Chapter 382: The Origin Binding Stele And The Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast

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The White Horse Cavalry was “White Horse Marquis” Gongsun Zan’s1 Innate Skill. In Star World, there were very few who possessed mounted cavalry Star Soldiers. Most Star Soldiers were merely cannon fodder existences to a Star General, especially for those top-notch Star Generals who were unequalled in mowing down small fry. Even those like the Dark Armor Soldiers, the Northern Mansion Soldiers, or the Beiwei Soldiers did not create too much trouble for them. Their numbers would expend a Star General’s Star Energy, even force them to use a Heavne, Earth, Dark, or Yellow Technique.

But the White Horse Cavalry appeared very special among Star Soldiers. These Star Soldiers were proficient in horseback archery, cavalry charges, and their Realms were very high. They far surpassed the average Star Soldier, but their flaw was that they were few in number. Even Gongsun Zan could only manufacture twenty-four at most.

“I never imagined that Lady Wei could actually borrow Gongsun Zan’s White Horse Cavalry.” Mi Ji did not expect this.

“Alright, let’s go in, too.” After Chen Mo saw Lady Wei enter, his Divine Intent moved. He called both of them over, and they intruded into Connecting Valley.

Connecting Valley’s area was close to a million,2 its range extremely vast. Altogether, it was split into the outer valley, inner valley, and the center. Most cultivators could only dither in the outer valley, seizing their chance to pick easy things whenever the Primeval Chaos Qi receded, to see whether or not they could make easy money. When one approached the inner valley, there would be Primeval Chaos arrays that Li Si set. It was necessary to use powerful magic energy to be able to open a path. Only then did one truly enter the valley.

Chen Mo brought the two girls straight into the inner valley.

A while later, Chen Mo spotted a fog murky yellow in color. It was extremely thick as it obscured the sky, like a giant canopy. That dirt yellow fog was filled with an ancient air. Before they even drew near, an enormous pressure rushed straight out of it. The magic energy in his body immediately flared, and Chen Mo discovered many cultivators were already hard-pressed to advance. Their sword-lights began to turn back, and even some of the ones who forced their way forward collapsed and died under this air.

“This is Primeval Chaos True Qi, the force of primordial chaos the split heaven and earth. It’s far stronger than Star Energy, be careful.”

Mi Ji and Jiang Yuezhuo circulated their Star Energy to resist the assault of the Primeval Chaos True Qi. Star Crests flickered on their foreheads, which dripped with beads of sweat.

No wonder the Lü Clan Spring And Autumn mobilized such a large force. Only something like that could let their disciples enter the valley.


Nearing the Connecting Valley, Chen Mo noticed that the Primeval Chaos True Qi  was somewhat similar to his Dark Yellow Sword Qi.

The Primeval Chaos True Qi from entering the inner valley was still considered weak. By using the Black Turtle Flying Swords to fiercely carve a path forward through the True Qi, Chen Mo’s party entered the Connecting Valley.

The Connecting Valley’s interior contained a plethora of strange mountain peaks. Each of these peaks was different from other summits in Star World. They appeared dark and yellow in color. The forest that stretched as far as the eye could see also contained ancient trees reaching into high into the sky, straight into the firmaments; their luxuriance could conceal the heavens.

Chen Mo clearly sensed they had reached the interior of the Connecting Valley. His magic energy and Star Energy were both being suppressed. Only his Dark Yellow Sword Qi became even more lively.

“Be careful, the further in we go, the stronger the Primeval Chaos True Qi becomes.” Mi Ji ordered.

The Connecting Valley had been developed by the Primeval Chaos True Qi for centuries. Already, there were more and more shadows from the primeval chaos. The peaks, forests, and even the beasts living here evolved towards that time period.

“Don’t tell me we’ll just have to search around randomly?” Chen Mo asked.

“No, I have a place. It’s near the center, but that place’s Primeval Chaos True Qi is too powerful. We must have the Star Energy of a Heavenly Star in order to be able to open a pathway.” Mi Ji had researched the Connecting Valley for a decade. She had sorted through many records and learned that the Connecting Valley hid many treasures. Some of these places had yet to be excavated by cultivators.

“What is it?”

“It’s an intact True Record stone tablet called the Origin Binding Stele,3 left behind by the ancient ‘Brush Slithering Serpent’ Yan Zhenqing.4 Reportedly, it’s already reached Third Stage.”

“Third Stage.” Jiang Yuezhuo was shocked.

Chen Mo drove the Flying Sword forward as he listened to her explanation.

It turned out that Yan Zhenqing’s calligraphy had three stages. The first was establishing the framework of her style, a style in search of grace and strength. The second studied the subtleties of the character, delving into the majesty outside it. The last stage “reached the variations of gods and was as bright as life.” After going through the three stages, Yan Zhenqing’s “Yan style” was developed and called the world’s second semicursive script.

Back then, so that Li Si could create the Heirloom Seal Of The Realm, she used many ancient tablet inscriptions for comprehension.

Many tablet inscriptions had shattered apart if not turned to dust within just a few centuries’ time. If not already looted by others, there should be very few True Works left in the Connecting Valley. Mi Ji had once inadvertently discovered a clue to Yan Zhenqing’s “Origin Binding Stele” when she was appraising jade at the Thousand Gold Pavilion. Later, she diligently and meticulously studied, finally ascertaining its general location.

But that place was in the depths of the Connecting Valley. Mi Ji had no way to reach that place on her own. She could only wait until she encountered a Heavenly Star to enter. Chen Mo’s arrival this time gave her this chance.

To be frank, Mi Ji was somewhat worried. The certificates that the Thousand Gold Pavilion referred to perhaps could be this Origin Binding Stele.

“Sister Yuezhuo, don’t you want to refine a Thousand Stele Astral Treasure? So long as you obtain this Third Stage ‘Origin Binding Stele,’ you would be able to dominate other True Works, twice the result with half the effort.” Mi Ji said.

“That place should be very dangerous.” Jiang Yuezhuo felt that things definitely would not be very smooth.

“Of course, it’s dangerous. The things that aren’t have already been taken by others.” Mi Ji smiled.

Passing through several peaks and forests, they were already unable to hear any other sounds. After a long and uneventful flight, the pressure in the air grew stronger and stronger

An even thicker Primeval Chaos True Qi stood before them.

Chen Mo used the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi and brought out the Northern Dipper Staff.

Seeing this savage weapon, Mi Ji was shocked. This weapon was too sinister.

Chen Mo brandished the staff. Northern Dipper’s Alpha and Gamma Ursae Majoris Stones glowed at the same time. Star Energy heavily pounded against the Primeval Chaos True Qi, and under his tyrannical power, it finally dispersed to reveal a large gap.

The three of them immediately rushed in when they saw this.

The inside was the border closest to the Connecting Valley’s central area, but on the contrary, the Primeval Chaos True Qi was not as intense, as if they had stepped into a Little Thousand World. After flying for another while, they were already unable to see any verdant foliage. After the entered, a large stretch of desolate valley and caves appeared before them.

The deathly silence was suffocating. At the end, the rocks in front of them already appeared dark red. Countless lava crevices mottled the ground, and the burning wind they belched flew with the grey ash.

All of the stones seemed to be burned by a furnace.

A terribly high heat washed over them. The surrounding hot air flared, and space warped under the heat waves.

Even Chen Mo felt a bit hot.

In practically a few breaths’ time, the three of them were already drenched with perspiration.

“Why’s it so hot?” The mysophobic Mi Ji dried her hands in disgust. She used her Star Energy at full power, but this Star Energy was basically unable to stop the heat that came from ancient times.

“En, our Star Energy usage is very rapid. We might not be able to last for too long.” Jiang Kui also felt the pressure. The girl dripped with sweat, soaking through her clothes.

“Where should we go now?” Chen Mo gazed through this place that was like a boundless, ten thousand li furnace. Space contorted, and his sense of direction was already lost. Even his Divine Intent lost power under this feeling of distortion.

What an incredible place.

Chen Mo had never seen such an environment before. This Primeval Chaos True Qi that shaped the Connecting Valley was surprisingly so powerful.

Mi Ji then flipped her hand and brought out a notebook that contained her research. The girl’s expression was unperturbed. As she read, she suddenly took out her Star Weapon “Water Carp Inkstone” and “Fire Wolf Brush.” She began to draw in the air.

“Earth Rank: Landscape In The Eye!”5

A gorgeous painting of rivers and mountains appeared in the air. The waters were clear and limpid, the spring breeze fresh with dew. In this scorching furnace, it was simply relief.

“Let’s go in.”

Mi Ji said. Soon after, she entered the landscape painting, followed by Chen Mo and Jiang Yuezhuo.

The scenery promptly changed. A several thousand zhang tall crimson peak appeared in front of the three of them. Most of it jut straight into the sky of red clouds. Compared to the surrounding smaller peaks, this giant summit appeared particularly eye-catching.

“What is this technique?” Chen Mo was taken aback.

“Landscape In The Eye can let me copy all landscapes I see. Not only can it see through hidden mechanisms, it can also circumvent space. That distorted area just now would waste too much time.” Mi Ji said.6

What a formidable Earth Rank.

“That peak should be where the Origin Binding Stele is located.” Mi Ji’s cheeks were crimson, unclear whether this was because of the excitement of seeing an ancient True Work or because of the surrounding high temperatures.

“Let’s hurry and go.” Jiang Yuezhuo’s breathing was a bit labored.

“Chen Mo, why do you seem fine?” Mi Fu noticed that Chen Mo’s breathing was very stead, and he appeared unaffected, unlike them, who were straining themselves to progress.

“It’s my Pure Yang Star Energy, so I’m doing okay.” Chen Mo was already accustomed to this.

“Pure Yang Star Energy…This is the first time I’ve seen it.”

The three of them very quickly arrived under that immense crimson peak. Below this peak was a cavern surrounded by scorched earth, as if it had been burned for several millennia.

Judging by the rolling heat waves from the cave, the inside was several tens of thousands of degrees, sufficient to destroy an Earthly Immortal’s Primordial Spirit.

Just as Mi Ji was about to enter the cave, Chen Mo suddenly pulled her back.

“Wait a sec, something isn’t right inside.”

“What?” Mi Ji turned her head back. “The Origin Binding Stele is in that cave. That is the ancient ‘Brush Slithering Serpent’ Yan Zhenqing’s strongest True Work, one that isn’t inferior to Li Si’s.”

“Since it’s so valuable, it definitely won’t be so simple.”

Chen Mo spoke. The Northern Dipper Staff’s Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone glowed with a white light, and the weapon transformed into the gorgeous “Gamma Ursae Majoris Bow.”

“What is this weapon, it can actually even shapeshift?” Mi Ji had never seen such a thing.

Jiang Yuezhuo had seen the Alpha Ursae Majoris Saber and was not surprised.

Chen Mo activated the Deva Eyes and stared at the emitted flames. He fired an arrow into the cavern.

The arrow made a noise without entering the cave.

The flames inside suddenly flared, becoming a tidal wave that rushed outside. Then, a berserk blaze coalesced to form a bestial appearance.

Its entire body flickered with flames. The beast had a horn, tiger fangs and claws, and a voice like thunder.

“Fire Bo!”7 Mi Ji was mortified. This was a legendary Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast.

“Both of you get back, quickly!”

CHen Mo shouted.

The Fire Bo released a scorching shriek. The surrounding scorched earth burst with pillars of fire, and these pillars formed red clouds in the sky. Then, the red clouds rolled, and countless fire dragons descended from the clouds like a torrential downpour.

The two girls were stupefied by the scene before them. They each brought out their respective Star Weapons and defended as they retreated.

“Chen Mo.” Mi Ji suddenly saw that Chen Mo was not with them. She turned her head to look.

And saw Chen Mo already charging at the Fire Bo.

“This man is outrageous!” Mi Ji was shocked in her heart. That was but a Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast.

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  1. ‘白馬諸侯’公孫瓚
  2. Units not specified.
  3. 元結碑
  4. ‘筆走龍蛇’顏真卿
  5. 江山入眼
  6. First thing that came to mind is Obito’s Kamui.
  7. 火駮

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