Chapter 321: Greenscale Dragontooth Eel

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“Dark Rank: Saber Draw Water Cutter!”

Chen Mo abruptly drew his saber. The Northern Dipper Saber’s power was unstoppable, and the saber-light was overwhelming, sweeping over both sides of the gorge. The Siming Valley seemed to be split in two under the saber-light.

There was an ear-piercing collision.

Li Guang’s Stone Shooter Tiger Fighter Dark Rank and the Quiet Phoenix Cry were sent flying away by the Northern Dipper Saber.

Li Guang extended her hand, and the repelled arrow once again landed in her palm. The woman’s pupils were somewhat amazed and cold. Her Dark Rank was such that even Earthly Immortals could hardly ward it off, but this brat actually was still able to remain so calm under such a dangerous situation. “Not bad…” Before she finished speaking, Li Guang threw the Quiet Phoenix Cry.

Red arrow-light flit before Chen Mo’s eyes, and he instinctively retreated.


The Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade was penetrated by the Quiet Phoenix Cry.

So fast.

Even if it was just an ordinary attack, Li Guang’s Quiet Phoenix Cry was still absolutely deadly. The arrow was like a spirit dancing through Heaven and Earth, appearing and disappearing as it pleased. After Quiet Phoenix Cry pierced Chen Mo’s shoulder, it spun back around.

“Do you think you can run?!” Li Guang saw that Quiet Phoenix Cry had struck home on Chen Mo, and she did not hesitate to launch a second fatal attack.

Quiet Phoenix Cry harbored a bone-piercing killing intent and ice-cold, this time aimed at Chen Mo’s forehead. It was like a thin red line that wanted to pierce him dead like the other cultivators. Even a Human Immortal level cultivator could not possibly stop the Quiet Phoenix Cry’s strike.

Once again, Chen Mo swung the saber. His body techniques were like a dragon, raising an enormous storm of Star Energy. Seven stars manifested behind him, assuming the form of the Black Turtle. Impressively, these were the Black Turtle Flying Swords. The Black Turtle Flying Swords possessed sturdy defenses; even as billets, they were unparalleled.

The seven billets stopped the thin red light.

Chen Mo seized his chance to already attack Li Guang head on.

Although Li Guang’s Destined Star Weapon was a long-range “arrow,” her close quarters capabilities were nothing to scoff at either. She extended a hand, unleashing an intense palm-wind. This palm-wind carried Star Energy as it attacked Chen Mo.

It collided with the Northern Dipper Saber.

Palm and weapon clashed with one another, neither at a disadvantage. Li Guang showed a disdainful grin. With her Roadless Extreme Realm, the Quiet Phoenix’s attack was already beyond a Human Immortal’s reactions. When she attacked, she needed only the blink of an eye to kill. After her palm contested Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper Saber, the Quiet Phoenix Cry quickly broke free of the Black Turtle Sword Billets’ obstruction.

Arrow-light shot towards his back, and Chen Mo’s heart was enveloped in a chill.

Just at this moment, a conflicted expression flickered in Li Guang’s eyes. The Quiet Phoenix Cry lost her thoughts and abruptly stopped for an instant.

“Do not hinder me!” Li Guang let out a low roar.

Chen Mo obtained relief and seized his chance. Not daring to be careless at all, he immediately activated the “Invincible” Innate Skill. Immediately, the sword techniques he used warped and wefted, and a specter formed behind him.

This was his Phoenix Dark Rank.

A Gentleman Is Invincible.

“Phoenix Dark Rank.” Li Guang was astonished. Quiet Phoenix Cry immediately appeared in front of her and assumed a defensive posture.

Chen Mo’s attacks were already like a torrential downpour.

The swift and torrential saber techniques slashed endlessly, giving no room to breathe. The fierce saber-light seemed to cut the Siming Valley to pieces, and the countless bodies in the river were immediately vaporized by the saber-light.

Li Guang never imagined that Chen Mo was actually able to comprehend a Phoenix Dark Rank. In Star World, Star Warriors that possessed Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques were actually nothing shocking, but Chen Mo’s cultivation was merely Thunder Tribulation.

His saber techniques became increasingly concentrated, increasingly fierce. Li Guang only felt herself enveloped in a hurricane, and her body ached with the pain of being struck by saber-light.

However, Li Guang was the Flying Phoenix General, after all, a Star Name formidable enough to once ascend the martial temple. The woman’s forehead shone with a Star Crest at the same time, and she attempted to magnify her Star Energy. However, Li Guang had nevertheless completely underestimated Chen Mo’s capabilities.

Chen Qingzhi’s “Invincible” Innate Skill inherently focused power to a single point on a weapon for use. The more enemies there were, the greater pressure she could exert, and her attacks would become even stronger. 

And Chen Mo’s Phoenix Dark Rank combined with Auntie’s Innate Skill. When he attacked, he covered Heaven and Earth, and his Star Energy would become more and more tyrannical, sweeping everything aside.

For Li Guang to defend herself now, it was already too late. Quiet Phoenix Cry rapidly spun to ward off Chen Mo’s Invincible.

But Chen Mo’s attacks were increasingly suffocating. Gradually, Quiet Phoenix Cry was unable to hold on, and its defense broke. Chen Mo’s blade cut into Li Guang, then a second and a third time.

Like opening a crack, a flood-like saber-light immediately smothered her.

Chen Mo retracted his saber. This Phoenix Dark Rank that once ended Huan Wen did not kill Li Guang at all. The woman merely was not as arrogant as before, and warmth appeared in her as her will to slaughter receded along with Chen Mo’s fierce counteroffensive.

“Milu, let’s stop right here.” Chen Mo warmly called out to her.

The slaughterer second personality bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, and conflict and ire appeared in her eyes. The woman sneered: “The only way to make me stop right now is that everyone in front of me must die. Are you willing?”

“Li Guang, I don’t know why you have this sort of personality, but do you think you can kill everyone in the world?

“Or should I say you feel that if you kill everyone, your Star Name can obtain supreme glory?” Chen Mo coldly said.

“What did you say.” Li Guang narrowed her eyes.

“Flying Phoenix General Li Guang should be an upright Star Name possessing mercy for all living things. Otherwise, how can you be considered a general. Your current conduct is merely that of a mad demon. Such a Li Guang shames the supreme martial temple, and neither is this becoming of a flying phoenix.” Chen Mo did not show any weakness in the face of Li Guang’s killing intent.

These words touched upon a sore spot for Li Guang. In truth, Li Guang very clearly understood that a flaw existed in her Star Name. This flaw was like an enormous hole. Li Guang did not know how she should go about supplementing that flaw, so she repressed herself. After the second personality appeared, she would use an unstoppable massacre to fill in this hole left by this flaw.

Perhaps after this flaw was filled in, her Star Name could ascend to Heavenly Star.

“Do not believe that you understand me, Li Guang, at all.” Li Guang’s eyes already slightly opened. This was a sign of anger.

“Feng Tang easily ages, Li Guang hardly has merits. You kill enemies weaker than yourself. This is neither a great feat nor is it worthy of a marquisate.” Chen Mo always felt that Star World’s Star Names and history had some indescribable karmic relationship. At this time, he could only express his own imagination.

“You are exactly right, but I feel you are not weak at all.” The corner of Li Guang’s mouth bloomed with a chilling grin.

Chen Mo’s heart sank.

“Then you shall become the achievement that confers me Heavenly Star.” Li Guang’s hand held up Quiet Phoenix Cry, which began to spin in an upright position.

“Witness my, Li Guang’s, Phoenix Dark Rank.”

Quiet Phoenix Cry spun faster and faster. It was a phoenix reborn from the depths of hell, brimming with gorgeous light.

Chen Mo slightly sighed. He knew that he was unable to persuade the frenzied Li Guang, and his Star Energy was already drained after using his Phoenix Dark Rank. He was unable to continue battle. Chen Mo extended his index finger and gently drew a circle. A wisp of Dark Yellow qi emerged from empty space and looped around his finger like a ripple in a lake.

This was the “Dark Yellow Sword Qi” that Nianyou left to him. After entering the Inner Star Fields, he condensed it every day; he was deeply aware of this sword qi’s might.

The Dark Yellow Sword Qi originated from the Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow, Universe, Eternity, Flood, and Desolates and was comparable to a Star General’s techniques.

It was an absolute last resort that Chen Mo was reluctant to use, but even if he used it, Chen Mo was unable to be certain whether or not the injured Li Guang could withstand it.

He hesitated. The “Dark Yellow” lingering on his fingertip slowly dissipated.

Fine, then.

I’ll use it to resist this once.

Chen Mo took a deep breath.

“Courting death.”

Li Guang’s finger moved.

A tremendous gloomy arrow emerged, and a flaming phoenix was resurrected from that gloom and soared. The phoenix arrow barreled towards Chen Mo.

From Chen Mo’s perspective, he seemed to have fallen into hell, and all of his pores exploded open.


Darkness enveloped Chen Mo’s field of view, and all of his senses seemed to be unable to detect anything.


He did not sense the frightening killing intent from his imagination at all, and his own body did not show any wounds whatsoever. Just as he was perplexed, the gloom retreated, and he saw that the “Quiet Phoenix Cry” was currently stopped a mere inch away from his forehead.

And a hand was currently gripping the phoenix arrow from behind.

Chen Mo’s jaw dropped, and he showed a flabbergasted expression.

The person grabbing the arrow was none other than its own master, Li Guang.

Li Guang’s eyes continually struggled, changing from murderous to feeble.

“Next time, I will definitely kill you.” The bloodthirsty Li Guang was somewhat unreconciled, but in the end, she could not withstand Milu’s feelings. “I’m sorry.” When Li Guang uttered these incomparably soft words, that was when Chen Mo knew.

That dopey Sir Lost Marquis had already come back.

Thereupon, Chen Mo spread his arms and hugged her.

Milu only felt that she had entered a safe refuge, that nothing was worth her fear anymore.

When Yue Huanqin regained consciousness, the desert was already very dark. The starry sky twinkled like a vast ocean stretching out before her eyes.

A warm bonfire made the girl’s consciousness gradually clear up.

“Chen Mo…” Yue Huanqin looked clearly at the man sitting across from her.

“You’re awake.” Chen Mo glanced at her.

“En.” Yue Huanqin rubbed her temples. Her head hurt terribly, as if her brain was filled with mercury. Yue Huanqin suddenly recalled what happened before, and the girl’s expression changed.

Chen Mo cleared his throat and gestured.

Following his line of sight, Yue Huanqin spotted a woman fast asleep against his shoulder.

“Flying Phoenix General” Li Guang!

From her posture and breathing, Li Guang was slumbering very deeply.

“Are Senior Sister and the others all dead?” Yue Huanqin showed an expression of grief.

“Look out for yourself, or Heaven and Earth will destroy you. But sometimes, you’ll pay the price for selfishness.” Chen Mo calmly answered. “Yue Huanqin, if you want to take revenge, then make your move now.”

Yue Huanqin shook her head: “Huanqin is not someone who does not understand right and wrong. The sect master previously commanded that we must not kill and rob others for their treasures. Senior Sister and the others turned their backs on this precept. This is the consequence of their evil actions.” 

“If they were able to have virtue like yours, Little Sister Huanqin, that would have been good.” Chen Mo said regretfully.

“Perhaps Huanqin has lived doted on by master from a young age, so Huanqin was not aware of the others’ difficulties in cultivation.” Yue Huanqin said.

Chen Mo remained silent.

“Chen Mo, what about your Black Turtle Flying Swords?”

“I’ve already forged them.” Chen Mo said.

“Then that is very good. You must be careful with Flying Swords like these.” Yue Huanqin advised.

“Many thanks.” Chen Mo smiled. “Right, I’ve got something to show you.”


Chen MO suddenly snapped his fingers. The Black Turtle Flying Swords shot into the Siming River, and anomaly suddenly occurred in the Siming Nine Serenities Flame. The flame rapidly burned, and it was like a waterfall was splitting apart.

Then, a green figure flew out from the hole in the Nine Serenities Flame.

“Ah, this is.” Yue Huanqin was shocked.

Under the moonlight, the green figure was an eel completely covered in green scales with contours like water. Its head was like a dragon, and it sported sharp teeth.

This was none other than the creature from the Siming Oasis’ legend.

Greenscale Dragontooth Eel!

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