Chapter 252: Not Fighting Alone

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When Chen Mo’s party drew near the Five Creeks Miao Village, they saw a dense mass of people from a distance. The scene of them seemingly acting as spectators left him very speechless.

“Nan Jiang’s people sure love to join in on the fun.”

“Jinhuan Sanjie is Nan Jiang’s strongest Star General. Other people also want to see to what extent you can reach against her.” Qin Guan surmised.

“Yes, after you defeated Cave Master Dailai yesterday, the women of the Ancient Miao all want to marry you.” Ting Nanyuan giggled.

“However, this Jinhuan Sanjie won’t be that easy to handle, Chen Mo. You have to be careful.” Miaoling instructed.


When they were still very faraway, Chen Mo noticed at first glance that magnificent waterfall. The falls were like a dragon, its roar reverberating, and its white waves crashing. From a distance, several of the falls were like a white lotus flower in bloom.

This waterfall’s name was indeed the “White Lotus Waterfall.” It was said that Jinhuan Sanjie had always liked to train martial arts under the White Lotus Waterfall. One move from her was able to reverse the waterfall’s flow, which could be said to be frightening. However, reversing the flow of the waterfall did not amount to much. A Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s abilities could more or less replicate the feat, but Jinhuan Sanjie did so with only a punch. Such an attack was very swift and fierce.

Chen Mo spotted a woman sitting upright atop the waterfall.

She was dressed in a white skirt and golden cavalry armor. Her long hair floated while her posture was dignified; she was very much like a lotus flower.

“Is that Jinhuan Sanjie?” Jinhuan Sanjie was one of the characters belonging to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the first commander of His Excellency Meng Huo. Chen Mo’s recollections about him apparently were only that he was slain by Zhao Yun the moment he appeared. Instinctively, Chen Mo did not feel that Jinhuan Sanjie could be very strong.

Having seen many Star Generals, his close combat skills against them were steadily improving. Chen Mo’s attitude was also calm as still water.

“Compared to Mangyachang and the rest, she indeed has an even more intimidating spirit.” From several hundred meters away, before even trading blows, Chen Mo already sensed the woman’s formidability.

Like a blade hidden in its sheathe, only by keeping his eyes open could he see the moment it was drawn. But the swordtip kept within still pierced beyond the scabbard.1

This was a kind of wondrous reaction, a tacit understanding for one in pursuit of martial arts.

“I’ll go first.” Chen Mo slightly smiled. He leapt forth and tread upon a cool breeze, racing towards the top of the waterfall.

A cool wind blew by, and before everyone below the waterfall could get a clear look.

Chen Mo arrived at the top of the waterfall. Without any greetings, he brought out Northern Dipper and smashed it downwards, to gain the upper hand. 

Northern Dipper’s Star Energy blew Jinhuan Sanjie’s long hair aflutter. The female warriors at her side were nowhere to be seen, blown to the side.

The woman opened her eyes and drew her blade.

A metallic collision.

Her body techniques were extremely quick. As she rose, an afterimage flit by, easily catching Northern Dipper’s attack like a swallow skimming the water. She spun around, and after she circled around behind him, killing intent pierced into his back.

An impeccable blind spot attack.

Chen Mo inwardly cried out in praise. He leaned, and Northern Dipper rolled over. At the same time, he activated the “Trampling” Innate Skill. In an instant, his strength spread like a wave. The waterfall was blown apart, falling down as rain.

Their figures settled. Jinhuan Sanjie stood ten meters away, straight as a pine tree, her attitude lofty as she coldly stared at Chen Mo.

The people below were in a commotion over Chen Mo’s sudden sneak attack.

“To think of sneak attacking Jinhuan Sanjie, how truly ridiculous.” Cave Master Dailai jeered.

“Not bad. His aura just now was very manly.” Mangyachang licked her chapped lips. Chen Mo’s unexpected beginning clearly made her very satisfied.

“You actually dare to sneak attack the Great King.”

“Courting death.”

The female warriors of the Five Creeks Miao Village flew into a rage and prepared an encirclement.

Jinhuan Sanjie waved her hand, indicating to them that they leave. It appeared this woman was unfazed by Chen Mo’s salutations.

Chen Mo did not pay attention to the hubbub below either. He wore a faint smile as he cupped his fist: “Your Servant is Chen Mo, chief of the Eight Receptions Miao Village. Today, Your Servant has specifically come in challenge over the Head of the Nine Villages.”

“They say that Southern Barbarian King Meng Miaoling is your woman?” Jinhuan Sanjie softly said.

Chen Mo gazed at Miaoling, who was below. The young girl also looked at him, her gaze a bit shy. Together with Nianyou, they clenched their little fists and cheered.

Jinhuan Sanjie was able to notice these particulars.

“That’s right, she is one of my people. Someday, she will be in charge of Nan Jiang on my behalf.” Chen Mo said.

“The Southern Barbarian King indeed has the qualifications to obtain Nan Jiang.” Jinhuan Sanjie was different from the other Nan Jiang Star Generals. Her sentences were powerful and resonating, each word carrying the weight of a thousand catties. “But you…”

“Do you have these qualifications?” She was aloof.

“Your Servant does not dare be overconfident. I am well aware that I am not your match given that you comprehended a Dark Rank. However, I will fight with all my power, just so you know.” Chen Mo’s answer was sonorous and powerful with force that did not lose out.

Jinhuan Sanjie nodded her head ambivalently. At least right now, the spirit of the man in front of her did not disappoint.

“Those who dishonor Nan Jiang shall die. Thus, put everything you have on the line.” The woman spoke, her voice bitingly ice-cold, as if she was a pool in winter.

Chen Mo was depressed, This script’s all wrong, shouldn’t she be impressed by my valor. All we needed was a few exchanges…Put everything I have on the line, these words were too terrifying.

“You should also go all out. Bring out your Star Weapon, so as to avoid regret.” Chen Mo slightly grinned.

Jinhuan Sanjie’s hands flickered, and a weapon appeared in her palm. Her weapon was very odd, seemingly a Miao blade, but there were three channels along the edge, splitting it into three edges, making it look like a trident. But it was very weak, and each edge had different thickness. It was like three Miao blades combined together.

The entire thing was extremely thin. At first glance, it appeared like a stream.

This Destined Star Weapon was named “Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers.”2 Simply put, even Mangyachang’s Ragged Tusk Saber would feel strained against it. Jinhuan Sanjie trained under the waterfall year-round, and this blade seemed to be one with the water.

Emitting a cold chill, there were three glittering stars on the sword.

Upon seeing Jinhuan Sanjie bring out her Destined Star Weapon so quickly and using the Three Stars without holding back at all, Mangyachang realized this Big Sister was serious.

That brat won’t live for much longer.

Following a resounding clang.

Chen Mo and Jinhuan Sanjie’s battle was already underway.

The greeting from before was merely to thoroughly probe his opponent’s depths. Chen Mo was already aware of this woman’s power. After he took action, he combined the Bagua with the Northern Dipper’s attacks, each move extremely profound.

But in Jinhuan Sanjie’s eyes, Chen Mo’s attacks were pale and feeble.

The woman tread tiny steps slowly backwards. The Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers Sword cut all of the Bagua attacks to pieces. She calmly caught Chen Mo’s attacks, heedlessly responded to them, her eyes seemingly saying, Is this all you are capable of?

Against this woman who was comparable to Huan Wen, if he was able to defeat her, then he could defeat Huan Wen.

I must defeat her!

The thoughts in his mind expanded. Chen Mo bellowed and activated the “Trampling” Innate Skill. 

When the staff descended this time, Jinhuan Sanjie used her sword to block as before. All of a sudden, she discovered something was not quite right with the force. The intense wind of the iron rod instantly magnified. A baleful aura blew out even more severely.

Jinhuan Sanjie grunted. Unable to put up a defense, a dozen strands of her hair were severed, and her long sleeves were also ripped.

Chen Mo stepped forward, swinging Northern Dipper at her face.

Star Crest?

Spotting the glowing Star Crest on Chen Mo’s forehead, Jinhuan Sanjie immediately understood what was happening. Remaining calm, she leisurely spun under the Northern Dipper staff, passing through like a floating butterfly; her body techniques were terrifyingly agile.

She unbelievably dodged this strike in a mere instant. A cold light flashed out of its sheathe, for Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers launched an attack.

The blade-light entangled and firmly forced away the tyrannical Northern Dipper, restraining Chen Mo’s attack. Before he took another oppressive step with Trampling, the woman’s Star Energy beat Chen Mo back like a shackle.

Chen Mo showed slight astonishment at having not obtained any advantage.

This woman is so strong.

“You have a contract?” Jinhuan Sanjie pensively glanced at Meng Miaoling, believing Chen Mo to have signed a contract with her.

“Would I have challenged you without a contract?” Chen Mo matter-of-factly replied.

This answer was acceptable.

Jinhuan Sanjie nodded.

However, the eyes of Mangyachang and the others widened.

In other words, during his battles with them, this man had not been using full power and concealed the fact he had inherited an Innate Skill.


Mangyachang grit her teeth in unbearable fury.

“At least Meng Huo’s man meets the standard in not being boorish.” Jinhuan Sanjie said.

“I don’t need your assessment.” Chen Mo did not have time to waste on her. After he activated the Innate Skill, the Star Energy in his body was rapidly draining. Activating the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, Chen Mo launched another vicious strike.

Under his power, the White Lotus Waterfall’s flow was stopped.

Chen Mo’s figure was like the Five Sacred Mountains bearing down upon her.

Although Chen Mo’s offensive was very swift and fierce, it neither hurt nor tickled the Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Jinhuan Sanjie. The woman raised Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers and resisted this assault. Just at this moment, Chen Mo pointed a finger. Qiankun One Qi was fired and wound around her.

But before Chen Mo could transition to an attack, Jinhuan Sanjie’s speed was even faster. She shattered Qiankun One Qi with one stroke of her sword. The Star Energy on the sword was enough to make this ability crumble. Soon after, his pace faltered.

“I heard that you sustained two of Cave Master Dailai’s Yellow Ranks without defeat…Then can you remain undefeated under mine?”

Her voice floated, and before she finished speaking, the woman’s hand moved. Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers’ three prongs fired three lights. At this instant, Jinhuan Sanjie’s speed suddenly became fast, vanishing from his sight. The three blade-lights emerged from nothingness.

So fast.

Chen Mo instinctively used Northern Dipper to block.

This first attack was successfully intercepted, but it completely knocked Northern Dipper’s defensive stance off balance. The Star Energy on his body drained like a river into lowlands, and he promptly showed an opening. The second strike locked onto this gap and followed through.

A completely perfect strike.

Saber-qi pierced into his shoulder, practically shattering his shoulderblade. This attack once again dispersed the Star Energy in his body. Chen Mo’s entire body lost its center of gravity and retreated.

Following close behind was the third slash, biting into his hamstrings like a flying serpent and nearly breaking his femur.

Chen Mo was shocked and vomited blood. When he turned his head back, Jinhuan Sanjie had astonishingly appeared behind him. The woman’s hand gripped Water Cutter Dragon Whiskers. She narrowed her eyes with an ice-cold expression.

Yellow Rank: Forces Split Three Ways3

“Ha, ha, Big Sister Jinhuan’s Forces Split Three Ways is more and more flowing.” Mangyachang was almost moist from excitement.

A Concentrated Fiend Late Stage’s Yellow Rank was much more formidable compared to Cave Master Dailai’s, and her weapon also casted three stars. This Yellow Rank made Chen Mo taste suffering.

“You do not fall.” Jinhuan Sanjie was a bit surprised.

With his hamstring ripped apart, Chen Mo could hardly stand. Fortunately for him, Northern Dipper had stopped the first attack. If his guess was right, the first slash would have completely broken his defenses if it landed. The subsquent two attacks would not simply have severed a muscle and pulverized a bone.

Having sustained injury, Chen Mo was even more excited. All of his blood boiled, and he greedily sucked in the sweetness of his fight against Jinhuan Sanjie.

“I am not fighting alone.” Chen Mo shouted. His heart was linked ot Miaoling’s as Northern Dipper thundered.

Jinhuan Sanjie was astounded.

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  1. What this means is that one is still able to sense the power of the blade even while it is in its sheathe.
  2. 水斷龍髯
  3. 兵分三路

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  1. Having sustained injury, Chen Mo was even more excited. All of his blood boiled, and he greedily sucked in the sweetness of his fight against Jinhuan Sanjie.

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