Chapter 257: Leader Of Nan Jiang, Chen Mo

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The next day, Nan Jiang’s leader coronation ceremony was held at the One Worm Miao Village’s altar without a hitch. The ight heads of Nan Jiang’s Nine Villages were all present to witness in person Chen Mo walk up the tall pyramidal platform. Then, the One Worm Miao Village’s elders personally handed Chen Mo a crown carved from wood and gold, decorated with flower buds.

This crown was none other than Nan Jiang’s famous “Nan Jiang Leader Seal.” The heads of the Nine Villages would necessarily bow to the bearer of this crown, yielding completely.

Previously, because the heads of the Nine Villages were not all convinced and that the strongest Star General, Jinhuan Sanjie held no interest at all in the position of Nan Jiang’s leader, there was no one who could wear this leadership crown for the longest time. Today, Chen Mo could be said to have broken the precedent. Not only was he the first in centuries, he had become the leader while being a man.

After he donned the crown, the heads of the Nine Great Villages stepped forward in succession, cut open their fingers, and dripped their blood into the crown of gold and wood, signifying a blood oath.

The expressions of the rest of the villages’ Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivators were odd, but they still sincerely dripped their blood in.

When it came time for Cave Master Dailai, the woman defiantly said: “If it was not for consideration of Sister Sanjie’s face, This King would never recognize you as king. Do not lose yourself in your joy.”

Chen Mo smiled and said, “I know, but you let me win.”

Cave Master Dailai was finally satisfied, cutting open her finger.

Mangyachang looked at Cave Master Dailai, who was so easily pleased, with her eyes full of disdain. She harrumphed. From her perspective, Cave Master Dailai’s wisdom was no better than a child’s. When she dripped her blood, her charming expression concealed a bit of coldness: “Although I recognize you as king this time, that does not signify This King has yielded. Someday, should your cultivation regress, This King will naturally find a way to repay today’s humiliation and make you serve below This King’s hips.”

Chen Mo already anticipated her response. Star Generals were always proud and arrogant, and they naturally would not resign themselves to serving under him. “When the time comes, I will still humiliate you!” Chen Mo counterattacked without issue.

Mangyachang was taken aback, but she still smiled sweetly.

This answer honestly was too much to her liking.

Afterwards, it was time for the Five Creeks Miao Village’s Jinhuan Sanjie to swear a blood oath.

The woman’s expression was resolute, her countenance dignified, a warrior’s bearing.

Chen Mo knew that he did not defeat her in the truest sense of the word, and he knew that she willingly conceded to him mostly due to other factors. Chen Mo in his heart was grateful for her concession. In the blows he traded with her, his first taste of a Star General’s Dark Rank benefited him enormously, and his martial arts drastically improved.

“I am willing to believe in Meng Huo’s judgment, and I am also willing to believe you can stabilize Nan Jiang.” Jinhuan Sanjie spoke word by word.

Chen Mo solemnly nodded.

Finally, it was time for the Eight Receptions Miao Village’s Meng Miaoling.

The slender and elegant woman had a gaze full of her tender feelings. She did not hesitate to slit open her finger.

A droplet of blood fell into the crown, blossoming like ink over the gold, appearing like the afterglow of sunset.

Ceremony complete!

After finishing the coronation ceremony, Chen Mo’s trip to Nan Jiang could be considered to have finished successfully. He briefly gave Jinhuan Sanjie and the others some parting words, when at this time, Qin Weiyu elegantly walked over with a still gloomy and upset Ting Nanyuan in tow.

After Chen Mo was the first to learn of Qin Guan’s True Name, the Wuyang Princess’ jealousy did not fade at all since.

“Congratulations, Chen Mo.” Qin Weiyu said.

Chen Mo lifted up Nianyou: “And it’s all thanks to your help, Weiyu. Right, do you have any leads on the Lingering Impurity Dew?” He did not forget to help Qin Weiyu achieve her wish.

QIn Weiyue faintly smiled: “The Lingering Impurity Dew will have to wait until another day. However, I still have one other important matter to finish in this Star Field. When this matter is completed, I plan to go to other Star Fields.”

“I’ll go, too.” Ting Nanyuan immediately recovered her energy when she heard this.

“You will only burden me if you go.” Qin Weiyu mercilessly struck down her wish.

Ting Nanyuan whimpered, her mood very melancholy.

Chen Mo said: “I would never burden you.”

The Magpie Bridge Immortal seriously sized up Chen Mo. To be able to withstand a Dark Rank and gain battle experience against multiple Star Generals, even she herself did not dare have confidence in victory against Chen Mo’s strength. Qin Weiyu sternly said: “However, I can settle this matter myself. Can it be that you feel I am a woman who needs to rely on others?”

Chen Mo was unable to refuse these words.

“Well put, but sometimes, having someone to rely on isn’t a bad thing. If you need anything, you can find me anytime.” Chen Mo astutely said.

Qin Weiyu faintly grinned.

“What are you preparing to do next?” She asked.

“First, I’ll go back to the Southern Suppression Camp with Qing Wan to settle some stuff. Afterwards, if there is still some time, I want to forge a Flying Sword.” Chen Mo stroked his chin. To not have a Flying Sword as a cultivator was an enormous weakness. Even if he had the resources to contend against some Star Generals right now, in the end, he would need to use his strengths to attack others’ weaknesses. This was not to be a long term solution.1

“What Flying Sword. You can’t forge it even as an esteemed Highness of Chang’an Mansion?” Miaoling curiously asked.

“I am afraid that the Flying Sword that His Highness will forge is not of a simple sword chant.” Yeyao said.


Qin Weiyu said to Ting Nanyuan: “Nanyuan, don’t you have something to say to Chen Mo?”

“I don’t want to talk to him.” Ting Nanyuan huffed.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Mo teased: “You’re not going to confess to me, right? This won’t do, I’m already taken.”

“Go die.” Ting Nanyuan fumed.

“It is related to the pill you ingested.” Qin Weiyu shook his head.

Only then did Chen Mo recall this. He did not know what kind of story that Daoist Skyless was selling.

“Nanyuan.” Qin Weiyu’s tone turned a bit stern.

Finally, Ting Nanyuan unwillingly said: “I see you’re quite the man, and I want to ask you to go visit Elder Sister Bing.”

“Elder Sister Bing.” Chen Mo thought for a moment. Apparently, he had a bit of recollection about her. “Oh, back at Azure Dragon Mountain, you said you wanted me to leave behind the things in the treasure chest, that Elder Sister Bing that you wanted to treat?”

“Yes.” Ting Nanyuan unhappily said. “She has the Cold Disease, and she resides at the bottom of Soaring Flame Mountain’s volcano, always unable to come out.”

Listening to her description, the image of a pitiful girl trapped in a volcano immediately appeared in Chen Mo’s mind. In his heart, he felt some sympathy, “But I’m not a doctor, how can I treat her.”

“Elder Sister Bing’s Cold Disease apparently is related to her meridians and constitution. Don’t you cultivate Star Energy? If we combine it with my Ting Family’s Nine Yang Soul Technique, we can produce Yang Star Energy. Maybe we can cure her.” Ting Nanyuan puffed her cheeks. If it was not for Chen Mo being the one and only person in the Great Chong Dynasty who cultivated Star Energy, she truly did not want to seek this man’s aid.

“So that’s why.” Chen Mo finally understood the meaning behind Daoist Skyless’ words. It turned out the True Dragon Yang Supplement Pill that the Daoist gave him was actually for this purpose. “Do you recognize the name Daoist Skyless Wu Tunan.”

“Wu Tunan?” Ting Nanyuan thought carefully, she seemed to have a faint recollection. “I’ll have to ask my father about this.”

“Hey, are you willing to help or not.”

“According to what I know, the Nine Yang Soul Technique is the family-protecting treasure of the Ting Family, right? Will you give it to me to practice?”

“I’ll just have to teach it to you in secret. You already learned My Dark Yang Finger anyways.” Ting Nanyuan snorted, not forgetting the grievance from back then.

Chen Mo dryly laughed. “Since this is a request from the Wuyang Princess, I’ll go pay a visit.”

“However, before this, I must first go and settle matters at the Southern Suppression Camp before I can move.”

“How long will that take?” Ting Nanyuan asked.

“Supreme General Yu Huaizheng probably won’t simply pass authority over the army to His Highness. He is also part of His Imperial Majesty’s faction.” Qing Wan was somewhat worried.2

Chen Mo nodded, “I’ll first have a spy bring him a false report. I think he’ll pass me authority himself…”


Chen Mo smirked but did not answer.

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  1. In reference to going around without a Flying Sword.
  2. So I guess Qing Wan is ready to stand with the Chen Family.

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