Chapter 48: I’ll Wait For Him To Show Up

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Chen Mo was in a delirium as he watched himself be spirited away. The mysterious person took off their hood, and Chen Mo felt his eyes suddenly get blinded, as if a bright flame was burning.

Zhongli Sanmei!

Seeing that it was her, Chen Mo finally ceased resisting.

Zhongli Sanmei clicked her tongue. She originally only had a passing interest in this Divine Warrior Examination of the laypeople, but she never imagined she would surprisingly encounter an incident where Chen Mo would be nearly assassinated. Zhongli Sanmei took Chen Mo away to a place without people. With great force, she ripped open his shirt, revealing his thick skin.

On his chest was a bunch of tiny holes that appeared alarming, so much so that it would make trypophobics retch.

Commoners were commoners, just a single trifling concealed weapon was enough to bring him half to death. Thus was Zhongli Sanmei’s condescending evaluation. This Insinuation was one of the Tang Sect’s most vicious Ten Great Concealed Weapons. Upon activation, a seeming cloud of sand would penetrate into a person’s pores, finally dissolving into a person’s bloodstream like grit. In the end, the target would painfully die. Against Qi And Blood level warriors, it was particularly frightening, so much so they paled in the face at the mention of it. It was the concealed weapon of the Tang Sect that Qi And Blood Nine Turns warriors were most afraid of. Unless they encountered Hua Tuo, those without powers were inevitably dead.

King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Sanmei stuck her palm against Chen Mo’s chest. Her palm burned as she attempted to extract all of the weapons.

“En?” Her Star Energy was too weak. Zhongli Sanmei found that her palm’s suction force was unable to penetrate into the weapons inside his blood.

Chen Mo’s expression was increasingly pained, and his forehead’s Star Crest flickered.

Seeing her palm was unable to extract them, Zhongli Sanmei then straddled his body and bent down, exposing the unfathomable depths of her cleavage. The dazed Chen Mo could not see clearly, only feeling that in his field of view was Zhongli Sanmei’s red and a dazzling white expanse. Then, Chen Mo suddenly felt his chest turn hot, a scorching breath rolling over it. Zhongli Sanmei showed a peculiar smile. She opened her sparkling red lips, revealing snow-white, pearl-like teeth.

Zhongli Sanmei then suddenly took a breath and clamped her mouth over Chen Mo’s chest.

Chen Mo moaned.

Zhongli Sanmei began to suck, as if drinking water from Chen Mo’s skin. Her saliva flowed, sloshing between her lips and tongue. Chen Mo shuddered, a pleasure that could send him over the edge emanating from his dantian up to his head and through his limbs and pores. 

Chen Mo’s skin gradually became scathing. Zhongli Sanmei also began to feel her entire body heat up. She lay atop Chen Mo’s body, sucking all of Chen Mo’s wounds. After a while, Zhongli Sanmei finally rose, blood filling her mouth. She spat into her hand. This viscous blood contained grit-like iron fragments; this was none other than the concealed weapon, Insinuation.

Zhongli Sanmei heated her palm and placed it over Chen Mo’s wounds, using fire to staunch the bleeding. After all of this was finished, the King Of Extinguished Ashes felt slightly exhausted. However, she saw that Chen Mo’s shuddering body was slowly calming, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now, it will depend on your luck.”

A slight curve flit across her lips.

Azure Dragon Town.

Qing Yuanshan and the others right at this moment were worried, like cats on a hot tin roof, in disarray.

Up and down the Qing Family, their expressions were grim, the atmosphere silent.

“Eldest Brother, enough pacing around. I think you had better make your peace. To have surprisingly been targeted by the Tang Sect, that brat is only a Qi And Blood warrior, no matter how abnormal he is. I fear he will not survive.” Qing Changzai said.

Qing Yuanshan sat in the main hall, his expression solemn. His fingers nearly crushed the arm rests he was gripping so hard.

He was honestly too careless for an assassin of the Tang Sect to have infiltrated the Divine Warrior Examination. Of course, no one could have thought that Chen Mo would unexpectedly be targeted by the Tang Sect. Across all the Star Fields, the Tang Sect was an existence that struck terror into the hearts of people. The targets of this assassination organization often had two assassins dispatched against them. Once one assassin failed, the other assassin would immediately follow up to supplement and complete the mission.

Once a person was on the Tang Sect’s assassination list, any thoughts of good sleep would practically vanish.

“Second Brother, what use is there in talking about this now. Our Qing Family has only just received Chen Mo’s support. Now that Chen Mo has died, what face does our Qing Family have. Have we underestimated the influence of the Chang’an Mansion’s internal power struggles. I fear Chen Mo was targeted by his own people.” Qing Song’gu heaved a long sigh. His face seemed to have instantly aged many years.

The series of blows the Qing Family suffered most recently honestly caught them off-guard.

“We should have followed my suggestion from the start, to wait until after the Divine Warrior Examination to settle matters. Yet you and Wan’er…” Qing Changzai’s language contained some complaints.

Qing Yuanshan coldly said: “Second Brother, now is not the time to push off responsibility. Chen Mo was assassinated during the Divine Warrior Examination. Do you think the Chang’an Mansion will let us go?”

Qing Changzai fell silent.

According to the Great Chong Dynasty’s laws, disturbing the Divine Warrior Examination was a felony worthy of nine familial exterminations, and as the local supervisory noble clans of the Divine Warrior Examination, they would be leveled with the offense of “unsatisfactory defenses.” The severity of this offense varied, but if it involved Chen Mo, then it could not be said to be small at all.

The Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Highness was assassinated.

Not only the Qing Family, the other major noble families would also be implicated.

The doors burst open.

The heads of the Tao and Shen Family hurriedly rushed in.

“What’s the situation? Has Chen Mo been found?” Qing YUanshan urgently asked.

“Ai, people have already been dispatched to search, but there is still no news.” Te Shen Family’s old man looked anxious.

What do we do about this. This trash young master has actually killed us.” The Tao Family Head’s face was ashen, gritting his teeth.

Everyone’s hearts all sank.

The bright moon hung over the trees. Cool and clear night had already descended. To still not have found Chen Mo’s whereabouts now, if they did not extract Insinuation in time, Chen Mo’s life could not be guaranteed. But even if they did find him right now, unless Hua Tuo was here, he would be powerless to recover.

Qing Yuanshan sat down in dejection.

Qing Wan had bounded into the Heavens with a single step, ascending to Three Flowers Overhead. Orginally, this was a happy occurrence for the Qing Family, yet this misfortune had now befallen. Truly, fire and ice were bound together.

“We’ve already placated the Wanshou Temple, but come tomorrow morning, if Chen Mo does not appear, the Divine Warrior Examination must end. We cannot hide this matter.”

“What do we do?”

They were somewhat out of their wits.

Their only hope now was entrusted to the mysterious person who carried Chen Mo away, but when they recalled the assassination policy of the Tang Sect, nobody held out for much hope. That person carried Chen Mo away clearly because they did not want them saving him. Perhaps that was also undoubtedly a Tang Sect assassin.

“Young miss.”

Qing Yuanshan, the Tao Family Head and the Shen Family Head turned their heads to see Qing Wan suddenly walk into the courtyard. THe girl was still in her black clothes, her hair in a bun and her figure slender, with her expression unperturbed.

“Daughter.” Qing Song’gu hurriedly walked over.

“Has Chen Mo still not been found?” Qing Wan calmly asked.

“I think, Wan’er, you should take the juren token and leave for now. No matter what, this matter is the Qing Family’s responsibility. In the future, the Qing Family will count on you to light the way.” Qing Changzai bitterly made his resolution.

The others were startled. Upon consideration, this was the best ending for the Qing Family. 

“Actually, I may have a solution. Just say during the match, Jin Yi and Chen Mo landed mutually fatal blows.” The Tao Family Head muttered. Sometimes, accidents happened during the Divine Warrior Examination, and fatalities would occur. Compared to an accusation of assassination, this was much lighter.

“And he’s always had a reputation as a cripple. If we can be thorough, this would be good.” The Tao Family Head slightly smiled.

“But this is a crime of deceiving the lord.” The Shen Family old man immediately opposed. So many people witnessed what happened at the field, and even the Wanshou Temple’s monk was present. This was completely impossible to cover up.

“We can bribe Monk Guan Jing. As for everyone else, we can intimidate or cajole.” After Chen Mo was assassinated, the Tao Family Head already took the initiative to surround the martial arts field, first restricting the flow of information.

“Don’t forget that Chen Mo’s bodyguard was also present, and he has those maids as well.” The Shen Family reminded. Presumably, they could not be bought off.

“Then we may as well…” The Tao Family Head’s expression turned cold.

“This is reasonable.” Qing Changzai was interested.

“Since we already have Chen Mo’s support, we cannot do such a thing.” Qing Yuanshan still shook his head.

“Elder Brother, don’t tell me you actually want to see our Qing Family exterminated?” Qing Changzai’s brow wrinkled.

“What Brother Changzai says is true. Why should we give up our lives for a trash young master.” The Tao Family Head sneered.

The atmosphere was currently in a firm deadlock.

Suddenly, an ice-cold voice broke through the air.

“I do not agree!”

Everyone was taken aback, turning their heads to look.

The speaker was none other than Qing Wan.

The girl’s face was covered in frost, categorically vetoing. An Essence Flower circulated above her. Its presence revealed, all the Qi And Blood Warriors were surprisingly stopped by the girl’s mighty shout.

“I believe he will come through. I will settle victory and defeat with Chen Mo.” Qing Wan was unquestionably resolved.

“Wan’er, can it be you truly feel that cripple can survive that Insinuation?” The Tao Family Head sneered. “Wan’er, you still have great prospect, do not throw everything away for a piece of trash.”

“I’ll wait for him to show up.”

Qing Wan coldly threw this phrase down, turned around and left.

Everyone was stunned. No one imagined the person in question would show such a resolute expression. If even a Three Flowers Overhead warrior had refused, there was no use in the others making any delusion.

“Qing Song’gu, you truly have raised a fine daughter.” The Tao Family Head grunted.

“With things as they are, we should continue the Divine Warrior Examination. Tonight, make every effort in your searches. Tomorrow, if Chen Mo isn’t found, whatever should happen, let it happen.” Qing Yuanshan decided, exhausted. “Our Qing Family already has no way back.” The old man sighed, completely disheartened.

The Tao Family Head was dissatisfied, waving his sleeve as he left.

The moonlight was like water, quietly illuminating the world.

Qing Wan sat crosslegged on the sculptures on the roof, slowly cultivating. An Essence Flower was currently vaguely manifested. The girl’s gaze saw into the distance, gazing at the mountains and rivers.

Her gaze nevertheless hid an ice-cold flame.

“Chen Mo, if you die, it can only be at my, Qing Wan’s, hands!!”

Chen Mo slowly groaned and opened his eyes, spotting Zhongli Sanmei nearby in front of him. This time he truly caught sight of the snowy expanse that the woman’s cleavage revealed.

This isn’t a dream.

Chen Mo lowered his head to look at his own chest. The wounds from Insinuation had already clotted over. He circulated his qi and blood. His expression was suddenly elated, and he promptly sat crosslegged.

“Hm?” Zhongli Sanmei shot him a glance.

Chen Mo was originally already at the pinnacle of Qi And Blood Eight Turns, but he was unable to cultivate into his heart and mind, to enter Qi And Blood Nine Turns. However, when he woke up, he suddenly found his blood seemed to be aflame. Surprisingly, there was a bit concentrating on his forehead in front of his mind. Chen Mo immediately circulated his qi and blood, gathering them into his mind for refinement. 

How could he have known that Insinuation dissolving into his blood was the cause of his qi and blood flowing towards his mind. Then, massaged by Zhongli Sanmei’s flaming technique, his qi and blood was then even more vigorously red-hot. Consequently, while Chen Mo was unconscious, it coincidentally entered his heart and mind.

With his qi and blood in his mind, it was like his body’s qi and blood had combined into one.

Then, as long as Chen Mo cultivated his qi and blood, to refine it into something substantial, he could reach Qi And Blood Nine Turns. This level of Qi And Blood Nine Turns that originally required half a year  to reach was surprisingly reached in a single night. No warrior in the Great Chong Dynasty could be so fast.

From Qi And Blood One Turn to Nine Turns, he only used slightly more than three months’ time. Across all of Great Chong Dynasty, even among the Human Path Star Cultivators in all of the Star Fields, a second person like this could not be found.

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    1. Yeah, it’s a chance at redemption for both herself and her clan. This is about avenging the humiliation of that day.

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