Chapter 29: The Son Of Lord Chang’an Is Invincible (Former)

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The woman had only just awakened. She was as weak as an infant, otherwise, with her violent temperament, she would have slain all the cultivators present. Fortunately, a Star General’s body innately had excellent martial arts. Even without Star Energy, her years of experience were still there. Relying on her bodily capabilities, the woman was able to cope for the time being.

Qing Wan’s techniques were strung together. Every palm thrust and every punch was like a vicious serpent, enveloping all directions. Her figure roamed about the woman’s surroundings, continuously applying pressure. The girl knew that she could not drag this on. She already spared no effort to kill her opponent and seize that Star Energy, but the opponent was still a Star General regardless. For a Qi And Blood Eight Turns warrior to kill or hurt a Star General was a bit difficult. If it was not for the encirclement by the surrounding Qing Family, the woman would even had a chance to easily flee.

“Bitch, is this all you’re capable of.” The woman’s personality was rude and forthright, her mouth especially venomous. She shouted the word “bitch” at Qing Wan again and again, not giving the girl any face at all. To think that even though she was Azure Dragon Town’s number one honorable noble daughter, the one whom everyone revolved around, she still had that trash placed above her and this feeble woman surprisingly shouting insults at her.

Star General!

Damned Star General, indeed, she was formidable.

Qing Wan’s heart filled with rage. Her hands came together. Suddenly, the air, even the flow of the wind, stopped for an instant. She lowered her body, raised her hands, and strode forth.

Then, in the blink of an eye.

Her slender palm directly chopped the woman in the chest. Though her palm’s power was weak, the might of this strike was overflowing, erupting on this woman’s chest like a storm, leaving her surprisingly unable to even put up futile resistance.

Shockingly, this was a super first-rate martial art.

Spirit Snake Worships Moon!1

The woman was forced back a hundred paces, that red armor of hers letting out a scorching sound, shaking from Qing Wan’s palm attack. Only now did the woman look Qing Wan straight in the eyes, which were now filled with an expression of unreconciled anger.

The woman praised her: “What a good face you make! A bitch should envy This King just like that.”

Even the Qing Song’gu who had been raised very well could not help but show an unsightly expression upon hearing this Star General’s insult-laden speech towards his daughter.

“In that case, die.”

Her qi and blood surged. Under the woman’s goading, her qi and blood rocketed into her head, surprisingly almost gathering into her heart and mind by curious coincidence. Under these conditions, Qing Wan unexpectedly cultivated her qi and blood to her heart and mind, reaching the first steps to Qi And Blood Nine Turns. The girl could even be said to be in the spirit of loyalty and brotherhood, her murderous intent filling the heavens. Her next attack turned her fingers into swords, directly striking at the Star General’s heart.

She swore that she would end all of her words.

Just as the Star General was about to fall, just at this critical moment, all of a sudden, an object was thrown her way. Just as Qing Wan was about to disintegrate this infernal thing, just as her blade-like hand was about to descend, she suddenly noticed that object was a pale-faced man.

“Second brother!!”

Qing Wan turned pale with fright. She abruptly stopped her attack and caught her second brother Qing Yu. Her legs tapped against the ground, retreating.


When Second Uncle Qing Changzai saw this, his expression changed, and he flew over. He came to Qing Yu’s side, feeling for breath. When he realized Qing Yu was still breathing, he promptly dispatched people to bring him for healing.

“Who went so far as to harm Qing Yu to such a state, I want him to pay the price.” Qing Changzai’s anger overflowed the heavens.

Everyone turned their gazes.

A bare-chested man leisurely walked before everyone. His brow was haughty, his breathing reserved, as if he was on a stroll through a garden, as if he was viewing the moon in a lake.

“It’s you!!” Qing Wan recognized this masked man.

In the end, Chen Mo could not help but intervene.

“Great Uncle, this is the man that Second Brother, the Princess, and Young Duke Xiaxi were tracking…” Qing Wan suppressed the wrathful tone in her voice, forcing herself to remain as calm as possible.

“Xiaxi? You mean this useless man?” Chen Mo lifted a man as if he was a towel and threw him onto the ground. Everyone’s expression changed when they saw him. To their surprise, it was indeed Li Xiaxi, son of the Duke of Wei.

This Qi And Blood Eight Turns man who even had a Star Weapon was unexpectedly defeated.

This is not what made them the most shocked, however. Clutched in Chen Mo’s other hand was similarly an unconscious woman, the Wuyang Princess.

“Impossible.” Qing Wan suddenly took a step back in astonishment, not daring to believe this.

Qing Yu, the Wuyang Princess, and Li Xiaxi all had at least Qi And Blood Eight Turns strength. The man before her absolutely did not reach Qi And Blood Nine Turns, but he unexpectedly defeated them all. She was completely unable to accept this. Something unlucky must have happened in the Azure Dragon Footpath for the three of them to be in such a condition. With this explanation, Qing Wan calmed down, staring fixedly at the adversary.

The girl’s brow wrinkled. She felt that this man in front of her was apparently somewhat familiar.

But when she searched through her memories, there was no such man that was capable of corresponding to such strength.

“Who are you. How bold of you, to surprisingly dare to harm the princess and the young duke.” Qing Yuanshan said in a low tone. His knuckles were white. Just as they were about to kill the Star General, this opponent suddenly appeared. Even further, he had beaten three people unconscious. The old man’s heart was somewhat uneasy.

“In the back of the forest, there’s a Divine Fire Colt. Ride it. Go now, they shouldn’t be able to chase you.” Chen Mo did not answer him, turning and speaking to the astonished Star General instead.

The woman probably never imagined this kind of thing would ever happen in her life, for she had yet to come round.

Hearing Chen Mo’s words, she finally regained her composure, yet the woman remained suspicious, saying: “You cultivators, enough with the insincerity. Don’t think that playing good guy, bad guy will make This King confer Servant Star upon you.” She could not be blamed for thinking Chen Mo was in cahoots with the Qing Family. Since ancient times in Star World, weakened Star Generals made people rush like ducks to kill them. Regardless of Star Energy, Star Weapon, or the possibility of inheriting the “Innate Skill” of the slain Star General, all of them prompted cultivators to take a gamble. Now and then, even partnerships were struck in slaying a Star General.

They would not let go of a single opportunity.

This lead to Star Generals somewhat loathing all of Star World’s Star Cultivators, an instinctive rejection.

To suddenly see someone protect her, the Star General’s first reaction was naturally to assume an ulterior motive. 

“Believe me or not, that’s up to you. I will help hold them back for you.” Chen Mo did not want to explain too much. He was no saint. If nothing else, he disdained the sight of Qing Wan. If this loathsome woman actually killed a Star General and obtained an Innate Skill, who knew where that arrogance of hers would go. Besides, Chen Mo very much disliked so many people bullying one woman.

What sort of ability did this even count for.

“What a bold tone.” Qing Yuanshan sneered. The enemy had yet to even open Three Flowers Overhead, yet he surprisingly wanted to protect a Star General. “Do you actually want to become enemies with my Qing Family?”

“Become enemies?” Chen Mo grinned.

Qing Wan somehow felt very uneasy when she heard this, as if the Qing Family was not worthy of being this man’s enemy.

However, she was certainly convinced this man was indeed protecting that Star General because if he had acted against her, he could have killed her with that lightning-fast action just now.

The Star General also sensed this detail. She looked at Chen Mo with eyes full of even more bewilderment, but her legs nevertheless slowly retreated into the forest.

When the Qing Family warriors saw she wanted to leave, they could not possibly let her go as she pleased. Even they could achieve instant success by killing the Star General. Several warriors immediately attacked. Midway through, Chen Mo moved on hand, and powerful wind pressure from his palm forced them back.

Qing Changzai wanted to take revenge for his son.

His figure flit by, arriving above Chen Mo. He struck with a familiar attack, the Spirit Snake Fist’s “Great Snake Collapse,” but compared to Qing Yu’s, it was even more practiced and tyrannical. Under the dozen years of training this old man had immersed himself in, there was the framework for a super first-rate martial art.

Chen Mo leaned to the side, holding up the princess as a shield.2

Qing Changzai promptly retracted his attack and changed directions. He was not so bold as to dare harm the Wuyang Princess. Chen Mo seized this opening, sweeping his leg in a kick. Qing Changzai’s Spirit Snake Fist caught it. Bang, bang, bang, came an exchange of several consecutive blows.

His fist was like a snake, nipping at Chen Mo’s chest.

Chen Mo circulated his qi and blood, blocking the old man’s punches with brute force. A numbing, unbearable pain came from his chest. Chen Mo smashed with his own punch, the power of his fist vast and overwhelming as he pounded the old man’s shoulder.

Qing Changzai had Qi And Blood Eight Turns, his qi and blood refined into his meridians. His meridians were already like iron, but Chen Mo’s punch still hurt enough to make his brow tightly wrinkle.

As a Human Star Qi And Blood warrior, as his age increased, his qi and blood martial arts as well as his strength would decrease. Only by opening the three flower buds of Three Flowers Overhead that concentrated “Essence,” “Qi,” and “Spirit” could one possibly stabilize their power. Furthermore, only after undergoing a thunder tribulation could one grow stronger and stronger. Although Qing Changzai was only Qi And Blood Eight Turns, he had cultivated a cultivation method for forging his muscles and bones for many years. His body was very sturdy, and a punch with seven or eight hundred catties of force seemed to be nothing more like an itch. However, the punch from this youth before him made him surprisingly feel pain.

Just what level was this guy’s strength.

Qing Changzai used several techniques in succession, breaking free of Chen Mo’s attack. Then, he spun around, every joint in his body turning into an offensive weapon. 

“Second Uncle, be careful, this man is capable of super first-rate martial arts.” Qing Wan warned.

Qing Changzai’s body techniques changed erratically. He threw a flurry of punches in front and behind, something unexpected. Chen Mo’s pores burst, sharply sensing something as heavy as an iron club was hurtling straight at him, yet there was no sound upon the wind.

Qing Changzai’s hand shuddered, his punches like a thrashing serpent, whistling through the air like a club, descending heavily. This was something that could disintegrate even a boulder, incomparably powerful.

This was “Club Tail.”3

As expected of Azure Dragon Town’s number one noble family, this Qing Changzai’s martial arts technique “Club Tail” had a top quality level.

Club Tail was swift and fierce. Chen Mo was unable to evade and was firmly struck.

There was a smack.

His flesh tore.

Chen Mo grimaced. Qing Changzai struck again, leaving Chen Mo with no choice. He could only give up Ting Nanyuan, using her as an unwitting shield. Then came another Club Tail. Chen Mo’s movements did not change at all. He raised his fist, attacking with Dui Upper Open again. The old man’s defenses were immediately blown open, exposing a gap.

An iron fist thundered.

Continuously smashing the old man’s chest.

Qing Changzai vomited blood as he was sent flying away.

“Second Brother!!”

“Second Uncle!”

“Second Elder.”

Several of the Qing Family’s men, women, and disciples promptly caught the old man, shocked to see that Qing Changzai’s chest had collapsed in several places. Clearly, his ribs were broken.4 To be able to break ribs that were refined to a hardness greater than that of steel, just how heavy were this man’s punches.

Everyone glared at Chen Mo in fury and astonishment.

After the Star General saw that Chen Mo was putting forth all his strength to sincerely help her, she was slightly astonished. But she did not delay, immediately making a break for the forest. She did not mind that someone was playing the hero who saved the beauty. By the time This King recovers her Star Energy, This King will certainly destroy these clowns.

The woman ruthlessly thought. As expected, she spotted a Divine Fire Colt.


The woman’s eyes suddenly flashed.

When killing a Star General, one absolutely could not let the tiger escape back into the mountain, otherwise, there will be no end to trouble. Seeing the woman flee, all of the Qing Family’s disciples all became murderous. They merely waited for the Qing Family Head, Qing Yuanshan, to issue his orders, to tear apart this man who looked down on the Qing Family.

“Does Your Distinguished Self truly believe you can protect that Star General by yourself?” Qing Yuanshan calmly asked.

“For a long time, I’ve felt your Qing Family has been ridiculously arrogant.” Chen Mo sneered. His hand shook and brought out the massive Northern Dipper.

“Today, I shall use my big stick to mercilessly teach you all a lesson!”5

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  1. 靈蛇拜月
  2. Oh, boy, I love how dirty Chen Mo can fight.
  3. 鞭尾
  4. Something like this could kill an ordinary person due to numerous ruptured organs, to say nothing of the severe internal bleeding.
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. It’s super interesting to see how much being raised in the culture can affect how a person acts in situations like these.
    Of course, there’s also the person’s original mindset too, but my point is that Chen Mo is far less genuinely noble a person than Su Xing ever was and much more willing to at least half ass use a meat shield to guide his opponents to create openings.
    Su Xing himsrlf would probably NEVER resort to that.

    That said, they both LOATHE the arrogance of these asshat cultivators and bullying the weak. Though, Chen Mo is more of an unintentional hypocrite about it sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, Su Xing isn’t above playing dirty or cheating though. He was just upfront about it. What you saw is what you got. Chen Mo has more masks bc of his upbringing.

    …I wonder if the 2 would get along?

    1. Remember, Su Xing was a soldier who dedicated his former life in service of those unable to protect themselves. Of course he would abhor taking advantage of someone defenseless like that. Chen Mo used to be an ordinary person. He isn’t bound by a soldier’s moral compass at all.

      1. I know.
        That difference was what I’m talking about.

        Su Xing was a soldier who basically kept of out of Liangshan society as much as he could…. aside from shitting on the Buddha Kingdom anyway. Plus, he was isekai’d and was essentially a homeless bandit that everyone and their mom either underestimated or overestimated the whole time. Plus, he was only in Liangshan for like, 3 yrs before going to Star World. I mean, he did change just a tad from when he started to when he left, but only superficially. He remained consistly himself throughout the whole story, which is pretty impressive really. That and he was a pervert with a little sister fetish…. which is totally okay.

        Chen Mo is a reincarnator and a normal bookworm reborn as a noble in Star World society right from the start.

        I j7st find the deliberate contrast interesting.

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