Chapter 56: His Level Is Too High

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Everyone in Star World knew of Swordsmith Of Gods And Demons Ou Yezi’s fame. Ou Yezi was known as the forefather of Star Weapons. Any weapon in her hands could turn from trash into a miracle. She was a god-level idol existence for all casting masters, however, a Star Name as grand as this one was only seen once every several thousand years, and she could only possibly appear in the Central Star Field. 

An Outer Star Field like the Tail Fire Star Field could not even be described as remote. To suddenly hear Elder Ding mention information about Ou Yezi, everyone was very excited. However, some people immediately simmered down. “Even if it is information about Ou Yezi, it still isn’t worthwhile to use the Underworld Yu Stones to test us, Elder Ding, sir? One misstep is but a disaster with no hope of reprieve.”

“Worth it, not worth it, ladies and gentlemen, that is up to you.” Elder Ding’s expression did not change as he sat upright and still.

Everyone stared at each other.

Perhaps feeling this honestly was not worth the risk, many casting masters angrily stepped back.

“If I pass this trial, may inquire about other information?” Chen Mo suddenly piped up.

Those irate casting masters looked at him in astonishment, their expressions wearing feelings of disdain.

“Lad, you don’t think you can actually pass, do you?”

“I urge you to not show off. With your experience, it’s impossible for you to pass this test.”

“Youngsters these days truly are fearless. They are still too young, they don’t know of consequences.”

Everyone mocked and ridiculed him, entirely unconvinced Chen Mo had this ability.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow, only staring at the old man.

Elder Ding was a bit surprised. He had thought that a casting master as young as Chen Mo would definitely shrink back. He never imagined that, instead, the boy would be full of self-confidence to even mention a request. “Of course. So long as you pass the trial, the Sword Casting Villa can inform you of any information we are aware of.”

Chen Mo nodded and stepped before the box. “Then I’ll try it.”

“Brother Shi Jin, think carefully. That Underworld Yu Stone is nothing to scoff at.” The fat man’s mouth hung agape.


The Underworld Yu Stone was categorized as a “Yin” ore. The yin chill’s power could penetrate bone into nerves. Only casting masters that had refined “Alchemical Flame” were able to control it. However, there was no legend as terrifying as ruining one’s arm upon contact. Experienced casting masters could sense the chill of the Underworld Yu Stone’s yin.

Although Chen Mo did not have the richest experience, the Book Of Casting had explicit language, and he had refined using Divine Fire like the Divine Clinging Cinnabar. He was even more able to sense Yin-types.

Chen Mo placed his hand into the sealed box, immediately sensing a chill as thin as spider silk.

“This brat really is insane.”

“Don’t tell me he has some support?”

Everyone stared at him.

Chen Mo’s heart moved. Groping in the cold, he grabbed a stone, paused, and then calmly said: “Black Gold Dark Iron, with an addition of Kong Sand.” After he said this, he took out his hand and looked at a black stone in his hand. It was like gold, with a bit of spiritual power; it was exactly Black Gold Dark Iron.”

“Well done, lad! I wonder where your master comes from?” Elder Ding was very surprised, originally believing that Chen Mo would inevitably be unable to pass this. He did not think that Chen Mo would be so quick to be able to feel out its materials, to even be able to say that spirit sand was added when he was to announce its forging materials. This point was too surprising to him.

“Self-taught, no sect.” Chen Mo said.

“Incredible, I did not think the Great Chong Dynasty would have a casting master like you. Lad, what is your name?” Elder Ding said in amazement.

‘Shi Jin.”

“Would you be interested in joining the Sword Casting Villa? I guarantee that you can become a Middle Stage Casting Master in less than three years.” Elder Ding slightly smiled.

“Your Servant still has many places that he wants to see and does not have such a plan yet for the time being. Many thanks for Elder Ding’s kindness.” Chen Mo tactfully declined.

Elder Ding chuckled: “The more a youngster travels, the better. However, since This Old Man has said so, should Little Brother Shi ever have interest, please come find This Old Man any time in the Western Province’s Great Tool Court.”

“Many thanks.”

The surrounding thirty to forty year old casting masters were as dumb as wooden chickens. This was not rigged, was it? This brat was surprisingly able to receive Elder Ding’s invitation. Even these accomplished casting masters found it very difficult to have these qualifications.

“Hmph, I can do it, too.”

A twenty-five to twenty-six year old casting master was unwilling to concede, shamelessly boasting as he stood in front of the box. He had no way to accept that he could lose to a still wet behind the ears child. The young man sneered and reached into the box.

Chen Mo shook his head silently. His impulsiveness would inevitably lead to a bad end.


This young man’s expression abruptly changed, turning as pale as death. He screamed wretchedly, flinging his hand out. A black stone ball flew out. When Elder Ding saw it, he extended a finger, and a ray of qi enveloped the black ball.

It was an Underworld Yu Ball.

“Save me, Elder Ding, save me.” The youth was collapsed on the ground, rolling about, screaming, his entire arm devoured by black qi. His flesh and muscles were turning black.

“Brother Yu, in any case, you are one of the most outstanding casting masters in our generation, How could you be so rash.” Elder Ding slightly sighed. This was quite regretful. He could see that the young man had great talent. Elder Ding waved his hand, and two servants came to lift the young man away.


The Underworld Yu Ball once again dropped into the box.

Elder Ding was completely nonchalant, flatly saying: “Is there anyone else willing to try.”

Seeing the Yu man’s miserable state, the casting masters all changed expressions. They lost their boldness, and most of them smiled in embarrassment, respectfully stepping back. They looked at Chen Mo with unreconciled expressions as well as envy. The remaining few casting masters were those who had immersed themselves in the craft for decades. They had the confidence for this.

Several hours later, there were altogether a dozen casting masters, Chen Mo included, that were able to join the banquet. Chen Mo discovered that fat man was also among them, however, the fat man did not pass the test at all. But the others showed no surprise towards him at all.1

After sitting down.

Fruits and fine foods were placed down one after another.

The first thing in this social banquet was a reveal. All casting masters would bring out the casting item they were most proud of for Elder Ding to inspect. Although Elder Ding was not a casting master himself, he held a certain position in the Sword Casting Villa. He was one of the major powers in charge of the Great Tool Court and possessed a considerably high level of achievement in weapon appraisal.

“This Golden Thread Great Ring Blade of mine was forged using Luoyang Gold with Lead Sand Thread added in. It’s at Grade 6.” A man took out an interlocked broadsword, his tone overbearing.

As he introduced it, he pridefully glanced at Chen Mo.

In the test before, perhaps this youth indeed had some level, but that could only be considered a fluke. A casting master’s true strength must still be seen in the weapons they personally forged. Although this broadsword was categorized as a very common weapon in Star World, the interlocked tang was indeed indicative of the casting master’s level of precision.

Elder Ding praised it.

Having received morale, the others in succession brought out the articles they were most proud of.

Blades, staffs, polearms, hatchets, hammers, and practically every kind of mainstream weapon. Everyone received praise, very harmonious.

Finally, all of the casting master’s gazes fell upon Chen Mo.

Among them all, only he did not move. No one showed a bit of interest in the weapon an Early Stage Casting Master could forge.

“Why does Young Master Shi Jin not show his own craft?”

“Don’t tell me you actually can’t forge”

“This is understandable, after all, he’s too young. Theory is great, but experience is the most important. Don’t be engage in paper warfare like Zhao Kuo.”2

“Master Gang, your words are wrong. Zhou Kuo’s paper warfare was but very impressive.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

The whole room roared with laughter. They had all immersed themselves in casting for half of their lives to reach their current level. Now, to see a sixteen to seventeen year old youth sit at the same table as they did, they were very indignant on the inside.

Seeing Chen Mo did not take out his casted item, everyone took the chance to vent the dissatisfaction in their hearts.

“You bastards, you don’t understand a damn thing. Though Brother Shi Jin is very young, he does have the method to forge things like yours.” The fat man berated them while the other casting masters laughed in embarrassment.

“Since this is the case, it won’t hurt.”

“Your Servant has something and wants to invite Senior Ding to test it.” Chen Mo finally spoke.

“Oh?” Elder Ding raised his brow.

“What is Senior Ding’s current cultivation.” Chen Mo asked.

“Three Flowers Overhead’s ‘Spirit Flower’ Late Stage.” Elder Ding slightly smiled.

Chen Mo grinned: “For Senior Ding to strike Your Servant dead is perhaps as easy as turning over your hand.”

“More or less.” Elder Ding nodded. He could see that Chen Mo had yet to reach Three Flowers Overhead Realm. Chen Mo was only a Qi And Blood Warrior, unable to sustain a single attack.

“Then Your Servant invites Senior to use a palm attack. Your Servant wants to try it.” When Chen Mo said this, everyone trembled in fear, stupefied.

“You’re mad.”

“You would have a Spirit Flower level warrior strike you?”

“You are too overconfident in your strength.”

Elder Ding had a vague idea, “Then, good, This Old Man shall test it.” The old man did not use full power. In a single breath, three flowers appeared at the same time, and qi channeled through his arm.

Everyone sneered at Chen Mo as if they were looking at a dead man. To make a Three Flowers Overhead test-strike him, this brat was perhaps about to be disintegrated.

The old man moved instantly.

A palm print appeared on Chen Mo’s chest. There was a brief silence, then an enormous bang. Chen Mo suddenly felt pressure squeeze all the bones and muscles in his body, as if to shred him. A tremendous energy passed through his whole body. 

What formidable power.

Three Flowers Overhead strength?

Chen Mo’s body drew taut as he exercised his qi and blood, surprisingly standing majestically and not falling over, making everyone stare dumbfounded.

His clothes ripped open at the chest, exposing a black scale armor.

“This is armor?” Everyone was startled.

Chen Mo rubbed his chest, making that bit of qi on his chest disperse, “Thanks for going easy.”

“Did you forge this yourself?” Elder Ding said in astonishment.

“En. I was lucky to obtain a Demon Beast’s hide to forge.” Chen Mo nodded.

Elder Ding carefully inspected it, praising it again and again.

“Amazing, too amazing. To unexpectedly be able to forge armor at such a young age, this is the first time This Old Man has seen such a thing.”

Elder Ding used his power to personally inspect the resilience of this armor. All the casting masters present could doubt Chen Mo no longer as they looked at him simply incredulously.

Just where did this brat pop out from.

When did the Great Chong Dynasty have such an abnormal casting master.

After each one displayed their own work, they then exchanged their casting experience. Generally speaking, casting masters would encounter all sorts of difficulties while casting weapons, even in the works they considered their most perfect. As long as they had yet to reach a level of perfection, there would always be flaws.

The exchange was one of learned experiences through the weaknesses that other casting masters indicated as well as various proposals. 

However, everyone was at the peak level of Early Stage Casting Master. To be frank, the problems they encountered were similarly vexing to the other casting masters.

For things like the proportions of spirit stone and sand in weapons, what fires to use in forging, what water to cool and temper, these all could not be decided at once. Even Elder Ding could only barely give out his own perspective. In the past, this banquet was much more like a place where casting masters could show off their forging abilities.

But when Chen Mo brought out a piece of armor able to ward off a Three Flowers Overhead attack, all boasts were silenced.

Before that divinely crafted black scale armor, the weapons they forged simply turned into a pile of scrap metal.

Seeing them not utter a word, Chen Mo spoke.

“Your Servant wonders if anyone here has experience in imbuing spirit. To be frank, Your Servant still does not know a thing about this.”

Everyone was taken aback, staring blankly at Chen Mo.

Those expressions were simply as if they had swallowed ten chicken eggs whole.

Did I say something wrong?

Chen Mo blinked.

“Brother Shi Jin is a genius indeed. Your level is too high compared to normal casting masters. Ha, ha, this spirit injection is but a domain that Middle Stage Casting Masters would only begin to step into.” Elder Ding explained.

Chen Mo came to a sudden realization.

Middle Stage Casting Masters.

The entire Great Chong Dynasty did not even have ten of them.

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  1. Ah, nepotism.
  2. 紙上談兵, “all theory and no practice.”


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