Chapter 253: A Body Of Steel

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Qin Guan and the others glanced at Miaoling. Under the effects of Shift Of Love, she bore half the damage from the Yellow Rank that struck Chen Mo just now. Miaoling’s expression was pained. She grit her teeth as every cell in her body had no choice but to assimilate Chen Mo’s combat experience, feeling the very same attacks that Chen Mo suffered.

Jinhuan Sanjie leaned away and waved the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers. A saber-qi emerged, and her figure promptly vanished from Chen Mo’s field of view. The incoming saber-qi was filled with a powerful oppression, splitting even the waterfall in two. Chen Mo used Northern Dipper to barely ward it off. All of his flesh was blasted, and a chill rolled into his bones.

In a flash, Jinhuan Sanjie reappeared behind Chen Mo.

Saber-light flickered.

Jinhuan Sanjie, who fully believed she was able to cut Chen Mo down to the ground, was stunned to suddenly find her target yield his ground, brilliantly avoiding her attack.


Chen Mo used “Li Center Empty.” With his very open lean, he perilously dodged this lightning fast attack. His lean also allowed himself to rotate around to Jinhuan Sanjie’s front. Northern Dipper swung horizontally, the force of a thousand catties carrying a clap of thunder. An ordinary warrior would have already been scared out of their wits. 

But against a Star General, especially Jinhuan Sanjie, this type of seemingly oppressive strike did not shake her heart at all. The woman calmly defended, warding off Northern Dipper’s attack with the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers. 

The woman abruptly stepped forward, stabbing downwards from up high. Star Energy burst and descended, forcing Chen Mo back a hundred meters as if it was a volley of arrows.

Chen Mo’s arm was completely red. His opponent’s Star Energy was like a parasite digging into his meridians. It it was not for the fact he cultivated Star Energy himself, perhaps he would have died to this slash.

This was the aspect that made Star Generals so frightening; a cultivator’s magic energy was fundamentally unable to respond.

Jinhuan Sanjie did not press on her assault. Rather, she looked coldly at Chen Mo, staring at him with an expression of finality: “If you still wish to fight, then do not blame This King for killing you.”

“Let me experience your Dark Rank.” Chen Mo was utterly fearless.

Jinhuan Sanjie’s gaze became even colder. From her perspective, to use a Dark Rank against a warrior was undoubtedly something extremely humiliating. Chen Mo’s words were simply provoking her. “You just rely on this arrogance of yours. Even if you are Meng Huo’s man, you will die!”

Chen Mo remained silent. He took a step back, already activating the Deva Eyes. His pupils had the vast vision of a deva, however, to intimidate a Star General by using the Deva Eyes was somewhat challenging. Chen Mo did not plan on using this to make her surrender. Not only were the Deva Eyes capable of deterrence, they also allowed one’s eyesight to become incomparably keen at the same time, to be able to effectively track the foe’s figure.

Chen Mo’s right hand gripped Northern Dipper, the slab of iron on the left side of his body, facing Jinhuan Sanjie with a sword draw posture.

The woman could not fathom what he was doing, nor did she want to. Even if a warrior had peerless talent, without a powerful treasure or sword chant, they were basically unable to contend against her. 

Chen Mo’s provocation had ignited the killing intent deep within Jinhuan Sanjie’s heart. She clenched the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers, flooding the blade’s edge with Star Energy and manifesting her baleful aura.

After a brief silence.

Jinhuan Sanjie moved once again. Her figure was like an arrow, the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers dragging a chain-like saber-light as she went straight for Chen Mo. The White Lotus Waterfall’s flow was split apart once again.

Chen Mo hastily took a step back, leaning his body.

The saber-light brushed past his shoulder, and a hole was torn into that Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade. Jinhuan Sanjie’s first attack was unsuccessful, but it was followed closely by the second.

The Star Energy of the second slash was even more domineering. With but a wave, the torrent of the waterfall beneath their feet suddenly exploded, becoming a downpour that rained across a hundred meters.

This time, the Water Cutter Dragon Whisker’s edge sliced into his chest. Chen Mo grit his teeth in pain as he waited for his chance.

He maintained holding Northern Dipper in the sword draw stance. Even though Jinhuan Sanjie was being forceful, his movement did not change in the slightest. His entire body seemed to be a bronze casted statue. He did not waver an inch against the number of deadly saber-qi.

Jinhuan Sanjie attacked again.

This time, her arm swept outwards, revealing her left armpit in front of Chen Mo, showing an enormous opening.

Chen Mo was waiting for precisely this opportunity. His eyes glinted, and his hand gripped the weapon’s hilt, slowly drawing.

Jinhuan Sanjie instinctively sensed danger. The woman brandished her sword with even more speed and lethality. Saber-qi devastated the surroundings like a storm, reversing the flow of the waterfall back towards the firmaments.

Against the oppression of myriad saber-lights, Chen Mo remained composed. The killing intent in front of his eyes was treated as nothing as he drew his blade neither quickly nor slowly. His movements were as natural and flowing as if he was breathing.

The iron Northern Dipper became a thin long saber at the instant of his draw. When the perfect draw then slashed, there was saber-light like snow. The backflowing waterfall froze under this saber technique, and all of her Star Energy was frozen into a long white line piercing through the obstruction of space. 

So fast!

An expanse of snow-light appeared in Jinhuan Sanjie’s eyes. She was completely unable to see the saber’s trajectory and instinctively used Star Energy to defend. Then, an ice-cold killing intent dug deep into her shoulder, as if a sheet of ice was freezing her meridians and blood.

The river was severed, and killing intent entered her body, with the pain making Jinhuan Sanjie’s expression change slightly. Then, her body retreated, leaving behind a spatter of blood.

“What is this?” Jinhuan Sanjie exclaimed in astonishment. Chen Mo’s Yellow Rank “Saber Draw Water Cutter” was full of Star Energy. It was one of a Star Generals’ Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow techniques, so Jinhuan Sanjie naturally was able to sense that fact.

If it was not for her Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Star Energy, that slash just now could possibly have already resulted in her own Starfall.

“No wonder you dared to challenge us. Not only do you cultivate Star Energy, you have even comprehended a technique to use against Star Energy.1 Good, very good.” Jinhuan Sanjie took a deep breath and quickly regained her composure.

Chen Mo allowed for no explanation. With the Northern Dipper’s slash, his greatest killing move, the Yellow Rank, was already used. With things as they were, he could only fight with all his might.

Everyone below the waterfall was dumbstruck to see this scene clearly.

“That man used some sort of power. He’s actually capable of harming Jinhuan Sanjie.” Mangyachang shouted in astonishment.

“This man is hidden very deeply, huh.” Cave Master Dailai was not very happy.

“We were clearly looked down upon by him. As Star Generals, can Little Sister swallow down this fact?” Mangyachang allure concealed a bit of wickedness.

Cave Master Dailai did not fall for her bait, “Mangya, you bitch, do you want to be defeated even more wretchedly? This King sees that to wash away our past humiliation, we ought to first comprehend Dark Rank. After all, he is Meng Huo’s man.”

Mangyachang gave a hollow laugh then watched the battle on the waterfall without saying another word.

Meanwhile, Fu Qi and Wu Tunan watched in shock with their mouths hanging wide open.

“Daoist, did you see that just now?” Fu Qi’s pupils shrunk.

Wu Tunan’s brow creased. Chen Mo had hid even more deeply than he had imagined. If it was not for witnessing this with his own eyes, he would never have believed it. Just now, the boy used some kind of ability to actually wound Jinhuan Sanjie, a Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Star General.

“This Daoist did not come here in vain.” Wu Tunan faintly grinned.

Fu Qi sneered: “However, this means that Jinhuan Sanjie will definitely kill him. Daoist can rest easy.”

Wu Tunan said: “Can it be that the High Master is truly afraid of this young man?”

“He is able to face Star Generals. This High Master has no reason not to be afraid.” Fu Qi was forthcoming.

Wu Tunan was pensive.

On the waterfall, Chen Mo used all of his power. He was already beginning to wear out. Although Jinhuan Sanjie was injured, she still held the absolute advantage. Chen Mo’s experience was already substantially increased, blocking Jinhuan Sanjie’s Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers countless times. However, the Star Energy fired from the three blades was still covering Chen Mo in cuts and bruises.

Anyone with eyes could plainly see that Chen Mo’s defeat was only a matter of time.

For a warrior to challenge a Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Star General, that was the sleeptalk of an idiot. Everyone only wanted to see how Chen Mo would wretchedly fall, or even die, but none of them expected that he would persist for so long.

Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers hacked into Chen Mo’s thigh, spraying blood and nearly severing the limb. Chen Mo forced himself to remain standing. His Divine Intent moved, and he activated, “Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman!”

The talisman became a green rainbow that wrapped around Jinhuan Sanjie, constricting her.

The woman’s face showed disdain. She lifted her blade and cut apart the green rainbow.

Nevertheless, Chen Mo took this chance to quickly close the distance. Northern Dipper slashed, and Jinhuan Sanjie used the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers To Defend. Chen Mo activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, turning Northern Dipper from a saber into a staff. This staff extended towards her.

If the Northern Dipper Saber could be described as nimble, keen, and lightning fast with every swing, then the simple giant staff was the complete opposite, filled with an incomparably tyrannical force.

Jinhuan Sanjie was jolted by Northern Dipper to the point she vomited blood. Once again, she pulled back, extreme fury filling her eyes.

She was unexpectedly forced back in quick succession by a warrior.

“If you want to die, then This King shall oblige you!”

Jinhuan Sanjie pointed the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers downwards. All of a sudden, Star Energy gathered on the Destined Star Weapon.

Chen Mo knew from a glance she was using her Dark Rank. He also guarded with all his might, not daring to be the slightest bit careless.

“Dark Rank: Chain Death!!”2

The woman growled, and the Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers slashed.

Suddenly, there was an immense storm. The White Lotus Waterfall reversed its flow under the suction force of her Star Energy and soared towards the heavens. Thousands of saber-qi linked together like chain links. The instant she attacked, the waterfall completely submerged their figures. Outsiders could not see, but they sensed Jinhuan Sanjie extend over the entire hundred zhang White Lotus Waterfall. Everyone’s skin was pricked, their pores forced open; chills ran all over their bodies. 

“What a formidable Dark Rank.” Qin Guan’s heart tightened. Jinhuan Sanjie’s Dark Rank was more fearsome than she anticipated. It was enough to slay a Fate Realization Realm cultivator.

Miaoling groaned, and a green Star Crest flickered on her forehead.

Qiankun One Qi!

Chen Mo fired Qiankun One Qi towards Jinhuan Sanjie’s Dark Rank. At the same time, the Northern Dipper in his hand was placed in front of him and seemed to become an enormous shield. The Star Manual in his body was wielded to its limit. Practically every cell, every pore, and every inch of his skin brimmed with Star Energy.

A dark green Star Crest appeared on his forehead.

A projection of Miaoling appeared on Chen Mo’s body, overlaying and combined with him. The Profound Emptiness Bells on Miaoling’s wrists and ankles chimed sweetly, jingling like springwater.3


Chain Death cut Chen Mo’s body. Chen Mo immediately felt the might of Jinhuan Sanjie’s move. The saber-qi was interlocked, leaving not even the smallest gap, blowing his Star Energy asunder. His organs suffered a heavy impact and were seemingly on the verge of exploding. Even if a great cultivator used their strongest ability or magic treasures for protection, they were not as strong in the face of Chain Death. They would undoubtedly die to this blade.

Indeed, a Star General’s Dark Rank is terrifying.

Chen Mo mobilized his Star Energy to the limit, and Northern Dipper released sparks from the constant collisions. His skin was split inch by inch under the saber-qi. If it was not for the Book Of Changes Black Turtle, even with Star Energy to defend, his body perhaps would be unable to bear the Dark Rank strike.

Under this type of technique, Chen Mo could only defend without any power at all to advance.

When the killing intent terminated, the White Lotus Waterfall resumed its normal flow. Chen Mo half-knelt on the ground, panting heavily, his entire body shivering from the pain of his wounds, but, in the end, he still warded off the Dark Rank.

Jinhuan Sanjie’s strongest technique.

How is this possible.

Chen Mo’s steel-like, indomitable body shook the deepest reaches of the woman’s heart. Jinhuan Sanjie stared blankly.

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  1. Author might have meant to say “Star General.”
  2. 連環殞命
  3. Simile doesn’t make sense, but OK

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