Chapter 320: “Flying Phoenix General” Li Guang

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Hou Jing’s excited grin slowly vanished. No matter how her Mandarin Duck Splitter attacked, she was unable to break through Li Guang’s defenses.

Quiet Phoenix Cry was sharper than any blade. It gorgeously danced to obstruct the Thorn Of Turbulent Times’ every attack. Her own Six Star Star Weapon was surprisingly unable to break through the opposition.

Pang Xuan saw from afar that the two of them had sunk into a stalemate. The man used all of his magic energy to once again shoot a desperate arrow.

This arrow immediately vanished into thin air and reappeared in front of Li Guang. Its sharp arrowtip perfectly went for Li Guang’s forehead. In the end, Li Guang took a step backwards, and the Quiet Phoenix Cry spun, releasing a dark light that quickly enlarged in midair.

A chance.

“Thorn Of Turbulent Times” Hou Jing’s eyes lit up. She and Pang Xuan had cooperated together for many years. Their close and long range coordination often was able to create countless opportunities to kill. Pang Xuan’s arrow ability this time was called “Heavenfall.” Once the arrow was loosed, the heavens themselves would seemingly fall. Its power was boundless, and if the opponent blocked tis arrow, they would suffer the pressure created by the followup power of the heavens’ fall.

As long as Li Guang was not a Heavenly Star, she could not possible remain unmoved by Heavenfall. “Li Guang is talented but unrecognized. I hear that although this Star Name of yours is formidable, you never will ascend to Heavenly Star. But if I kill you, then I most certainly can ascend my own Star Name.” Hou Jing crossed her arms, fierce words spilling out of her mouth. 

Immediately afterwards, “Mandarin Duck Splitter” seemed to spread its wings. All of the Siming Oasis’ power was sucked clean into her Destined Star Weapon, becoming an astonishing starlight.

Li Guang stiffened, and Quiet Phoenix Cry’s power weakened. As expected, she was trapped by Heavenfall.

Hou Jing did not hesitate to use her Earth Rank.

The Mandarin Duck Splitter became countless “thorn-like” starlights. These starlights spread over the oasis and crowded around Li Guang. Li Guang’s expression sank, and she also did not hesitate to move a slender finger. Quiet Phoenix Cry’s faint chirps also began to turn boundless. The delicate arrow wildly flew about Li Guang’s body like a spider spinning a web.

Hou Jing roared. She leapt forth and slashed.

Earth Rank.

Wild Dance Under Heaven!!

Countless starlight thorns immediately plunged towards Li Guang. Just like an intense downpour, there was no stopping it once it started. In a flash, it covered Li Guang, and at the same time, Hou Jing seized her chance to attack Li Guang herself.

Mandarin Duck Splitter cleaved apart the valley like two stunning waterfalls. The Nine Serenities Flame under the river was also jolted to the surface of the river, soaring up ten zhang high.

Hou Niaoyan’s Earth Rank Wild Dance Under Heaven was able to disrupt her opponent as she pleased, to make the enemy flustered and unable to defend at all. By the time the foe was disrupted by her “thorns,” her follow-up attack would already have hit the target. She would kill her foe with her strongest killing intent.


A rigid sound as if she was cutting into a bedrock made Hou Jing’s joy vanish like smoke.

The woman was taken aback. The Star Energy of her Earthly Rank dissipated, and an inconceivable scene appeared before her eyes.

Li Guang was safe and sound. Quiet Phoenix Cry circulated around her body, leaving a red trail that solidified into a curved red gem. All of Wild Dance Under Heaven’s power had surprisingly only cracked the gem. It was unable to harm Sir Lost Marquis at all.

The Six Star Mandarin Duck Splitter’s last attack had cut into the cracks in the gem.

Under her powerful Star Energy impulse, the jewel defense finally shattered, revealing a gorgeous arrow.

Li Guang’s eyes were full of derision.

The color drained from Hou Jing’s face.

This was none other than Li Guang’s Earth Rank Defense.

Classical Red Stone Array!1

“Attacked to your heart’s content? Now it is my turn.” The corner of Li Guang’s mouth curled, and she pointed a finger.

Quiet Phoenix Cry spun and produced a crimson light, flickering with resplendent beams.


Hou Niaoyan’s reactions were extremely swift. She blocked this arrow that was right before her eyes, but when Li Guang’s defense counterattacked, that was when the nightmare began.

Quiet Phoenix Cry’s first attack was blocked. Following immediately after it were the second and third…Countless attacks rushed forth. The red flames on the arrow’s upper half and the dark light of its lower half seemed to separate. Myriad unbelievable illusions appared in the space between the two.

Sparks endlessly ignited when their weapons collided, and Hou Niaoyan grew weaker and weaker.

“Yan’er!!” Pang Xuan shouted himself hoarse as he fired another arrow.

Before the arrow arrived, it was shattered by Quiet Phoenix Cry

Quiet Phoenix Cry stabbed into the back of “Earthly Wanjing Star” Hou Niaoyan. The woman’s body shook, and the light in her eyes instantly dimmed. The breathing of her body slowly faded.

The Star Crest on Hou Jing’s forehead struggled briefly then slowly vanished.

Hou Niaoyan was unreconciled, but she was already powerless to struggle.

Quiet Phoenix Cry returned to Li Guang’s fingertips and danced.

“I beg of you, let Pang Xuan go…” Hou Niaoyan weakly begged for leniency on her comrade’s behalf. She knew that once she was dead, it would be impossible for Pang Xuan to live, but for the sake of his survival, Hou Niaoyan strenuously maintained her determination in hopes that Li Guang would be lenient even once.

“This was all my fault!” The light in Hou Niaoyan’s eyes grew dimmer and dimmer.

Li Guang expressionlessly glanced at the already ashen-faced man. She softly said: “Fine.” Hou Jing closed her eyes in satisfaction. Thereupon, Li Guang pressed her fingertip on Li Niaoyan’s forehead, and the woman’s breathing ceased.

Her body fell into the river below, vanishing like smoke in the end under the Nine Serenities Flame.

Pang Xuan was unable to believe the scene he had just watched unfold before his eyes. The instant Hou Jing Starfell, he showed an expression of despair. In practically that second when Hou Niaoyan Starfell, Pang Xuan instinctively turned and ran.

Without the Thorn Of Turbulent Time’s support, he already did not dare harbor any thoughts of hunting Li Guang anymore.

Li Guang agreed to Hou Jing’s request to spare Pang Xuang, but to the Sir Lost Marquis who immersed in the mood for slaughter, this promise was a kind lie merely to let Hou Jing Starfall at ease, especially when she saw Pang Xuan’s extremely embarrassing flight in defeat. “In the end, this man did not treat you as a comrade. In that case, I shall send him to meet you.”

Li Guang muttered. She pointed her finger, and the Quiet Phoenix Cry shot forth.

Pang Xuan died.

“Who should I kill next.” After killing the Star General Hou Jing, Li Guang was not satisfied at all. The Scattered Cultivators fleeing the oasis were very easily killed by her Quiet Phoenix Cry. The woman lowered her gaze and spotted a man in a life and death battle.

Her eyes were emotionless.

“Comrades…Also must die!”

Chen Mo wielded Northern Dipper mightily in all directions, each swing heavy as Mount Tai, beating the four disciples of Heaven Beyond Heaven to the point they could not catch their breath. Lu Yushu and the others originally thought they could overpower Chen Mo with their far stronger cultivation. Furthermore, with Chen Mo also injured, taking him down would be as easy as turning over their hand.

But only when they clashed did they realize that they had completely underestimated this man who dared to contend against more than a thousand cultivators.

Magic treasures, Flying Swords, and other powers were all broken. Their teamwork was already in shambles under Chen Mo’s Invincible assault. Following Hou Jing’s Starfall, the four of them fell into panic and were heavily injured by Chen Mo’s staff.

“Chen Mo, we were wrong. In consideration of Junior Sister Yue Huanqin’s face, spare us.” He Zijin vomited blood and pleaded forgiveness.

“It’s all Lu Yushu’s fault, he goaded us, we only turned hostile against you because we were obsessed.” Ji BIling showed a weak posture, trembling as she spoke.

Jing Tianchi was as silent as ever, but the fear in his eyes already betrayed his inner hopes to be spared.

Lu Yushu’s complexion was ashen, his ribs snapped by Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper, “I never thought you’d actually be a Star Warrior…The four of us are the Ten Great Disciples of the Heaven Beyond Heaven. If you kill us, you’ll make enemies of the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Starting that moment, you absolutely won’t survive. But if you spare us, we’ll definitely keep this secret for you, and we’ll obey you from now on.”

“Lu Yushu!”

Even at death’s door, Lu Yushu still used his status as a disciple of the Heaven Beyond Heaven as a threat, which surprised Ji Biling and the others into changing expressions.

Chen Mo sneered.

“Chen Mo, please spare us.”

“We’re begging you.”

“I’m Junior Sister Huanqin’s best friend, please spare me for her sake.”

They spoke with tearstreaked faces, bowing their heads to the ground as they admitted their wrongdoings. Ji Biling acted particularly pitiful, making one unable to help but feel sorry.

Seeing them put aside their dignity like this, Chen Mo felt disgusted from the bottom of his heart that he actually called people like them his companions. He softened his stance and set down his large staff.

The group thought they had glimpsed hope. Just as they were about to shed tears of gratitude, a red line arced through their foreheads like a serpent.

Chen Mo was stunned.

Ji Biling, Lu Yushu, He Zijin, and Jing Yianchu promptly fell to the ground, their blood flowing over the ground. They no longer breathed.


A distinct noise. Chen Mo immediately leaned, and that red light barely brushed past his cheek, leaving behind a bloody cut.

Chen Mo spun around.

Li Guang landed behind him. The woman’s eyes were full of savage bloodthirst. Her cold and detached expression only spoke four words, they should suffer more!

Quiet Phoenix Cry continued to dance in her palm.

Chen Mo glanced to the side, and a chill shot up from his feet to the top of his head.

Every single cultivator in the Siming Oasis was already dead.

“Milu, I never thought you were this strong. But these people were so evil that death wasn’t sufficient punishment. En, let’s rest for now.” Chen Mo feigned an expression of close familiarity.

A blood-light flickered in her eyes.

Chen Mo used Northern Dipper to defend. There was an enormous bang, and the arrow’s Star Energy nearly blew him into the river.

“Milu?” Chen Mo’s expression concentrated.

Li Guang’s eyes were unfamiliar and cold: “Milu…Are you referring to that loathsome, ignorant and utterly stupid other me?”

“From my perspective, Milu is much more charming than you.” Chen Mo spoke bluntly.

“But of course, you men love ignorant women…This way, they are easy to swindle.” Li Guang sneered.

“This is only your ignorant way of thinking, nothing more.”

“You dare say that I am ignorant.”

“Milu just doesn’t want to hurt other people.”

“And that is why I said she is stupid. However great your benevolence is, your malice will be just as great. Because people are all selfish.” Li Guang spurned him.


Chen Mo found that he was nearly convinced by her words.

“Just who are you, what happened to Milu.” Chen Mo stared at this unfamiliar woman.

“I am Earthly Hunting Star ‘Flying Phoenix General’ Li Guang.2 If you want to make Milu come out, that will be very simple. Just wait until after I kill you.” Li Guang mockingly said.

“Milu and I are good friends. It isn’t very good for you to decide things for her, is it.” Chen Mo blinked.

“Friend. I, Li Guang, have never needed a friend.” Li Guang’s eyes were increasingly cold. “The moment I appeared was the moment you must die.”

Killing intent abruptly surged. Quiet Phoenix Cry attacked along with a frightening aura. Hell seemed to be wherever her arrow passed.

Chen Mo wielded Northern Dipper and blocked it directly, inwardly thinking that this was bad.

This Li Guang genuinely wanted to kill him.

Li Guang’s eyes were disdainful, “You will not be so fortunate with the next arrow.”

“Milu, I’ll make you calm down!” Chen Mo inhaled deeply, and a snow-white Star Crest appeared on his forehead.

“Servant Star?” Li Guang’s eyes turned even colder: “I just knew that you were a swindler, too.”

She held out her palm.

Arrow-light shot in all directions.

Dark Rank.

Stone Shooter Tiger Fighter!3

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  1. 古典紅石陣
  2. 地狩星‘飛鳳將軍’李廣
  3. 射石搏虎


  1. “And that is why I said she is stupid. However great your benevolence is, your malice will be just as great. Because people are all selfish.” Li Guang spurned him.


    Chen Mo found that he was nearly convinced by her words.

    Christ. You have no response to that? In the words of the immortal Joe Biden, “C’mon, man!”

    And we were doing so well with the Chen clan back in the previous arc; this sort of naïve edgelordery is even more cringy than the sappy idealism it seems to be trying to subvert.

    Oh, well, thanks for the translation as always!

    1. Yeah, I also found Chen Mo’s response to be awfully weak. Even if Li Guang is a bloodthirsty, irrational killer, Chen Mo should have a better response than just standing there flabbergasted. He’s experienced both fortune and misfortune, so he definitely can understand and refute her opinion.

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