Chapter 4: Qi And Blood Warrior

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It was another new day. Snowflakes floated down in volumes, and before the sky was even bright, the black-clothed girl Qing Wan was on the drilling field practicing the Qing Family’s “Spirit Snake Fist.” Combined with a set of Spirit Snake Body Techniques, the girl’s figure danced naturally amidst the floating snow. Before these snowflakes touched the girl’s clothes, they were burned away by an invisible Qi And Blood transformation.

A moment later.

Her routine finished.

There were cheers in the surroundings.

“As expected of Qing Wan, the number one warrior of our generation in Azure Dragon Town, too beautiful.”

“If only I could have a portion of your success, Qing Wan.”

Qing Wan was like a haughty peacock, not accepting the praise of these males. In the almost sixteen years she spent in Azure Dragon Town, the number of people who fawned over her were countless. She was already tired of hearing them. Qing wan could not help but recall the first time she was that man who was banished to Azure Dragon Town, that man who received the respect of all of Azure Dragon Town’s noble families even more easily than she did, who received even the respect of her own parents.

Unfortunately, this man was a good-for-nothing cripple, but because he had a powerful family backing in the Great Chong Dynasty…

Chen Mo.

“Sister Qing Wan, you’re already about to cultivate qi and blood to heart and mind.” A girl similar in age to her giggled. “At this rate, you’ll have Qi And Blood Nine Turns.”

“Liu Xin, it is only Qi And Blood Nine Turns.” Qing Wan played with her black hair, speaking disdainfully.

“The provincial examination will definitely be no problem. After the provincial examination, Sister Qing Wan’s identity will become a poor scholar.1 Then, you can advance to senior official.”


Qing Wan raised the corner of her lips, quite prideful in her mind. Her gaze looked to a road. Her partner noticed that she had glanced over there many times now and asked: “Sister Qing Wan, what are you looking at.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re waiting for that Chen Mo.”

“Me wait for him, that piece of trash?” Qing Wan sneered. “I want to see just how long he can persist.”

“Right, I haven’t seen him all day either. Normally, he’s always punctual.” The girl suddenly recalled. No wonder she felt something was missing. As it turned out, they had not seen Chen Mo on his morning jog. Normally, the other comrades would particularly jeer at him, only for him to strive even harder after receiving their provocation.

In that way, a cripple who strived so hard to change his own fate, the others of course could not fall behind that cripple.

“He must have given up. After all, Chen Mo is unable to circulate his qi and blood. He can’t bear such a cold day.” Liu Xin matter-of-factly said.

Qing Wan’s gaze became even more concentrated, “As you say. Let’s continue training.”


At this very moment, none of them realized that, several hours before them, Chen Mo had already showed up at the isolated riverbank. Ever since he integrated Auntie’s idea about the Time Immemorial Stakes and the qi and blood movement, Chen Mo was at this riverbank cultivating his qi and blood. Upon the vast dike, he could broaden his horizons. Auntie said this kind of plainly visible mountains and rivers landscape could allow his mind to be even more expansive, for his cultivation to be even more easy. 

Chen Mo tested some a set of taiji boxing. Combined with this broad state of mind, his qi and blood tempered into his skin and like a trickling river. Noticing this surprise made Chen Mo endlessly thrilled.

He trained a few days like this. Chen Huhao also very quickly purchased all of the medicines Chen Mo wanted to buy. Relying on the Chen Family’s status, these early stage medicines were refined into simple concoctions for him to soak in.

On the thirteenth day, Chen Mo already trained his qi and blood into his flesh. Each strike was like a cannon blast, brimming with more power than before. After tempering qi and blood into his flesh, even if the current Chen Mo were to be barechested, he would not feel the slightest cold walking during a snowy day. Already, there were characteristics of Qi And Blood Three Turns. Even the maids began to feel that young master Chen Mo apparently became manly.

On this day, Chen Mo again trained to his heart’s content. Rising out of his concoction bath, he recovered to his satisfaction and prepared to go see Auntie.

Little Tao had returned from shopping. She lowered her head and quickly walked into the kitchen.

“Little Tao, tonight, I probably won’t return.”

“Ah, yes, Young Master, I understand.”

“Hm?” Chen Mo heard something a bit odd about Little Tao’s voice. Walking into the kitchen, the girl was immediately flustered upon seeing Chen Mo.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, Young Master.”

Chen Mo walked over, calmly saying: “Look at me.”

“Young Master.”

“You don’t want to look at me?”

“No, no.” Little Tao raised her head in a panic, tears streaming down her face.

As expected.

From Little Tao’s voice, Chen Mo heard something different from normal. Now, seeing that Little Tao’s face was blued and swollen, Chen Mo’s was unable to restrain his anger, “Who bullied you.”

“Not at all, no one bullied Little Tao, this was just rough play.” Little Tao hastily explained.

“If you still regard me as your Young Master, then explain to me every detail of what the hell just happened.” Chen Mo could tolerate those mocking jeers, after all, he was not the kind of person who would smite another person for simply being displeasing to the eye. Someone like that did not have vision worth a damn, but while ridicule could be shrugged off, if bullying truly came before him, his status as the fourth child of Lord Chang’an was not to be trifled with.

“Young Master.” Little Tao was stunned by Chen Mo’s ice-cold tone.

Chen Mo had already trained to Qi And Blood Three Turns. Every piece of his flesh was filled with an oppressive energy, but the normal maid could not resist Chen Mo’s pressure at all.

Very quickly, Little Tao spilled the beans.

As it turned out, she was shopping for groceries outside. On her way back, she was interrupted by children playing in the snow. When these children saw that she was Chen Mo’s personal maid, they started a snowball fight game.

“It was only rough play…” Little Tao softly said.

Chen Mo furrowed his brow, not uttering a word.

The bruises on Little Tao’s body were clearly from a beating. Chen Mo knew those children were most likely the heirs of several of Azure Dragon Town’s clans. Even these brats were at least already stepping onto the path of Human Star, being at least Qi And Blood One or Two Turns. Even though they threw snowballs to beat Little Tao’s defenseless body, there was no difference between a maid without Qi And Blood and a stone.

“Young Master?” Seeing Chen Mo was silent, Little Tao was restless, though there was faint expectation in her heart. 

However, the next sentence Chen Mo said made the maid’s heart completely cool off.

“It’s time for me to go train. In the future, don’t play too roughly.” Casually saying this, Chen Mo exited the door.

“Fine.” Little Tao answered in disappointment.

“Sister Little Tao, are you alright. We’ll help apply a bit of medicine for you.”

“Ai, be careful in the future. Young Master is also in a difficult position.”

“I know.” Little Tao smiled with difficulty.

Outside the door, the contours of the dark-faced guard Iron Blade twitched a few times as he watched this scene. He glanced at Chen Mo with an expression full of disdain, then looked back at the maid and shook his head.

A dozen minutes later, Chen Mo saw children playing in the snow on empty grounds. These children were dressed in brocades and very young in age, but their Qi And Blood had already been trained to their skin. The winter day did not chill them.

When Chen Mo walked over, these brats were still gathered around each other, laughing

“Hee, hee, beating that woman just now was really too fun.”

“That trash’s maid is trash, too. No strength at all to fight back.”

“Qing Rong, won’t we be retaliated against by doing this. I heard my father say the Chen Family’s influence is enormous.”

“Hmph, what are you afraid of, we were only playing in the snow. It’s her fault she couldn’t best us.” An adorable boy stuck out his chest, fully confident: “She has only herself to blame for being incompetent, to stick with a useless cripple.”

“Hmph, any man who dares bully my elder sister is a scoundrel. I’m not afraid of him.” The boy proudly said.

Chen Mo knew him. He was Qing Wan’s little brother, Qing Rong. THis year, he was merely nine years old, however, he was a talent in martial arts, already capable of Qi And Blood Two Turns. In the future, his path would surpass his sister’s.

“Who would dare bully your sister in Azure Dragon Town, that is truly strange.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Chen Mo.”

The boys were frightened to see Chen Mo. Qing Rong’s eyes widened: “It’s you, the only one here who dares bully my Elder Sister is you.”

“Just because I don’t fawn over her, that’s called bullying? So your Elder Sister taught you this.”

“You dare speak of my Sister in this way.” Qing Rong angrily curled his fist.

These little bastards were completely oblivious to fear, but even when they were spoiled rotten at home, they were deeply aware of Chen Mo’s background. Though enraged, they did not dare take action. Qing Rong was a quick-witted person. His eyeballs craftily turned. He put his hands on his hops and said: “You must have come to take revenge for your maid, right? We didn’t do anything to her at all. It was she herself who played in the snow with us.”

“Exactly, we can testify.”

The crowd of brats shouted.

“I’m not here for revenge. I’m only here to watch how you play.” Chen Mo shrugged: “Staying at home all the time is quite depressing.”

“Then play with us, it’s really simple. You just need to roll up a snowball and throw it. Whoever goes beyond a certain range will be considered the loser. Big Brother Chen Mo, do you want to play with us?” Qing Rong narrowed his eyes, fully using his cuteness to be deceptive.

“That’s too simple. With you guys so small, once I make you cry back to your families and tattle, anyone would think I was bullying you.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Qing Rong roared with laughter. The other brats also split their sides laughing. This Young Master Chen Mo was indeed ignorant in all things, to truly believe throwing snowballs was so simple.

His compatriots exchanged evil glances.

“No we wouldn’t. We absolutely won’t tattle. But Big Brother Chen Mo can’t either if you lose.” Qing Rong chuckled.

“If I lose, I’ll immediately move out of Azure Dragon Town.” Chen Mo said without hesitation.

“Don’t you break your word.” Qing Rong shouted.

“Of course, but if you lose, you will have to obediently listen to my words from now on. If I make you go east, you cannot go west. And you will have to apologize to my maid.” Chen Mo swept his gaze over them.

Chen Mo’s self-confidence made Qing Rong somewhat hesitant, have second thoughts. The snowball fight relied on power trained through Qi And Blood Cultivation. The more force the Qi And Blood was cycled with, the stronger they were. The snowballs they threw would leave a normal person a mass of bruises. This Chen Mo was a cripple in Azure Dragon Town unable to practice martial arts, there was no reason to fear him.

Qing Rong had long found Chen Mo to be displeasing to his eye. Ever since he came to Azure Dragon Town, he never treated Elder Sister courteously. If he was driven out, Elder Sister would definitely praise him. Thinking of this, Qing Rong showed a sweet smile: “Can it be that Big Brother Chen Mo wants to fight one against all of us?”

“This way I can avoid others calling me a bully.” Chen Mo nodded.

“Fine then, Big Brother Chen Mo. You step into this area, and then we’ll begin the snowball fight.” Qing Rong beamed widely. The little boy’s smile was quite charming. His other compatriots seized the opportunity to spread out, secretly rolling up snowballs, circulating their qi and blood, imbuing their strength.

Despite these brats being so young, their coordination was tacit and very synchronized.

Chen Mo quickly glanced over them. Without another thought, he took a step forward. Qing Rong shouted: “Beat him to death!!!”2

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  2. These guys are savage little shits!


  1. Star World seems more dog eat dog than Liangshan, or more like… it’s nice to see the story from a ‘local’s perspective’.

    Chen Mo is a sly, scheming bastard though. Dood knows he’s being watched and had to be low key in front of Little Tao.

    And, huh.
    So you bathe in those medicines? Interesting.

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