Chapter 41: This Lady Shall Do As She Pleases

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Star Position: Earthly Blind Star1

Star Name: Zhongli Mo

Nickname: King Of Extinguished Ashes

True Name: Zhongli Sanmei

Star Number: ???

Star Weapon: Burnt Out Three Calamities (Zero Star)

Realm: Reborn Nine Movements2

Innate Skill: Ash Burning3

Five Elements: Fire

Life Details: …

A kiss.

Chen Mo blankly hung his ravaged mouth agape, the woman’s sweet scent still lingering on his lips and teeth. Zhongli Sanmei seemed intoxicated, her cheeks crimson, her eyes moving. The woman showed a kind of approving grin.

Behind her, the Qing Family Ancestor’s Snake Swallows Elephant was fiercely pouncing over, but the woman was completely indifferent. It could even be said that all of her mind was focused on the one man she knew in all her life.

“From this day forth, you are This King’s, Zhongli Mo’s, man.”

For some reason, when she uttered this declaration, she felt even more heroic than when she followed the Hegemon King on her campaigns.

Chen Mo wanted to cry.

His first kiss had surprisingly been spontaneously seized by this woman.


The Qing Family Ancestor’s punch-wind devoured this couple. He had absolute confidence that he could defeat the Star General. Soon, Qing Bugai would be the number one person in the Qing Family’s history.

Qing Bugai seemed to be able to see the scene of the Star General’s death.

A one hundred meter hole was blasted into the ground. He suddenly sensed that his fists did not taste the pleasure of crushing the woman’s flesh at all. On the contrary, they were obstructed by an object as hard as iron.

The old man’s pupils contracted.

He saw a “Burnt Out Three Calamities” in front of him, surprisingly stopping his full power Snake Swallows Elephant.

This is impossible!!

When the Qing Family Ancestor saw that pair of Star Crests marked on their respective foreheads, he immediately understood what had happened.

Servant Star.

This woman had finally turned the man into a Servant Star, but in transforming into a Servant Star, a Qi And Blood warrior was basically unable to apportion Star Energy to a Star General, meaning that this type of Servant Star held no significance at all in helping bolster her strength. However, the woman’s power had instantly swelled like a river. Thick Star Energy brimmed and flowed through space.

It was much greater than before.

After transforming to a Servant Star, the Earthly Fiend Star Energy she absorbed from the chest instantly refined due to their contract, so Zhongli Sanmei was able to recover so quickly.

In other words, Zhongli Sanmei had already broken free of her weakened state.

And this meant…

Zhongli Sanmei’s left hand short spear Burnt Out Three Calamities thrust out.

Not good.

Qing Bugai turned pale in horror.

A scorching hot killing intent pierced through Qing Bugai’s body. Even though he refined his body’s qi and blood to the limit and had the supplement of the Essence Flower, against the Star General’s strike, this was as feeble as a sheet of paper – broken with a poke. 

Raging flames burned as if to roast his organs into ashes. The Qing Family Ancestor screamed as he was sent flying.

King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Sanmei spun around, ruminating as she walked over.

The Qing Family Ancestor was extremely terrified, gone was the overbearing bully from earlier. “Impossible, what he cultivates is Star Energy.”

“You…surprisingly would sign a contract with a man.” Qing Bugai’s lips quivered. He was trembling in terror.

“For This King’s man, This Lady shall do as she pleases.”

When Zhongli Sanmei said these words, Chen Mo somehow felt that “do as she pleases” was not so pleasing to the ear.

Zhongli Sanmei gripped the Burnt Out Three Calamities, pointing at him. “This King shall annihilate your Qing Family!”

“No!!!!” The Qing Family Ancestor let out a scream of grief and heartbreak as he counterattacked.

A merciless flame destroyed his everything.


Chen Mo stared blankly at everything happening in front of him, still somewhat not daring to believe.

In just a short moment, he and Zhongli Mo signed a contract, and then the Qing Family Ancestor perished under the King Of Extinguished Ashes’ spear. “You alright?” Zhongli Sanmei turned her head back. The woman’s expression showed much more warmth compared to that violence from their initial meeting. No matter what, the man in front of her eyes had used this operation to conquer her.

He had sufficient qualifications to receive her respect.

Chen Mo shook his head. His circumstances were not so good. Because the Servant Star Contract had apportioned his Star Energy to Zhongli Mo, the result was that it lead to his originally bruised and battered body becoming even more injured. He was promptly unable to stand. Zhongli Sanmei propped him up. The woman’s shirt had some rips and tears, an erotic sight half-revealed. From under her armor, the sides of her full breasts spilled out, stirring Chen Mo’s hormones.

Entering the cold pond, Zhongli Sanmei furrowed her brow when she saw that not a single one of Chen Mo’s bones were intact.

This man honestly put his life on the line to protect her to be injured like this. To make a man protect her was the shame of a Star Maiden, but this time, Zhongli Sanmei felt such an experience was not bad.


The woman ruthlessly peeled of Chen Mo’s clothes, leaving him only with his underpants.

“It’s my first time…Be more gentle…” Chen Mo swallowed back his saliva as he gazed at Zhongli Sanmei’s erotic, beautiful, and half-exposed figure.4

First time?

Zhongli Sanmei thought this was the first time he was injured so severely. Just as she was about to boastfully utter some praises for him, she then noticed this youth’s eyes were wandering over her chest. The woman smiled evilly. She put strength into her hands, making Chen Mo’s eyes shed tears in pain. “Little brute who hasn’t grown hair down there, don’t think you actually are This King’s man just because I said so. To be This King’s man, you are still too inexperienced.”

Fuck, weren’t you the one who said that I was “This King’s man.”

Zhongli Sanmei leveled her hands, setting Chen Mo flat on the ground. With lightning-fast speed, her hands pushed and pressed all over his body. Crack, crack, came the sound of bones. Every inch of bone, every single joint seemed to burn and melt, making Chen Mo wince in pain.

“What kind of massage technique is this.”

“This is This King’s ‘Samadhi Bone Connecting Art.'”5 Zhongli Sanmei activated her Innate Skill, covering her hands with scorching Clinging Fire. Then, she used the massage therapy she had mastered to reset and link the broken bones in Chen Mo’s body.

Whenever she connected a bone, it hurt terribly, but after a moment, he indeed felt much better. Chen Mo curiously asked how a Star General could have learned this.

“Shut up!”

Practically no bone was left intact in Chen Mo’s body. This made Zhongli Sanmei use up a lot of time. As she set his bones, the woman’s supple hands needed to brush over his whole body. Under her massage, Chen Mo truly was in seventh heaven. This was more pleasurable than making love.6

After the massage and bone setting, all of Chen Mo’s skin was scalding, glossy with sweat. In Zhongli Sanmei’s words, he currently needed to recuperate for the time being. After the night passed, he would be able to recover. Although he needed a night’s time, this was much better than resting for several moments.

Zhongli Sanmei was somewhat tired, also beaded in sweat. Chen Mo’s injuries were too severe, and she had no choice but to use a lot of effort and Star Energy to practically touch all over this man’s body.

Fortunately for them, no other third party knew of this matter, otherwise, if someone knew that the King Of Extinguished Ashes had helped massage a man’s entire body, Zhongli Sanmei would have no face to meet the Hegemon King.

“How are you?” Zhongli Sanmei asked. Seeing that Chen Mo did not answer, she thought to herself this brat was out of energy. Then, seeing that she herself was too filthy, she glanced at the pool. The woman thought for a moment, and seeing that Chen Mo seemed to be sleeping like  dead pig, she turned her back to him and stripped off her skirt and armor. Her jade body was revealed, and the woman entered the pool. She used too much effort in massaging Chen Mo. Her whole body was covered in sweat, so she used the waters to rinse herself. She promptly felt comfortable, letting out a satisfied sigh.

It was even more pleasurable after a great battle.

This was the life that she, the King Of Extinguished Ashes, was most content with.

After a long while, Chen Mo slowly roused from his boiling consciousness. His skin hurt as if covered in a layer of scalding grease. The coldness of the pool made the heat drop considerably. Chen Mo wanted to strip and go take a bath. His fingers already could move. It appeared that Zhongli Sanmei’s Bone Connecting Art was indeed exceptional. He would definitely have to seek her out and learn it when he had the chance.

Chen Mo wanted to quickly undress as quickly as he could, turning and entering the pool, but just when he spun around, he was suddenly struck dumb by the scene before his eyes.

Several meters away, Zhongli Sanmei was currently reclining at the poolside, absolutely naked. Her wonderful figure was completely exposed in Chen Mo’s eyes. That beautiful body that was bound in leather armor and a skirt was fully revealed. Her breasts were perky and full as young bamboo shoots, her supple butt just as plump, full of allure. Her jade legs were like swords, straight and slender, and at the place they intersected, there was a patch of black underbrush.

His blood vessels swelled.

A stream of blood and qi rushed to his lower body, gathering and swelling.

“En?” Zhongli Sanmei opened her eyes, noticing Chen Mo who was dumb as a wooden chicken.

Their gazes met.

Zhongli Sanmei crossed her legs, covering that erotic sight. One jade arm covered her chest, hiding the little supple tips of her twin peaks. The woman’s cheeks were slightly red, her expression indignant.

Chen Mo turned away his gaze in embarrassment.

After a moment, Zhongli Sanmei walked out of the pool, changing into a set of new dark red armor and leather clothes. Her figure was prominent, and compared to before, even more fiery.

Upon seeing Zhongli Sanmei’s earring, Chen Mo abruptly recalled that he was keeping the other one. “You left this earring behind in the chest.”

“Why didn’t you give it to This King earlier.” Zhongli Sanmei had thought she lost the earring in her confrontation with Han Xin.

“I forgot, what?”

“Never mind, it’s nothing.” Zhongli Sanmei impatiently answered.

The two of them tidied themselves, and Zhongli Sanmei again began to refine the chest’s Earthly Fiend Star Energy, finally finishing after another while.

Looking at the real-deal Earthly Fiend Treasure Chest in front of him, Chen Mo’s heart raced.

Zhongli Sanmei was once a Heavenly Star, one of the Hegemon King’s Five Great Generals. She had seen all manners of treasures. While a Heavenly Spirit Chest may have been able to draw her interest, the Earthly Fiend Chest from start to finish was never in her gaze. When she saw Chen Mo so eager, Zhongli Sanmei said, “It’s just an Earthly Fiend Chest. This King had once dispatched people to investigate the whereabouts of other chests. This King knows of several Heavenly Spirit and Purple Rose Grade Treasure Chests. When the time comes, those are true treasures.”

Chen Mo thought that the Heavenly Spirit and Purple Rose Grade Treasure Chests were still too far off. He was currently no more than a Qi And Blood Warrior. As they say in the Star Fields, he was still the lowest level of warriors. An Earthly Fiend Treasure Chest was already considerably luxurious.

He opened the chest and looked.

There were many spirit medicines and ores inside, some for casting Stars. Zhongli Sanmei’s Star Weapon formerly had Nine Stars, but after being sealed for a thousand years, the Stars of the Star Weapon already dimmed and disappeared without the tempering of Star Energy, reducing it to Zero Star. She would need to re-ascend the Star Weapon. The materials here more or less could make the King Of Extinguished Ashes upgrade to One Star.

Other than items for casting Stars and refining medicines, Chen Mo then found three pieces of “Lacquer Meteor Iron,” and a Grade Seven Tortoise Longevity Pellet. The Lacquer Meteor Iron can be used to forge a weapon, a very good material for making a concealed weapon. When weapons forged from Lacquer Meteor Iron fired, they often were soundless and swift, extremely easy to conceal. And that Grade Seven Tortoise Longevity Pellet was an even better item. Cultivators that ingested it could extend their longevity by twenty years.

Despite being only twenty years, to a Star General who treated a hundred years as passing by at the drop of a hat, this was nothing more than a snap of the fingers. But to a warrior, this was extremely valuable. In the Star Fields, any life-extending medicine was invaluable. If it was a Spirit Fruit, it would be an even more priceless treasure. Chen Mo knew that back then, because the Northern Barbarian tribes offered two Life Extending Flat Peaches to the Great Chong Dynasty as tribute, the current Emperor was enormously pleased enough to cease hostilities.

What a pity there was no Astral Treasure, Astral Tool, or abnormal cultivation method. However, Chen Mo was aware that he could not be too eager for a Earthly Fiend Grade Treasure Chest.

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  1. 地眛星
  2. 脫胎九動
  3. 燼燃
  4. The role reversal between these two is pretty hilarious.
  5. Recall, Sanmei is the Chinese pronunciation for the Buddhist “samadhi.”
  6. Mm, I doubt that.


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