Chapter 37: The Non-Traitor Dies

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Smoke spouted out of Zhongli Sanmei’s ears in anger. A man unexpectedly dared to speak to her like this, however, the woman tacitly understood and spoke no further.

Heavenly Bow Sect archery.

Absolute precision!

Their archery pressed increasingly closer. Tao Jingfeng and Lu Kezhou had seen Chen Mo’s martial arts rout the Qing Family at the foot of Azure Dragon Mountain. They did not dare face him directly, both of them maintaining a safe distance from him. At a distance like this, Chen Mo was unable to surprise attack, yet their arrows could be loosed at any time.

The separation between the two of them made Chen Mo vexed, but there was no way for him to cast Zhongli Mo away to kill one of them first.

These circumstances made Zhongli Mo even rage and scold these two men for being too despicable!

Seeing that the situation was increasingly dangerous, and without another choice, Chen Mo was finally forced to a sheer cliff.

“You can’t escape.”

“Be a good boy and die.”

The two of them arrogantly laughed.

Chen Mo at this moment palm chopped and severed a large tree, stepping on its trunk to slide down the cliff, using this log as a snowboard. This astounded Lu Kezhou and Tao Jingfeng, for now the escaping pair’s speed down the mountain was even faster. This left Lu Kezhou and Tao Jingfeng only able to fire a barrage. Then, the forest’s cover and the terrain’s obstruction finally let Chen Mo and Zhongli Sanmei evade their pursuit for the time being.

Finding a concealed location, Chen Mo set down Zhongli Mo, his body having been stuck with many arrows meant for two people. He endured the pain as he plucked them out, then circulated his qi and blood. Fortunately, he had already refined his qi and blood into his meridians, the beginning stages of Qi And Blood Eight Turns. Something like staunching his bleeding was nothing out of the ordinary.

Chen Mo’s body was sturdy. The arrows did not penetrate into his bone, and he rejoiced that they were not poisoned either.

“You kill This King!” Zhongli Mo did not want to implicate Chen Mo. “It will be better than having This King dying at the hands of those sons of bitches.”

Chen Mo was elated: “This is honestly the first time I’ve seen a woman willing to die for me. I’ll have to trouble you to preserve just a bit of that dignity as Her Excellency Xiang Yu’s King Of Extinguished Ashes. Where has your earlier arrogance gone.”

Zhongli Mo wanted to curse him, You think This King wants any of this, This Lady is already in this state, and now two warriors formidably skilled in archery are chasing after us. There’s already no way to escape, so This King may as well give you my Star Energy. At least this man was pleasing to her eye, and he could take revenge for her.1

“Relax. As long as I’m here, you won’t die. If they want to treat us as prey, heh, heh, then we’ll just have to see which of us is more cunning.” Chen Mo slyly winked at her.

Zhongli Sanmei detected a plan.

Before they could rest for too long, Chen Mo sensed a chill on the wind. Then, an arrow shot over, shocking the forest. Chen Mo brought out Northern Dipper and deflected the arrow. This time, there was no more running.

“This Young Master will not run any longer. I want to see who your sniping can hurt now.”

On the other side.

Lu Kezhou and Tao Jingfeng fired arrows consecutively without results. No matter if it was Lu Kezhou’s powerful arrows or some techniques, he was unable to break through that giant stick’s defenses.

“Something is strange about that weapon.”

“Senior Brother, this brat is too fucking arrogant.” Listening to Chen Mo constantly spew provocations, Tao Jingfeng was almost grinning with fury. A mere Qi And Blood Eight Turns warrior surprisingly dared to be so insulting. His own Qi And Blood Nine Turns strength had never been so sullen. However, upon recalling that this brat alone had defeated the entire Qing Family, Tao Jingfeng’s fury instantly vanished into thin air.

This guy was a freak.

He feared that warriors at the Qi And Blood level were no match for him.

Lu Kezhou was apparently also somewhat afraid of Chen Mo’s strength. Although he himself had Three Flowers Overhead level, he used a bow and arrow year-round. His martial arts were not necessarily superior.

Over there, Chen Mo was still hurling abuses, something about two cowards, about settling things one on one for the antidote, about everyone having an ulterior motive.

Lu Kezhou could not tolerate a Qi And Blood Eight Turns warrior treating a Heavenly Bow Sect Ten Great Disciple so impudently. If word of this got out, how could he show his face afterwards.

Listening to Chen Mo’s words, Lu Kezhou’s eyes flashed.

“I will go draw him over, you take advantage of the gap to kill the Star General first.” Pausing, Lu Kezhou seemed to smile: “I ought to be able to have faith that Junior Brother can accomplish this mission.”

How could Tao Jingfeng dare say no. He naturally knew that Lu Kezhou was afraid he would kill the Star General first, however, even if he killed the Star General first and obtained her Star Energy and Star Weapon, there would be no time for jokes. His own Senior Brother would definitely not let him go. He was still able to weigh the stakes.

Hearing Chen Mo’s noisy provocations, Lu Kezhou leapt out.

“This woman will not live for much longer. Obediently hand her over to me right now, and my Heavenly Bow Sect will let you go. We absolutely will not cause you trouble, Young Master Chen Mo.”

“Cut the bullshit, hand over the antidote.” Chen Mo shouted, retracting Northern Dipper and pouncing.

“Brat, you were chased around like a dog by us. Do you actually believe you are unmatched just because you defeated the Qing Family. Can it be that I, Lu Kezhou, must fear a Qi And Blood Eight Turns cripple like you.” Lu Kezhou was angered. He retracted his bow, circulated his True Qi, and manifested his One Flower over his head.

Chen Mo’s figure was like a fierce tiger, his gait like he was stepping on the Big Dipper itself. His figure abruptly flickered, and he shuttled through the forest to arrive in front of Lu Kezhou. The power of his twin punches was boundless, his qi and blood boiling over, his fist-shadows dazzling.

Although the Heavenly Bow Sect were paragons of archery, they also had close-combat self-defense capabilities.

Lu Kezhou used a Rock Splitting Punch, his fist as heavy as a boulder. He originally thought that with his Three Flowers Overhead Early Stage level, taking down the Qi And Blood Eight Turns Chen Mo would be as easy as turning over his hand. But when their fists collided, he became deeply aware just how terrifying this man was.

Lu Kezhou’s knuckles split apart. His Rock Splitting Punch had been brimming with explosive power, but compared to Chen Mo’s fist in terms of strength, he was surprisingly unable to come out on top at all. Lu Kezhou’s body techniques were like a swallow, suddenly attacking with “Stele Breaker.”

A booming rumble resounded through the air.

Chen Mo used Dui Upper Open, striking open a gap in Lu Kezhou’s Stele Breaker. Then, with his own punch like a cannon, a loud boom erupted.

The battle between them truly was evenly matched.

Tao Jingfeng spotted the dazed King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo, knowing that the woman who had been poisoned was already at her limit. When he saw Chen Mo and Lu Kezhou battle so fiercely, he immediately slinked towards Zhongli Mo, wanting to capture the Star General alive. Watching the woman get closer and closer, Tao Jingfeng was somewhat frisky.

The Star Maiden’s figure was fiery hot. That this brat would protect her like this was probably because he was seduced, tsk, tsk, however, if he himself had been able to get intimate with a Star General, perhaps he would have considered this as well. At this moment, Chen Mo noticed Tao Jingfeng and hastily rushed over. Tao Jingfeng immediately lunged at the woman with his arms outstretched.

Just at this moment, a change occurred.

Zhongli Sanmei suddenly whirled around, showing a feral and cruel smile. That expression had only a single word.



Tao Jingfeng’s face was ashen when he saw the woman held a mechanical box in her hands. He could only barely use his hands to shield himself as a pear blossoms bloomed like snow before his eyes.

Needles painfully drilled into his body and meridians. Even though he tempered the qi and blood in his meridians and organs to such a sturdy degree, he was still unable to ward off these needles. The needles were fine as hairs, thoroughly chilling to the bone. Tao Jingfeng screamed, recognizing that damned mechanical box

Torrential Downpour Pear Blossom Needles!

One of the ten great concealed weapons for a warrior in the Star Field.

The whoosh of wind echoed in his ear. A terrible feeling of danger pounced over his whole body. Tao Jingfeng wanted to run, but he was covered in the Pear Blossom Needles. He was in too much pain to move. That whistling wind instantly became loud, and the palm of the Chen Mo who had turned and came back smashed him in the head. The man screamed as he was sent flying, hovering between life and death.

Seeing Tao Jingfeng die, Lu Kezhou’s eyes were blank. He brought out his bow, nocked and arrow and sneered.

“That’s fine if he’s dead. Your Servant shall take this Star General then.”

Arrow-qi like a rainbow formed a line that pierced through the heavens. Chen Mo turned his hand around to catch it, using Gen Overturned Bowl. The Three Flowers Overhead warrior’s arrow nevertheless was unmatched in power. This arrow directly pierced through Chen Mo’s arm, the pain causing him to break out into a cold sweat. Chen Mo then used Xun Lower Broken.

Palm wind raised a fierce blizzard in all directions, spreading a voluminous cover everywhere. Lu Kezhou was deeply aware that Chang’an Mansion’s young master was unfathomable. There was a bit of fear in his heart, and he did not dare engage him directly. He could only rely on his qi to continuously fire arrows.

Powerful arrow-qi ripped apart the mist. Chen Mo and Zhongli Mo already seized the chance to flee.

“Under my Divine Hawk Eyesight, where can you rats run to.” Lu Kezhou disdainfully sneered. He did not give chase, instead walking in front of Tao Jingfeng. Seeing his whole body was covered in needles, the man wrinkled his brow upon seeing the barely breathing Tao Jingfeng.

That young man was far more treacherous than he thought.

To surprisingly use a diversionary tactic to deliberately draw him out, then make him apprehensive about Tao Jingfeng taking the Star Energy, forcing him to compel Tao Jingfeng into taking the Star General without using his bow. The result was they were caught in his trap. By the time Tao Jingfeng had drawn near, he was basically unable to think that a poisoned and extremely weakened Star General would even have a deadly concealed weapon in her hands.

“Torrential Downpour Pear Blossom Needles.” Lu Kezhou picked up the mechanical box, looking it over. Then, he nonchalantly said: “Junior Brother, this is your bad luck. I never thought that man would give this concealed weapon to a Star General to use.”

“Save me…” Tao Jingfeng was still struggling to breathe.

Although Tao Jingfeng had taken the Torrential Downpour Pear Blossom Needles, he used his arms to block many of them. He also had Qi And Blood Nine Turns strength. Chen Mo’s final palm strike also failed to kill him. He still had a chance at life if he was sent down the mountain to a doctor, but by doing so, any further pursuit of Chen Mo and the Star General was impossible.

Between his death and killing the Star General, Lu Kezhou very quickly made his choice.

“Junior Brother, I will help avenge you.”

Lu Kezhou’s words made Tao Jingfeng’s face fill wither terror. The man struggled to raise his hands, begging his Senior Brother to not abandon him.

Lu Kezhou smiled very indifferently.

“Be at ease, we are from the same sect. I would never let you be eaten by wild beasts, Junior Brother?”

Tao Jingfeng’s eyes widened. Lu Kezhou brandished a palm strike against his head. Tao Jingfeng’s entire body spasmed a few times before thoroughly becoming motionless.

“Chen Mo, I want to see just how much farther you can run.”

Lu Kezhou relieved Tao Jingfeng of his possessions and immediately pursued.2

A while later, an old man slowly came to Tao Jingfeng’s side and looked at the dead but still wide-eyed man. The old man’s expression was slightly moved. “The Tao Family’s little boy.”

“This is fine as well. Your Tao Family is no threat to my Qing Family.” Qing Bugai feared he was not completely dead. He himself used a hand to crush Tao Jingfeng’s skull, shattering Tao Jingfeng’s head with the force of a thousand catties.3

Only when he erased all traces of himself did he continue into the mountain.

Qing Bugai’s body techniques were like a serpent slithering through the forest. Trees, cliffs, and the ice sheet all seemed to be like level ground to him. He moved swift to the extreme, and flitting by like this. The old man’s entire person was like a living snake, utterly tyrannical, shocking the Rank One Demon Beast Serpent-Tailed Fox-Faced Monkeys into terror, making them flee in all directions. 

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  1. Oh, Chen Mo’s apparently a man handsome enough to die for lol.
  2. This guy is so treacherous.
  3. And what a merciless old man.


  1. “Be at ease, we are from the same sect. I would never let you be eaten by wild beasts, Junior Brother?”

    > Promptly leaves the body to be eaten by wild beasts.

    Smooth move, man. Don’t you have a spatial ring to store the body in or something?

    1. This just goes to show how little he actually valued his Junior Brother, a walking bag of resources.

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