Chapter 322: “Western Moon” Mount Hua

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After they left the Siming Oasis, Yue Huanqin seemed to be lost in a daze that seemed a lifetime away. Of the grand and majestic groups that charged into the Siming Oasis, in the end, only three people survived. Looking at the Nine Turns Fate Water and the Siming Oasis’ legendary “Greenscale Dragontooth Eel” soup in her hands, to Yue Huanqin, this was just a bit of solace.

“How are you prepared to explain this to your master when you return?” Chen Mo was beside her, casually casting her a glance.

“Desert bandits went on a rampage. We ventured out for experience and already executed the worst of plans.” Yue Huanqin knew what Chen Mo was thinking about, “As for one of Star World’s Three Great Sword Chants, I don’t know anything about that at all.”

Chen Mo nodded. “I didn’t expect the ‘Without Ultimate Sword Chant’ to be this famous either.”

“The casting method and information on one of Star World’s Three Great Sword Chants. So long as a cultivator is paying even the smallest amount of attention, they would know.” Yue Huanqin looked strangely at Chen Mo. This could practically called common sense in Star World. Could it be that Chen Mo was from the Outer Star Fields? However, his cultivation was too low. An Outer Star Field cultivator would not possibly enter unless they were Human Immortal or had the favor of an Inner Star Field Sect.

“Then do you know where I can get the materials for the other Four Symbols Swords?” Chen Mo’s eyes lit up. It seemed this Without Ultimate Sword Chant was not out of reach.

“The Without Ultimate Sword Chant’s Four Symbols Swords require the True Spirits of the Four Holy Beasts, the Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle, Azure Dragon, and White Tiger as well as seven Star Mansion Stones. These are all things you can’t just ask for. Only when the skies have an anomaly can they appear once. I just don’t know.” Yue Huanqin shook her head.

Seeing Chen Mo was a bit disappointed, the girl then said: “Do you want to come to the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Our Heaven Beyond Heaven is one of Star World’s Ten Great Houses. The Concealed Heaven Pavilion has many ancient texts. Perhaps you can find some clues.”

“I’ll go pay a visit if I have the chance.” Chen Mo smiled at her attachment to him.

Yue Huanqin did not urge any further when she saw that Chen Mo’s mind was already set. In the end, she was unable to cover her disappointed expression. During this trip to the Siming Oasis, Chen Mo had simply overturned her imagination. In time, she felt that Chen Mo surely could shine bright. She had also benefited quite considerably from their association. If not for the fact she was returning to her master, she actually would have wanted to travel together with Chen Mo.

“Chen Mo, where do you plan to go next?” Yue Huanqin asked.

Chen Mo glanced at Milu. “Flying Phoenix General” Li Guang was currently showing a dull expression. Her eyes were bright yet also full of bewilderment. “Milu is staying together with me. We’re going to Mount Hua.” Chen Mo thought for a moment. He remembered his appointment at Mount Hua with Xiyi. Now that he finally entered the Inner Star Fields, he could also go see her.

“Mount Hua? The ‘Western Moon’ Mount Hua?” Yue Huanqin was taken aback.

“Are there other Mount Hua’s in the Inner Star Fields?” Chen Mo asked.

Yue Huanqin said: “I’m not sure about any others, but the ‘Five Moons’ are still very famous.”

“Could you be a bit more detailed.”

As it turned out, besides the cultivators’ Ten Great Houses and the Star Generals’ Sixteen Star Marquis, the Inner Star Fields also had places that everyone knew as the Five Moons. The so-called “Five Moons”1 were not the mountains2 that Chen Mo knew of. Rather, they were five enormous peaks in the Inner Star Fields. These mountains peaks were like a moon stuck into the earth from the heavens, but this was not enough to make the Five Moons famous. In Star World, large mountains and their great rivers were not rare sights.

In Star World, “stars” were the most famous, whether they were Star Generals, Star Marquis, or Star Warriors, they were all powerful existences. However, the “Five Moons” were places that nurtured Star Generals. It would be a great honor for Star General in their gestational phase or a Star Warrior who had obtained their first martial force so long as they were able to enter among the “Five Moons.” In fact, many of Star World’s best Star Generals had once trained among the Five Moons. As a result, this caused the Five Moons to rise to fame.

As they say, “all stars cup around the moon.”

“The ‘Western Moon’ Mount Hua is at the Western Lin Star Field. However, to scale Mount Hua is very dangerous, nevertheless. I often hear that many Star Warriors and even Star Generals die without an intact corpse.” Yue Huanqin suddenly was relieved as to why Chen Mo declined the Heaven Beyond Heaven. Compared to the Ten Great Houses, the Five Moons clearly were more suitable for a warrior with Star Energy to cultivate. But to enter one of the Five Moons was extremely challenging. Let alone a Star Warrior, even some Star Generals were very hard-pressed to do so.

Chen Mo nodded.

He actually thought it would be difficult, but he did not expect that Mount Hua turned out to be an existence categorized as a sect for Star Generals to cultivate at.

He wondered what Xiyi’s identity was.

After splitting up with Yue Huanqin, Chen Mo and Milu continued to head west. When he left the Siming Oasis, not only did he finally cast the Black Turtle Flying Swords, he even obtained a Greenscale Dragontooth Eel and those bandits’ several tens of thousands of Astral Dollars as a harvest; travel across the Inner Star Field was extremely smooth.

Six months later, Western Lin Star Field, Protector Hua City.

Situated at the foot of Mount Hua, Protector Hua City received its name from the idea that it “protected Mount Hua.” The city was constructed with a tremendous and imposing atmosphere, just like a firm bodyguard. Many cultivators came and went from the city.

Today, a man and woman entered Protector Hua City’s “Treasure Clothing Pavilion.”

The man had a magnificent bearing and an impressive appearance. Although he did not appear very tall or sturdy, his every movement and gesture brimmed with an indomitable spirit, making others secretly speechless. The woman beside him was tall in stature, and her face was pure and splendid. Her spring-like limpid and innocent eyes were full of brightness. A white fox sat over the woman’s shoulders. Its entire body’s white fur was like snow, very beautiful.

“Customers, may ask what you require?” A female cultivator of the Treasure Clothing Pavilion came to her senses. She stepped forward and asked with a big smile.

“Can you mend my Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade?” Chen Mo brought out a white snow brocade. Several holes had been poked into it by the Thorn Of Turbulent Times Hou Jing back at the Siming Oasis, making the garment somewhat unsightly. This was but a gift that Auntie had gifted him. Chen Mo hated for it to be damaged like this and specially wanted to ask about it.

The female cultivator looked the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade over and wrinkled her brow: “This damage is rather serious.”

“It can’t be fixed?” Chen Mo was depressed.

“There is nothing that our Treasure Clothing Pavilion cannot repair, but the materials of Fellow’s Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade are a bit rare. Even if we repair it, there will be some flaws. In my opinion, Fellow could probably use the money for repairs to buy a new one instead.” The female cultivator smiled and recommended several defensive armors from her own shop: “Because this ‘Snow Lotus Buddhist Robe’ is blessed by the Buddhists, it is much better. There is also this ‘Six Paths Dark Armor’ that is also a treasure of this store…”

Chen Mo looked at those Snow Lotus Buddhist Robe and Six Paths Dark Armor. Although they were also very exquisite and grand, they lacked some things compared to what Auntie gave him. “I still want it repaired. Can you do it?”

“If Fellow insists, then This Store will not force you. Repairing the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade will probably require a thousand Astral Dollars.”

“So expensive?” Chen Mo furrowed his brow.

“The Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade needs thousand year Heavenly Silkworm Silk and Snow Spirit Dew. These types of materials are very rare, and this is for the sake of repairing Fellow’s treasure clothes flawlessly.”

“So long as it’s flawless, that can work. But how long?” Chen Mo asked.

“Three days.”


The two of them finished with formalities. The Treasure Clothing Pavilion was property under the Inner Star Fields’ Ten Great Houses, so Chen Mo actually was not afraid that she was playing some trick. 

“Right, there is something I wanted to ask you.” Chen Mo asked.

“What is that?”

“Does Mount Hua have a good place for Star Warriors to cultivate?”

The female cultivator raised her brow. Only then did she scrutinize Chen Mo. Chen Mo had used the Nine Turns Fate Water to successfully enter Human Immortal Nine Turns. Right now, he already had Divine Soul Two Turns Realm, appearing very faint. However, in the Inner Star Fields, Human Immortal Nine Turns was honestly too weak. The female cultivator hesitated and said: “Can it be that Fellow wants to go?”

“I heard that Mount Hua has such a sect.”

“Exactly. The Western Moon Mount Hua’s current headmaster is the ‘Sleeping Immortal,’ Ancestor Chen Tuan. They indeed have Star Generals and Star Warriors cultivating there.” The female cultivator spoke. There was nothing to hide, for the Five Moons were very famous in the Inner Star Fields. She had lost count of the number of Star Generals and Star Warriors who had come in search of immortals; the female cultivator was already accustomed to seeing this.

“How can I see her?” Chen Mo asked.

“How can we possibly see the Sleeping Immortal. Unless you are able to become one of her disciples.” The female cultivator said. “There just happens to be Mount Hua’s ‘Star Summoning’ coming soon. If Fellow is interested, you can try breaking past the Vast Sky Plankway. Perhaps you will have a chance then.”

“However, I still advice that Fellow give up. The Vast Sky Plankway is very perilous. It is one of Mount Hua’s extremely dangerous trials. Every year, people die attempting it. Fellow’s cultivation should still not be at Earthly Immortal, correct. This is a bit reckless.” Her tone changed, for she was very worried about Chen Mo’s desire to go to Mount Hua.

“If your friend here wants to comprehend a Star Name…this still is not very wise.” The female cultivator could not help but glance at Milu, believing her to be a Star General that wanted to go to Mount Hua.

“I have my reasons, but I heard that among the Five Moons, Western Moon Mount Hua is the most ethereal, mysterious. They say that there are countless unique flowers and spirit grasses in the mountain. What’s the harm in taking a look.” Chen Mo smiled.

The female cultivator covered her mouth and sweetly smiled: “But there are dangerous Demon Beasts in the mountain. They will be very dangerous for Fellow to confront. If Fellow truly wishes to go to Mount Hua, then I recommend going to the relay station first and finding some fellow travelers going up the mountain.”

“Many thanks for the warning.”

After leaving the Treasure Clothing Pavilion, Milu asked: “Chen Mo, do you want to go to Mount Hua to cultivate?”

“I want to go visit a friend.” Chen Mo took out a black chess piece from his Astral Bag. There was still a bit of Star Energy lingering on it. It must be said that Xiyi had helped him a lot.

His current plan was to first go fulfill his appointment3 at Mount Hua. Then, he would think of a way to completely forge “Northern Dipper” and his “Flying Swords.” Before this, he could conveniently see whether or not Mount Hua truly was capable of helping cultivate Star Energy or if it could accelerate his cultivation progress.

When Milu heard his words, her eyes suddenly dimmed a bit.

Chen Mo slapped the woman’s shoulder and gently said: “Why are you making a face like we’re separating forever. Even if I go up Mount Hua, you can come along, too. Mount Hua’s landscape is enough to appreciate for your whole life. 

Milu seemed to be between understanding and not understanding, but when she heard that they did not need to part ways, she breathed a sigh of relief.

In regards to such a bustling environment, Milu was honestly a bit terrified.

Chen Mo and Milu ventured towards the foot of Mount Hua together. Mount Hua was even more massive than he had imagined. He lifted his gaze upwards. The mountain seemed to jut into the cloudy firmaments, no end in sight. At the bottom of Mount Hua, there were many shopkeepers currently hawking pills, treasures, and talismans, and there were also many cultivators engaged in trade. There were both male and female cultivators. Some had come specifically to enter the mountain to gather herbs while others had come to be able to witness the Mount Hua Sect with their own eyes.

Just as Chen Mo was looking around, a green light flew down from the mountain with the power of a thunderclap, jolting everyone.

A man wearing silk clothes appeared, cursing wretchedly.

“No wonder Mount Hua has declined to last among the Five Moons, they truly have no eyes. This Young Master has already nearly cultivated Star Energy to Nebula Realm yet they actually refused me.”4

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  1. 五月
  2. 五岳
  3. The word used could also mean “promise,” which seems more appropriate now that I think about it.
  4. Just a word of warning, the raw I had cuts out here, and I wasn’t able to find anything to supplement. Long story short, this guy’s a bit player who doesn’t show up after this.

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