Chapter 292: Mad Slaughter

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The omnipresent spear-light covered the entirety of Circle Hill.

The closest Three Flowers Gathered Overhead cultivators widened their eyes at this extremely rare sight. A Star General had used a Phoenix Dark Rank against a cultivator. This kind of once in a blue moon opportunity was extremely beneficial for promoting a cultivator’s realm.

But immediately, they would find that Huan Wen’s fury was a danger far what the spectating cultivators were capable of facing.

The spear-light descended upon them, and before the Three Flowers Gathered Overhead cultivators could make sense of what was happening, the spear-light smothered them. Cold qi broke their bodies, ripping them apart, and they died without realizing it.

“Ah, look out!!”

The scholarly Jiang Ruxiu changed expressions. He brandished the Misty Rain Sword Chant, and a vast stretch of Misty Rain sword-light immediately enveloped Jiangnan Mansion’s people. When Huan Wen’s Phoenix Dark Rank descended, the hazy Misty Rain Swords seemed to be on the verge of shredding apart. The powerful force turned the face of the elegant Lord Jiangnan ashen.

If even a Human Sovereign sensed danger, one could well imagine how other people felt.

The Three Dukes and Nine Marquis, and the best cultivators of the Four Great Sword Sects each used various powers to preserve their lives, but no one was as strong as a Human Sovereign. They were barely able to maintain the lives of one or two people. Their other disciples and cultivators who were below Greater Thunder Tribulation level all died on the spot, and the blood ran like a river.

Some cultivators attempted to flee away from Circle Hill, but how could they have speed the likes of a Phoenix Dark Rank. They had hardly reached a hundred meters when they also died.

The first cut of Three Attacks Under Heaven was unleashed, and the ceremonial site was promptly littered with corpses, a sight of unprecedented brutality.

“Huan Wen!!!!’

Emperor Tang turned pale with fright. Even his imperial family was unable to escape. Several princess and princess had been slain in an instant. The Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird Imperial Guards reacted swiftly, hastily forming an array, warding off the Phoenix Dark Rank’s spear-light.

No one imagined that Huan Wen would be so savage.

Chen Mo approached Huan Wen. What he sensed from the Phoenix Dark Rank’s power was that it was the strongest. The Black Turtle True Spirit appeared in its true form, overlaying itself over his body. Chen Mo held the Northern Dipper staff in front of himself as a shield.

When the powerful impact of the Phoenix Dark Rank came, every inch of Chen Mo’s skin was ripped open, and blood flowed endlessly.

What an incredible Phoenix Dark Rank.

Chen Mo sharply drew a breath, only feeling that his soul was about to be pared from his body. If it was not for the body of the Black Turtle, perhaps he would have already died tragically.

After the first attack, half of the tens of thousands of cultivators and soldiers at the ceremonial site were already dead. Among them, each of the noble families had sustained serious casualties. Under Huan Wen’s Phoenix Dark Rank, cultivators who were weaker than Thunder Tribulation and were without powerful defensive powers had inevitably died..

“Huan Wen actually used a Phoenix Dark Rank.” Jiang Yanyu’s body trembled. She barely used the Misty Rain Swords and worked in tandem with her father’s Misty Rain Swords to ward off the attack.

“Father, let us run, quickly.” The absolute genius, Princess Yanyu, showed a terrified expression. She sensed the Huan Wen’s upcoming extreme danger.

Half of the noble sons and daughters had become casualties after blocking the first wave. The survivors were just about to be enraged, but then their fury in turn fell into endless terror.

In front of the Earthly Attacking Star, the rage of cultivators was nothing more than the gasp of a weakling.

Since it was known as “Three Attacks Under Heaven,” then the Phoenix Dark Rank naturally was not finished. Huan Wen swept her spear all around her, launching the second attack.

Frost-like spear-lights attacked in all directions. No one in a range of ten li was able to avoid this, as if a boundless blizzard was approaching them.

A Void Return Realm Greater Thunder Tribulation old man aristocrat who was closest to Huan Wen let out a miserable scream. His defensive magic treasure disintegrated, and the remaining spear-light split this ancestor apart. Without the ancestor’s support, the noble family’s other scions were instantly reduced to a puddle of blood.

Another ancestor’s defensive sword array was crumbled by the spear-light. This noble family very quickly stepped into the trailing dust of the previous generation. The bloodline was extinguished.

“Huan Wen has gone mad.”

Northern Darkness Blue Wave, Jiang Ruxiu, Chen Zhangtian, and Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness unleashed their powers, all of them pale in the face.

Murong Yanzi used her long sword’s purple qi to wrap around her whole body, blocking the incoming spear-light. The Scion Of Later Yan was also quite surprised that Huan Wen had comprehended a Phoenix Dark Rank.

She did not dare be careless. A Phoenix Dark Rank was extremely dangerous to her right now, given her current Realm, let alone to other cultivators.

“Chen Mo.”

The girl subconsciously glanced at the center of it all.

She spotted a young man advancing against the Phoenix Dark Rank without shrinking back, brandishing his giant staff at Huan Wen.

“Since Huan Wen has comprehended a Phoenix Dark Rank, Chen Mo, then if nothing else, you must remember this. Before she uses her Phoenix Dark Rank, you must attack. Otherwise, there will be no end to the trouble.”

“This is very difficult to do. Since Huan Wen is a Yellow Court Realm Star General, to kill her is very difficult. What do you do if she does use her Phoenix Dark Rank?”

“If she uses it…You can only count on luck.”


“Last time, Huan Wen killed my Northern Barbarian Four Great Warriors by using her Phoenix Dark Rank, you should have been able to see it then. Death in one strike. But according to what I can see, Huan Wen’s Phoenix Dark Rank still has something else. This is far from its greatest extent. If she actually uses full power, that signifies that she is staking everything. No matter what, you must block it.”

Chen Mo suddenly recalled Wang Sengbian’s warning in his mind. The Sojourner Of Fangshan had experienced Huan Wen’s Phoenix Dark Rank and was deeply aware of how terrifying it was. The second wave came; Chen Mo already had no choice whatsoever, and it became necessary to block it.

Chen Mo gripped Northern Dipper with both hands. The Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi flared inside his mind, and all of his Star Energy reached its peak, attacking the incoming Phoenix Dark Rank.

The Black Turtle True Spirit seemed to lay down over Northern Dipper, and the spear’s phoenix shadow clashed with the Black Turtle.

The two Great Holy Beasts slammed into each other with heaven-shaking force. Chen Mo used his body as a shield, for Chang’an Mansion was right behind him. He could not retreat. His father was heavily injured, and the cultivation of the others was insufficient. If he withdrew, Chang’an Mansion would be exterminated.

Chen Mo used all of his Star Energy to ward off most of the Phoenix Dark Rank, lessening the burden on the others.

Everyone looked in astonishment at this young man who was staking his life. A kind of genuine shock made their entire bodies tremble. 

“So it turns out that you obtained the Black Turtle. No wonder you are able to contend against This Highness.” Huan Wen knew about the legend of the Black Turtle as well, but this was not able to abate the hatred in her heart.

Chen Mo’s expression twisted with suffering. His skin cracked open inch by inch. The Northern Dipper in his hands was suddenly launched, flung away from his grip and sent heavily flying away. Chen Mo vomited blood, and the Star Manual dimmed.

Star Energy depleted!!

The second attack finally was barely stopped by Chen Mo’s painstaking efforts, but Huan Wen was still not finished.

She watched Northern Dipper separate from him, and Chen Mo’s Star Energy aura was feeble. She knew that this man was already unable to resist. To contest her, Huan Wen, in Star Energy was truly stupid and arrogant.

No cultivator in the world dared to face a Yellow Court Realm Star General. Huan Wen stepped along the ground, absorbing the surplus ambient Star Energy into the Cold Night Locked Moon.

The third attack was ready and waiting.

Everyone was aghast.

Huan Wen wanted to slaughter everything.

“Huan Wen, hurry and stop. Can it be you want to kill even Us?” Emperor Tang screamed in a panic.

Huan Wen coldly glanced at him: “You are such a piece of trash. It is time for a change in rulers.” Her ice-cold eyes swept over the surroundings, and she wrinkled her brow. “There are actually many people left still alive.” This discovery displeased her.

“Since you have seen This Highness kill cultivators, then all of you can die.” Huan Wen showed a sinister grin.

“Elder Sister Huan Wen.” Jiang Yanyu shouted a plea.

Huan Wen turned a deaf ear. The Phoenix Dark Rank Three Attacks Under Heaven’s third strike swept forth.

If she could not immortalize her name for all ages to come, then she would go down in history as a symbol of infamy.

With his Star Energy exhausted, Chen Mo used a Astral Dollar to replenish some, but unlike with the Human Sovereign, Star Energy held an advantage over magic energy. Several of the Astral Currency Stones were able to provide significant relief. However, to a Yellow Court Realm Star General, using Astral Dollars to suppress her was a joke.

The third attack was launched, and in Huan Wen’s heart, Chen Mo was already undoubtedly dead.

Chen Mo had no choice. He raised an arm.

Activating the Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel.

The Life And Death Wheel suddenly expanded. The black and white wheel spun like a meteor’s tail, and black and white magic energy filled Circle Hill, clashing with Huan Wen’s spear-light.

Gods and demons howled, and phoenixes cried.

The last attack was also the strongest. The Life And Death Wheel could hardly ward it off, and the wheel’s speed very quickly slowed. Chen Mo was in the middle of bearing the agony of using the Life And Death Wheel. Seeing this was of no use, he steeled his heart once again, activating his second Primeval Chaos Level Spirit Treasure.

The Bodhi Treasure Karma was taken into his hand, and he swiped it at her.

Green light flit by in all directions like the ocean.

The two Great Spirit Treasures resisted Huan Wen’s assault, and Chen Mo’s spiritual power was rapidly drained.

“Your treasures truly are numerous. A man like you honestly makes This Highness loathe you more and more. You truly are like a cockroach.” Huan Wen saw that her Three Attacks Under Heaven had been blocked. She gripped her spear, and the four stars on it simultaneously glowed.

Frosty spear-light suddenly hid the sky and earth, covering the Life And Death Wheel and the Bodhi Treasure Karma.

“Little Brother.” Chen Luan activated her sword chant. The Flying Luan Sword Chant promptly staggered forth, becoming a luan with its wings widespread. The sword chant of a God Transformation cultivator offered meager contestation between the two great powers, but because Chen Luan also possessed the Black Turtle’s Qi, she was able to share just the smallest bit of the pressure.

“Quickly help Chen Mo withstand Han Wen.” Northern Darkness Has Snow promptly shouted when she saw this. Her Flying Swords also joined the fray.

Other people seemed to awake from a dream. Only now did they realize that if Huan Wen’s attack was unleashed, they would all die without a corpse to bury.


Countless people responded.

Lord Jiangnan’s “Great Thousand Misty Rain Swords,” the Wanshou Temple’s abbot, the Three Dukes and Nine Marquis all sent their strongest abilities and magic treasures to assist. A thousand Flying Swords formed an enormous sword-shadow, and every kind of magic treasure unleashed a resplendent rainbow light.

Practically everyone stood on Chen Mo’s side.

When Emperor Tang, who had just been pleading for mercy, saw this scene, his complexion was ashen to the extreme: “You are all rebelling.” Emperor Tang leapt forth, wielding the Black Turtle Seven Changes to the limit, thrusting a palm at Chen Mo.

His imperial qi flowed. This palm contained powerful magic energy to slam Chen Mo dead.

If Chen Mo died, then without the support of the Life And Death Wheel and the Bodhi Treasure Karma, everyone would fail at the final moment.

“Your Imperial Majesty, stop!!”

Fang Xi, Jiang Yanyu, Cui Wumeng, and other youngsters urgently stopped him.

“Fuck off!!!”

Emperor Tang was furious. With the current situation in utter chaos, with all of the imperial guards and noble families decimated, if he did not kill Chen Mo, there would be no end to trouble. Tang Mingshi attacked with both hands. They were no match for Emperor Tang and were immediately sent flying. 

“Your Imperial Majesty, by no means should you be muddleheaded.”1 Jiang Yanyu impatiently said.

“Jiang Yanyu, if you kill Chen Mo, Jiangnan Mansion will henceforth stand above all others.” Tang Mingshi shouted at the top of his voice.

Jiang Yanyu grit her teeth. She saw that Emperor Tang had lost all sense of reason, so she attacked with the Misty Rain Hidden Sword.

Emperor Tang was shaken, and imperial qi suddenly filled the sky, emerging from nowhere. His Flying Swords, “Wanshou Human Sovereign Flying Swords” attacked, instantly breaking her Misty Rain Hidden Sword. Just at this moment, a snow-shite sword-light obstructed Emperor Tang in succession.

It was Northern Darkness Has Snow.

“A child dares to act impudent in front of Us.”

Emperor Tang sneered. He then moved his hand, and a peal of thunder descended.

Jiang Yanyu saw that things had reached a dangerous juncture. She did not dare hesitate anymore, gathering the Misty Rain Swords into her palm into a sword-shadow. Emperor Tang’s palm wounded Northern Darkness Has Snow. Just as he was about to kill Chen Mo, he suddenly saw Jiang Yanyu facing him, ice-cold.

Emperor Tang was taken aback, sensing danger from the sword-light in the girl’s palm. The True Spirit of a young woman dressed in golden armor and dragon-patterned Zen clothes appeared behind Jiang Yanyu.

“Yellow Rank: Great Wisdom King Cleave!!”

In a flash, an awl-like Buddhist light and sword-qi was launched straight at Emperor Tang.

The color drained from Emperor Tang’s face, and he let out a scream.

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