Chapter 30: The Son Of Lord Chang’an Is Invincible (Latter)

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Azure Dragon Mountain already had several hundred people. Upon hearing these words, they only felt that this man was insane.

To face off against Azure Dragon Town’s Qing Family on his own, he would need to have opened Three Flowers Overhead, his trash talk notwithstanding. The Qing Family naturally bowed to strength, but they saw Chen Mo was feeble and without the Three Flowers above his head. Furthermore, he had not tempered his heart and mind for Qi And Blood Nine Turns. To think of becoming enemies with the Qing Family, nobody could guess what his death would be like.

“Just who is this man? He unexpectedly dares to disdain the Qing Family like this.”

“Maybe he has some backing?”

“Who are you kidding, the Qing Family’s hundred warriors are all here. Even a Three Flowers Overhead warrior is dead for sure.”

“This man surprisingly wants to protect the Star General. Fuck, I never imagined I’d encounter two of the most unbelievable things in my life here together.”

“It’s worth it.”

“If the Qing Family doesn’t kill this man, heh, heh, they will never be able to get along with Azure Dragon Town in the future.”

Everyone was engaged in conversation, spectating in excitement. Originally, the Qing Family had already sealed the mountain, using their numbers to control the situation. Even though they knew a Star General had appeared, the others did not dare take action. Now that they saw someone disturbing things, jumping out and challenging the Qing Family’s authority, they had a sense of freshness.

Chen Mo gripped Northern Dipper and stood opposite of the Qing Family.

All of a sudden, several arrows shot into the forest. From someplace high and faraway, a man was currently firing arrows. Chen Mo saw that he was not dressed like one of the Qing Family’s people and that his face was somewhat unfamiliar. Chen Mo was not inclined to mind this archer, for a grand Star General was unlikely to be killed by an arrow.

Tao Jingfeng set down the Two Star “Cloud Piercer” longbow. That Star General fled into the mountain and was perhaps not so easy to kill.

“Immediately go kill her, do not let her run away.” Qing Yuanshan was angered. If the Star General escaped, by the time she recovered her Star Energy, the future of the Qing Family would be in peril.

The hundred Qing Family warriors attacked like a tidal wave when they heard these orders. Although their cultivations were not very high, so many warriors attacking together still resulted in an outburst of formidable courage.

Against so many warriors, any other Qi And Blood Seven Turns person would have surrendered. But Chen Mo laughed and raised the big stick in his hand. The next moment, his figure flew out like a giant cannonball, suddenly erupting, abruptly charging straight towards the hundred warriors. He faced everyone with the strength of one man against ten thousand enemies, completely ignoring the heaven-shaking and earth-shattering attack of the Qing Family’s warriors.1

He brandished the big stick, vigorously swinging it about.

A dozen warriors met it with their blades, punches, and kicks.

An ear-splitting collision resounded in everyone’s eardrums.

Chen Mo swept the Northern Dipper again and again, staff-shadows emerging in midair with mountain-toppling might. Some of the Qing Family’s warriors with lower level cultivation barely sustained several attacks before being swept aside by Northern Dipper, losing their combat capability. 

One warrior.

Two warriors.

Five warriors.

Ten warriors.

Chen Mo was like the incarnation of a tyrannical guardian of the gates of hell. Not a single Qing Family warrior was able to escape him. Several powerful qi and blood warriors suddenly launched an attack. Chen Mo evaded with superb awareness, crossing several zhang of space, arriving beside a Qi And Blood Seven Turns warriors. Without another word, he swung the big stick straight at him.

Power more tyrannical than at any other point in time came from the iron rod.

The staff snarled, raging like a storm, unstoppable. A simple strike gathered the qi and blood of Chen Mo’s fury, yet it did not look at all like the previous forms. His movements were fast to the point it was basically impossible to even see his shadow. Following a swipe of the Northern Dipper, the air suddenly let out a soft noise, as if something had cracked. A clear black line abruptly emerged from his leg, drawing a complete arc.

The Qi And Blood Seven Turns warrior’s expression changed, for he was completely too late to react. In a panic, he used his arms to protect his body, activating a defensive martial art. The qi and blood protecting his body immediately bubbled like a tide, clashing directly against the power that Chen Mo’s big stick carried.


Without any delay, there was an unimaginably intense reaction. Chen Mo’s staff steamrolled over the enemy’s body, a storm-like baleful aura immediately exploding. In that storm, that Qi And Blood Seven Turns warrior was sent flying just like that.

What kind of terrifying strength was this?

The expressions of the surrounding warriors became even more frightened when they saw the Qi And Blood Seven Turns was defeated by a stick, but their attacks became more and more wild.

Meanwhile, Qing Wan, Qing Song’gu and Qing Yuanshan had yet to take action. The three of them carefully watched each and every one of Chen Mo’s moves, every last one of his techniques.

“Wan’er, just who is he, to have strength so formidable.”

Qing Song’gu murmured.

This man’s attack movements appeared simple, but each swing carried boundless power. Accordingly, such powerful attacks necessarily squandered all of the warrior’s qi and blood in order to be maintained. All-out attacks like his could not be maintained for too long.

Qing Wan grit her teeth and rushed out. Her wonderful figure moved like smoke, striding forth, attempting to first launch a sneak attack before Chen Mo’s next attack. She was not the only one with this thinking. At practically the same time she attacked, her father, Qing Song’gu, also took action.

What a joke.

If so many of the Qing Family’s warriors were unable to take down this Qi And Blood Seven Turns man, then they would lose too much face today.

A cold light flashed past his eye. Qing Song’gu’s fists thundered. Vast and overwhelming power rushed out from his fists. The strength of Qi And Blood Nine Turns shocked the heavens.

His body stalled in midair, and his footsteps gracefully spun, drawing a beautiful and outstanding circle. He was like a spinning top, making a gale spring up in all directions. Without too many superfluous movements, his hands became blades.


First rate martial art.

Snake Spiraling Slash!!2

A dozen warriors were swept aside by Chen Mo’s staff. The warriors that had not refined their qi and blood to their bones were practically unable to stand back up after suffering Northern Dipper. Upon seeing Qing Song’gu’s powerful attack, Chen Mo’s left hand brought out a swig of Qi Returning Dew. All of his energy, qi and blood were restored to a perfect state.

Northern Dipper was then switched to his left hand as Chen Mo used Dui Upper Open to meet Snake Spiraling Slash.


All of a sudden, killing intent filled the area, blowing away the snow covering the ground. In the intense whirlwind, it gathered into a frightening cyclone of ice. The space within a hundred zhang was immediately covered in white snow.

With their sight enshrouded in white, their ears filled with a howling gale, they seemed to hear the spiraling serpent suddenly stop in that vast expanse of blankness.

Suddenly, there was an intense change. The warriors immediately retreated in a hurry, uneasily watching the two trade blows.

In the blink of an eye.

A figure was sent flying.

To everyone’s shock and astonishment.

It was surprisingly Qing Song’gu.

“Father!!” Qing Wan was stunned. Immediately, all of the hairs on her body stood on end. A chilling gale blew over her. Chen Mo’s giant stick was already hurtling towards her. When Qing Wan saw that even her father was no match for this man, she did not dare use her limbs to block this weapon. In a flash, her Snake Braces Wind escaped from under the staff. At the same time, she let loose a flurry of palm attacks, like a thousand snakes emerging from their cave.

But before the palm-shadows reached, they were first completely ravaged by the staff’s power. Qing Wan’s palms went numb, leaving her with no choice but to pull back for the time being.

Chen Mo brandished his staff. The more he fought, the braver he became. Northern Dipper’s power was unstoppable and unblockable. Each attack was comparable to the strength of a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior. Each and every one of the Qing Family’s hundred warriors were all sprawled on the ground.

“Where did this freak come from.”

Qing Wan’s expression was shaken beyond compare. Her own Qi And Blood Eight Turns power could only barely ward him off, and not a single one of those numerous surrounding Qi And Blood higher level warriors were surprisingly able to trap the opponent.

Each attack from Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper used up a lot of his qi and blood, so he could only rely on the Qi Returning Dew to recover. Otherwise, just this big stick alone was enough to leave him drained of energy. He also had Auntie Chen Qingzhi’s “Invincible” Innate Skill. The more enemies he faced, the more powerful his potential became. Wherever his power went, all obstacles would be completely swept aside.3 Against warriors who were only Qi And Blood level was honestly a relaxing sweep.

When Qing Yuanshan saw that the entire Qing Family was practically defeated by a single Qi And Blood Seven or Eight Turns man of unidentified origins, his expression remained unmoved, yet his heart was in peril. The old man’s face now sank. There was no way he could remain calm now.

“What a brat. This Old Man shall accompany you.”

The old man’s voice exploded.

Before he finished speaking, the person himself already closed the distance. Under his palm, with the power of ten thousand arrows fired all at once, the mountain rend and the earth split.

This was another Great Snake Collapse. Qing Yuanshan had been steeped in dozens of years of self-cultivation, already refining to a stage of perfection in his Qi And Blood Nine Turns. He gathered his qi and blood into his heart and mind, and his power erupted once again. Compared to Qing Yu’s Great Snake Collapse, this was far more formidable, just like it had the level of a super first-rate.

The warriors around Chen Mo were the first to be blown away by the wind from Qing Yuanshan’s palm thrust.

Chen Mo’s heart chilled, his qi and blood flared, and chills rapidly shot through his bones. A sense of danger erupted throughout his whole body.

Northern Dipper intercepted Qing Yuanshan’s Great Snake Collapse. All of a sudden, Chen Mo’s whole body ached, and his pores all opened, leaking energy. Closing them off with even the Nose Locking Art proved difficult. Chen Mo’s Nose Locking Art had yet to be practiced to a level of perfection. Otherwise, he would have no need to fear this bit of power.

Great Snake Collapse flowed over Chen Mo’s body like a river over a mountain. Chen Mo was unable to endure. Northern Dipper was knocked out of his hands, flying heavily away.

This elder who was second only to the Qing Family’s number one was indeed exceptional. If it was not for Chen Mo’s body being far more formidable compared to the ordinary cultivator, this attack perhaps would have disintegrated all of his muscles, bones, and meridians.

Seeing Chen Mo lose that strange weapon, a chill flashed through Qing Yuanshan’s eyes. Without any hesitation, his next palm attack followed up.

A palm like a blade, a slowly blowing wind.

A spiraling murderous aura directly locked Chen Mo’s limbs, preventing him from dodging.

Another Snake Spiraling Slash, this one at super first-rate level.

Not only was Chen Mo’s power not dampened, on the contrary, it reached its greatest outburst. His mind was instantly clear. Auntie Chen Qingzhi’s Bagua and Xiyi’s profound game-states suddenly melded together into one. With a frightening shout, Chen Mo used the Time Immemorial Stake Methods, his hands forming a fist and a palm, continuously pushing up and down. His palm was like tranquil autumn water, his fist like the Five Sacred Mountains.

He formed a hand seal, and all of the pressure pervading over Chen Mo’s entire body was gathered into his palm.

It was like a large bowl was completely containing all of Qing Yuanshan’s Qi And Blood Nine Turns power.

“Great Uncle, look out!” Qing Wan saw something was wrong, and she turned pale with fright.

Qing Yuanshan’s Snake Spiraling Slash directly thrust into Chen Mo’s chest. Just at the moment it drew near, it was caught by Chen Mo’s palm, then it was immediately covered by his fist. This catch and cover made Qing Yuanshan only feel as if he had been covered by a mountain-sized bowl. All the strength in his body crumbled away, yet his enemy’s power rolled forth.

A palm and fist struck Qing Yuanshan in the chest. There was no world-shaking power, but Qing Yuanshan took several steps back. His eyes widened, and he vomited blood, staring at Chen Mo in shock.

Chen Mo straightened himself and retracted his stance.

The wind and clouds dispersed, dying down.


Gen Overturned Bowl!

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  1. Chen Mo is about to pull a Madara vs. Shinobi Alliance.
  2. 蛇螺旋斬
  3. 所向披靡, this can be translated as “invincible,” but it literally means “sweep away everything before you.”


  1. So, Chen Mo’s first Innate Skill basically makes him perfect for on vs many battles compared to Su Xing’s EXP/skill proficiency booster.

    Both rely heavily on stacking buffs and wits, but at least Chen Mo is better optimized for straight up fighting.

    Su Xing excelled at group combat, duels, and schemes since, at least until the very end, he was never OP to the point of being broken. He was consistently outmatched more often than not. Thank god for arrogance and inflated egos.

    Chen Mo is more the Musou kinda build it seems like. All his skills and buffs are pretty suited for it too.
    But, that means that he doesn’t really seem to benefit from fighting 1v1 fights other than than from being able to brag. At least, based on Invincible’s skill description.

    1. I’m really wondering if Chen Mo will be able to access more than one Innate Skill at one time. Since Servant Stars seem to need permission to actually activate this ability, it may be the case that Chen Mo won’t be able to stack buffs like Su Xing could. It may be that Chen Mo is only able to keep one activated at any moment.

      1. Maybe, but I think that stacking buffs would be a necessity in a series like this where the MCs are handicapped so heavily.

        Personally, I’m not sure how having multiple Innate Skills would work any more than in Su Xing’s case since both cases would have to be unprecedented, though maybe for different reasons.

        I mean, there’s also the elephant in the room about things not realky changing much from how it worked even after coming to Star World. You’d think some of the other ancient Star Maidens that Su Xing met would’ve said something.

        I just fe like the way Star Maiden contracts and their attitudes work seems firced and unnatural.

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