Chapter 293: Invincible Dark Rank

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The Great Wisdom King Cleave sent Emperor Tang flying, but it was unable to kill him. Jiang Yanyu’s Yellow Rank was far from comparable to Chen Mo’s. Whether in Star Energy or weapon, she was far from sufficient. However, she was able to seriously injure Emperor Tang.

Everyone was also extremely flabbergasted to see Jiang Yanyu unexpectedly use a never-before-seen ability, but this was no time for distractions. They then utilized all their magic energy to help Chen Mo resist Huan Wen.

The speed of the Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel once again whirled like the wind. The Bodhi Treasure Karma and everyone’s Flying Swords suppressed Huan Wen’s spear-light, their powerful magic-energy pushing the spear-light down bit by bit.

“All laws under heaven, crumble to dust!”

Chen Mo read the incantation. The Life And Death Wheel expanded once again, becoming ten zhang in size.

Suspended in the air, the wheel was like the sun or moon, brilliant and blinding.

Huan Wen swept her spear, unleashing a spear-light of snow and frost.

There was a loud rumble.

All light suddenly went dark.

The tens of thousands of Flying Swords all crumbled. Jiang Ruxiu, Fang Kurong, Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness, Northern Darkness Blue Wave and other top-level cultivator felt a jolt in their chests. They vomited blood, having been injured.

The Life And Death Wheel and the Bodhi Treasure Karma also lost their power following the termination of spiritual power. Chen Mo was suddenly dizzy. He felt the world spin, and that girl in white armor gradually turned fuzzy.


Chen Mo forced himself to focus, exercising the Bodhi Soul Technique to maintain lucidity.

His Star Energy was depleted, and his spiritual power was practically exhausted. It could be said he was weak to the extreme.

Huan Wen cruelly sneered, and everyone’s hearts sank.

Although Huan Wen had used her Phoenix Dark Rank, leaving her Star ENergy nearly drained as well, when she stepped on the ground, the Yellow Court’s grounds imbued Concentrated Fiend Star Energy into her body once again. Even though she was already extremely weak, this still allowed Huan Wen some leeway.

Everyone subconsciously looked to the ceremonial platform, at their only hope.

Murong Yanzi quietly stood in the wind. Her dark purple pupils were full of respect and admiration for everything Chen Mo had done, but the woman was unmoved. The long sword of purple qi in her hand returned to the void. It seemed she already had no plans at all to interfere.

This was Chen Mo’s battle.

Even so.

The life and death comprehension of this battle belonged to this man.

Even if Chen Mo died, Murong Yanzi would remember his name.

“You damned insects, you actually dare resist This Highness.” Huan Wen panted, the peaks beneath her leather armor endlessly heaving. This was the first time that Seven Stars had ever been so exhausted. In the past, even against another Star General, she had never cut such a sorry figure as she did today.

Not only did they make her use her strongest killing move, she was even nearly unable to bear it.

However, everything about this humiliation should finally be over. Huan Keyan showed an excited grin. Although she was very tired, she also had a similarly unprecedented excitement. She sensed her Star Name was flaring, and she believed that her Realm and martial arts would ascend following a period of recuperation after killing Chen Mo.

Yellow Court Realm Middle Stage.

She never imagined it would come so quickly.

“Have you any other abilities? This Highness will give you another chance to use them.” Huan Wen clenched her Cold Night Locked Moon Spear, slowly charging her Star Energy.

Chen Mo did not even have the strength to speak. He barely cracked open his eyes.

A moment later, Huan Wen felt that this was good enough. The young woman showed a mocking smile: “Chen Mo, This Highness is almost reluctant to kill you.”

“See you in hell.” Chen Mo spat out a few words.

“…” Huan Wen said: “This Highness comprehended another Dark Rank just now, how truly unimaginable. To actually do so with a man…Ha, ha, do so fighting with a man. This highness surprisingly comprehended a Dark Rank. Chen Mo, truly, even the Xuannü of the Nine Heavens wants you to die under This Highness’ spear.”

Hearing her words, everyone’s hearts chilled.

A Star General’s “Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow” were comprehended along with increases in Realm. Each Realm certainly would also have one Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow. FOr example, between the peak of Yellow Court Realm to Roadless Realm,1 a Star General was sure to comprehend one “Earth Rank.” However, other Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellows required formidable strokes of luck to comprehend. Some even could only be achieved in training where death was certain.

Death always could stir up a warrior’s instinct to survive. It was easiest to comprehend a Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow during such a time.

That Huan Wen comprehended a third Dark Rank also signified that her battle with Chen Mo provided her with the most powerful experience of a lifetime.

Facing Huan Wen was already very challenging, and now she comprehended a third Dark Rank. Even if a Star General was weak, they were still able to activate a new Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow Technique. To Chen Mo, this was an unmistakable disaster.

Everyone was in despair.

“Die!!” Huan Wen brandished her spear at Chen Mo and attacked. However, she did not use this new Dark Rank at all. Seeing Chen Mo was already a sitting duck, using a Dark Rank was honestly too wasteful. The girl considered the dangers of someone waiting to take advantage of her misfortune afterwards.

Chen Mo’s eyes narrowed. Though his Star Energy and spiritual power were each depleted, he still did not give up.

A figure stood in front of Chen Mo, blocking the spear for him.

A woman in a black skirt embroidered with white lotuses appeared.

Northern Darkness Has Snow!

“Chen Mo, show her the new Dark Technique you comprehended, too.” Northern Darkness Has Snow was already unable to hold back the desire in her heart. She seized the chance to use Serene Snow Falling Ink.

Sword-light splashed like snow and sprinkled like ink.

“Fuck off!”

Huan Wen’s spear broke it.

But Seven Stars’ Star Energy was already next to nothing. Her Yellow Court Realm recovery was at its limit, surprisingly unable to kill Northern Darkness Has Snow in the first instant.


Chen Luan also attacked at this time. The Flying Luan Sword in her hand fluttered like a bird.

“Elder Sister, let us help Chen Mo together.” Northern Darkness Has Snow gently smiled.

Her address to Chen Luan of “Elder Sister” contained ambiguity, making Chen Luan’s brows rise. Nevertheless, it was too late right now to bother over these details. Chen Luan and Northern Darkness Has Snow had tacit understanding between them. Their swords were a perfect pair, their sword-light abilities complementing one another.

Surprisingly, Huan Wen was unable to break through for a while.

It was rare for a cultivator to fight a Star General. Experience like this was able to enormously promote their cultivation and martial arts. The two girls were very competitive and aggressive. One had given Chen Mo her heart, and the other had already given both her heart and body. Seizing the chance that they still had leftover strength, they naturally used full power to face Huan Wen.

Jiang Yanyu also somewhat had the urge to join. She thirsted for a fight against a Star General like this, but the girl calmed down.

Huan Wen still had a Dark Rank. Chen Mo could not possibly win. If she took action, that would lead to a falling out with Huan Wen, and Jiangnan Mansion would be in danger as well.

Chen Mo’s heart was like a mirror, maintaining a state of the most tranquil water.


How could he comprehend.

Chen Mo was completely at a loss of what method he should use to comprehend it, and neither was there anyone to teach him the response of a Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow. Although Wang Sengbian mentioned that he could possibly comprehend Earth Rank, Chen Mo knew that was nothing more than a word of comfort. Even a Star General could hardly have hopes for an Earth Rank, to say nothing of what he could strive for.

Right, return to a warrior’s origins.

Chen Mo suddenly recalled that day by the river. He struck a boulder, and Auntie said those words slowly beside him.”

“Heaven and Earth as furnace, Yin and Yang as coal, good fortune as work. Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow, each has traces that can be followed. The heart of a warrior is the furnace that condenses the crystallization of these traces.”

Chen Mo recalled Auntie’s gentle words, that he search for the traces of his own Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.

And just what was that?

Chen Mo calmed his attitude to trace the life of his martial path, the number of life-and-death moments with Huan Wen. It was like he had touched something, but using his mind, he was on the verge of sensing a response already.

Chen Mo was not worried. He cultivated some of Wang Yangming’s intentions before, and he calmed his friskiness, slowly going about his task.

His increasingly quiet breathing made Huan Wen grow more and more irritated.

“Splashing Ink Melting Snow!” Northern Darkness Has Snow slashed, pouring out sword-light.

“Flying Luan Sword Array.”

“Little bitches!!” Huan Wen sneered. She brandished her spear and stamped her foot, jolting the ground. “You also wish to stop This Highness.” Her spear slashed, and the spearhead’s silver light broke Northern Darkness Has Snow’s stance. Huan Wen’s figure flit behind the girl. Before Northern Darkness Has Snow could react, a frightening wound appeared through her black skirt, spraying blood like a fountain.

Chen Luan had already refined a portion of the Black Turtle’s power, suffering several spear attacks without falling over. She resisted with all her might to buy one last chance at life for her little brother.

Huan Wen abruptly spun her spear. Her figure was drawn taut like a bow, and her step was sudden and swift as an arrow. Huan Wen’s silhouette flashed past Chen Luan like a silver bolt of lightning towards Chen Mo.

The billowing Star Energy gave Chen Luan internal injuries. The girl nevertheless ignored her wounds and looked in fright towards Chen Mo.

Not good.

This was a Dark Rank.

“Dark Rank: Hateful Countenance!!”2

Her body was like a bow, her spear like an arrow. Her steps were a comet tail or gale, and hatred was written all over Huan Wen’s face. Her spear was wrapped in her resentment, twisting her killing intent. Spear-light overflowed, just like a blizzard, and no one could stop her.

Those who were as powerful as Human Sovereign all changed expressions.

Huan Wen unexpectedly was so tough, to still have such power left.

Against the incoming hateful killing intent, Chen Mo was as immovable as a mountain. His heart that was like water made him even more excellent along his martial path, but tracing back the marvels of his life nevertheless was an unfathomable mystery in every experience.

Just where was it?

All of a sudden, a voice poured in, as if penetrating into his mind from a distant world. It was Qing Wan’s voice.

“Chen Mo, do you still remember that you defeated all of my Qing Family’s warriors back then below Azure Dragon Mountain? Please, show me the you from that time once again!”

The thoughts in his mind returned to that time below Azure Dragon Mountain, to that place when he shocked the world for the first time. Although insignificant, he nevertheless actually was invincible.

Then, it was the point of Auntie under the bamboo forest of ice and snow.

This point.

It was from this point that he was freed all fetters in his life.

Suddenly, everything was clear.

Chen Mo finally comprehended his own Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow. He opened his eyes, and in a split second, the world passed through the young man’s pupils.

“What help is that comprehension to you when you have no Star Energy.” Huan Wen attacked.

No Star Energy?

Chen Mo bellowed and used the Nose Locking Art. His pores opened, and his remnant magic energy filled his body, converting to a wave of robust Star Energy with the Star Manual. Then, his hands gripped empty space.

A black and white sword was stuck at his feet.

“Chen Mo, demonstrate your powers using the weapon that you forged for This Fairy.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled with difficulty.

Chen Mo took up Serene Snow Falling Ink. This sword was personally casted by him. Right now, it had Three Stars, and it was much smoother to use compared to other Star Weapons.


The first strike of Huan Wen’s Dark Rank Hateful Countenance cut Chen Mo. A spurt of blood gushed into the air like a geyser.

Chen Mo gave her no further chances. His forehead glowed, and a snow-white Star Crest was etched onto his forehead. When the Star Crest appeared, it gave Chen Mo limitless power.

“This is…” Huan Wen was astounded.

This was Chen Qingzhi’s Innate Skill, “Invincible.”

Chen Mo yelled. A phoenix took form on the sword, fitting with his slash to bring supreme might that was no different from the technique that Huan Wen used just now.

The girl’s face was ashen.

Phoenix Dark Rank!!

Chen Mo’s legs moved, and he attacked into Huan Wen’s spear-light. Wherever his sword passed, the blizzard-like spear-light was swept aside.

Phoenix Dark Rank – Gentleman Is Invincible!!

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  1. 無道境. According to chapter 64, the realms that come after are Extreme and Heavenly Spirit Three Turns.
  2. 恨容

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