Chapter 36: This Is A Life And Death Crisis, Please Don’t Flirt

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After another day of walking through Azure Dragon Mountain, the environment became increasingly nasty, with piles of rocks and the mountain river flowing down, striking against stone and turning into a sheet of ice, making the stone become slippery. Zhongli Sanmei’s condition was also becoming worse and worse, causing Chen Mo increasing worry.

When night fell, the two of them found shelter from the wind, lighting a bonfire to restore their stamina while also cultivating Star Energy.

Tonight, after Chen Mo cultivated a while, he began to break through the Northern Dipper Great Overflow’s second layer. When he finished cultivating, he opened his eyes to find Zhongli Mo in the middle of staring pensively at him.

“Are you cultivating Star Energy?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“You can say that.” Chen Mo nodded.

Zhongli Sanmei furrowed her brow. Chen Mo’s unassuming answer made her very flabbergasted. Generally speaking, only Star Generals who had inherited Star World’s Star Names were capable of refining Star Energy, so they possessed strength more formidable compared to a warrior. This was the first time that Zhongli Sanmei had ever heard of an ordinary cultivator like Chen Mo being able to cultivate Star Energy. “No wonder This King felt your aura was very special before. This King didn’t think that you were surprisingly able to cultivate Star Energy.” Zhongli Sanmei was lost in thought.

“Very special?” Chen Mo sniffed under his arms. He did not sense anything in particular.

“Something wrong with your body?” Chen Mo saw that Zhongli Sanmei’s complexion was increasingly wan. On today’s trek, she was already pushing herself. He could not help but feel some concern for her condition.

“This King still does not need superfluous concern.” Zhongli Sanmei did not accept this at all. She tossed her head, making no reply.

Chen Mo was helpless. This woman was too intense, unable to accept even a bit of criticism. The rest of the night was silent.

The next day, Chen Mo’s biological clock made him wake up on time. Opening his eyes, Chen Mo found that the Zhongli Sanmei sleeping across from him had vanished. After washing himself and not seeing her return, Chen Mo furrowed his brow. This King Of Extinguished Ashes would not have decided to go off on her own, would she.

With Zhongli Mo’s current state, searching for that chest alone would be somewhat difficult.

Snow had not fallen the past few days, and her tracks in the ground were still fresh. Judging by the footprints, Zhongli Sanmei departed on her own. Regarding her selfish decision, Chen Mo was somewhat irritated. I’ve accompanied you for so long, and now you disregard me. It seemed as if he was conspiring against her.

This Young Master definitely looks harmless.

Walking for a long while, heavy breathing came from four hundred meters in front. Chen Mo used the Bowl Steps, swiftly arriving at that place to see four or five serpent-tailed, fox-faced monkeys surround and screech at a woman in red armor. That red serpent tail bared venomous fangs and flicked its snake tongue. From time to time, they sneak attacked the woman.

These Serpent-Tailed Fox-Faced Monkeys were Rank One Demon Beasts, but they did not have very formidable abilities. However, primate-type Demon Beasts possessed a certain degree of intelligence and were able to understand body language. These Serpent-Tailed Fox-Faced Monkeys naturally loved to bully and humiliate prey that was on its dying breath, trapping their target to death. In the end, they would drink its blood and gnaw its flesh and bone.

The red-clothed woman’s breathing was feeble, as if she would stop at any moment, the prey they loved most.

Chen Mo looked clearly. The one surrounded was none other than Zhongli Sanmei.

“I never imagined that I, the great King Of Extinguished Ashes, would surprisingly be toyed with by these beasts.” Zhongli Sanmei sighed at the sky.

Chen Mo was between laughter and tears, inwardly saying, Then what were you doing running off.

The Serpent-Tailed Fox-Faced Monkeys did not care for her. Several of them hopped nimbly around her, using their claws and serpent-tails to attack, testing if their prey’s last bit of energy was gone.

Seeing their prey utter a long sigh, several of the monkeys hooted, wild with joy. Just at this moment, a tyrannical force suddenly charged forth from the forest. One monkey that was hopping wildly about was sent flying by a stick. When the troupe saw this, a monster covered in vegetation charged at them, roaring like a lion with its mane bristled in fury, brandishing Northern Dipper at the monkeys.

The massive iron stick’s heavy power immediately brought terrifying pressure upon these monkeys. The Fox-Faced Monkeys howled, unreconciled that their prey was being stolen. They used their serpent tails to attempt an assault, but their agility was completely unable to withstand the ruin brought by the iron rod’s fearsome power. Each of the staff’s brute attacks were enough to lift several Fox-Faced Monkeys into the air.

The Fox-Faced Monkeys were unable to find an advantage, and instead, suffered several casualties.

Seeing they were no match, the Serpent-Tailed Fox-Faxed Monkeys could only utter enraged howls and clench their fangs as they scattered in all directions.

The girl was stunned into silence. If it was not for the familiar might of that big stick, she would have thought she ran into a primitive barbarian.

“You knew that you could’ve been toyed to death by some Demon Beasts, yet you still ran. Don’t tell me you think I’ll devour you. You really don’t treat my kindness in high regard.” The newcomer stopped and shed the vegetation enshrouding him, revealing a critical expression.

Other than Chen Mo, who else could he be.

Zhongli Sanmei stared blankly at Chen Mo, her body too weak to the point she did not want to speak.

Chen Mo also checked her. The girl’s red clothes were in tatters, with the edges of her exquisite underwear exposed. Her pale skin was covered in cuts and bruises; her condition was even worse than the night before.

“Zhongli Sanmei, you’ve been poisoned…”

Chen Mo hastily lay the woman flat on the ground. The blood from her chest wound was already coagulated, and the veins under her snow-white skin were as black as ink, spreading further.

“How can This King ever fear poison.” Zhongli Sanmei was still stubborn.

Chen Mo thought, You’ve been poisoned to such a degree. If this goes on, you’ll wind up killing yourself before that Qing Family ancestor gets to you. Chen Mo produced a small bottle containing the White Fox’s saliva. White Foxes were psychic, and their saliva was capable of healing wounds and curing some poisons. Although he was not sure if it would work or not, he could only make do for the time being.

Chen Mo dabbed a bit of saliva onto her wounds, making Zhongli Sanmei groan in pain. Even if she was a powerful Star General, she was no different from a weak woman after sustaining such wounds. After he applied the saliva, there was a small effect, but it was not very significant.

These past few days, the woman had been continuously meticulous about suppressing the poison in her body. Now, it finally had an outbreak that spread throughout her entire body. Her snow-white skin was taking on completely black spots, very unsightly. If she did not recover more Star Energy, she perhaps would be about to be destroyed even without anyone else lifting a finger. Chen Mo carried her on his back. The woman’s supple and plump breasts were pressed firmly against him. He could clearly feel the beauty of Zhongli Sanmei’s figure, however, Chen Mo was not in the mood right now to be frisky like a monkey. Zhongli Sanmei did not even have the time to haggle about surprisingly being carried on a man’s back. Despite this, Chen Mo’s broad back gave the King Of Extinguished Ashes of Her Excellency Xiang Yu’s Five Great Generals a feeling of safety.

“Where the hell did you leave that Divine Fire Colt, otherwise, we wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble.” Chen Mo grumbled. As he carried her, he used the Bowl Body Techniques to shuttle through the forest and over the snowy grounds like the wind.

Tao Jingfeng kicked over the rocks that lay strewn over the ground, his expression somewhat impatient, “Senior Brother Kezhou, did that woman really get hit by your ‘Snake And Spider Venom?'” The bonfires and food residue they found over the past two days clearly demonstrated that Star General was very leisurely. She was simply eating well and sleeping well.

“Even the average Three Flowers Overhead warrior cannot withstand the Snake And Spider. It will be enough to paralyze that weakened Star General.” Lu Kezhou was still very self-confident. The Snake And Spider Venom was something he racked his brains to obtain. Normally, it was dipped onto an arrow and was never so easily used.

“Maybe it does not have an effect on Star Generals?” Tao Jingfeng was disappointed.

Lu Kezhou did not believe this to be the case at all. He noticed that there were already traces of the poison taking effect when he inspected the woman’s footprints left in the snow, and he could also discern several remaining black splotches of coughed up blood on the snow. “It seems there is another person at her side.” Lu Kezhou narrowed his eyes. This could explain why that woman was still able to eat and cook on the road. There must be someone else helping arrange these for her.

“Then she has already been caught by someone?” Tao Jingfeng was astonished.

“Or maybe some idiot is helping her.”

“No way it’s that Chen Mo, he wouldn’t actually be so stupid as to help a Star General, right.”

“In short, since we know there are two people, we had best be careful.”

Chen Mo carried Zhongli Sanmei quickly through the forest. The terrain along the way was precipitous, jagged rocks innumerable. The woman’s plump breasts were pressed flat against his back. He could clearly feel their softness, somewhat distracting him.

Bang. The sudden twang of a bowstring was like the roar of a bear.

A powerful arrow loosed from its bow rattled his eardrums.

The trees along the way jolted, the ice and snow scattered.

An arrow came from behind him, swift and fierce.

Chen Mo rolled, barely evading. Fortunately, this Young Master was not bewitched by Zhongli Sanmei’s chest. The Chen Mo who still retained his sensibility inwardly rejoiced, otherwise he would have actually done something immoral just now. Glancing out of the corner of his eye, an indistinct figure appeared in the trees.

The bow and arrow were sudden, like a sniper attack.

After that valiant archery, another arrow hurtled over.

The arrow-light drew an ice-cold trajectory, falling towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo quickly sidestepped, and a wild rumble filled the forest.

Snowflakes filling the sky drowned out his field of view. A smirk appeared on the lips of Lu Kezhou who fired from among the trees. Within a range of several hundred meters, the path of a flying bird could not escape from his hawk-like eyesight: “Where can you escape to from under my archery!”

Cold light rushed out into the snowy mist.

Continuously pulling the bow, he fired a succession of arrows.




An endless barrage.

“It really is you, Young Master Chen Mo of the Chang’an Mansion. You have truly admirable sympathy.” Lu Kezhou discovered Chen Mo, “That you would protect her like this, presumably, you are this Star General’s Servant Star? Then do not blame me for being merciless.”

One move.

Falling Rain Shocks Forest!

Due to carrying Zhongli Sanmei on his back, Chen Mo was unable to counterattack. He could only evade along the snowy ground. Lu Kezhou pursued, nocking arrows and pulling on his bow, releasing arrows like a squall.

Another arrow came from the front that caught Chen Mo off guard, hitting him in the belly, making him wince in pain. Just at this moment, another Bear Roar Arrow flew at him from the flank when he least expected it. This archery was not as fluid, crafty, or powerful as Lu Kezhou. It was like a giant snarling bear, with several arrows penetrating the cold firs instead, which had no way to stop the arrows’ trajectory.

Powerful Brown Bear Bow Arts.

The Tao Family’s martial arts, formidable in CHuan Province.

However, while the strength of the Powerful Brown Bear Bow Arts was very strong, they sacrificed speed. Chen Mo made harrowing escapes, but the power of the arrows still burst and shook him. Just as expected, Tao Jingfeng appeared from the other side, “Put the woman down, and we will spare your life!!” The man drew his bow. His trash talk was accompanied by an arrow attack, not sloppy in the least.

The two Heavenly Bow Sect disciples coordinated craftily, pincer attacking from in front and behind, making Chen Mo basically unable to divide his attention. When Zhongli Sanmei saw this, her heart was somewhat faintly disturbed.

“Put This King down. This King wants to slaughter these two bastards.”

“Don’t boast.”

Seeing her want to let go, Chen Mo’s shoulder sustained another arrow. He moved his arms, bringing the woman from his back in front of him and carrying her, not allowing her to struggle; this position made Zhongli Mo very embarrassed. This was but the first time she was ever in such close contact with a man. The woman’s anger sprouted, and she itched to kill Chen Mo to quell it. Just when she was brought to the front by Chen Mo, the youth’s back shivered. Another of Lu Kezhou’s arrows had struck home. Zhongli Mo was speechless. Seeing the determination and composure in Chen Mo’s eyes, without even the slightest bit of panic or cowardice, the woman’s heart suddenly became bashful, and she calmed down.

“Why do you want to save This King.”

“This is a life and death crisis, please don’t flirt.”

Chen Mo bluntly left his reply.

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