Chapter 5: Yin And Yang As Coal To Cast Its Muscles And Bones

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For a Qi And Blood One or Two Turns warrior, once they cycled their power in a snowball fight, the soft snowballs would immediately become no different from a stone. Qing Rong was already very tired of seeing Chen Mo. Ever since he came to Azure Dragon Town, his Elder Sister had always hated him., but Chen Mo’s identity rendered him unable to act. Today, seeing Chen Mo step forwards, his years of rage spilled out.

Chen Mo’s figure warped. The steps of his feet slid smoothly over the ground, like golden carps swimming through water. The group could not see clearly, but the dozen snowballs landed on nothing.

“How is he so fast.” Qing Rong was astonished.

Chen Mo bent down and leisurely scooped up some snow, circulating his blood and qi, imbuing his power into the snow. He turned and hurled the snowball at a boy. The snowball smashed against the boy’s face with a bang and exploded, immediately knocking him unconscious.

“He’s cultivated blood and qi.” Qing Rong shouted. He saw that Chen Mo was not the same as before and hurriedly warned the others.

His discernment was very accurate, but he was already too late. Chen Mo was at Qi And Blood Three Turns’ cultivation, and over the years, he had never once given up on training. Regardless of speed, power, agility, or reactions, he was far superior to them. By the time the first boy had fainted, Chen Mo thrown several more in succession.

His fingers were like shadows, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Another two brats were smashed out of the ring.

Qing Rong shouted suddenly. His arm rolled, using a “Green Snake Whips Tail.”1 Human Star warriors’ martial arts had several levels, super first rate, first rate, quasi-first rate, and average. The Qing Clan’s “Spirit Snake Chant” passed down across generations was classified as quasi-first rate, among the best in Azure Dragon Town. When he activated it, the piles of snowdrift were all blown away with a whoosh, instantly becoming seven to eight snowballs that flew towards Chen Mo.

In an instant, Chen Mo sharply dove to the ground, his entire person looking as if he was prostrating himself. His arms swept forward. Without using his hands or feet at all, he suddenly scuttled forwards, as if his body had become a serpent. His hands and feet quickly moved, his belly and chest were nearly against the ground, and his flesh seemed to stretch and contract like snake scales. His whole body slightly bent, truly like a viper slithering along the ground.


Chen Mo’s speed was shocking, giving them a kind of sensation they had startled a snake slithering through the underbrush. Scuttling against the ground, there was a swishing noise.

Qing Rong was shocked.

Chen Mo’s body technique somehow was a bit similar to his clan’s “Spirit Snake” first rate body technique, “Snake Bracing Wind.”

Serpent Bracing Wind was classified as a set of Qi And Blood Three Turns martial arts. Only those able to cultivate qi and blood into their flesh could exploit the capabilities of their entire bodies to exhibit it. This brat was fully worthy of being Azure Dragon Town’s future genius warrior. He was able to discern from a glance that not only was Chen Mo not a so-called cripple unable to practice martial arts, on the contrary, he had already cultivated his qi and blood into his flesh, surpassing him.

Qing Rong hastily kicked, lifting the snow on the ground, trying to obstruct Chen Mo’s advance.

Immediately afterwards, he fluctuated the strength in his skin, no longer caring for the standards of the snowball fight, clawing at Chen Mo with both his hands.

There was a ripping sound.

The snowflakes were mashed by him, but this nevertheless missed. Chen Mo’s body technique turned, already pouncing from the flank.

Ah, this is bad.

Several large snowballs pounded Qing Rong straight on, making him see stars. Even though he already imbued his qi and blood into his skin, he still hurt incessantly. However, this brat was unwilling to retreat, even in death. He grit his teeth and endured, making Chen Mo show him a new level of respect.

Then, Chen Mo leisurely flung his hand, and a giant snowball squashed Qing Rong’s chest.

The youth gasped and was immediately buried under the snow, fainting.

By the time Qing Rong slowly came round, he saw Chen Mo nonchalantly staring at them from nearby. His compatriots were dejected, lowering their dirt-covered heads.

“You…you…” Qing Rong’s chest ached terribly with every word he spoke.

“What are you calling me?” Chen Mo narrowed his eyes, showing an innocent smile.

Qing Rong was tongue-tied for awhile, his mouth hanging agape. Finally, he slowly spat out: “Elder Brother Chen Mo.”

This brat actually had some integrity, conceding their bet. Chen Mo had even thought that he would cause a scene. “Nobody is allowed to tell of what happened today. If you want to be a traitor who commits treachery, then I won’t mind you doing so at all.”2 Chen Mo seemingly smiled at these youths.

“We understand.”

Qing Rong was the leader of these brats. Once he admitted defeat, the others did not dare be rash again. Originally, they had looked at Chen Mo with a feeling brimming with superiority and disdain, but in a short instant, he had completely defeated them. In an instant, they were in worship, but they also did not dare believe this was real.

This snowball fight was the first time Chen Mo displayed in Star World the strength of the Qi And Blood Three Turns he cultivated. In Star World, even in this Tail Fire Star Field, Qi And Blood Three Turns did not amount to much, but Chen Mo still felt considerably excited.3

When he reached the riverbank to meet Auntie, Chen Qingzhi had been waiting there a long time. Her robe was white as snow, her attitude like frost. She stood in the snowy scene, blending with it. Even her breathing was imperceptible. If he had not known beforehand their meeting point, Chen Mo would even have overlooked her.

From their contract, Chen Mo knew that his auntie was a Heavenly Star martial general. He did not know how much higher her Realm was compared to his own, but even in the Great Chong Dynasty, there were not many who could be her match.

Seeing Chen Mo run over, White Robed General Chen Qinghan’s frost-like pupils seemed to light up.

“Never expected you to cultivate Qi And Blood into your flesh so quickly. Not bad. It seems your foundation is a bit better than Auntie had thought.

When Chen Mo heard these words, he chuckled, “My Auntie is but the impressive and magnificent White Robed General. Her nephew naturally will not be deficient.”

Chen Qinghan softly snorted, expressionless: “Your current cultivation is still too low. You do not have the qualifications to participate into the Divine Warrior Examination. Return and prepare. Tonight, enter Azure Dragon Mountain for bitter cultivation. If you can still say this to Auntie at the end, then Auntie shall give you a small reward.”

Chen Mo’s eyes widened, letting his imagination run wild as he looked at the fair-figured Chen Qinghan.4

When he returned to the residence that night, Little Tao happily mentioned to Chen Mo that Qing Rong brought those companions of his to apologize. For the young master of the Qing Family to apologize to a maid, this shocked everyone, however, they adamantly refused to speak of the reason when asked. Several of the maids were bright and intelligent. They mostly realized that Young Master Chen Mo had definitely threatened them, otherwise, what young lord would give a slave an apology.

Chen Mo did not explain anything either. Qing Rong and his cronies upholding their agreement and not mentioning anything actually made him somewhat impressed. 

The next day, Chen Mo left a letter explaining that he was entering Azure Dragon Mountain.

The back of Azure Dragon Mountain was close to Azure Dragon Town. Like a dragon flying through the blue sky as its name suggested, this mountain was spectacular, full of rivers and valleys, the hoots of monkeys and roars of tigers. Spread throughout, many ferocious beasts as well as precious herbs dwelled in the depths of Azure Dragon Mountain. Many warriors would come to this mountain to cultivate their martial arts or earn money. 

Following his Auntie, Chen Mo took step after step into Azure Dragon Mountain, climbing up.

After walking for several hours, the forest gradually gave way to a clearing. Chen Qingzhi finally stopped.

“Auntie, what are we doing now?” Chen Mo humbly asked.

Chen Qinghan turned around, pointing to a limestone under an old pine tree. This limestone was dark, hard as iron. The clawmarks of many different kinds of beasts were left behind on its surface. Some were deep enough to have shown bone, a ghastly sight. Chen Mo recognized this was a stone for sharpening claws. Beasts of the mountain would specifically use it to grind their teeth and claws. It was very hard, and even a Qi And Blood Five Turns warrior’s power would not be able to easily shake it.

“Strike that stone with your fists a thousand times.”

“Smash it using my hands?” Chen Mo’s mouth hung open. Wouldn’t that disintegrate the bones in his hands.

Chen Qinghan strode forth, reaching the top of the sharpening stone in the blink of an eye, clearly showing he could not refuse.

Chen Mo was left with no choice. He walked over. This sharpening stone was at least a thousand catties in weight. The whetstone even had the prints of a black bear on it. The strength of this black bear was equivalent to a Qi And Blood Four Turns warrior, but even so, this print was neither deep nor shallow. He himself was only Qi And Blood Three Turns. One punch absolutely would break his hand. But looking at this Auntie who was not kidding in the least, Chen Mo had no choice. He braced himself and threw a palm strike at the stone.

There was a crisp, metallic sound.

The stone was incomparably hard, and it was something used year-round by beasts to sharpen their claws. Chen Mo’s attack immediately made his whole body’s flesh shake as if by a wave. Pain and numbness spread throughout his entire body.

“Qi And Blood Four Turns cultivates the body’s fibers. You must move your entire body. With only brute strength, this is completely meaningless.” Chen Qinghand tapped a finger. A formless power struck Chen Mo’s joints and vital points. Chen Mo felt as if he had become a marionette, completely losing control over his limbs. After seeing Chen Mo recover his posture, Chen Qinghan nodded and finally let him continue.

Chen Mo’s second strike landed. As expected, it was much better than before.

All of his qi and blood seemed to flare.

Chen Mo then landed a series of consecutive strikes upon the stone, moving his body from head to toe continuously, making every strand of sinew he had possible enter an excited state. In the case his posture was incorrect, Auntie would suddenly point her finger, helping readjust.

After a thousand strikes, Chen Mo only felt that all of his bones had lost their support. Even in the middle of winter, his face was covered in hot perspiration. Auntie did not allow him much rest, immediately bringing Chen Mo under a waterfall not far from this rock.

The waterfall cascaded down from a cliff a hundred zhang above. It was not frozen over, roaring as it came pouring down, the sound like a clap of thunder. Under the sun’s rays, there were multiple reflections of white light, making it appear like a white dragon.

White waves splashed against the limestone, surging violently.

Chen Qinghan flicked her fingers, and seven silver needles emerged. She stuck these needles into seven critical acupuncture points over Chen Mo’s body. Then, she pushed Chen Mo under the waterfall.

Chen Mo’s mind rumbled, for the powerful waterfall pounded the top of his head, smacking his whole body. The Chen Mo that had just attacked a thousand times practically had his bones nearly splinter apart. The waterfall’s strong force nearly knocked him unconscious. Those seven needles Auntie stuck into his body gathered a wisp of qi, supporting Chen Mo’s whole body. 

But the waterfall was unceasing, not giving Chen Mo any chance to reflect as it smashed over his whole body. A burning qi on his body was beaten back into his body.

Seeing Chen Mo’s expression was pained, Auntie still apathetically said: “The qi and blood in your body is currently boiling, as if it was burning. This represents Yang. Pounded by the waterfall, it chills your muscles and bones. This represents Yin. The greatest method of cultivation available in the world to warriors is the ‘Heaven And Earth As Furnace, Yin And Yang As Coal, Good Fortune As Work.’ Although this is not truly Yin And Yang As Coal, those seven ‘Yin Yang Qi Gathering Needles’ can absorb hot and cold as Yin and Yang. Use this qi to refine your body. This can accelerate your progress to Qi And Blood Nine Turns.”

Chen Mo listened. Indeed, he felt a feeble aura inside his body. Circulating his qi and blood, he began to absorb and emit qi.

The hot and cold qi crossed over his body, enormously comfortable.

After several hours of cultivation through absoprtion and emission, Chen Mo finally had completely refined the Yin Yang Qi Gathering Needles’ qi. He had just thought of leaving the waterfall when suddenly, a spiritual light flashed in his mind. He recalled the movies and novels he had read before. Many main characters had cultivated under a waterfall. On one hand, confronting the endlessly battering pressure of a waterfall brought pressure. On the other, the thundering waterfall’s noise was an enormous attack against self-reflection. Chen Mo was very aware that  there was nothing more precious than that kind of “composure” in the face of powerful pressure during battle.

Thinking of this, Chen Mo firmly suppressed the urge to break into a run. He sat crosslegged, circulating his qi and blood as he accepted a hundred waves of pressure while simultaneously making his mind completely focus on entering a state of absolute emptiness.

General Star Chen Qinghan was taken aback upon seeing Chen Mo’s actions.

She thought that this brat would immediately dash out. She did not expect that he would surprisingly even want to cultivate his mind.

It seemed that she completely did not need to worry about him.

Chen Qinghan could not help but curl the corner of her mouth.

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  1. 青蛇甩尾
  2. Just in case it isn’t clear, he’s being sarcastic about this part. He is making it clear everyone must keep their mouth shut about what happened today.
  3. The guy just dunked on kids who aren’t at his level of cultivation. Nothing to be proud of imo.
  4. LOL fantasizing about his “aunt.”


    1. Yeah, she’s a Star General, through and through. If it wasn’t for the fact that they’re blood relatives, she probably wouldn’t even spare him a glance.

  1. So Our Hero begins his journey by bullying some kids. Stupendous. Well, since they aren’t permanently injured I guess we can let this slide on account of his Chinese Novel Protagonist Syndrome.

    In any case, it is not nearly as bad as Su Xing in the Buddhist kingdom. Thanks for the translation!

    1. Not the most attractive of starts, I’ll admit. I get what the author is going for: protagonist up until a few days ago didn’t even have the power to touch a hair on their heads. But now that he does have power, he’s going to get payback for his maid, one of the few people who genuinely cared about him. This scenario is to demonstrate that Chen Mo is someone who upholds righteousness. But like I said in my footnotes, bullying mere children really doesn’t prove much of anything, especially when his cultivation is now higher than theirs.

      1. Personally, that kinda m9ralizing really only holds up inba world where ppl ‘DON’T’ have superpowers and where social darwinism ‘ISN’T’ the n9rm.

        Like, okay, picking on kids ain’t exactly noble, but neither were k8ds who could throw qi infused sn9wballs turned into stones a helpless, lone maid with ZERO power.

        So he gave them snot nosed little shits a good lesson in n9t picking on ppl needlessly.
        Frankly, Su Xing wouldn’t have been any different and Chen Mo had personal reasons.
        Moral 9f the story? ‘Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.’

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