Chapter 40: Use Your Kiss

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When the Demon Beast’s haughtiness died down, the forest promptly recover its tranquility. The Fiery-eyed Python collapsed limply. Only at this moment did Chen Mo take notice that the newcomer who killed the snake was an old man dressed in green snake-patterned clothes. His complexion was clear and stern, his gaze gloomy.

Chen Mo’s expression darkened.

A snake even more troublesome than the Fiery-eyed Python had come.

No mistake.

He was none other than the Qing Family’s Ancestor, Qing Bugai!

The Qing Family Ancestor looked down on Chen Mo from high up, those slender eyes like a viper eyeing prey, waiting to launch a deadly strike at any moment. 

His expressionless face was somewhat noble yet also a bit impressed.

In truth, the activity from Chen Mo and the Fiery-eyed Python was very great. The Qing Family Ancestor had already sensed them and had been waiting to the side all along for a chance to act. This Rank Two Demon Beast was very thorny. Qing Bugai himself did not have too great a chance against it. When he saw Chen Mo fight it, he thought the brat was undoubtedly dead.

He never imagined this brat was indeed very formidable, chaining four super first-rate martial arts and brute force to nearly kill the Fiery-eyed Python. The defeat the Qing Family’s warriors experienced was not a fluke.

This brat is trash?

There was perhaps a very great disparity between Wan’er and him. The Qing Family Ancestor’s heart had the urge to throttle him.

“Many thanks for saving me, Senior. Chen Mo is endlessly grateful.” Chen Mo saluted.

Ready to give and take, neither servile nor overbearing, he is indeed a man.

Qing Bugai inwardly judged him.

“I ask of you, where is the Star General.” Qing Bugai indifferently asked.

“The Star General just traversed Azure Dragon Mountain. She ought to be on the other peak by now.” Chen Mo forced a smile: “Your Servant also came to kill her. What a pity that Your Servant was held back by the Demon Beast. If it was not for Senior’s assistance, Your Servant truly would be unfortunate.”

Seeing Chen Mo’s bitterness and frustrated sighs, a naïve person would honestly believe that he was vexed over missing killing the Star General. However, what sort of person was the Qing Family’s Ancestor. He was very astute, sneering inside his mind while remaining expressionless outwardly. “If you dare to deceive This Ancestor, then you will share this Demon Beast’s fate.”

“How can Your Servant have this strength.” Chen Mo smiled.

Qing Bugai’s gaze spied the cavern, and he walked towards it.

Chen Mo obstructed in front of him.

The old man’s expression chilled. This was the first time a Qi And Blood Warrior had dared to stand in front of him.

“Your Servant has something to ask Senior for guidance. May Your Servant be so bold as to ask if Senior is the Qing Family’s Ancestral Master?” Chen Mo deferentially said.

“An ignorant child dares to display insignificant talents before This Ancestor.” The Qing Family Ancestor was angered. How could he not see that Chen Mo was trying to stall for time. He immediately found an excuse to swat Chen Mo dead.

An ordinary “Great Snake Collapse” brought intense palm-wind, unstoppable.

Just this gale alone made Chen Mo sense the qi and blood in his body dissipate.

What formidable power.

As expected of a warrior at the Essence Flower Late Stage of Three Flowers Overhead. With his essence producing blood at its limit, Chen Mo’s qi and blood was practically unable to ward this off. Fortunately, Northern Dipper Great Overflow circulated Star Energy, so Chen Mo unleashed a one-inch punch at the same time.

The old man’s qi and blood was like an iron plate. Chen Mo’s one-inch punch surprisingly produced no results at all.

Oh, shit.

He was no match for this old man.

The Qing Family Elder sneered. For a trifling Qi And Blood Warrior to think of injuring a Three Flowers Overhead Warrior, this truly was the sleeptalk of trash. I shall let you experience what despair is.

Qing Bugai changed his fists to palms. His hands were like snakes, catching and clinging onto Chen Mo’s punch.

Chen Mo cried out in pain. The bones in his right hand were fractured.

To have such formidable potential and not obediently hide in Chang’an Mansion for self-cultivation, to instead come out and show off, you shall pay the price today. Qing Bugai thought this as his body shifted. A green rainbow launched, becoming a large green serpent.

This was the highest level of the “Mimicry Martial Arts,” to turn oneself into another thing. Each and every one of his techniques already reached the apex. Only a warrior with the indestructible Essence Blood of Three Flowers Overhead could us it.

Chen Mo once again used “Zhen Upright Basin” to try and stop Qing Bugai’s attack.

Yet the Qing Family Ancestor was not a Demon Beast. His fist-shadows were in the thousands, descending like rain. Chen Mo’s thundering attack was completely overwhelmed.

Bang, bang, bang.

The explosive cracks of bone resounded over his body.

Chen Mo knew many of his bones had been broken. He shouted, taking up his staff in his left hand.

Northern Dipper destroyed an afterimage. Qing Bugai already descended from the sky, his palm covering Chen Mo.

Northern Dipper flew off.

Powerful force sent Chen Mo directly flying a hundred meters. He lay sprawled on the ground, not breathing.

“You overestimated yourself, bringing about your own doom.”

Under such a powerful attack, a Qi And Blood Warrior basically had no chance to return alive. Qing Bugai smirked and waved his sleeve, preparing to enter the cavern.

All of a sudden, an unruly and arrogant voice came from behind him.

“You old fart, This Young Master is still alive and kicking.”

Qing Bugai turned his head back, a bit incredulous as he looked at Chen Mo. 

Chen Mo slowly got up. There were depressions all over his body, and an unknown number of his bones were broken. Every slight movement produced excruciating pain, but he did not heed this, paid no mind at all, as if nothing had happened in the first place.

That thin and weak body revealed unyielding, iron bones.

To have such youth and spirit, Qing Bugai was unexpectedly somewhat envious.

“What an impressive brat you are, This Ancestor is impressed. With your potential, there will be a day sooner or later when you can achieve magnificent feats. Dying for one insignificant Star General truly is not worth it. This is your greatest weakness.” Qing Bugai curled his fists and coldly asked: “Do you regret this?”

“This Young Master has never regretted anything.” Chen Mo blossomed with a savage grin.

“You will find your answer to this question on your way to hell.”

The Qing Family Ancestor’s figure moved the next second, his hands like claws slashing at Chen Mo’s neck. This time, he wanted to wring this neck apart, to make this arrogant head forever droop.

The so-called young hero’s courage, he wanted to break it!

Just as the Qing Family Ancestor’s hands were about to touch Chen Mo’s neck, suddenly, a luminous flame shot over. Upon touching it, a scorching feeling forced the Qing Family Ancestor back. Two rays of killing intent crisscrossed and attacked, repelling the Qing Family Ancestor’s palms.

A woman as glamorous as fire appeared in front of Chen Mo.

Her long hair poured down in torrents, her brow was bright and charming, her figure slender, graceful, and elegant.

Astonishingly, she was King Of Extinguished Ashes, Zhongli Sanmei.

Zhongli Sanmei’s hands tightened their grip. Two flames in her palms flowed and became two delicate spears, “Burnt Out Three Calamities.”

“Why did you come out?” Chen Mo was astonished, his tone a bit displeased. The girl’s Star Energy apparently was not recovered to a perfect state.

Zhongli Mo had been in the cave absorbing the chest’s Earthly Fiend Star Energy all along, but this was not something that could be finished in such short time. Star Generals all possessed “Divine Intent.” When Chen Mo fought the Demon Beast Fiery-eyed Python and then the Qing Family Ancestor, the woman could sense everything.

Seeing Chen Mo put his life on the line to protect her, the King Of Extinguished Ashes herself was quite conflicted.

Seeing that Chen Mo was about to meet a violent death at the hands of the Qing Family Ancestor, the King Of Extinguished Ashes was completely unable to sit back and watch. As one of Xiang Yu’s Great Heavenly Kings, there was no doubt that Zhongli Sanmei was very arrogant, but this did not imply she was inflexible. Knowing full well there was a chance to live yet waiting helplessly for death, she therefore stepped forth.

“King Of Extinguished Ashes, Zhongli Mo!” The Qing Family Ancestor’s tone contained a sneer towards the Star General.

“You are aware of This King’s renown, yet you still do not hurry and roll away.” Zhongli Sanmei raised her brows, still maintaining a lofty attitude.

“This Ancestor shall instead see today just what level of might you Star Generals have.” Qing Bugai laughed. He could tell that Zhongli Sanmei was bluffing. Barely any of her Star Energy was recovered, and her Realm did not appear to be very high. The Qing Family’s ancestor was confident he had the qualifications to fight her.

“On what basis does a clown like you have the qualifications.”

The King Of Extinguished Embers grit her teeth, attacking with Burnt Out Three Calamities.

The Qing Family Ancestor swung his hands, his palm-wind nipping like an enormous serpent.

The power of his Great Snake Collapse directly struck the twin spears, shaking Zhongli Sanmei back. Her figure slid backwards, stopping several dozen meters away.

His footfalls rumbling like muffled thunder, the Qing Family Ancestor activated the Essence Flower of his Three Flowers Overhead, concentrating his qi and blood into being.

Before Zhongli Sanmei could take a breath, an ice-cold green light already flit under her nose. Qing Bugai had already rushed up to her. His body was like a snake’s, with vigor great enough to swallow mountains and rivers.

“Die for This Ancestor!!”

His palms descended, killing intent winding.

This was a formidable technique of the Spirit Snake Fist.

Snake Spiraling Slash.1

Zhongli Sanmei’s teeth ground against one another. She held fast to her spears, all the strength in her body focused into her wrists, fearlessly lunging forth. The first exchange of blows had  rang with ear-splitting metallic collisions. A ray of killing intent attacked Zhongli Sanmei’s body, and a tearing feeling seemed to rip her body apart. Zhongli Sanmei spurred her Star Energy to full power. The boulder-like defense she erected cracked, then surprisingly disintegrated.

The Essence Flower Late Stage of a Three Flowers Overhead warrior was not something vain, indeed.

Her body slightly lowered, and the Burnt Out Three Calamities drew a trail of blood as they slashed at Qing Bugai’s legs.

Knowing that her own Star Energy was hardly recovered, and with much more that was not completely refined, Zhongli Sanmei wanted to rely on her experience to quickly end the battle.

Qing Bugai was like a snake against the wind, suddenly leaping off the ground to avoid Zhongli Sanmei’s slash. At a level like his, martial arts already combined with the body. Each and every technique was full of ease and proficiency.

Burnt Out Three Calamities hacked downwards.

Clang, clang.

Sparks sprayed everywhere.

Qing Bugai used a “Snake Constriction” to barely entangle the randomly appearing and disappearing short spears. He broke into a cold sweat. Such swift speed, even a weakened Star General was unexpectedly able to make his defenses slightly ineffective. If it was not for her lack of power, Qing Bugai could even see himself easily dying to her spear. The Qing Family Ancestor’s wrist lowered, drawing a large circle.

The sound of his punch was ear-splitting as thunder, shaking the blue dome of Heaven.

The two of them traded a hundred blows.

The Qing Family Ancestor used full power, and a Spirit Snake Palm covered her chest. The woman recoiled in pain, retreating a hundred steps. Although the Zero Star Burnt Out Three Calamities in her hands appeared ferocious and scathing, to the old man who was at Essence Flower Late Stage of Three Flowers Overhead, this did not present too much of a threat.

Great Snake Collapse!

Python Crosses River!

With his tricky palm-shadows, the Qing Family Ancestor was honestly like a vicious viper striking at the woman’s fatal spots.

Chen Mo looked on from the side in worry, helpless with his multiple broken and fractured bones. Practically nothing was left intact. Even moving a single finger made him feel intense pain, so he was unable to render her any aid. However, Chen Mo still had a trump card. Contained in his Astral Stone was the black go piece that Xiyi left him. The piece contained enormous Star Energy that was sufficient to slay the Qing Family Ancestor in one blow. It even had enough room to spare against a Star General. 

But this piece was the promise he kept with Xiyi. Until that time, he did not want to use it at all.

Zhongli Sanmei’s martial arts were pure. The flames and spear-light of the Burnt Out Three Calamities rolled the snow like a storm. The blizzard in a range of a dozen li was melted by the high temperatures, turning the area to spring.

But the Qing Family Ancestor had cultivated for such a long time that his Spirit Snake Chant had already been refined to the pinnacle of mimicry, the level of “Man And Snake As One.” The King Of Extinguished Ashes was surprisingly losing little by little.

“Today, This Ancestor shall kill you, a Heavenly King Great General, with my own hand.” Qing Bugai launched a berserk assault. He pushed a palm out. Killing intent like a blade twisted towards Zhongli Sanmei.

Zhongli Sanmei suffered several slashes in succession, her sorry figure pushed before Chen Mo. The cuts over her body split open into bloody holes, and her red armor was torn apart.

Qing Bugai advanced, like a snake hunting prey, his rolling qi and blood surprisingly flared up and filled the area, locking Chen Mo and Zhongli Sanmei’s surroundings and preventing escape. Enormous killing intent barreled down towards the two of them. There was no way to escape.

The Qing Family Ancestor’s strongest technique, a super first-rate martial art.

Snake Swallows Elephant!!2

Qing Bugai had already spared no effort to kill these two. Zhongli Sanmei did not even show a grave expression. On the contrary, she revealed a feral smile.

She turned her head and suddenly faced Chen Mo.

Her provocative eyes seemed to be eyeing prey, dripping with wild allure and desire.

“What’re you doing…” Chen Mo somehow felt naked, an illusion like he was about to lose his chastity.

Without delay, Zhongli Sanmei grabbed Chen Mo’s collar, practically sticking her face against his. Chen Mo could even distinctly feel that girl’s scorching, sweet breath. “This King shall borrow your Star Energy.”


Before he could finish, King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Sanmei lowered her head and kissed Chen Mo on the mouth. Their lips intertwined, their tongues wrapping around each other as she sucked him sweetly. A strange feeling spread from her soft lips and tongue throughout his whole body. All the tissue in his body immediately was crammed with something gentle and lovely.

A red bolt of lightning struck Chen Mo’s forehead and carved out a gorgeous Star Crest, finally etching itself deep into his mind.

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