxu asked.

“En…I noticed when I used my hand to touch her that her power was recovering very rapidly.” Cen Mo was very confused why this was the case.

In actuality, QIn Shaoxu also took note of this point. She wrinkled her brow: “Don’t tell me you two signed a contract?” Generally speaking, if there was a Servant Star Contract, imparting Star Energy could produce this kind of situation.

Chen Mo thought hard, but he had no recollection of this. And he did not impart any Star Energy when he touched Miaoling. This was a type of involuntary function.9

“Perhaps it is related to the Lover Gu?” Qin Shaoxu wondered.

Chen Mo was unable to figure it out and did not waste any more brain cells thinking over it further. He glanced at Yeyao’s room. THe door was still shut tight.

After a long while, Yeyao’s doors finally opened, and the woman quietly walked out.

“Senior Yeyao, can Qing Wan’s gu be cured?”

“She contracted the Blood Death Gu. I cannot.” Yeyao sighed.

“What gu is this?” Qin Shaoxu asked.

“Our Nan Jiang has many Great Gu Masters, and each has their own expertise. This Blood Gu is the doing of a Great Gu Master named Fu Qi. He is adept at using his own blood to raise gu. He uses blood as the medium, so his gu arts are the most sinister in Nan Jiang.” Yeyao explained: “Once stricken with the Blood Death Gu, a warrior or cultivator’s Essence Blood will slowly be devoured. In the end, they will suffer Qi-blood and organ failure and even die. Their magic energy will be reduced to a crippled state. The Blood Death Gu is the trick that Fu Qi is most proud of. He even used it on himself once, injuring himself severely. Why would the Great Gu Master attack this girl with such a gu? I see that she is not even Three Flowers Gathered Overhead.” 

Chen Mo bitterly smiled. “It’s all because of me.”

“As expected.” Yeyao had guessed this was the case. “Fu Qi and the Great Chong Dynasty have always been rumored to be in collusion. Seems this was true, after all.”

“Looks like Emperor Tang is staking everything to get rid of you.” Qin Shaoxu said.

“Senior, how can it be cured?” Chen Mo asked.

“This is actually quite simple. Fight blood with blood. If we can get Fu Qi’s blood, I can think of a way.” Yeyao was also a Great Gu Master and brainstormed ways to cure the gu. “However, Fu Qi’s whereabouts are mysterious. To find him will be very challenging.”

“We need only that Gu Master’s blood?” Chen Mo stroked his chin pensively.

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  1. 崩山碎壁
  2. 南蠻王孟獲
  3. 玄玄空空鈴
  4. I guess since there’s no Star Nest, there’s no point in keeping her virginity.
  5. Uh, I think author is confusing this with Su Xing again.
  6. 逗, this isn’t a bad kind of teasing. This is more like how older relatives will crack a few playful jokes, or how you might gently poke a baby’s cheeks.
  7. She’s making a gu in the most classical sense.
  8. Meaning subordinates of Meng Huo, not Miaoling herself. At least not yet.
  9. If they were contracted.

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