Chapter 279: The World Is Already No Longer In His Eyes

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Chen Mo pushed with his hand, and Tongfeng’s tremendous body toppled to the ground like a broken tree. The impervious iron body defense that the man had been so intensely proud of was unable to save him this time. His sternum had already completely caved in, as if he had been struck mercilessly by a hammer, already no longer breathing. Up until the moment he died, he did not dare that a youth from the Central Plains could kill him in a single punch.

Its power was so formidable.


The color drained from Danbai’s face.

“Big Sister, you rest for now. Leave this place to me.” Chen Mo injected his elder sister with some magic energy, completely ignoring Human Sovereign Lu Hanhai and Danbai.

The purple-haired man screamed and moved his finger. A ray of white qi shot out from his fingertip.

Chen Mo moved his leg, power erupted, and he flew like an arrow loosed from its string. His fists swung left and right like sledgehammers, exploding in front of Danbai.

Moving like a drawn bow, attacking like a thunderclap.

Impressively, this was exactly the same as Tongfeng’s prior “Striking Iron Hammer.” Chen Mo had the Bodhi Soul Technique and already memorized the technique that the man used just now, easily mimicking it. Compared to Tongfeng’s strength, Chen Mo’s was even more overwhelming. His strength was bolstered by Star Energy in every blow, the power like a swift river.

Danbai had also once experienced Tongfeng’s Striking Iron Hammer. He had Fate Realization Realm cultivation and was supposed to be able to handle it, but against Chen Mo’s sledgehammers, his entire body suddenly felt powerless.

How can this brat be even stronger than Tongfeng?

Danbai was overwhelmed with fright. He extended his hand, his white qi weaving like sword-light into a net to capture Chen Mo. His cultivation was different from the other Northern Barbarian warriors. The Northern Barbarian warriors mostly cultivated the abilities of their divine powers, which included boundless strength. But Danbai’s style was a bit more cunning. In his divine power, he added a bit of skill. Doing so, his attacks were firstly sharper and equivalently even more flexible.

This “Winding Finger Softness” was also perfect, but he had wasted too much magic energy before, so its power was very lacking.

Chen Mo was not afraid at all, his punches coordinated. The thousand sword-qi rays entangled him like shackles, which delighted Danbai. This brat was dead for sure. If his Winding Finger Yield closed the distance, even a Rank Eight Demon Beast would be helpless and could only wait for death. A warrior’s body absolutely could not resist it.


Danbai’s expression was sinister as he sought to avenge his companion.

Chen Mo sneered. The seven Black Meridians enlarged over his skin, displaying the entangled posture of the Black Turtle’s snake and tortoise. Winding Finger Yield constricted Chen Mo. “Bang, bang, bang,” the hundred sword-qi sounded like strings abruptly snapping.

Danbai was aghast.

His ability surprisingly was unable to hurt even a hair on Chen Mo’s head.

“Black Turtle True Spirit!” Danbai’s complexion paled.

Chen Mo rushed forward, aiming his shoulder towards Danbai. This tackle came like a collapsing mountain; it was none other than Barbarian Mountain Tackle. A powerful gust smothered Danbai’s body. The man did not dare believe that a God Transformation peak cultivator was actually able to outmatch him in terms of power. He was already unable to believe the events unfolding before his eyes. Not only was his force completely suppressed, his heart already filled with fear.

Danbai spread his fingers, yanking a white qi out from thin air in an attempt to stall Chen Mo.

This move was called “Clingy Cicada Hand.”1 As thin as a cicada’s wing was, no matter how powerful the force, it could easily dispel it. This hand technique was something he learned from an ancient treasure in Weightbearer Mountain. Other than the Human Sovereign who was above him, it was practically undefeated among the Northern Barbarians. Even Wang Sengbian found it bothersome to deal with.

When his hand clung to the white qi, it stuck to Chen Mo’s Star Energy and dispelled it into nothingness.

However, Chen Mo would not let things go his way. Whatever ability you have, I have it, too. Chen Mo spat and similarly shot a ray of white qi. This white qi of Qiankun landed squarely on Danbai’s body.

The man’s body stiffened, as if he was bound by Heaven and Earth, his arms and legs unable to budge.

Qiankun One Qi!

Clinging Cicada Hand lost its usefulness, and Danbai was sent flying without any ability to resist. After entering the Black Turtle holy grounds, Danbai had experienced the ten kilometer abyss, passed through the Black Turtle’s trials, and expended large amounts of magic energy. He was already did not have the boundless magic energy of a Fate Realization cultivator. His body’s remaining magic energy was unable to ward off Chen Mo’s strike.

His internal organs were shredded. Danbai slammed into the wall, his breathing faint, very wretched.

Lu Hanhai cast a sidelong glance at him, looking dispassionately at him.

Danbai’s breathing was thin as silk: “Hanhai, look out, he…”

“I know. You already obtained the Black Turtle True Spirit.” Lu Hanhai maintained his Human Sovereign might, every word and action calm.

Chen Mo did not completely absorb the Black Turtle True Spirit’s power at all, but by relying on the Book Of Changes Black Turtle cultivation method, he had refined a majority of it. The seven Black Meridians on is body were already developed.

Now, Chen Mo stood on the ground, truly one with the great earth. Gushing springs seemed to take root beneath his feet, and the power of an enormous leyline endlessly concentrated into his body.

Chen Mo never had such a sensation before. His feet seemed to tread the great earth loftily over all things.

A gentleman with virtue can take charge of the world!

Under Heaven, in his eyes, there was already nothing under Heaven.

This was the power of one of the Four Holy Beasts, the Black Turtle.

“I already obtained it. You can still save him if you take him away right now.” Against a Human Sovereign, the strongest cultivator Realm in the Great Chong Dyansty, Chen Mo’s voice was indifferent without any fluctuation.

“The spirit of the Black Turtle requires a powerful body in order to be sustained. You indeed exceed my expectations. Looks like Wang Sengbian’s judgment was more formidable than I thought.” Lu Hanhai stared at Chen Mo, trying to see through him.

“Do you want to die here?” Chen Mo gave him a choice.

Lu Hanhai softly chuckled: “Chen Mo, you are too self-confident. So long as I kill you, I have a method to extract the Black Turtle True Spirit from your body. At that time, I can still refine it. Say it, who will die here?

“Don’t tell me you actually think you can defeat me just by having the Black Turtle True Spirit?” Lu Hanhai jeered. His scornful eyes seemed to say: You really are too naive.

“I know you made a stupid choice.”

Chen Mo did not plan on holding back either.

“Crazy bastard!”

Lu Hanhai’s was a scornful two word evaluation. Afterwards, an invisible force exploded around him, and the Human Sovereign already vanished from sight.

In a mere instant, Chen Mo was seized by the throat and lifted high up off the ground by Lu Hanhai. The Human Sovereign tightly gripped his neck, wanting to crush it to pieces. Then, he dashed straight forwards.

Unstoppable power was released from the Human Sovereign’s hand. Chen Mo’s body was already indestructible, but he still was slammed backwards.

The main hall’s thick Black Turtle stone pillars were toppled one after another. Lu Hanhai ran through a line of them, finally slamming into the last secret room. There was a landslide in the hall, scattering dust everywhere.

“Little Brother.” Chen Luan was torn with anxiety. She pushed her heavily injured body to move forward, but she hardly took a few steps when she was blocked by Danbai.

“Woman, I will kill you first.” Danai was already no longer as carefree and easygoing as he was originally. His expression was malevolent, choking on his breath as he went to kill Chen Luan.


Chen Mo’s body seemed about to be pressed into the wall. His entire body suffered a heavy pressure not allowing him to come to his senses. Lu Hanhai saw that he was still breathing and sent his left fist towards Chen Mo’s face. 

“Juling2 –  Sky Breaking Punch!”

His fist swelled as if he was possessed by the Juling Shen3 itself.

This punch radiated golden light, and a shooting star descended that seemed to smash the heavens. All of the surrounding stone walls were completely crushed to fine powder under the force of this punch.

Lu Hanhai attacked with all his power, which was enough to pierce through the sky.


A heavy, ear-splitting blow.

His fist covered Chen Mo’s face.

Chen Mo used his hand to catch Lu Hanhai’s Juling Sky Breaking Punch. Compared to the hand of a Human Sovereign, Chen Mo’s appeared much smaller. It was unable to catch Lu Hanhai’s completely, yet it precisely stopped that fist.

When his power was unable to run through, Lu Hanhai glared at Chen Mo with ice-cold eyes.

The Human Sovereign’s expression finally changed ever so slightly. He increased strength to his right hand to try and twist apart Chen Mo’s vertebrae. All of a sudden, Chen Mo exercised his Star Energy. The powerful Star Energy flooded his body, exceeding the limits of magic energy.

Not good.

Lu Hanhai’s expression changed greatly now. His hand was unable to restrain Chen Mo’s neck.

He shook.

Star Energy erupted from Chen Mo’s body and repelled Lu Hanhai’s grasp. The Human Sovereign leapt backwards, landing several dozen meters away, his palm already bright red and stinging with pain.

The man’s expression was somewhat in disbelief.

“Star Energy!! You actually cultivate Star Energy.”

Chen Mo walked slowly out from the dust. Lu Hanhai’s terrifying, full power strike just now surprisingly had no effect on Chen Mo aside from stirring up a cloud of dust.

Chen Mo once again sensed the might of the Black Turtle True Spirit.

“How is this possible, how is this possible.”

The Human Sovereign’s heart was flustered. His Juling Sky Breaking Punch was sufficient to destroy a Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator in one punch, but not even a strand of hair on Chen Mo’s head was harmed.

“You are not a Star General, yet you cultivate Star Energy! Hmph! As expected, you are indeed Wang Sengbian’s dog!” Lu Hanhai finally was able to explain why Wang Sengbian would value Chen Mo so highly that she would even hand the Northern Barbarian Black Clan’s Holy Beast over to him. Wang Sengbian could only possibly treat her Servant Star this way.

He did not expect that arrogant Sojourner Of Fangshan would contract with a Servant Star.

“To be able to see a Servant Star today is good. If I kill you, that Wang Sengbian will undoubtedly die.” Lu Hanhai very quickly calmed down. A savage grin blossomed on the corner of his lips.

“Can you even kill me?” Chen Mo took a deep breath.

“Bring out your Servant Star abilities.” Lu Hanhai disdainfully said.

Chen Mo bluntly took out a Star Weapon podao with four glittering stars.

Lu Hanhai recognized this blade. It was considered the strongest Star Weapon that the Northern Barbarian tribes forged. Already with Four Stars, it was not a bad weapon to use to display exhibit Star Energy, but it was too ridiculous to use against a Human Sovereign like himself.

“Your body has an enormous weakness, did you know that?” Lu Hanhai flatly said.

Without waiting for his reply, Chen Mo already slashed.

Sword-qi spurt forth a thousand zhang wave.

Lu Hanhai had absolute strength to use his arms to block magic weapons and the Flying Swords of the best cultivators, but he did not dare directly catch Chen Mo’s slash. Everyone in Star World was aware of the might of Star Energy, and Lu Hanhai did not dare use his body to test this.

He retreated and struck his hand, taking out his own Four Star Star Weapon, a claymore, at the same time.

The reason why Star Weapons were more formidable than average armaments lay in the fact that weapons with Casted Stars all had a trace of Star Energy condensed in them. This Star Energy certainly could not compare to a Star General’s Destined Star Weapon, but they more or less would give a slight advantage in battle.

The two blades collided with intense sparks.

The second slash, the third.

Chen Mo’s slashing speed was as fast as demons. Lu Hanhai could see from a glance that this brat’s level of mastery was extremely deep, so much so that he was comparable to Wang Sengbian. But how could this be, that a warrior surprisingly could have such superb combat skills.

Chen Mo wanted to dispatch him in a single spurt of energy.

Lu Hanhai swung his sword in succession, humiliatingly switching to a defensive stance. This way was able to slightly dispel the pressure that Chen Mo brought. The Human Sovereing jeered: “Looks like you already know your fatal weakness, but it’s already too late. The outcome has already been decided.”

“Too much nonsense.”

Chen Mo yelled. His sword force suddenly stopped, slashing with a draw posture. Saber-light like snow flit by.

Yellow Rank.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.

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  1. 黏蟬手
  2. 巨靈, lit. “djinn”
  3. 巨靈神


  1. I guess the Hui would bring myths of djinn to China, but somehow I was still surprised to see a reference to them…

    1. It’s not so much djinn but an actual god known as “Juling Shen.” I’ve changed the reference in the text to reflect this.

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