Chapter 47: The Tang Sect’s Insinuation

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Atop the supervisory platform, the Shen Family old man covered his face. Although he knew his grandson would inevitably lose, he never imagined he would lose in such an unsightly manner.

What was clearly a very vigorous Leopard Lunge Tiger Pounce was nevertheless like a paper tiger, surprisingly broken apart by Chen Mo with only a single punch. Shen Ran himself did not dare believe this. After he fell to the ground, half of his ribs were broken. His qi and blood dispersed, meaning there was already no possibility of further battle.

What Chen Mo practiced was an indomitable method. That just now was a one inch punch, so breaking Shen Ran’s technique was naturally easy to handle.

For the first battle, Chen Mo scored a victory as swift as a clap of thunder. All of the spectators were too late to watch carefully. With an abundance of time now, Chen Mo then went to watch the duels of the other brackets. One of them was between two Qi And Blood Eight Turns warriors. They appeared to be nobodies, not worth his attention.

Chen Mo was more interested in Qing Wan.

He wanted to see what stage the Three Flowers Overhead Qing Wan had reached.

The one fighting Qing Wan was the future genius noble daughter of Azure Dragon Town, Tao Liuyun. Although her Qi And Blood Seven Turns cultivation was not high, from a perspective relative to her young age, she would inevitably shine bright in the next Divine Warrior Examination. But as of this moment, she would need to first undergo the tempering of this generation’s noble daughter.

What Tao Liuyun was most proficient in was the Tao Family’s “Powerful Brown Bear Bow Arts,” however, in the ring, archery was somewhat restricted. Still, the Tao Family’s body techniques that were originally combined with archery were very famous in Azure Dragon Town. Her figure moved swiftly, wonderful as mist, very pleasing to watch.

Qing Wan did not use her Three Flowers Overhead strength at full power. She was probably considering a battle with Chen Mo at the very end. She stalled Tao Liuyun, slowly wasting her energy and power. This made Chen Mo feel the girl was honestly just like a viper flicking its snake tongue, staring at its target, waiting for the right moment to land a fatal blow.

Tao Liuyun clearly sensed this as well. Though her spirit was willing, she was helpless against the vast power disparity between them.


The girl was furious, all of a sudden withdrawing swiftly. Her wrist turned, bringing out a horned bow and nocking an arrow. The moment she took out her bow and arrow, Qing Wan’s viper gaze finally launched its fatal strike on its prey.

Qing Wan’s palm thrust over, her fingers like blades, breaking space apart. Like a green viper, it shot towards Tao Liuyun.


An arrow was fired.

An arrow as mighty as a roaring bear barely stopped Qing Wan’s palm attack that cut through space. The girl’s figure stagnated, and Tao Liuyun seemed to glimpse hope, nocking another arrow. But Qing Wan’s next move was already attacking as swift as lightning.

Her arms whipped like pythons, and her fists were like a collapsing mountain.

The incoming arrow crumbled.

Great Snake Collapse!

After a rumble.

Tao Liuyun was already knocked onto the ground by the punch, vomiting blood, her loss total.


Everyone applauded, cheering for the girl’s tyrannical yet graceful punch. Qing Wan stood atop the ring, her gaze cold and arrogant. Their praises clearly could not move the girl’s heart. At thie moment, there was only one person in her view.

Chen Mo!

Her only opponent in this Divine Warrior Examination’s provincial examination, and the one opponent that she must defeat.

Don’t let me down, Qing Wan’s haughty eyes seemed to send a message.

Chen Mo slightly grinned.

After a while, the other brackets proceeded to decide their victors. Resting for a moment, the second round of duels to decide the finalists very quickly started.

Matched with Chen Mo for the second bracket was quite an unremarkable young man. He wore a martial artist’s garb, and gloves covered his hands. His wild hair and reserved eyes showed that we was not as simple on the inside as his appearance suggested.

Jin Yi.

Qi And Blood Eight Turns warrior.

In Azure Dragon Town, to have this kind of strength before twenty years of age ought to be described as very formidable.

“Rumor is that you defeated the entire Qing Family. Is that true?” Jin Yi flatly asked. Without waiting for Chen Mo to answer, he then showed an excited gaze: “This can only prove that the Qing Family has declined, to be forced to such a state by a single Qi And Blood Eight Turns warrior.” 

“Were you always cultivating on the outside before this?” Chen Mo smiled and asked.

“Indeed. At age 11, This Jin set out alone on a training journey. I did not participate in that Divine Warrior Examination during the interim.”

No wonder Chen Mo had no memory of him. To dare venture out for training alone at eleven showed that this man was actually very bold. A man with boldness could never be underestimated.

“I’m actually quite impressed with you.”

“Show me your power. We are both Qi And Blood Eight Turns, I want to see just which of us is stronger.” Jin Yi was resolute and decisive.

“En garde.”

Chen Mo had only just spoke when Jin Yi took action. Youths that experienced a long time of society’s challenges often knew what was meant by “he who strikes first wins,” what was meant by “a single blow separates victory and defeat.”

The several zhang of distance between them shrunk in the blink of an eye. A punch already landed heavily on Chen Mo’s body. This punch vaguely carried an ape’s berserk strength. A hidden power was shaken out from his bones, displaying Qi And Blood Eight Turns power wielded at its peak.

A first-rate martial art.

Giant Monkey Hammers Fruit.

The blow’s power was very strong. Chen Mo’s body was exceptionally sturdy, but he felt a burst of pain. The force of this punch could not be underestimated. Chen Mo twisted his waist, and his legs remained unmoved, similarly counterattacking with a cannon-like punch.

Jin Yi apparently did not think his “Giant Ape Hammers Fruit” punch would be unable to budge Chen Mo. To be clear, even a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior would not necessarily be able to remain unmoved. According to his logic, after Chen Mo was pushed back, his next move would follow up immediately.

But he never imagined that Chen Mo would return a blow at the same time.

So fast.

Jin Yi grunted, retreating a dozen steps. Under this punch, one of his ribs was broken.

“What’s this technique of yours?” Jin Yi clearly perceived that the power of Chen Mo’s threatless short punch was not the average sort of strong. This power was like a tide, battering him in waves.

Before Chen Mo could reply, Jin Yi nevertheless seized the chance to launch an attack. This man apparently was unwilling to waste even a second. Qi and blood billowed over his body. Jin Yi let out an earsplitting roar.

His body was like an arrow, shooting forth with a step. He forced his way in front of Chen Mo already like an arrow loosed from its bowstring. This was another martial art technique that possessed power of first-rate levels. Chen Mo swiftly retreated backwards, but Jin Yi was already firmly locked on to him. No matter how he evaded, he could not break free of this attack.

Chen Mo raised a palm chop.


A crisp sound.

Five bloody claw marks were slashed upon Chen Mo’s chest, and Jin Yi’s wrist also suffered a heavy blow, nearly breaking. The pain stopped his boxing. 

Not allowing Jin Yi to recompose himself, Chen Mo already closed the distance. 

Fist-shadows covered him, pouring down like a fierce storm. Jin Yi promptly used a Golden Ape Overturns Heaven boxing technique to counter, his power and speed a perfect match. Chen Mo could see this man’s power had an ape’s ferocity, and his agility was as nimble as a monkey’s, a perfect combination.

This kind of Giant Ape Boxing was never before seen in Azure Dragon Town, incomparably practiced and proficient. Each technique was a killing move brimming with ruthlessness. This looked ghastly to observers, as if Chen Mo would be torn to pieces by the man at any moment. 

Jin Yi suddenly sneered. He spread his arms and bearhugged Chen Mo. Then, his eyes filled with malice, instantly turning sinister. His wrist flipped. Then he twisted his hand and sprinkled something.

This is bad!

Chen Mo’s eyes were dazed, a clump of gritty particles shot towards him. These were extremely fast, practically fleeting, with completely no way to react. Chen Mo instinctively sensed danger, circulating his qi and blood, using his body to withstand it.

His chest burned with intense pain, as if a thousand needles had been stuck in. His organs hurt as if they were being ripped apart.

A concealed weapon!

Chen Mo’s expression changed. The last contest forbade the usage of tricks like concealed weapons because they had no way to embody the warrior’s inherent standard. He lifted his head to look at his counterpart, seeing a sinister grin and eyes filled with a chilling glint. Chen Mo realized he did not come to participate in the Divine Warrior Examination.

An assassin???

He did not even have a ten thousandth of a second to think. After these particles were stuck into his body, Chen Mo grit his teeth and rushed forth. If he could not dispatch him at the first moment, then he was placing himself in great danger.

Zhen Upright Basin instantly executed.

Jin Yi evidently also underestimated Chen Mo’s bodily resilience, for he was still able to instantly react with a counterattack in the face of such a frightening concealed weapon.

What frightful judgment.

Jin Yi’s expression changed.

Too late.

A clap of rolling thunder exploded against Jin Yi’s body. This time, Chen Mo did not hold back at all, one punch disintegrating the man’s bones, severing all of his meridians. The man screamed as he fell to the ground.

“The Tang Sect’s targets die without doubt!”

Jin Yi bitterly smiled, choking.

This instant change happened in no more than the blink of an eye. There was basically no one able to react, but the supervising Qing Yushan and others nevertheless noticed something odd.

“Chen Mo!”

Everyone was alarmed.

Chen Mo spat blood, faltering. His chest seemed to be on fire, his organs burning to ashes. He ripped his shirt open to look. Numerous needles were revealed on his chest, appearing incomparably ghastly.

It hurts.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, that is a concealed weapon of the Tang Sect, ‘Insinuation.’1 Force it out now.” Monk Guan Jing shouted in a hurry.

Qing Yuanshan and the others were rushing over, worried.

Chen Mo immediately activated his qi and blood, but his chest heated up more and more. He was beside himself with pain. No matter how he tried, there was no use.

“Quickly fetch the doctor.”

At this moment, a figure wearing a cloak appeared on the platform. When it appeared, a stifling sensation hit everyone in the face.

The cloaked figure carried Chen Mo, and with a kick, flew off and away from the platform, instantly vanishing without a trace.

“Quickly go investigate just who the hell this Jin Yi person is, to surprisingly dare assassinate His Highness Chen Mo.” As the administrator-in-charge, Qing Yuanshan’s tone was strict. He had only just received Chen Mo’s support and definitely did not want anything to happen to him.

The others knew that the situation was grave.

For an assassination to happen during the Divine Warrior Examination, once disclosed to the imperial court and above, there would be furious thunder. If something happened to Chen Mo, perhaps all the people in charge would become guilty by association.

The Tao Family and Shen Family did not dare be neglectful. They dispatched people to search for Chen Mo while ordering investigations of everyone. The entire arena descended into chaos.

“That was the Tang Sect’s assassin just now?”

“The Tang Sect’s assassins kill their targets without fail. How did he mix into the Divine Warrior Examination.”

“Heh, heh, I never imagined something like this would happen.”

Everyone was in spirited discussion. Some were shaking in fear, others were astonished, and still others were delighting in this misfortune.

There was no choice but to temporarily suspend the Divine Warrior Examination’s provincial examination. Qing Yuanshan was torn with anxiety, promptly dispatching everyone to go look into the background of that cloaked person. If that truly was someone from the Tang Sect, the Chen Mo who sustained the Insinuation perhaps faced poor odds.

As for Jin Yi’s identity, this was very quickly investigated.

There was indeed a man named Jin Yi from Azure Dragon Town, however, he left when he was eleven years old. The Jin Family’s people were emphatically certain the young man they saw Chen Mo kill was not the person himself because the boy had suffered severe injury once while training. Having broken his arm, he was basically unable to train martial arts. No one else knew about this. Furthermore, the man’s facial structure was completely different.

In the end, they concluded this Jin Yi was an imposter, and his objective was most probably to assassinate Chen Mo.

When the Qing Yuanshan and others who held on to a glimmer of hope heard this verdict, their faces were incomparably gloomy.

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  1. 含沙射影, lit. to attack someone by innuendo.

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