Chapter 28: How Can A Bitch Like You Ever Be This King’s Servant Star…

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Qing Song’gu always could understand why these youngsters were so fond of belittling that Chen Mo.

Indeed, seeing a person with an obviously powerful background be toyed was a way to vent jealousy. Even some of the Qing Family’s elders had a kind of delight. However, they were not those youngsters who would shoot their mouths, after all. They would chuckle a few times before recovering a stern expression.

“Father, Uncle, be at ease. Wan’er naturally understands the logic of also looking at the master when beating a dog. Wan’er just does not like Chen Mo. As long as he does not provoke Wan’er, Wan’er will not move against him…” Saying this, the girl disdainfully snorted. “There is no difference between trash and a lofty Qi And Blood Nine Turns who acts against trash.”1

“As long as you know.”

“In the future, the Qing Family’s hopes are on you, Wan’er.”

The others nodded in praise. They did not bother about Qing Wan always mouthing off against trash. From their perspective, appearing respectful to Chen Mo was already enough face. To say they did not have complaints was impossible, but there was no harm in letting the youngsters tease him. How could Wan’er’s actions not maintain the Qing Family’s face. In truth, this deepened the opinion of the Qing Family elders. 

As they thought this, the crowd suddenly let out a startled cry.

A figure rushed down from the mountain.

The people below the mountain solemnly stood guard together.

That figure shuttled back and forth through the forest. Seeing that escape was impossible, the figure slowly walked out. She was a woman in white clothes and red armor, tall in stature, and with a charming, provocative and poisonous gaze.

This beautiful woman’s appearance made the thousand people below the mountain shaken.

The Qing Family all stared at one another.

When did Azure Dragon Mountain ever have such a woman.

The girl sneered in her heart. Her expression did not change as she strode forth boldly, paying them no attention.

“Please halt!” Qing Yuanshan shouted.

The woman ignored him. Only when several warriors drew their weapons did she stop and say coldly: “Who are you people, why do you hinder my departure?”

The Qing Family all nervously stared at this woman. The eyes of Qing Yuanshan and the others reflected shocked and complex feelings. Anyone with eyes could see the woman in front of them was definitely a Star General. Star Generals were famous and renowned. Legend said that every single one of their movements carried a terrifying pressure. That was a kind of natural tyranny born from the inherited Star Name, an absolute authority. 

But the woman in front of them was somewhat strange, as if she lacked that kind of austere aura. They could not even feel the flow of Star Energy on her body.

Legend said that Star Generals were elusive, and Qing Yuanshan was a bit unwilling to let this go. However, he was unable to grasp the depths of the Star Maiden in front of him. For a time, he vacillated indefinitely. Qing Wan at this time shouted: “There is a thief stirring trouble on the mountain. We the Qing Family have sealed off the mountain. For everyone who passes, we must conduct a body search.”

“You buffoons want to search This King’s body?” The woman’s fiery eyes suddenly sank.

“This King? What a bold tone. Could you be a Star General?” Qing Wan then said.

“This King is still in a good mood, roll away quickly while you still can.” The woman ignored her her and was about to leave.

Star Generals were too mysterious. The Qing Family was temporarily somewhat hesitant. Just at this moment, there was the twang of a bowstring.

An arrow wrapped in cold qi and blood astonishingly shot over.

Everyone changed at the same time.

This arrow’s speed was extremely fast, becoming a blood-colored True Qi, piercing through the Qing Family’s encirclement straight towards the woman. Qing Yuanshan knew from a glance that this blood arrow was the Tao Family’s archery, “Blood Piercer.”2 The Tao Family’s archery was the best in Azure Dragon Town. Their “Powerful Brown Bear Bow Arts”3 were named the number one archery in Chuan Province; they were a noble family of Azure Dragon Town that did not lose out to the Qing Family.

This arrow’s approach was sudden. The woman was knocked back by the arrow, surprisingly unable to evade.

“Damn you, clowns. This King will definitely destroy your nine generations.” The woman bared her teeth, burning in anger. Her forehead’s Star Crest flashed, and the surrounding meters of snow melted under her fury, but this bit of power lasted merely an instant. The woman’s expression was immediately very pained.

“A weakened Star General.” Qing Yuanshan was elated.

Everyone looked at the woman as if they caught sight of a piece of Xuanzang’s flesh. Each person revealed a fanatic, ravenous expression, itching to devour her.

In Star World, a weakened Star General represented a fortuitous encounter. Some people were willing to compel a weakened Star Maiden in order to obtain a place as their Servant Star. By doing so, they could cultivate Star Energy, soaring to the heavens in a single bound. Other cultivators eyed the Star Maiden’s Star Weapon and Star Energy. So long as she was killed, one could reap her powerful Star Energy, allowing enormous bounds in cultivation. However, this was not enough to make everyone drool.

What cultivators wanted even more was the Star General’s Destined Star Weapon and Innate Skill.

Practically all cultivators had dreamed grandly of killing a Star General, particularly those top-notch martial force Star Generals representing Star World’s greatest splendor. Of course, to kill a Star General, other than if the Star General was in a weakened state, it was very rare for a cultivator to succeed.

When Qing Yuanshan saw that the woman in front of him was a Star General, unexpectedly a weakened Star General at that, he was pleasantly surprised.

“So you are a Star General, impressive, impressive. May we be so bold as to ask for Your Distinguished Self’s Star Name.

The Qing Family stirred restlessly. Qing Yuanshan respectfully asked.

“As if you clowns are qualified to know This King’s Star Name.” The woman roared with laughter.

Qing Yuanshan slightly smiled: “Your Distinguished Self is in a weakened state and without Star Energy. I fear you can only sit and wait for death. Our family has an adorable daughter, Qing Wan. She is an absolute talent in her generation. Would Your Distinguished Self be willing to make her your Servant Star.”

If the Qing Family had a Servant Star, they would be like a sparrow transformed into a phoenix. A Servant Star may be small, but with the backing of a Star General behind them, even the Great Chong Dynasty’s two lords, three dukes, and nine marquis would need to be somewhat wary.

The girl looked at Qing Wan, “Absolute talent? How can this piece of trash have the qualifications to become This King’s Servant Star.”

“You!!” Qing Wan’s face was white from fury.

“If you are unwilling, then the Qing Family can only take it themselves. If we cannot make Servant Star, then your Star Weapon and Star Energy will do nicely.” Qing Yuanshan said. “Wan’er, quickly finish her.”

Qing Wan nodded, dismounting. Her figure spun, whirling, becoming like a snake.

The woman immediately retreated.

“Is a Star General only able to run?” Qing Wan sneered. Her palms waved, and countless palm-shadows descended like vipers. In an instant, these spirit snakes hissed, a whirlwind spinning upon her palms.

Against a weakened Star General, no cultivator in Star World would remain uninterested. However, Qing Yuanshan was still very wise to turn this good opportunity over to Qing Wan. In the Qing Family, her talent was the highest. If she could obtain a Star General’s Star Weapon and Star Energy, she could pass the Divine Warrior Examination as easily as turning over her hand.

While Qing Wan and the woman fought, the Qing Family encircled them like a cylinder, allowing nothing through.

Qing Yuanshan turned his head to look atop a faraway plateau, spotting a black-robed youth holding a bow and arrow. Clearly, he fired that arrow earlier. “The Tao Family’s young master, Tao Jingfeng.”4 Qing Changzai recognized this person.

“This young master’s talents did not lose out to Wan’er before. He ventured outside on a journey when he was little in order to join the Heavenly Bow Sect. It appears his studies were fruitful, to now already nearly be at Qi And Blood Nine Turns cultivation.” Qing Song’gu wrinkled his brow.

“This brat fired that arrow just now to have our Qing Family completely massacred.” Qing Changzai coldly said.

Fortunately, it turned out this was a weakened Star General. If she had been provoked at peak state, the Qing Family would have already been completely slaughtered by now.” Be careful, do not give him an opportunity to steal away the Star General.”

“Our Qing Family has so many people, even if those cultivators wanted to compete, they would be unable to.”

Qing Changzai looked around. Due to the Qing Family’s tight encirclement, the other warriors on the outside had yet to sense that a Star General had appeared. They could only sense that a battle started on the inside, but they were not sure just what had happened. 

However, this matter could not be concealed for too long. They hoped that Qing Wan could quickly kill the Star General. In the mountain, there were still a princess and a duke’s son that were biding their time, eyeing their prey, thought Qing Song’gu uncomfortably.

At this moment, how could he have known that the princess and duke’s son that he was worried would steal the Star General were currently like mud, barely breathing as they were lugged around on someone’s shoulder.

Chen Mo left the cavern, finding and mounting one of the Divine Fire Colts. This Divine Fire Colt wanted to resist, for it was a bit intelligent. However, upon seeing its master the Wuyang Princess on Chen Mo’s shoulder, it calmed down. Chen Mo carried Ting Nanyuan over his shoulder while he hefted Qing Yu and Li Xiaxi in each of his arms. The two men had their meridians disintegrated by Northern Dipper, their flesh rend, leaving them incomparably wretched. Up until now, they were still completely unconscious.

Chen Mo’s strength was immense. Carrying the weight of three people, he still had energy to spare.

Nearly at the forest, Chen Mo became careful. Qing Wan did not appear, but he was certain she had gone to inform the Qing Family to come intercept the treasure chest. This Qing Wan’s thinking was actually very profound. Chen Mo pondered a way to resolve this when he suddenly heard shouts down the mountain, a voice like ear-splitting thunder.. 

He could not be more familiar with this voice.

This was Qing Wan’s.


How did this woman wind up in a fight down the mountain with someone? Chen Mo looked. This Qing Family was indeed extravagant. The mountain was packed completely with people, numbering close to a thousand, and the green-robed Qing Family’s warriors were particularly numerous. They gathered at the foot of the mountain, forming an airtight blockade. Chen Mo immediately saw that the person Qing Wan fought was none other than that Star General who had awakened from the treasure chest.

Chen Mo was silent.

In his eyes, that Star General had been suppressed for a thousand years. The Star Energy she had was practically deleted to its weakest state. At this rate, even a Human Star, a normal warrior, was qualified to pose a threat to her.

Apparently, the Qing Family was not intercepting him, rather, they surprisingly intercepted that Star General.

This was only logical. Against a weakened Star General that could only sit and wait for death, Star World’s warriors would find it very difficult to maintain a composed mind and not go in for a piece of the action. Star World’s tens of thousands of years of philosophy was like this – Star Generals were supreme, and by killing a Star General, one could become supreme.

Currently, all of the Qing Family’s people had focused all of their attention on the battle between Qing Wan and the Star General. On one hand, they were worried about sudden changes. On the other, they were also wary of sneak attacks from the other aristocratic warriors. Nobody noticed that Chen Mo already rode a Divine Fire Colt down the mountain. At this moment, it was not impossible for Chen Mo to leave quietly. This was perfect for resolving his thorny problems.

He was not afraid of offending the Qing Family, but he did not want to expose his identity right now.

Chen Mo prepared to throw these people down and quietly leave first when suddenly, several groans and curses came. “To think This King would surprisingly be forced to this state by someone like you, the bitchiest of bitches. This is truly disgraceful. If it wasn’t for that bitch Han Xin, This King would definitely have eradicated all of you.”

“Last chance, are you willing to make Wan’er your Servant Star or not.”

“How can a bitch like you ever be This King’s Servant Star.” The woman roared.

“Hmph, I feel you are not even a Heavenly Star, to not even bring out your Star Weapon. Since you insist on persisting in being wrong, Qing Wan shall take the destiny of your Star Name today.”


Chen Mo stopped his steps.

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  1. Not very self-aware, is she?
  2. 血刺
  3. 大力羆弓術
  4. 陶驚風

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