Chapter 42: You Aren’t My Only Woman

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Chen Mo then left the cavern and found the Fiery-eyed Python’s corpse. This Fiery-eyed Python was an excellent thing, for its snake scales could be made into defensive armor, and its meat and muscles could be sold to be used as medicine. But the most important point was something else entirely. Chen Mo cut open the Fiery-eyed Python’s body, using his hand to search inside amongst its organs. He had only just washed himself clean, but in a flash, he was already filthy again. Zhongli Sanmei disdainfully maintained a certain distance.

Chen Mo’s expression suddenly brightened.

It has one.

Chen Mo brought his hand out. In it, he held a seemingly stone-like object.

“Is this a Demon Pellet?” Zhongli Sanmei wrinkled her brow.

“Should be.” Chen Mo nodded. He could sense that this brown-colored stone contained Demon Qi.

Demon Beasts cultivated Demon Qi. Demon Beasts that wielded powers immersed their bodies in Demon Qi year in and year out to condense a Demon Pellet. This Demon Pellet was the essence of the Demon beast, and it could be said to be the memories it held in its mind, retaining some of the Demon Beast’s unique powers. This Demon Pellet in Chen Mo’s hand was not pure at all. It needed to undergo a casting master’s polishing, to extract the Demon Pellet’s quintessence.

Ordinary Demon Pellets were mostly used by warriors to forge weapons or magic weapons, some were concocted into medicines, or they were ingested by the warrior themselves. Chen Mo felt this Rank Two Fiery-eyed Python’s Demon Pellet could be extracted and forged into a weapon, imbuing it with its powers. This way, he could use it against Three Flowers Overhead with quite some destructive force.

But this was only a Rank Two Demon Beast’s Demon Pellet, nothing more. Seeing Chen Mo in such high spirits, Zhongli Sanmei quite disapproved. In the past, she had slain many Rank Ten Demon Beasts, but she never kept any of this kind of thing. She mostly gave the Demon Pellets to her subordinates to cultivate.

“We can go now, right.” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“Wait up.” Chen Mo’s gaze then spied Lu Kezhou and Qing Bugai’s corpses. Since they were already dead, he took the liberty of retrieving the items from their Astral Bags, to act as compensation. Chen Mo then kindly buried the two of them while he was at it.

After all of this was finished, Chen Mo finally took a deep breath.

This trip to Azure Dragon Mountain merely stemmed from his kindness to protect Zhongli Sanmei. He never imagined that he would have such a harvest. Not only did he obtain a treasure chest and a Demon Pellet, he even became the Earthly Blind Star’s Servant Star.

This was an ephemeral dream.

“Sanmei, do you have any plans now?” Chen Mo asked.

“Boredom for the time being. This King is somewhat interested in you and wants to see just what kind of person This King’s Servant Star is.” Zhongli Mo said.

“That’s fine.” Chen Mo saw that although she had recovered to a Rebirth Nine Movements level, this was merely the first level for an Earthly Star. She was able to contend against Three Flowers Overhead warriors, but against another Star General, she would be in danger.

Zhongli Sanmei also planned that since Chen Mo was cultivating Star Energy, sticking by his side could accelerate her recovery. By the time her strength was more ore less recovered, she still had her own goals and thoughts.

“It sounds like your status is quite exceptional, but there is one thing that This King must make clear!” Zhongli Sanmei said, ice-cold.

“And that is?”

“Since you are This King’s Servant Star, henceforth, the only woman who can be at your side is This King alone!” Zhongli Sanmei had extreme desire to be the only one.

Chen Mo shrugged: “I’m afraid this is impossible.”

“You are This King’s first man, what do you mean impossible.” Zhongli Sanmei wanted to slaughter this brat. He already obtained her favor, yet he unexpectedly wanted more. Did he think that just anyone could become the King Of Extinguished Ashes’ man?

“Servant Star, huh. To tell you the truth, I also have an Auntie. I’m her Servant Star, too.” Chen Mo said.

“Auntie?” Zhongli Sanmei was bewildered.

At this point, there was no need to continue hiding. The two of them had already formed a Servant Star contract. No matter, they shared life and death, fortune and misfortune, between themselves. Some things needed to be stated clearly. Chen Mo then spoke regarding Auntie Chen Qingzhi’s Servant Star.


How could he have anticipated that Zhongli Sanmei’s attitude would turn into impassioned, categorical disbelief.

“In Star World, Star Generals can only transform a Servant Star once. Similarly, a person that became a Servant Star can only accept one Star General. How can you possibly have two Servant Star Contracts?”

“Really?” Chen Mo actually was not aware of the particulars, but he was certain that he indeed signed a contract with Auntie. Seeing her face covered in frost, believing that he was deceiving her, Chen Mo tapped his forehead, activating the Invincible Innate Skill. A snow-white Star Crest glowed brightly.1


King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo was flabbergasted.

After she saw Chen Mo safely return to the mansion, Little Tao and the others who had been overcome with worry finally sighed in relief. Zhongli Sanmei did not follow at all, so as to avoid creating a disturbance. For the time being, she stayed at Azure Dragon Mountain to cultivate. After the provincial examination, she would rejoin with Chen Mo. As for those warriors attempting to search her out, Chen Mo could only pray that those people were not too greedy.

Thus, this incident passed by rather quietly.

Shut in his room, Chen Mo was currently rummaging through Tao Jingfeng and Lu Kezhou’s Astral Bags; they did not have too many toys of great value. Tao Jingfeng had a Two Star Star Weapon “Cloud Piercer” and some medicines, but that Ten Great Disciple of the Heavenly Bow Sect had a cultivation method that made him very delighted, “Divine Hawk Eyesight.” This was a cultivation method that trained the eye’s ability to scan. One would be able to see a thousand meters away, and when cultivated to high levels, one could even count the frequency of a gnat’s wingbeats.

Divine Hawk Eyesight was the first-rate martial art only the Heavenly Bow Sect’s Ten Great Disciples could learn. Chen Mo’s luck was not bad, for Lu Kezhou ascended to be one of the Heavenly Bow Sect’s Ten Great Disciples just two years before in an internal competition. He had cultivated it for the past two years, so he kept this cultivation method on his person.

Besides this Divine Hawk Eyesight, Lu Kezhou also had many Grade Eight and Grade Nine pills. Everything else was quite wretched.

Chen Mo then grabbed the Qing Family Ancestor’s Astral Bag, which was even more unpresentable. There were mostly bottles and jars. Tidying everything, Chen Mo then trained in the Divine Hawk Eyesight. The cultivation method was very simple. To obtain a level of acute eyesight, one needed to train by looking far into the vast and boundless horizon.

Chen Mo somersaulted onto the roof, sitting on top of it.

In the distance was a continuous chain of mountains. Due to the separation by extreme distance, he could only vaguely see their shape. Chen Mo circulated his qi and blood, beginning his cultivation. At first, cultivating his eyes felt painful. Then, it slowly lessened, until the results finally appeared when the symptoms completely vanished.

As he trained it, he heard Little Tao call him.

“Young Master, the Wuyang Princess and the Little Duke of Wei have come to give their greetings.”

Chen Mo retracted his gaze and lowered his head, spotting a man and woman standing under the roof. The man had a stately appearance, but he was dispirited, disappointed. The woman was dignified and beautiful, but she was somewhat weary.

Remembering when he first saw Li Xiaxi and Ting Nanyuan, the two of them could be said to be righteous and energetic. Who could have imagined there would be these circumstances now.

As for their visit, Chen Mo was not surprised at all. He hinted at them to come up.

Ting Nanyuan lightly kicked, her body light as a swallow, bounding up to the roof in a few steps. Li Xiaxi hesitated for a moment. In the end, he merely cupped his fist and made no further moves.

“Your Highness Chen Mo.”2 Ting Nanyuan addressed him.

Lord Chang’an was practically as renowned as His Imperial Majesty. His sons and daughters were also given the “Your Highness” style. From this perspective, the Wuyang Princess was apparently being a bit unfamiliar to Chen Mo.

“So unfamiliar?” Chen Mo pretended to be hurt.

The girl smiled: “Then This Princess shall still call you Chen Mo.”

“Are your injuries alright?” Chen Mo nodded and asked.

“No thanks to you, they are still not completely healed, but at least they are not very serious.”

“Then good.”

Ting Nanyuan looked at Chen Mo. She blinked, her expression a bit strange: “This Princess heard that you defeated the Qing Family by yourself?”


When Ting Nanyuan was injured, the Qing Family took responsibility for her care. Afterwards, she heard Qing Rong mention the incident of the Qing Family’s great defeat, where Chen Mo swept them all aside. She actually did not dare believe it. Now, hearing Chen Mo personally admit to it, she could not help but let out an astonished gasp. “Azure Dragon Town, nay, even everyone in the Great Chong Dynasty has been fooled by you. You are surprisingly so formidable.”

Recalling their exchange of blows back at Azure Dragon Mountain, Ting Nanyuan had lingering trepidation.

Pausing, the Wuyang Princess then thanked him: “This Princess ought to thank you for the mercy of not killing me.” When they fought over the chest, Chen Mo was completely capable of killing them with impunity, but he did not do such a thing. This made Ting Nanyuan relatively grateful.

In actuality, Chen Mo did not think too much about this. One reason was that Li Xiaxi and the others posed no threat to him at all from any perspective. He was also not so deranged as to open a massacre without so much as saying a word. That was not a warrior, that was a madman. Secondly, this was to make the Wuyang Princess owe him a favor. There no harm in an unequal transaction, anyways.

“I just wonder what that little duke is thinking.” Chen Mo ruminated as he glanced at Li Xiaxi.

“If only he would not do something stupid, however, with your status and your current strength, Chen Mo, he perhaps won’t dare do anything foolish.” Ting Nanyuan teased.

Chen Mo remained noncommittal.

He hated trouble. Sometimes, he did not mind letting complicated matters simplify themselves.

“This Princess wants to ask you now, did you find any medicines in the chest?” Regarding the matter of the Star General, Ting Nanyuan also heard about it, but she still harbored a small doubt and asked Chen Mo.

Chen Mo shook his head.

The girl’s expression darkened.

It was evident that she was very concerned about that Princess’ Frigid Disease.

Chen Mo said a few things to console her. Ting Nanyuan already was mentally prepared for this. She did not have expectations to discover a medicine in Azure Dragon Town that was able to treat her. As she sat side by side and chatted together on the roof with Chen Mo, the gaze of Li Xiaxi who was below nevertheless somewhat changed. The man’s knuckles turned white, but his expression did not change. 

After chatting awhile, Ting Nanyuan saw that Li Xiaxi was a bit impatient. The girl smiled: “I came to bid you farewell.”

“Let’s meet again at the Divine Warrior Examination. I really look forward to trading blows with you again at that time.”

“I’m actually a good person, you know.” Chen Mo said.

The Wuyang Princess brilliantly smiled, revealing her beautiful, spotlessly white teeth. “Next time, for things about Dew Water and Fateful Marriage, I will definitely come seek you out. You have to help Me.” The girl charmingly said. Without waiting for Chen Mo to reply, she leapt off the roof. She said something to Li Xaixi, and the Little Duke of Wei bowed his head in farewell to Chen Mo. From start to finish, his face had been very cold and detached. Chen Mo did not mind. He saw the two of them off with his gaze.

The provincial examination of the Divine Warrior Examination was about to begin.

Chen Mo was already eager to give this all-important event of the Great Chong Dynasty a try.

“Nanyuan, did you ask just what cultivation method that brat practices?” Li Xiaxi could not help but ask.

“No. This Princess has no interest in asking about that.”

“He humiliated us like this, can it be we are leaving things as is?” When Li Xiaxi recalled this matter, his chest was choked with anger that he had nowhere to vent. From a warrior’s perspective, qi and blood congested in the chest was a great taboo.

“Then defeat him at the Divine Warrior Examination, Xiaxi.” Ting Nanyuan subsequently said: “Or at the Title Bestowal Ceremony.”

“Never mind against a Lord, but Your Servant will not swallow this.” Li Xiaxi calmly answered.

Ting Nanyuan smiled. Whether it was in attitude or martial arts, the youth in front of her was far too lacking.

She turned her head back once again to look at the young man on the roof.

The Wuyang Princess had a premonition.

This Divine Warrior Examination would perhaps be considerably interesting.

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  1. Uh, so I may have been mistaken about him needing permission. It looks like he can activate it anytime he wants, but doing so alerts his Auntie that something is happening
  2. I debated using “Your Grace” since he technically isn’t part of the imperial family. But given that his father is on practically equal standing to the emperor, I guess using “Highness” actually should work.

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  1. 1. ….I gotta wonder.
    Is the ‘limit’ on contracts something somebody set as ‘common sense’, or did nobody else try? Or maybe it failed when somebody did try?

    2. I don’t get why they’d assume only one contract was possible seeing as the Purple Rose Star Emperor, aka: Su Xing, had literally nearly dozen contracts, was a regular cultivator, and a man.

    You’d think that’d overturn common sense, y’know?

    1000 yrs or not, it just feels off yo have such assumptions. Though, Sanmei was sealed for a 1000 yrs, so there’s that… and, we’ve yet to see a ‘modern’ view on these things. Food for thought, I guess.

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