Chapter 39: Fiery-eyed Demon Python

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Chen Mo’s chest, shoulder, and leg were struck by three arrows.

Lu Kezhou was considered to have appreciated the toughness of this brat’s body. An ordinary Qi And Blood warrior would have had their bodies penetrated like tissue paper by his arrows, but this brat surprisingly withstood him, unexpectedly not falling over at all.

This brat had a problem.

Lu Kezhou gathered killing intent in his heart, his eyes spurting his baleful aura as he aimed at Chen Mo’s heart.

All of a sudden, the ground violently jolted, and the mountain quaked. An overwhelming Demon Qi poured out from the cave. Lu Kezhou’s expression was startled, What’s this.

A giant snake shot out of the cave, its eyes crimson, its scales like mirrors, flicking its scarlet tongue as it opened its maw.

“Fiery-eyed Python!!”

Lu Kezhou recognized this Rank Two Demon Beast.

A long golden arrow was wedged deep in the Fiery-eyed Python’s body. It was none other than his very own Taiyi Golden Arrow. Lu Kezhou immediately realized what had happened.

The man hatefully glared at Chen Mo, itching to tear him to pieces.

This brat surprisingly tricked him into drawing out this Demon Beast.

Chen Mo ducked away quickly. He deliberately pounded the ground earlier to disturb the snake. By the time Lu Kezhou fired his arrow into the cave, this Demon Beast was thoroughly jolted awake.

However, Lu Kezhou’s Taiyi Golden Arrow was indeed beyond his expectations, to surprisingly embed itself into the Demon Beast’s body. But this being the case, the Fiery-eyed Python would completely treat Lu Kezhou as its mortal enemy.

Lu Kezhou screamed in terror, hastily drawing his bow and firing several arrows in succession.

The Fiery-eyed Python’s Demon Qi flourished. It opened its jaws wide, releasing a rolling, evil wind towards Lu Kezhou. When Lu Kezhou saw his arrows were unable to penetrate the Fiery-eyed Python’s scale armor, he thoroughly panicked, using a body technique to attempt an escape.

All of a sudden.

The evil wind swept over him, wrapping around.

Lu Kezhou had no room whatsoever to resist.

The Fiery-eyed Python constricted Lu Kezhou, its giant serpent body winding tightly around the man’s body as if it was a toy. Lu Kezhou did his utmost to circulate his Three Flowers Overhead power, manifesting the Essence Flower above him. Maintaining his indestructible qi and blood, the man then pounded the snake’s body endlessly.

Rock Splitting Palm Technique!

His Rock Splitting Palm Technique was enough to shatter the bones and muscles of a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warriors, but against the Rank Two Demon Beast Fiery-eyed Python, it was completely useless. The Fiery-eyed Python’s armor deflected most of his power. Although he had cultivated to Three Flowers Overhead’s Essence Flower Realm, he was still barely above Qi And Blood stage. Lu Kezhou’s strength was far from being able to present a threat to the Fiery-eyed Python.

The Fiery-eyed Python constricted tighter and tighter, its maw breathing out an evil qi.

His bones splintered, an ear-grating noise like the popping of popcorn. The man screamed in pain. His prior graceful bearing and overbearing arrogance no longer existed. “Brother, save me!!!”

Chen Mo was very aghast at this scene.

The Rank Two Demon Beast cultivated Demon Qi and had powers. It already transcended the shackles of its physical body. Normal warriors were no match for it unless they possessed special tricks.

Lu Kezhou’s bones and muscles ruptured inch by inch under the Fiery-eyed Python’s constriction. The man spared no effort to use all of his martial arts, but even his indestructible qi and blood was growing weaker under the Fiery-eyed Python’s Demon Qi, like a candle in the wind. Chen Mo knew that Lu Kezhou would not survive, but then he himself would be exposed to even greater danger. When finally Lu Kezhou died, this Fiery-eyed Python would inevitably return to the cavern, a waste of all his efforts up until now.

Chen Mo grit his teeth, bringing out Northern Dipper. He drank a mouthful of Qi Returning Dew.

At this moment.

The cold pond.

Hidden in a corner, Zhongli Sanmei saw a golden arrow shoot into the cavern, rousing the Fiery-eyed Python. That massive snake furiously charged outside, giving her an enormous opportunity.

Nothing was left in the cold pond’s surroundings. At this moment, the Earthly Fiend Treasure Chest lay inside the pool. Zhongli Sanmei knew this was an opportunity that Chen Mo was sparing no effort to buy for her. The King Of Extinguished Ashes did not dare waste a bit of this precious time. Drumming up her strength, she crossed the pond in a few steps. When she drew near the Earthly Fiend Treasure Chest, the Earthly Fiend Star Energy it emitted fell over her whole body like dew after a rain.

Most of the wounds over her body magically vanished, and the black spots on her skin slowly faded.

Familiar Star Energy made Zhongli Sanmei absorb it greedily. She sat cross-legged, the Star Crest on her forehead shimmering. She began to continually take in this Star Energy, making this Star Energy combine with her body and finally restore her Star Crest.

Lu Kezhou’s eyes widened. He shrugged his shoulders, the flower over his head withered and shattered. All of his bones were fractured, and he ceased to draw breath. His death expression was filled with terror and hatred, completely not anticipating he would die in this place. The Fiery-eyed Python swallowed Lu Kezhou in a single gulp and straightened its immense body. Its gaze fixed straight onto Chen Mo.

Its crimson eyes were cruel and savage.

Chen Mo took a deep breath.

The next instant, the Fiery-eyed Python abruptly attacked.

Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper, the iron rod fanned a gale that pounded the Fiery-eyed Python in the face, striking it with a clang, showering the surroundings with sparks. This nearly knocked the Fiery-eyed Python silly. The snake drew back some distance, as if it did not dare believe an ordinary Qi And Blood warrior’s stick was able to produce such formidable power.

The Fiery-eyed Python let out an angry hiss, spitting out evil qi.

Chen Mo retreated backwards while the Fiery-eyed Python used another skill at high speed. An evil wind rolled around Chen Mo’s body, and the snake’s body tightly wrapped around him.

Its maw nipped at him. Chen Mo stared calmly at that Taiyi Golden Arrow jutting out of the Fiery-eyed Python’s body. He swapped the stick to his left hand and swung.

Like a giant hammer upon an iron nail.

The Taiyi Golden Arrow exposed outside of its skin was driven deep like a stake into the Fiery-eyed Python’s body. The snake painfully opened its mouth, and its constricting body slackened. Chen Mo seized his chance and smashed it several times in succession.

Each of the Northern Dipper’s attacks beat upon it with heavy noises, ear-piercing within a range of a dozen li.

Chen wielded all of his strength, completely retaining all of his breath via the Nose Locking Art. His formidable power smashed holes in the Fiery-eyed Python’s scales.

The Fiery-eyed Python was unable to tolerate any more. This human warrior’s strength was too fucking abnormal. It flung its snake tail, striking Northern Dipper, like two weapons crossing.

A series of loud clangs.

Chen Mo’s objective was to stall the Fiery-eyed Python for Zhongli Sanmei for as long as possible. As he fought, he wandered, not betraying that this was a fight to entangle it.

Another gust of evil wind.

It blew over Chen Mo’s body. Amidst the movement of Demon Qi, Chen Mo felt all of his body’s qi and blood turn cold, his power greatly ebb away. He could not muster his strength.

A Demon Beast ability.

The attack method a warrior feared most.

Chen Mo’s complexion changed.

The Fiery-eyed Python flung its tail. This time, Chen Mo could not ward off the Demon Beast’s power, and Northern Dipper was sent flying far away. Seeing its opponent lose that giant weapon, the Fiery-eyed Python hissed, as if it was proud of itself. Then, it threw itself over as fast as lightning, using its finishing move.

Chen Mo’s boxing met it head-on, using the super first-rate technique Dui Upper Open.

Dui Upper Open broke the Fiery-eyed Python’s entanglement. Chen Mo then switched to Gen Overturned Bowl.

Immense force suppressed the Fiery-eyed Python’s counterattack, a punch and palm attack containing it from above and below, striking the snake square in the head. After the Fiery-eyed Python was suppressed, Chen Mo’s third super first-rate martial art Xun Lower Broken was utilized.

His figure vanished all of a sudden. Then, it reappeared above the Fiery-eyed Python, his fist barreling downwards.

The surrounding wind was pulled away. The power gathered in his fist instantly exploded, powerful wind practically blowing away the surrounding hundred meters of snow.

This punch mercilessly struck the Fiery-eyed Python’s head. Even this Rank Two Demon Beast was unable to bear Chen Mo’s chain of attacks, beaten to the ground by this punch.

Chen Mo was exhausted to the point his qi and blood were practically depleted. He gasped for breath, not daring to have any delusions. Once again, he drank Qi Returning Dew, endlessly distressed upon seeing only a few gulps of Qi Returning Dew were left.

Hissing continuously, the Fiery-eyed Python writhed a few times, once again raising its body up. Compared to its initial arrogance, it looked a bit sorry right now. Blood flowed endlessly over its body. The wound from the Taiyi Golden Arrow especially was becoming even more severe.

Chen Mo forced a smile.

Under that strike of his, an ordinary warrior would have died for good. This black python surprisingly still had strength to fight back. He finally understood why warriors feared even Rank One or Two Demon Beasts. It was honestly too difficult for a warrior to contend against them empty-handed.

The Fiery-eyed Python was inherently a Rank One snake that had cultivated several decades worth of Earthly Fiend Star Energy to finally ascend to Rank Two. With the Earthly Fiend Star Energy, the Demon Qi if cultivated was naturally profound. It rapidly flicked its tongue. The Fiery-eyed Python wanted nothing more than to slowly chew apart this human who was even more demonic than itself and swallow him into its belly. With a strange cry, the snake suddenly twisted its lower body. The giant snake tail then swung down towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo only heard a whoosh. A squall wailed, and immediately afterwards, the light above his head dimmed. A violent force bore down upon him like Mount Tai.

Chen Mo hastily ducked, and then he warped to his left.

With a massive boom, the Fiery-eyed Python’s tail brushed past his body, striking heavily upon the ground. The mountain rocks were pulverized by the snake tail.

Though its strike missed, the Fiery-eyed Python did not give Chen Mo any chance to catch his breath. It immediately initiated its second wave of attacks.

The Fiery-eyed Python opened its bloody maw, and several dozen rays of thick evil wind sprayed forth from its mouth. Like miniature snakes, they hissed, threateningly pouncing towards Chen Mo, a ghastly sight.

The evil qi was heavy as lead, crushing him. Chen Mo was unmoved. Shrugging his shoulders, he rose up and rolled like a vast clap of thunder, catching the Fiery-eyed Python’s leap like a vessel held water.

His strength shook like thunder, beating upon the Fiery-eyed Python’s body. There was a dull thud that rang through the entire sky. The massive Fiery-eyed Python was surprisingly sent flying.


Zhen Upright Basin.

This Zhen Upright Basin used up most of Chen Mo’s strength. He nearly fell to a knee, but there was no chance for him to catch his breath. Chen Mo grabbed Northern Dipper and moved to kill the Fiery-eyed Python.

The iron rod smashed against the Fiery-eyed Python like a torrential downpour.

The Fiery-eyed Python hissed and shrieked, spitting out Lu Kezhou’s corpse.

It probably never imagined that it could easily dispatch a Three Flowers Overhead warrior, only to cut such a sorry figure against a Qi And Blood Eight or Nine Turns warrior.

The Fiery-eyed Python raised dark clouds. Just as it was prepared to first return to the cave and absorb a bit of Earthly Fiend Star Energy, at this moment, a green rainbow descended from above the mountain. The green light wrapped around the Fiery-eyed Python as if it was another snake itself. A tall and thin old man appeared above the Fiery-eyed Python’s head. The old man then slapped the Fiery-eyed Python with his palm.

The green rainbow twisted.

Immediately, the heavily injured Fiery-eyed Python was swatted to death.

Towards this sudden change, this transient occurrence that was swift to the extreme, Chen Mo’s first reaction was…

Fuck, someone wants to compete for this monster?

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