Chapter 383: Enemies Inevitably Cross Paths

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Connecting Valley, central region, borderline.

Three people stood atop a cliff.

Wearing an old, green robe, Elder Under The Pine’s hands held a certificate as he surveyed the land in front of him.

Before him was ten thousand li of scorched earth. Hot air emanated everywhere, and the terribly high temperatures twisted space into all manners of shape. Even as a Second Tribulation Lord Of Heaven, Elder Under The Pine felt the heat.

This heat was not the ordinary kind. These were high temperatures brought about by the Primeval Chaos period flames. If a cultivator was without defensive measures, the high temperatures would invade the body, burning apart their meridians. In the end, it would incinerate the cultivator to death. Not even their Primordial Spirit could not possibly avoid this. Those like Nian Xuesong could only continuously operate their magic energy to barely prevent the high temperatures from intruding into their bodies.

“This is the place.” Elder Under The Pine said with certainty.

The woman in yellow clothes beside him glanced around, “I never thought this Primeval Chaos place would be so formidable.”

“They say that the a Fire Origin Pearl is in the earth of these flames. We need only follow this trail above to be able to find it. Back then, this Li Si was truly powerful to actually have created such a dangerous place.” Elder Under The Pine’s eyes were aglow.

“Li Si was an assistant to the Ancestral Dragon, after all. It would not be strange for her to have such ability.” The woman calmly said.

“The Thousand Gold Pavilion is also quite capable. They surprisingly were able to solve this place’s mystery.” Elder Under The Pine laughed. “It seems we can have hopes of obtaining the Five Emperors Seal this time.”

“Hm?” The woman’s brows rose as she gazed into the distance.


“Someone has already arrived.”

“Impossible, this place is hidden so deeply. Even I can hardly sense it without relying on this certificate clue. Who else could…Does this mean that the Thousand Gold Pavilion has already dispatched people?” Elder Under The Pine was taken aback.

“Let us go.” Elder Under The Pine was worried.

“Wait.” The woman pulled him back.


“This is not ordinary heat.” The woman said.

Elder Under The Pine’s Divine Intent moved. A jadeite pine tree sprouted from the ground, but those surrounding heat waves suddenly shifted, and this pine was immediately snapped apart by the distortions of space.

“To think it concealed an ambush.” Elder Under The Pine was astonished. If he had rashly charged ahead just a moment ago, he would have also suffered this spatial distortion attack. A moment of carelessness could even destroy his mind and body.

“Ten Thousand Ancient Pines Sword Array!”

Elder Under The Pine activated his sword chant, the “Green Ten Thousand Ancient Flying Swords.” Ninety-nine jade green Flying Swords appeared, becoming a verdant forest that spread over the scorched earth. Countless green lights fell like a downpour. They immediately hacked apart the spatial distortions, and the warped heat waves quickly receded under the green sword-lights.

The Lord Of Heaven’s powerful magic energy had temporarily suppressed the heat waves.

The woman did not proceed without caution. Her figure flickered, and she passed through the distorted space. Her steps were like mist and rain, her beautiful body indistinct. Even Elder Under The Pine, who had self-cultivated for several centuries, was swayed by her gait.

Beautiful, she truly was beautiful.

Star Generals receive the blessing of Heaven. If This Old Man can obtain Li Si’s True Work and even comprehend it, even Star Generals must bow to me. Elder Under The Pine thought to himself, yet his expression did not change as he rushed over.

A powerful heat wave nearly cracked Mi Fu’s skin. The painting that the girl used the Water Carp Inkstone and the Fire Wolf Brush to portray was burnt to ash.

“Your Junior Brother truly is mad.” Mi Fu retreated.

They watched Chen Mo brandish Northern Dipper in an intense battle against the Fierce Beast, Fire Bo. The Fire Bo was able to manipulate the local scorched earth’s flames. With a thundering cry, the scorched earth burst open and belched flames that were tens of thousands of degrees in temperature. These raging flames were like a storm that wanted to suck a cultivator in.

Chen Mo’s Black Turtle body was immovable as a mountain and unafraid as he walked forward through the fire.

The Fire Bo opened its mouth and fired a blinding thunderbolt.

This clap of thunder exploded like lightning. Chen Mo attacked with Qiankun One Qi. The white qi collided with the thunder, releasing a tremendous noise. The seven Black Turtle Flying Swords formed seven sword-lights that shot towards the Fire Bo.

The Fire Bo once again spat flames, entangling the Flying Swords.

The Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast’s whole body burned with flames that instantly reached the heavens. It pounced, its claws releasing light. With a crash, space was ripped apart.

Chen Mo used Norther Dipper to block this claw and swung his sinister stick.

A gigantic flame exploded in its surroundings.

The Fire Bo suffered Chen Mo’s attack and rolled its body, releasing a hoarse cry.

Chen Mo’s Star Energy was strong, his martial arts extraordinary. The Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast had never encountered such a cultivator. When it faced cultivators in the past, the Fire Bo need only spit its “Ancient Fierce Flame” to be able to burn apart any magic treasure or ability. But this time, the Fire Bo had traded several hundred blows and was still helpless against that weapon.

The Fire Bo circled around endlessly. This Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast had four eyes. Suddenly, it raised its horn and let out an ear-splitting roar.

A wave of fire that toppled mountains and overturned seas barreled directly forth, burning a hundred li of ground.

The Fire Bo’s roar was more shocking than thunder. The powerful wave of fire was unbearable to Mi Fu and Jiang Kui. They could only cover their ears and operate their Star Energy for protection.

The wave of fire struck Chen Mo, but he was still unmoved, steady as Mount Tai. The Black Turtle True Spirit manifested behind him. With a Holy Beast present, what did the cry of a Fierce Beast even amount to.

Seeing the fire wave attack was completely ineffective, the horn on the Fire Bo’s head abruptly glowed.

This horn was the Fire Bo’s most quintessential treasure, for it concentrated ancient flames. The beast tossed its head, and the horn fired a million degree hot beam of red light.

The light beam streaked across the blue sky, ripping apart a several thousand meter long gash in through the burnt ground. The earth and sky seemed to be forcibly sliced apart, revealing a terrible, blood-colored gash. That was ferocious damage.

“Be careful.” Mi Ji shouted with worry.

Chen Mo walked along the Bagua and dashed towards the Fire Bo.

The Fire Bo’s horn continued to release the beam of light, slicing the ground apart like a blade. The light beam’s speed was swift to the peak. Chen Mo was practically unable to see it clearly. However, for the sake of protecting Mi Ji and Jiang Yuezhuo who stood behind him, he could not dodge. He used the Northern Dipper to forcibly resist.

The flaming beam of light cut upon the Northern Dipper. A frightening, primordial power immediately made it seem like Chen Mo was gripping a scorching hot branding iron; he nearly lost his grip on the weapon.

Chen Mo’s determination and will were like stone. Her endured this pain and activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi.

Star Energy continuously gathered.

The Northern Dipper Staff’s star-light was brilliant.

The Fire Bo roared. It fiercely lowered its head and used its horn to launch a thrusting attack.

A bloody gash ripped open the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade. Chen Mo’s pupils shrank as he was knocked away by the Fire Bo. The Fire Bo ferociously pounced, the high heat of its body also an ancient flame sufficient to incinerate an Earthly Immortal Primordial Spirit to nothingness.

Chen Mo moved his wrist. He was not flustered. Neither rushed nor slow, the Alpha Ursae Majoris Saber slashed with “Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.”

Direct and to the point, he nimbly chopped the Fire Bo’s body.

The flames were extinguished under the saber-light. The Fire Bo issued a scream of agony, and several hundred red thunderbolts descended. CHen Mo used the Black Turtle to endure them, the explosions covering him in dust.

Mi Ji seized her chance to wield her Fire Wolf Brush and drew a watery, beautiful picture with Dark Rank Water Vapor Burning Scatterer.

A thousand rivers surged out from the painting, slamming into the Fire Bo.

The Fire Bo shrieked.

Chen Mo’s second slash quickly followed.

The Fire Bo sustained serious injury and tumbled a few times, becoming a blaze that quickly appeared outside the cave. This Primeval Chaos Fierce Beast opened its mouth once again and spat out a fire dragon that concealed the sky.

The Black Turtle Flying Swords had cut apart the flames at this moment. They immediately arrived in front of Chen Mo and combined into one, condensing into a solid shield that stopped the fire dragon’s assault. 

By the time the blaze receded, the Fire Bo had surprisingly fled back into the cavern.

“Is he a Star General…” Mi Ji was stupefied to see that Chen Mo had hardly taken any time to beat this Fierce Beast into retreating with its tail tucked between its legs.

In any case, this Fire Bo was unrivalled against an Earthly Immortal. Even an Earthly Star would be very afraid, but Chen Mo used only a Yellow Rank to defeat it.

“Junior Brother, are you alright.” Jiang Yuezhuo ran over, worried.

The two of them had merely watched with some worry from the sidelines as Chen Mo and the Fire Bo battled. The heat that was in the tens of thousands of degrees was quickly draining their Star Energy.

“I’m fine, what about you two?” Chen Mo saw that they were safe and sound, putting his mind at ease.

“I’ll go into the cave and kill the Fire Bo first. Then, you two can enter.” Chen Mo said.

He had only taken a step, but Chen Mo suddenly stopped and whirled around to stare behind him.

“What’s the matter?” Mi Ji asked. Heat wave distortions were everywhere in the kilometer around them, preventing them from seeing anything clearly.

“Someone’s coming.” Chen Mo said in a low voice.

“How is that possible, I only found this place after years of research.” Mi Ji’s expression was grave: “Don’t tell me the Thousand Gold Pavilion also discovered it.”

“Maybe it has something to do with the certificates.” Jiang Yuezhuo wiped her sweat.

Not long after, several figures appeared over the flatlands.

In mere moments, they arrived under the crimson peak.

Mi Ji did not know how Chen Mo had detected them either, but when she saw the newcomers, the Unknown Literati’s expression suddenly paled.

“Hm? How are there other cultivators and Star Generals here?” When Elder Under The Pine saw Chen Mo’s party, he wrinkled his brow. He was not very happy with the scene before his eyes.

This was a place that he paid an enormous price to finally purchase a clue to, yet now there were others who stole the initiative. Could they be the Thousand Gold Pavilion’s people?

“Two Star Generals, one Earthly Immortal.” Elder Under The Pine thought rapidly and analyzed their background.

Mi Ji and Jiang Yuezhuo’s identities were naturally self-evident, but Chen Mo was unfathomable to Elder Under The Pine. The man’s Realm had just entered Primordial Spirit, barely the threshold of Earthly Immortal. Accordingly, he was not considered a threat. But he was as unwavering as Mount Tai in this place of fire, his breathing extremely steady with no signs of fluctuation. He was even calmer than the two Star Generals.

At first glance, he had the bearing of an insufferably arrogant Heavenly Star.

“Star Warrior?” Elder Under The Pine’s eyes slightly squinted. He asked: “Who are you people, are you here for the Fire Origin Pearl?”

A weak energy came from the cavern. Elder Under The Pine suddenly understood. “This Old Man sensed Primeval Chaos energy fighting a moment ago. Was that Your Distinguished Self?”

Chen Mo had yet to recognize Elder Under The Pine, but he noticed that Mi Ji’s expression was extremely unsightly, glaring at him. With a somewhat ill feeling of foreboding in his heart, Chen Mo was just about to reply when he suddenly saw a man walk over with difficulty.

That man was shocked the moment he saw Chen Mo’s group. He turned pale with fright and in spite of his sorry figure, shouted: “Master, that’s him!!!”

“Hm, what?” Elder Under THe Pine was displeased with his disciple’s agitation.

“Master, this is Chen Mo. He is Jiang Kui’s Servant Star, the one who stole your Astral Crystals.”

“He is the one?” Elder Under The Pine was taken aback. He suddenly felt strict murderous aura cover them. 

Elder Under The Pine turned his head to see that Chen Mo had already raised his staff in attack.

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