Chapter 280: Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel

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Biting cold saber-light like ice and snow spilled towards Lu Hanhai. An ice-cold feeling filled his whole body, making the Human Sovereign shiver.

Very dangerous.

This was the first time that the Human Sovereign had felt fear. His body instinctively reacted, blocking with the Star Weapon in his hand and using magic energy.

A nick was struck into the Four Star Star Weapon, and the remaining incoming saber-light passed over his body, forcibly dispelled using his formidable strength.

Even so, Lu Hanhai was still pushed back several dozen meters by the saber-light. His internal organs were a mess, and he vomited blood. 

Chen Mo was not at all surprised that Ice Breaker SNow Slicer was unable to kill a Human Sovereign. After this slash, his Star Energy was more or less at the limit. He did not hesitate at all to pursue.

The next swing was to sever Lu Hanhai’s head directly.

The claymore cut apart empty space, and an enormous stone pillar disintegrated. Lu Hanhai easily caught Chen Mo’s strike, and he sneered. It was already remarkable that a God Transformation peak cultivator was able to force him into such a situation, but this was the end.

Due to Star Energy depletion, Chen Mo’s slash did not have an oppressive effect.

“Your greatest weakness is that you aren’t a Star Energy, you can’t maintain your Star Energy for too long.” Lu Hanhai was already able to see how he would devastate the enemy before him.

“Juling Shen1 – Heavenly Court’s Descent!!”2

His powers rose again!

The backs of their blades interlocked. From the pure white blade edge, a dazzling golden light was released. In the golden light, there were clouds, palaces, immortals, and heavenly generals.

The golden light fell from the clouds. The palaces, immortals, and generals were all wrapped in golden light, raising an unimaginably powerful force. Upon manifestation, the main hall’s several thousand square meters collapsed in a flash.

The “Juling Shen Powers” that Human Sovereign Lu Hanhai cultivated were something he himself condensed over a hundred years, fusing the Northern Barbarians’ strongest power-type techniques and abilities. Each move was absolutely and overwhelmingly domineering.

In particular, Heavenly Court’s Descent the one move that Lu Hanhai was most proud of.

This abilitiy could even level a mountain. When he battled Wang Sengbian in the past, his Juling Shen Powers made the Sojourner Of Fangshan suffer greatly.

However, this was still the first time that Lu Hanhai had ever used it against a God Transformation cultivator.

The immense court of golden light landed before Chen Mo. The crashing scene of immortals and generals appeared in his field of view.


Heavenly Court’s Descent struck Chen Mo and destroyed the space within several dozen meters.

Is he dead?

Lu Hanhai was delighted. He actually was not afraid of Heavenly Court’s Descent destroying the Black Turtle True Spirit. How could the True Spirit of a Holy Beast be so easily damaged. Even if he completely obliterated Chen Mo’s physical body, the remaining True Spirit’s strength would still be left behind. At that time, he could refine it himself.

As he schemed in his mind, the Human Sovereign’s smile slowly vanished.

The dust scattered, and Chen Mo’s figure genuinely stood as mighty and motionless as the legendary Mount Tai. In that instant, Lu Hanhai’s mind had the brief illusion that he was tiny and insignificant.

How is this possible.

His Heavenly Court’s Descent did not kill the target.

Resplendent Star Energy flowed all over Chen Mo’s body. Although the Black Turtle’s power was invincible and stopped this ability, Chen Mo’s body was still covered in cuts and bruises.

“You should have run out of Star Energy.” Lu Hanhai was astounded. In this place, Chen Mo could only sit and wait for death when he exhausted his Star Energy, and he could not possibly recover it. Ten thousand meters under the ground, let alone Star Energy, not even a cultivator’s magic energy could be rejuvenated. It was because he had come here before that he had preparations. Furthermore, it was through his boundless Human Sovereign magic energy that he was able to presist until now.

Chen Mo’s Nose Locking Art still maintained a bit of power in his body, allowing him to supplement with it at any moment. In addition, Chen Mo had other methods to recover Star Energy.

Clack, clack, clack.

Several dull rocks were thrown in front of Lu Hanhai.

These rocks were strange. There were some faint traces of power flowing in them, and they were like dim gems.

“What are these?” Lu Hanhai wrinkled his brow.

“Never seen Astral Coins before?” Chen Mo exhaled. Fortunately, he still had an abundance of Astral Cents. Even if his Star Energy was drained, he could quickly replenish it. He was a bit stronger than other cultivators in this regard. Some cultivators even needed medicines to replenish their magic energy and spiritual energy absorption to supplement. But Astral Coins completely circumvented this. The power concentrated in an Astral Coin was enough to solve a desperate situation.

Of course, the Star Energy of Astral Cents was not all very plentiful, and a rushed usage would diminish the results drastically. But against a Human Sovereign, this was already enough to spare.

“Astral Coins? Treasures of the Inner Star Fields.”

Lu Hanhai actually heard about them.

“You unexpectedly have so much…”

He was about to go insane.

“I actually want to see just how long you can last!” Lu Hanhai had never encountered such an enemy. For a brief moment, his mind was in disarray, but for better or for worse, he was a Human Sovereign. He immediately made the correct decision.


See who could last until the end.

The Human Sovereign attacked once more, another “Juling Shen – Heavenly Court’s Descent!” Chen Mo brandished his Star Weapon, gripping Astral Cents in his other to recover Star Energy. Fortunately, his Divine Intent was swift as lightning, able to easily manipulate the Astral Cents achieving a narrow escape.




Lu Hanhai suddenly charged straight ahead. His brute force was not cultivated recklessly. He seized his claymore to continuously hack and slash as he closed the distance, to cut Chen Mo down.

Saber-light flashed.

Their weapons clashed once again. The Human Sovereign unleashed his magic energy at full power. His mighty pressure overflowed the heavens and fiercely approached. The stone walls around Chen Mo endlessly disintegrated and crumbled. Under such a terrifying attack, any cultivator below Human Sovereign Realm would have already collapsed.

But Chen Mo, who possessed the body of the Black Turtle, was imposing and motionless, solid as a boulder.

Qian Three Linked, Kun Six Severed…The Bagua Punches were unleashed one after another. The sound of his punches were like cannons in the main hall, and the saber-lights were like thunder, jolting the hall. Their techniques stirred up smoke and mist, scattering dust everywhere.

“This Sovereign does not believe he is unable to handle you.” The Human Sovereign’s rage reached a peak. His eyes focused intently on Chen Mo, using another powerful ability without holding back, “Juling Shen – Gaze Of Divine General.”

Chen Mo’s eyes calmly met his glare.

Lu Hanhai’s heart soared. His “Gaze Of Juling”3 was able to shoot straight into the mind. This technique was able to easily penetrate a cultivator’s mind, confusing their movements and throwing their heart and mind into disarray. It was considered the peak display of a Human Sovereign’s powerful gaze. With eye contact at such a close distance, even another Human Sovereign would not necessarily remain unfazed.

A pity that he had run into a genius like Chen Mo.

Not only was Chen Mo’s body like Mount Tai, after he cultivated Wang Yangming’s Intent, his mind was also as calm as still water. Lu Hanhai was fundamentally unable to incite the slightest ripple.

Chen Mo seized his opportunity. His eyes similarly widened, and he used the Deva Eyes.

His pupils seemed to see the heavens.

Lu Hanhai’s heart chilled, and his thoughts surprisingly showed a momentary stagnation.

Chen Mo brandished his sword again.

Blood splattered on the stone walls. The Human Sovereign stepped backwards, his expression sinister and in disbelief: “Just what kind of person are you!!” He had never seen such a warrior, one whose powers and techniques were placed above a Human Sovereign like himself.

Chen Mo was uninterested in answering. He already consumed a hundred Astral Coins in succession. There was basically no time to let this drag on. A Human Sovereign’s magic energy was boundless, but there were times that would be exhausted. He needed to finish this battle quickly.

Lu Hanhai did not believe that a young man could act so fearlessly and wantonly. Hearing the sounds of battle outside the door, a cold gleam flashed across his eyes: “Your big sister faced Danbai with heavy injuries. She should be dead now.” He tried to use his words to break Chen Mo’s frighteningly resolute mental defenses.

Chen Mo was unperturbed. He smirked.

“You think that subordinate of yours can kill my big sister. How ridiculous.”

The two of them exchanged several more blows. Lu Hanhai said: “Arrogant, your big sister is merely a God Transformation cultivator, how can she be an opponent for my Danbai.”

Chen Mo suddenly pivoted with the Bowl Body Techniques. He faced his back towards Lu Hanhai. The Human Sovereign finally saw an opening and threw a punch towards Chen Mo’s back.

Chen Mo used Li Center Empty. His yielding, spinning body evaded the Juling Shen’s Punch, throwing one of his own after the rotation.

Juling Shen’s Punch and Li Center Empty thundered and scattered sparks through the air.

“What is with this brat?”

Lu Hanhai’s anger was at its peak.

Just at this moment, a howl came into his ear – it was Danbai’s voice.

Lu Hanhai’s expression changed.

Danbai was dead.

The heavy sound of a ruler came from behind him; an overbearing ruler shadow smashed towards him. As it turned out, Chen Mo had deliberately used the Thousand Jun Ruler against him just now; Danbai was struck by the Thousand Jun Ruler, leaving him at his last gasp. Naturally, he was slain by Chen Luan’s Flying Swords.

“If I don’t kill you, then I swear I’m not a man.”

Lu Hanhai was finally furious. A gigantic golden armored Juling Shen appeared behind the Human Sovereign. The Juling Shen’s Punch was wielded at maximum power, each blow truly like the Juling Shen itself was attacking.

The god’s fist descended. Even Black Turtle Armor Sand would be smashed to pieces by this astonishing might.

Chen Mo caught it with a punch.

The power of the Black Turtle’s body filled his whole body. With the addition of Star Energy, the Human Sovereign’s Juling Shen Punch was unable to seize a significant advantage.

The Juling Shen phantom practically stuffed the hall, its punch like a meteor. Each blow shook the Black Turtle holy grounds to the verge of collapse. The mountain endlessly crumbled, its rocks falling. The entire holy grounds could be destroyed at any moment.

Lu Hanhai completely ignored this. There was only one goal in his eyes – no matter what, he would kill Chen Mo.

Each time he warded off the Juling Shen’s attack, a portion of the Black Turtle’s power inside Chen Mo was jolted. Not long after, black light shot forth like a stream. A Black Turtle phantom similarly manifested over his body. The Holy Beast Black Turtle and Juling Shen clashed with one another. One was the intimidating Holy Beast while the other was an unrivalled heavenly general with divine power.

Never before had there been such a titanic scene.

Chen Luan could only stay far away to one side, completely unable to approach. Their auras already rendered a God Transformation cultivator unable to make contact. Seeing the imminent destruction of the holy grounds, Chen Luan grew more and more worried.

Chen Mo used two hundred Astral Coins and an Astral Dollar to block Human Sovereign Lu Hanhai’s berserk explosions.

Lu Hanhai’s breathing finally began to turn feeble. His magic energy was gradually unable to persist. The Juling Shen’s golden phantom slowly began to fade.


Lu Hanhai repelled Chen Mo with another punch. Seeing Chen Mo did not deplete his Star Energy, his heart bled. In the end, those whatever stones were surprisingly endless, how was he supposed to attack.

He feared that by the time his own magic energy was exhausted, his foe would still have room to spare.

This could not continue. Lu Hanhai needed to kill Chen Mo while he was recovering Star Energy.

Looking at the continuously collapsing holy grounds, Lu Hanhai’s mind pondered and made a decision. He raised a magic treasure from his Astral Bag.

This magic treasure seemed to be a dharmachakra from Buddhism. There were eight spokes, and a lotus flower was in the center. One half of the dharmachakra was black, the other white. Its spin blended the black and white together, making it incomparably profound.

When the dharmachakra emerged, Chen Mo immediately sensed danger.

“You actually made This Sovereign use the Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel. You can die here.”

The Human Sovereign laughed.

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  1. 巨靈神
  2. 天庭墜落
  3. In the raws, but I’d assume it’s the same ability as mentioned in the above passage.

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