Chapter 384: Desert Mountain Seal

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Chen Mo knew there was basically no chance the two sides could engage in dialogue. He immediately seized the initiative.

The Northern Dipper Staff attacked with “Qian Three Linked,” and three staff-shadows descended upon Elder Under The Pine’s head.

“Ridiculous, a mere Earthly Immortal dares to be impudent in front of This Old Man.” Elder Under The Pine waved his sleeve, and a ray of magic energy struck Northern Dipper. The Lord Of Heaven’s magic energy was too strong. Chen Mo’s attack was unable to seize any advantage whatsoever.

Elder Under The Pine’s fingers formed a claw, and green electricity shot out from his palm. The green bolts formed an arc of lightning. In a single breath, it shot towards Chen Mo’s chest.

This Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder was the Five Elements ability that Elder Under The Pine had refined. It gathered Wood and Heavenly Thunder for its refinement, and after a hundred years of training, it had already reached its greatest heights.

Chen Mo could only use Qiankun One Qi to attack the Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder.

A tremendous noise.

The green thunder surprisingly blasted the white qi apart, shooting over without any hesitation.

Chen Mo growled and activated the Black Turtle True Spirit, barely resisting the Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder.

“The Black Turtle True Spirit. You can actually ward off This Old Man’s Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder, no wonder you dare to be so conceited.” Alarm flashed through Elder Under The Pine’s eyes. His Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder could vaporize an Earthly Immortal on contact, yet this man unexpectedly was capable of blocking it.

“Very good, This Old Man will take your Black Turtle today.” Elder Under The Pine’s eyes widened. Sword-light suddenly welled up in the air, and the Flying Swords became like a swarm of green bees, descending immediately upon Chen Mo.

The Black Turtle Flying Swords immediately combined to fend off the flood of green light.

“Evergreen Sword Array!” Elder Under The Pine’s fingers moved.

The green swarm abruptly parted, adopting a strange formation around Chen Mo. Green lightning surged out of it, releasing more than nine thousand sword-lights. Sword-shadows fell, attacking Chen Mo like a swarm of bees covering Heaven and Earth.

Chen Mo’s expression was stern. The seven Black Turtle Swords immediately gathered around him, and the Zhiming Seven Stars developed a defensive formation, manifesting a Black Turtle.

The Four Symbols Black Turtle blocked by using its shell, a green light weaving into a swathe.

The Evergreen Sword Array frantically attacked in Chen Mo’s surroundings. The magic energy’s power was vast end endless. Even Star Generals like Mi Ji and Jiang Yuezhuo were unable to approach. If they did, they would be torn apart by the sword-qi.

Elder Under The Pine’s eyes were like a dry well, disdaining killing Chen Mo as being beneath his contempt.

A mere Earthly Immortal. Even if he was a Star Warrior, he was no match. When Elder Under The Pine reached this Lord Of Heaven Realm, every one of his movements and gestures contained boundless magic energy. Even a blade of grass in his hand was comparable to an Earthly Immortal’s magic treasure. It was a very great honor for an Earthly Immortal to be able to die under his sword array.

Just as Elder Under The Pine thought this, he suddenly sensed that something was not right.

A thick, fishy smell assailed his nostrils.1

The Evergreen Sword Array in front of him was tore open by ice and snow. This ice suddenly overwhelmed the evergreen trees.

The white snow-light carried an intense scent of death to Elder Under The Pine in an instant.

Elder Under The Pine practically did not expect this and felt saber-qi sink into his body.

A cut practically imperceptible to the naked eye had already ripped an embarrassing tear in his Daoist robe.

Elder Under The Pine burst into a cold sweat. If not for the “Ten Thousand Ancient Nature” ability that he cultivated rendering his body extremely resilient, in addition to the endless magic energy in his body, this slash just now would have been sufficient to kill him.

With a crash.

The Evergreen’s sword-light dispersed, becoming ninety-nine Flying Swords that circled around Elder Under The Pine.

Elder Under The Pine stared at that man, not daring to believe his eyes.

“Surprisingly, not even a cut?”

Chen Mo was not at all satisfied with his handiwork. He had but used a century’s worth of Star Energy along with the Black Turtle to barely block the opponent’s attack and use Saber Draw Water Cutter at the critical moment.

Even a Lord Of Heaven must be injured having received his Thousand Year Star Energy’s attack. As expected, This Elder Under The Pine was more formidable than he expected to surprisingly be only a bit unkempt.

“But you won’t be so lucky with the second.” Chen Mo had learned Zheng Yanran’s style. He slightly bowed, all of his movements calm and deliberate, easygoing, clean and natural; his hand gripped the Alpha Ursae Majoris Saber’s hilt neither quickly nor slowly.

This had quite the Star General’s grace.

Elder Under The Pine’s disdain vanished.

He glanced at the woman who came with him, who kept a certain distance away. Her gaze was focused on the other two girls. Apparently, she showed no signs of helping.

This was only natural. How could a high and mighty Star General wallow in the same mire as a cultivator.

But Mi Ji and Jiang Yuezhuo did not have such thoughts.

Dark Rank: Water Vapor Burning Scatterer.2

Dark Rank: One Character Thousand Catties!3

Countless water vapor and fire-lights pounced towards Elder Under The Pine. Jiang Yuezhuo’s Dark Rank One Character Thousand Catties was quite wondrous. An enormous “suppress” character dropped down on top of Elder Under The Pine’s head. That character was a thousand catties in weight, comparable to a magic treasure.

Elder Under The Pine waved his hand. Two Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder destroyed the Earthly Star’s Dark Rank, but Chen Mo’s next slash had already seized its opportunity. Chen Mo’s saber-wielding movements as natural as a bird flying through the sky, as natural as a fish breathing underwater.

Swift to the extreme.

A blade like “raging rapids, rushing storm.”

Elder Under THe Pine let out a hoarse cry. His figure became a green light that launched straight for Chen Mo. A jasper ring shot out from his thumb. THis jasper ring looped around in the air and swelled to several zhang in size. Boundless green light descended from this ring. Suddenly, an invisible void appeared in their surroundings and swallowed them.

Little Thousand World – Blue Sky Ring.4

Chen Mo looked at the surrounding environment. The scorched earth hell had become a verdant and boundless bamboo forest, with a cool breeze, white clouds, and an auspicious peace.

Chen Mo had already experienced a Little Thousand World from Daoist Shang, so he was not flustered.

Although the Little Thousand Worlds were mysterious beyond compare, maintaining them required significant magic energy. Even a Lord Of Heaven could not trap him here for a lifetime.

“You enter my Little Thousand World actually without any panic.” Elder Under The Pine appeared and sneered. “This place will be your grave.”

Green light rolled over the ground. The boundless bamboo forest underfoot suddenly shot into the sky. Innumerable bamboo swords formed a tidal wave of blades.

All of this Void World’s pressure squeezed Chen Mo from all directions. Any other cultivator would have basically been unable to move in a Lord Of Heaven’s Little Thousand World and could only wait for death.

Chen Mo mobilized the Black Turtle True Spirit, forcibly resisting the Little Thousand World’s mandated oppression.

Against the tide of swords, CHen Mo did not dare be careless. He activated the Gods And Demons Life And Death Wheel. The Gods And Demons Wheel was categorized as a Heaven Earth level Spirit Treasure, representing life and death. The two dharma wheels of gods and demons suddenly appeare din empty space, spinning endlessly. Their power splintered all of the bamboo swords.

While under the Life And Death Wheel, Chen Mo flew straight up.

He threw a punch.

The black light on his fist was like the Northern Dipper, shattering the peace of the Little Thousand World like a demon. The bamboo forest disintegrated, the white clouds evaporated, and the force of the punch surprisingly made the old man feel a change.

This man’s punching techniques were quite varied.

Elder Under The Pine was calm. This was his own Little Thousand World, the Blue Sky Ring. He basically had no need to fear. 

The old man’s Flying Swords were summoned. Ninety-nine Flying Swords gathered into a green sword-light.

A punch using the Gods And Demons Wheel collided with the Flying Swords.

Chen Mo promptly felt his arm was about to disintegrate, and injuries appeared on the Body of the Black TUrtle. He brandished the Northern Dipper Staff in his hands at empty space.

The iron rod emerged.

An astral wind rolled.

Elder Under The Pine was pushed back several steps. He flicked his fingers.

The Heavenly Bamboo Green Thunder attacked once again.

More than a hundred green thunderballs hurtled towards Chen Mo, countless of them exploding in the astral wind. Innumerable rolls of thunder blasted empty space, and the heavens were full of terrible thunderclouds.

Before Elder Under The Pine could relax, the thunderclouds were dispersed. That man unexpectedly charged at him again.

The staff in his hands swung down towards his head.

“Gen Overturned Bowl.”

Majestic Star Energy covered his head. Elder Under The Pine also felt pressure, and his expression could not help but change.

How was this man’s Star Energy so powerful.

Elder Under The Pine turned into an escape light and immediately evaded. He put his palms together. The Little Thousand World once again tried to squeeze, layer upon layer of restriction arts entering Chen Mo’s center.

But Chen Mo’s body was indomitable, basically unable to be disturbed. Although he was not True Phoenix, Chen Mo’s Black Turtle was already at the pinnacle. He had no need to fear a Lord Of Heaven.

When Elder Under The Pine saw this, he grit his teeth.

He operated the Flying Swords to continue attacked Chen Mo. At the same time, he formed a hand seal. A black light gathered in his palm. Seeing that Chen Mo had broken the Flying Swords, he did not hesitate at all to release the black light in his hands.

The light scattered, revealing an enormous mountain seal.

“To actually force This Old Man to activate this magic weapon.” Elder Under The Pine sneered. The brown seal in his hand spun and spun. It spun in the air and became a mountain peak that bore down upon Chen Mo.

Chen Mo used the Zhangtian Seal and the Gods And Demons Wheel to try and suppress the mountain seal.

The humongous mountain seal released a brown light. All of a sudden, yellow dust scattered in all directions, flooding everywhere. It surprisingly gave off a prehistoric feeling and suddenly restrained Chen Mo.

“Desert Mountain Seal!”5

Seeing Chen Mo get sucked into the Little Thousand World by the Lord Of Heaven, Mi Ji and Jiang Yuezhuo’s expressions changed.

After a cultivator underwent Primordial Spirit Seven Divisions and Universe Origin Three Boundaries, the Primordial Spirit would already truly attained the divine power to reach through antiquity, to be able to create from magic energy a Void World. In this world, the Lord Of Heaven’s own consciousness ruled over everything. Once a cultivator landed in the Lord OF Heaven’s Little Thousand World, they were practically dead. Even a Star General that was not at Heavenly Star True Phoenix Realm would be very troubled.

Although Chen Mo had Star Energy comparable to a Heavenly Star, in the end, he was not a genuine Star Name. Without a Heavenly Star’s “True Phoenix,” the odds were bad for a cultivator in the Little Thousand World unless they had a creation-type ability.

Jiang Yuezhuo and Mi Ji prepared to go rescue Chen Mo.

Nian Xuesong summoned Flying Swords. Several dozen linked together into a rainbow that hacked at the two girls. Mi Ji promptly activated a hundred High Grade Talismans. These talismans became more than a thousand purple fireballs that shot towards Nian Xuesong.

The Flying Swords looped around, and Nian Xuesong defended with all his might.

Jiang Yuezhuo also launched her assault.

Nian Xuesong was suddenly already unable to endure. He hastily activated the Kalpa Heavenly Bottle.

The bottle emerged, and the fireballs’ aggression was completely sucked in. The man immediately said: “Fellow Huang,6 what are you waiting for.”

The two girls were cold. They vigilantly looked at that eternally aloof woman, for they were deeply aware that she was a Star General.

The yellow-clothed woman indifferently smiled: “Your Servant feels that Young Lord Chen Mo and Elder Under The Pine are evenly matched. It would be better for them to decide a victor and for you two to not disturb them.”

“As a Star General, you also enjoy fame. A magnificent Star General surprisingly conspires with a cultivator.” Jiang Yuezhuo accused.

The woman was expressionless.

“This is merely collaboration.”

“A disgrace.”

“A disgrace?” The Huang woman looked at Jiang Yuezhuo with mockery: “Compared to signing a Servant Star Contract with a cultivator, is this considered a disgrace?”

“Watch this.”

Mi Ji held the Fire Wolf Brush and brandished it.

Wild cursive formed a portrait.

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  1. IDK what ability Chen Mo has that gives off a scent like this. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. 水煙焚散
  3. 一字千斤
  4. 蒼空戒
  5. 荒山印


  1. I think that one of the footnotes did not get closed properly, because part of the text seems to have been transported there…

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