Chapter 258: Thousand Jun Ruler

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“What, Chen Mo has already obtained the leadership position of the Ancient Miao Nine Villages.”

The Southern Suppression Camp’s main tent burst with a shout of astonishment.

The advisers and bodyguards to the Supreme General looked in utter disbelief at the spy who returned for a report, their expressions already flabbergasted.

“Impossible, he is a mere single God Transformation Cultivator, how could he heave subjugated the Ancient Miao.”

“Aren’t there some Star Generals standing guard over there?”

“Could the intelligence be mistaken.”

They inquired with one another. Due to the poor environment in Nan Jiang as well as the unfavorable treatment towards the camp by the Great Chong Dynasty, the intelligence that the battalion gathered was often disorderly, prone to error, and was filled mostly with gossip.

The spy answered: “Subordinate also heard that he apparently has a relationship with the chief of the Eight Receptions Miao Village. He seems to be her lover. His Highness Chen Mo dueled on her behalf and won all battles and has already donned the crown.” 

The advisers and bodyguards all looked at each other in dismay. They could hardly accept the information they received.

They had been stationed in Nan Jiang for several decades without conquering even half of the territory, but that brat was here for only half a month and already conquered Nan Jiang, obtaining a position as its leader. This was simply an enormous disgrace.

“That brat must have cheated, how could he have these capabilities.”

“Exactly, he wants to bluff the general.”

Everyone shouted over each other, unwilling to believe this.

“Lord General!!”

An adviser cautiously said to an imposing man in the tent.

Yu Huaizheng was in the middle of admiring a portrait. Depicted was a beautiful, juvenile little girl, one that stood out above the rest. Upon careful examination, it somewhat resembled Nianyou; this was something he specially commissioned Rivernest’s best painter to draw based on his description. But no matter how he looked at it, while the girl in the painting was of outstanding beauty, it fell far too short of the real thing.1

Yu Huaizheng turned around.

The quarreling guards and advisers immediately fell silent when they saw his fierce, tiger-like eyes.

The man was unperturbed, calmly saying: “His Highness Chen Mo is able to become Nan Jiang’s leader. This is an achievement even the Great Ancestor Emperor was unable to accomplish. This is a good thing, what are you all so worried about?”

The adviser’s expression was pale: “Sir, that brat clearly is colluding with the Ancient Miao to deceive the general…”

Before he finished, the gaze of the calm Yu Huaizheng turned cold, and the adviser fell to the ground, his entire body twitching. “Deceive, who can deceive This General. Do you think This General is very stupid?”

“Gen…eral…Mercy.” The adviser pleaded in agony.

The expressions of the bodyguards changed. They were secretly aware of the fury in the general’s heart.

Yu Huaizheng retracted his gaze.

One bodyguard spoke up: “My lord, what do we do now. We absolutely cannot hand this Southern Suppression Camp to him.”

“Right, we pledge on our lives to stand on the general’s side!”

The bodyguards promptly and resolutely made clear their positions.

Yu Huaizheng sneered: “If he wants to receive the Southern Suppression Camp, then that will depend on whether or not this is his fate. His lover certainly isn’t here in the camp to help him.”

“Sir, your meaning is?”

“Who else knows right now that he has obtained Nan Jiang’s leadership?”

“Other than us, no one for the time being. But Chen Mo will return tomorrow. When that time comes…”

Yu Huaizheng nodded. If he let Chen Mo return, this Supreme General position honestly would be yielded to him, without exception. The man concentrated on the portrait in his hands. Unconcealable greed flickered in his eyes. “Since this is the case, This General shall properly appreciate you.”

“Send orders for my people to disguise and infiltrate Nan Jiang. Bring that little girl back, This General will show special favor to her nice and dearly.”2

“As you command, but that Chen Mo…”

“A mere God Transformation cultivator, This General will make him realize who the true master of Nan Jiang is.” Yu Huaizheng disdainfully said. The portrait in his hand was crumpled and disintegrated.

This type of consolatory thing already was unable to satisfy his desire.

Chen Mo guided the Nebula Flying Chariot towards the Southern Suppression Camp. He had only just left Ancient Miao territory when he suddenly spotted a man riding a sword through the sky above, wandering about leisurely. 

“Supreme General Yu Huaizheng!” Chen Mo was not surprised to see him, and Chen Mo cupped his fist while thinly smiling.

Yu Huaizheng lowered his gaze and looked around. From high up, he surveyed everything, “Why is there only you alone, Your Highness? Where is Little Princess Nianyou?”

“Nianyou is staying in Nan Jiang for now. I will pick her up after I finish things here.” Chen Mo said.

Yu Huaizheng nodded. “Good, long distance travel is frightening.”

“Lord Supreme General, why are you waiting for Your Servant here?” Chen Mo asked.

“This General heard that you have already obtained the position of Nan Jiang’s leader, is this true?” Yu Huaizheng lowered his Flying Sword.

“The Supreme General is fast with information, to know about this so quickly.” Chen Mo took out the crown. On the wood, there were distinct droplets of blood representing an oath, making Yu Huaizheng’s pupils shrink. He naturally was aware of the blood droplets for leadership of Nan Jiang’s Ancient Miao Nine Villages.

Yu Huaizheng stopped and cupped his fist: “Congratulations, to be able to conquer Nan Jiang, no one in the Great Chong Dynasty can compare to you with this enormous achievement, Your Highness. Our Great Chong Dynasty is fortunate.”

“Since I have already become their leader, how does the general feel about our prior deal?” Chen Mo was unmoved. “Actually, that was just a joke. How can the Southern Suppression Camp lose its general.”

Yu Huaizheng laughed without replying. He knew that even if Chen Mo said this, if he truly did not follow through with the threat, then Yu Huaizheng’s name henceforth would have no future in the Great Chong Dynasty.

“Your Highness shows promise in youth. This Suppression Camp will be handed over to you, and This General can be at ease. This time, allow This General to send Your Highness off.” His words shifted, and his expression changed. A tremendous killing intent flowed out. Yu Huaizheng’s expression was malevolent, exposing his true self. “Permanently!”

The Divine Intent of Second Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation Void Return Realm surged towards Chen Mo like the Five Lakes.

“The general is too anxious.” Chen Mo was unconcerned, as if he already expected this. He calmly raised his hand, and the tidal wave-like Divine Intent was split apart.

The suppression of Realms between cultivators was completely tantamount to nothing for Chen Mo.

Yu Huaizheng already tasted the fact that Chen Mo was fearless of his Divine Intent back during the first time they met, and he also realized it was useless against Chen Mo. He moved his Divine Intent, and more than fifty Flying Swords emerged from nothingness and shot forth, wrapped in a light as crimson as blood.

This was his Life-cast Sword Chant, the Life Seizing Sword Chant. It combined the murderous intent from the enemies he killed over several decades. The swordtips were like blood, wrapped in evil.

“Battlefield Enemy Execution Sword Array!”

Yu Huaizheng barked.

The fifty sword-lights formed a chilling blood array that contained Chen Mo. The scene of a battlefield slaughter seemingly manifested in front of him, and each sword-light was extremely wretched.

As far as the eye could see, Chen Mo was already trapped by the sword array.

A Void Return Realm cultivator’s magic energy was enormous, and Chen Mo did not have Flying Swords of his own, meaning it was difficult for him to resist.

The Battlefield Enemy Execution Sword Array changed, and a crimson light sliced apart the blue heavens and straight towards Chen Mo’s neck. 


Chen Mo wielded Northern Dipper, stopping this sword-light.

But the terror of the sword array had only just started.

The remaining blood-light mobilized at once, attacking Chen Mo from the front like an army of cavalry. Each ray of sword-light went for Chen Mo’s neck; once this Battlefield Enemy Execution Sword Array trapped the target, it would take the enemy’s head. Each strike was deadly, and combined with terrible battlefield qi contained in the sword array, even a cultivator of the same level would not necessarily be able to escape unscathed.

Yu Huaizheng sneered in his heart.

After all, a God Transformation cultivator who had only taken his first steps into Great Thunder Tribulation fundamentally had no qualifications to be compared to him.

Yu Huaizheng waggled his finger, continuously controlling the sword chant to attack Chen Mo.

The fifty bloody sword-lights intersected like an inescapable net.

All of a sudden, an enormous force broke free from the center of the sword array. Chen Mo charged out of it, and the Northern Dipper in his hand brandished a fierce astral wind. Several dozen sword-lights were rolled by the astral wind, and Yu Huaizheng immediately sensed that his Life-cast Sword Chant was receiving pressure.

What is this power?

The man was astounded.

Chen Mo charged out of the sword array, using the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape to rush towards Yu Huaizheng.

“Lord General, are you rebelling?” Chen Mo swung the staff. His body plainly looked feeble, but he was like a god descended; his build was formidable and mighty.

Yu Huaizheng smirked and snapped his fingers, attacking with “Cremation Earthly Fire.” The surging flames contained the lifelong grievances of the enemies he killed. The blaze was pitch-black, pouncing towards Chen Mo like a demon.

Similarly, Chen Mo used Qiankun One Qi to suppress the Cremation Earthly Fire.

And then he smashed with his staff.

Yu Huaizheng pushed with his hand, using a powerful ability, “Great Annihilation Hand,” a Zen technique he learned in his early years when he previously cultivated at the Wanshou Temple. He had some comprehension of the Wanshou Temple’s Great Mercy Hand, and this “Great Annihilation Hand” was an innovation he himself created by combining the Great Mercy Hand with his characteristics. One hand attacked with boundless magic energy, destroying everything in a ten li area.

As expected of a Void Return Great Cultivator, a Supreme General of the Great Chong Dynasty. Chen Mo could not help but become stern as he used Qiankun One Qi again.

Qhite qi like a mist constricted the Great Annihilation Hand.

“I actually want to see what capabilities you have to be able to become Nan Jiang’s leader, hmph.” Yu Huaizheng sneered, once again controlling his Flying Swords to attack.

The bloody sword-lights sliced and swept away the white qi.

The man’s Divine Intent moved, and he activated his strongest magic treasure, the “Thousand Jun Ruler.” This ruler was pure black, forged from black iron. The silhouette of a black ruler struck towards Chen Mo’s head like a thunderbolt.

The “Thousand Jun Ruler,” as the name implied, contained the power of a thousand jun.3 It was able to bring an enormous feeling of oppression to the target, easily making enemies unable to move. Even if the opponent used a magic treasure or sword chant to resist, if their cultivation was insufficient, they would be easily crushed to pieces by the Thousand Jun Ruler. Even their souls would be destroyed.

The Thousand Jun Ruler attacked from above Chen Mo.

It followed close behind the Life Seizing Sword Chant and the Great Annihilation hand. In practically an instant, Yu Huaizheng had utilized his strongest abilities, not showing any restraint at all against the God Transformation Realm Chen Mo. He wanted to thoroughly destroy Chen Mo in practically this single instant.

If it had been a normal God Transformation cultivator against the oppression of these three great powers, they would unmistakably be dead.

But he faced Chen Mo.

The man able to take Nan Jiang and conquer numerous Great Star Generals.

The tremendous pressure that the Thousand Jun Ruler brought was easily lifted by Chen Mo. With the Book Of Changes Black Turtle body, even the collapse of Mount Tai could hardly shake him.

But the Thousand Jun Ruler, sword chant, and Great Annihilation hand attacked in succession. Chen Mo did not have too good of solution. These were the powers and magic treasures of a Void Return Great Cultivator; his magic energy was formidable, and Chen Mo basically was unable to withstand by relying solely on his physical body.

But after fighting Star Generals, Chen Mo was beginning to grow familiar with the exercise and usage of Star Energy. He snorted and activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi.

His magic energy converted into Star Energy.

Gripping Northern Dipper, the staff attacked. Tremendous Star Energy erupted. With but a single move, he completely smashed apart the Life Seizing Sword Chant. Chen Mo’s second swing was even faster. Before the iron staff struck, its astral wind already arrived. The Great Annihilation Hand could hardly stop Northern Dipper’s attack and was destroyed.

Yu Huaizheng formed a hand seal.

The Thousand Jun Ruler carried tremendous pressure, its figure easily passing by Northern Dipper.

A black light smashed straight towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo hastily pivoted with the Bowl Steps, but he was nevertheless unable to evade.

The Thousand Jun Ruler pounded Chen Mo’s back with a thud.

All the bones in his body let out an exploding sound.

Yu Huaizheng was delighted.

I win!

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