Chapter 281: Slaying The Human Sovereign

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This treasure, the “Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel,” was a Heaven Earth Level Spirit Treasure that Lu Hanhai inadvertently found in Weightbearer Mountain. His Juling Shen powers were produced precisely by relying on this treasure.

Using the Gods And Demons Wheel would consume enormous spiritual energy, and it would make the user suffer the excruciating pain of reincarnation; it was considered an unorthodox treasure. Lu Hanhai ordinarily would not use it at all. Even when he faced Wang Sengbian in the past, he did not bring it out.

Today in the Black Turtle holy grounds, Lu Hanhai was forced to a dead end by Chen Mo’s inexhaustible Star Energy. Without an alternative, he used the Spirit Treasure.

Even if the Black Turtle holy grounds collapsed, Lu Hanhai was determined to get rid of Chen Mo. This young man was already difficult to shake before he completely refined the power of the Black Turtle. If Lu Hanhai let him escape, then he would have no further chances in the Northern Barbarian lands.

The Gods And Demons Wheel hovered towards the sky. It suddenly enlarged, becoming several dozen meters in size.

The wheel was half black and half white, half bright and half dark. It spun endlessly, its eight spokes firing eight rays of light. The Gods And Demons Wheel intensely spun. Powerful force barreled in all directions like wheels.

The cries of gods and demons were chilling, and those gods and demons endlessly emerged from the wheel.

The Black Turtle Armor Sand hall quaked even more severely. Even the indestructible Black Turtle Armor Sand turned into powder under the Gods And Demons Wheel, becoming destroyed.

Terrible magic energy flooded the main hall. Chen Mo immediately sensed the frightening might of the Gods And Demons Wheel. A kind of indescribable power nearly pulled his soul away. Chen Mo’s mind was as firm as stone, and he activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, wielding his Star Energy to the limit while the Black Turtle’s body protected him.

Oh, no, Big Sis.

Given Chen Luan’s cultivation, her soul would be crushed to pieces under the Gods And Demons Wheel.

Chen Mo bit open his lip and flipped out the Primeval Chaos Level Spirit Treasure, “Bodhi Treasure Karma.”

The Bodhi Treasure Karma swished.

Green light poured like a torrent over the hall. The hall that had all been collapsing stopped disintegrating at this moment. The dust, grit, and gravel all froze at once.

The shadows of the gods and demons let out bloodcurdling screams under the bodhi’s treasure light, dodging away one after another.

Chen Mo’s body finally caught his breath, and he hastily rushed towards Big Sister.

Lu Hanhai’s expression became even more unsightly. Just what kind of monster was this brat. Not only did he cultivate Star Energy and an assortment of abilities, those powers surpassed his own. Now, he even surprisingly had a Spirit Treasure that the Gods And Demons Wheel was unable to resist.

From the bodhi treasure light’s power, Lu Hanhai immediately sensed that this treasure was extraordinary, far superior to the Gods And Demons Wheel.

Lu Hanhai imbued more magic energy into the Gods And Demons Wheel, and its black and white light raged like flames.

Chen Mo arrived in front of his big sister. As he expected, Big Sister had lost consciousness under the Gods And Demons Wheel, her whole body’s aura was weak, and her soul was about to be pulled free of her body. The Gods And Demons Wheel was able to crush a cultivator’s spirit to bits. Against a cultivator with an indestructible spirit, it was a terrifying treasure. How could have Chen Luan endured it.

Chen Mo swiped the Bodhi Treasure Karma. Its green light showered onto his big sister’s body, driving away the enemy magic energy, finally pulling Big Sister’s consciousness back a bit.

“Brother Mo, run, now!”

Even at such a time, Big Sister did not forget to make Chen Mo go first.

Chen Mo’s back was scorching hot. The Gods And Demons Wheel’s magic energy struck him, and it was like his skin was splashed by acid. Fortunately, he was accomplished with the Black Turtle. This was not considered too severe an injury.

Chen Mo spun around.

The Human Sovereign floated in front of the wheel, coldly glaring at him.

The Northern Barbarian people relied on cultivating their divine power. Very rarely did they use Flying Swords or magic treasures. Lu Hanhai’s usage of a magic treasure was already tantamount to a final struggle.

Bang, bang, bang.

Bang, bang, bang.

The Black Turtle holy grounds began to disintegrate. The hall’s stone pillars crumbled into powder one after another under the Gods And Demons Wheel’s magic energy.

“Chen Mo, to be able to die to the Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel, you have nothing to be dissatisfied about.” Lu Hanhai raised his hand. His beast-like face was even more sinister, his facial features all contorted together.

The power of the gods and demons dripped downwards, with black and white lights surrounding Chen Mo.

Chen Mo used the Bodhi Treasure Karma to defend. The power of his spirit was quickly being sucked away.

Both sides were competing fiercely.

Whoever ran out of spiritual energy first would be the first to lose.

Lu Hanhai sneered even more. With his Human Sovereign cultivation, Chen Mo could not surpass him no matter how abnormally strong his spirit was, unless this brat truly became an immortal.

Weightbearer Mountain quaked violently. The Northern Barbarian warriors standing at the crevice entrance were destabilized and nearly fell over. An enormous force came from underground, making the warriors’ expressions slightly change.

Qin Weiyu rubbed the sweetly slumbering Nianyou’s hair, her brow furrowed.

Wang Sengbian opened her eyes.

“Are you certain nothing will happen to Chen Mo?” The Magpie Bridge Immortal asked.

“Your lover wants to kill Huan Wen. If he is unable to kill even a Human Sovereign, then that would be a joke.” Wang Sengbian calmly answered.

A Human Sovereign was equivalent to a Star General’s Concentrated Fiend peak, slightly inferior to Yellow Court Realm. Qin Weiyu naturally understood this point, but the situation unfolding before her was somewhat odd. A force came from several tens of thousands of meters underground, causing an intense earthquake that could not be overlooked. Huan Wen herself could not necessarily achieve this.

The earthquake grew more and more intense, and even Wang Sengbian felt this was abnormal.

“Don’t tell me that rumor about Lu Hanhai is true?”

“What rumor does that Human Sovereign have?” Qin Weiyu asked.

“They say that Lu Hanhai once obtained a Heaven Earth Level Spirit Treasure called the Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel from one of Weightbearer Mountain’s ancient ruins. This treasure’s power is beyond compare. It can create a world of gods and demons, and it is able to grind the soul into dust. Cultivators below Human Sovereign are dead for sure. The Gods And Demons Wheel also has two sets of God and Demon abilities. Lu Hanhai’s own ‘Juling Shen” was comprehended by relying on this very wheel.” Wang Sengbian said.

Qin Weyu’s expression sank: “You tell me this only now?”

“Spirit Treasures” were Star World’s strongest type of treasures, such that even Star Generals needed to fear them. A Heaven Earth Level Spirit Treasure was very dangerous to Chen Mo.

From Wang Sengbian’s words, Qin Weiyu discerned that this Gods And Demons Wheel was far from being as simple as a Spirit Treasure.

“The Gods And Demons Wheel will make the cultivator undergo immense suffering upon use, and it will twist their mind. However, I have battled Lu Hanhai before, even nearly killed him once, yet he never used this Spirit Treasure in the end.” Wang Sengbian always felt that this perhaps was a rumor that Lu Hanhai deliberately ordered people to spread, the goal being to increase the strength of his enigma, to make people willing to follow him.

But judging from the tremors coming from the holy grounds, it seemed that this rumor was not insubstantial at all.

If the Gods And Demons Wheel truly was as formidable as the rumors made it out to be, then perhaps things bode ill for Chen Mo. For the first time, the Sojourner Of Fangshan was anxious for a man.

Qin Weiyu tenderly stroked Nianyou’s hair, the thoughts in her eyes unclear.

Holy grounds.

Lu Hanhai already spurred the Gods And Demons Wheel to its limit. In one instant, the hall was filled with blinding light, the next, it was as dark as the abyss. Black and white interchanged, demons lamented and gods howled, something especially eerie.

The black and white light endlessly pounced towards Chen Mo. The Bodhi Treasure Karma’s green light shielded Chen Mo and Chen Luan, but the green light was already no longer as radiant as it was originally, growing increasingly weak.

Chen Mo’s expression was in increasing agony. His spiritual energy was being drained to nearly its limit by the Bodhi Treasure Karma, and his consciousness was slowly turning hazy. Spiritual energy was not as formidable as magic energy or Star Energy. Once exhausted, the cultivator would collapse and require a period of rest before they could slowly recover. If he lost the Bodhi Treasure Karma’s protection, Chen Mo could still endure the Gods And Demons Wheel by relying on the Black Turtle’s body, but his big sister would undoubtedly die.

Chen Mo grit his teeth and considered his options.

The Human Sovereign watched Chen Mo endure, and he sneered.

“Gods and demons are here, life and death abide me!”

Lu Hanhai chillingly chanted.

“All laws under heaven, crumble to dust!”

The Gods And Demons Wheel spun like the wind. Already, not a single shadow was visible in the hall. The mountain collapsed, the cliff faces crumbled, and wave after wave of magic energy pounded Chen Mo’s body.

The Bodhi Treasure Karma’s shield was on the brink of disintegration.

Looking at the high up Human Sovereign, Chen Mo knew that he already had no chance of victory in a contest of spiritual power.

“Little Brother, hurry and run. Sister does not blame you.” Chen Luan weakly held on.

Chen Mo ground his teeth. He knew he had only one strike.

He could only use one strike!

Only one chance to kill the Human Sovereign.

A powerful desire to live and protect his big sister made Chen Mo’s Qi-blood flare. His body’s cells, pores, and hairs became extremely active because of this desire.

He had only one strike!

He could only use one strike!

Chen Mo’s eyes were sharp. He gripped his saber’s hilt.

Spiritual power melded into the blade.

An abundance of emotion gathered onto the blade.

Endless comfort and security focused onto the blade.

This one and only strike in Chen Mo’s mind suddenly became so clear, so passionate he could manifest it.


A roar tore from Chen Mo’s throat, raging and shaking the world. The Bodhi Treasure Karma fired its last resplendent green light towards the Gods And Demons Wheel.

The screaming gods and demons were jolted by the green light.

“You think a ‘Yellow Rank’ can defeat me?? Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous!” Human Sovereign Lu Hanhai roared with jeering laughter. He spread his arms and went all out, his magic energy flooding the heavens.

Chen Mo’s wrist moved.

Calmly, easily, he drew the blade as if he was wading through water.1

For this slash, the hanfu girl Yanran’s True Spirit stood behind him also brandishing her saber. Saber-light shattered the world of black and white, cutting down the thundering gods and demons.

As naturally as breathing, without any pause, it slashed the Human Sovereign.

The incoming saber-light made Lu Hanhai feel fear.

Not even Wang Sengbian’s Dark Rank made him feel so terrified of this kind of frightening aura.

What power was this!!

Lu Hanhai was already too late to dodge. This sword-light was honestly too fast, so fast that Chen Mo’s wrist seemed to hardly move. Before the Human Sovereign could see clearly, the saber-light was already in front of his eyes.

Nothing could be more fleeting than this.

The Gods And Demons Wheel’s magic energy was terminated in a flash, and the wheel clattered to a stop.

The holy grounds instantly froze.

A line of blood started from Lu Hanhai’s forehead and extended down his body. The Human Sovereign seemed to be a bit incredulous. Had he been cut? Why was the Gods And Demons Wheel unable to stop it.

Lu Hanhai felt the shallow cut then looked to Chen Mo. That True Spirit girl was so beautiful, like ice and snow.

“Evil Smiting…True Spirit…”

Lu Hanhai wanted to say something. Immediately, his consciousness crumbled away, and his body split intwo, falling from the Gods And Demons Wheel.

Dark Rank!

Saber Draw Water Cutter!!


The Four Star Star Weapon could not handle the power of the Dark Rank and shattered at the same moment.

Immediately after the Human Sovereign’s death, the pressure on Chen Mo finally abated. He looked at his palm as Yanran’s True Spirit slowly faded into nothingness.

Dark Rank.

He did it.

It emerged more calmly than he had imagined.


The collapsing holy grounds interrupted Chen Mo’s contemplation. Chen Mo saw that the holy grounds were already about to cave in. He had to leave immediately. Chen Mo picked up his big sister, glancing at the Human Sovereign’s corpse and that Gods And Demons Wheel that had lost its spirit.

To be entombed in the holy grounds was quite a fitting death for the Human Sovereign, but to bury a treasure as powerful as the Gods And Demons Wheel in this place was too regrettable.

A huge boulder very quickly concealed the body and magic treasure. Chen Mo grit his teeth, stamped his foot, and excruciatingly took out a Star Dollar to replenish his Star Energy.

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