Chapter 57: The Secret Of Ou Yezi’s Romance Of The World…

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Learning that there were no casting masters capable of imbuing spirit, Chen Mo was somewhat disappointed. Chen Mo pondered whether or not to just hand over the Flying Daggers to the Great Tool Court to forge instead? The Great Tool Court also received all kinds of warriors to forge Star Weapons. With the Sword Casting Villa’s reputation, he was naturally confident in them, but he nevertheless would be wasting an opportunity. Chen Mo thought it over, still feeling that if he was unable to find a casting master with the experience to imbue spirit, he would try and use the method in the Book Of Casting. Even if he had to waste a Demon Pellet, this was not too severe a loss.

A while later.

The atmosphere progressed to quite a lively state when a casting master at this time said: “Elder Ding, won’t you inform us about that information regarding the Swordsmith Of Gods And Demons Ou Yezi’s now?

“Oh, right, just what kind of information needed usage of the Underworld Yu Stones to test us?”

Everyone talked over each other, raising the topic to Ding Elder.

Chen Mo was also quite curious. According to what he knew, Star World had some Star Names that were naturally preordained to have abilities that placed among the proudest and most outstanding heroes across the entire Three Thousand Worlds. In particular, Ou Yezi was the most amazing. Known as the forefather of Star Weapons, she was able to control any Destined Star Weapon in the world. However, such a powerful Star Name generally would only appear in the Central Star Field. The Outer Star Fields were nothing more than the periphery of Star World, where Star Energy was meager, basically unable to assume the birth of a powerful Star Name. 

If it could be said that the information pertaining to Ou Yezi was that she was in the Central Star Field, then more need not be said. The Star Cultivators of the Outer Star Fields would find it practically impossible to get into contact. Any piece of information was a fleeting cloud, but if she was in the Outer Star Field, that would be too strange.

The others were also thinking of this. They wanted to see just what logic the old man could speak of.

Elder Ding did not keep them in suspense, smiling slightly: “Everyone must know of the ‘Romance Of The World?'”

“Romance Of The World?”

All the casting masters present were taken aback and nodded: “Everyone in Star World knows about this.” Back when the Purple Rose Star Emperor unified Star World, was that war not called Romance Of The World? Even now, some Star Generals and cultivators continued to bitterly pursue the secret of Romance Of The World.

“Rumor has it that Ou Yezi is casting this Romance Of The World.”

“Eh??” Everyone was startled. This indeed was beyond their expectations.

Elder Ding was very satisfied by their reactions, “It is said that for the past dozen years, Ou Yezi has been living in seclusion in the Outer Star Fields casting this weapon.”

“What? Ou Yezi has been secluding herself in the Outer Star Field up until now?”

“Is this true?”

Everyone began yelling. Ou Yezi was known as the ultimate apex idol of casting masters. Unknown numbers of casting masters admired her greatly. To be able to catch a glimpse would let them die without regrets.

“Ou Yezi has also apparently appeared in the Great Chong Dynasty before.”1

“To think there was something like this.”

“We have no way to see her, what a pity.”

“If we can obtain tips from Senior Ou Yezi, our lives would be complete.”

“Then was Romance Of The World successfully casted?”

Everyone was still wringing their wrists and sighing that they were unable to meet Ou Yezi when Chen Mo suddenly asked.

The others also recalled this matter. Legend said that Romance Of The World was the power of the Purple Rose Star Emperor that unified Star World. For Ou Yezi to be casting this weapon, she would not have the same idea, would she. If the Central Star Field were to learn of this, would they not fly into a rage.

“This is unclear. This Old Man knows that more than ten years ago, the Central Star Field learned of Ou Yezi’s whereabouts. They sent the Flying General of Longcheng and other Star Generals to personally capture her. What happened afterwards isn’t known.” Elder Ding said.2

“But a few times before, the Sword Casting Villa had obtained information. Some Inner Star Fields and Central Star Fields Star Generals have begun to enter into the Outer Star Fields. The weapon that Ou Yezi forged to imitate Romance Of The World may have been lost in the Outer Star Fields. If a Fellow here is so lucky to obtain it, then we ask that you let the Sword Casting Villa take a look at it. The Sword Casting Villa will definitely treat that Fellow generously.”

These last words were Elder Ding’s final objective in this banquet.

Everyone suddenly realized.

No wonder they had to use the Underworld Yu Stones as a test before. This information was too shocking to the casting masters. A weapon that Ou Yezi forged would be an outstanding achievement. Any one of them was sufficient to make a casting master profit endlessly, and only casting masters able to pass the Underworld Yu Stone test would have the qualifications to receive this information.

“Doesn’t mean that the Outer Star Fields will be very dangerous.” Chen Mo muttered.

“Disaster and happiness are intertwined. We will just have to see who has such good fortune.” Elder Ding disagreed.

“Elder Ding, you’re sure this isn’t to fool us?” A casting master asked out of skepticism.

“What benefit does This Old Man gain from deceiving you, ladies and gentleman. Let alone that some time ago, we heard that the White Robed God of War Chen Qingzhi appeared at Chang’an. Do you believe a Heavenly Spirit Star General would appear so randomly in a place like this?”

“You’re right.”

This reason made sense upon reconsideration. From what Elder Ding knew regarding this information about Ou Yezi, all the casting masters present fell into a mood of letting their imaginations run wild. Normally, Star Generals were basically legends. Now, having obtained clues as to the whereabouts of a weapon Ou Yezi had forged, each person dreamed about how good things would be if they managed to obtain one.

Ou Yezi…

Chen Mo mulled this over, not so optimistic as the other casting masters.

After three rounds of drinks, the atmosphere was increasingly lively.

Very quickly, the banquet reached its conclusion. The last stage involved transactions of spirit stones, spirit sands, and other materials. All of the casting masters were practically the Great Chong Dynasty’s best, and the precious materials they possessed were much better than what many business had. Normally, they were all stored away, but today, the casting masters planned to make exchanges for something satisfying.

Chen Mo looked around but did not find Spirit Attachment Iron Essence, his mood somewhat diminishing.

At this time, a casting master brought out a green stone that made Chen Mo’s eyes light up.

This stone was light green, etched with wind markings. It had thousands of dimples and was quite unremarkable. In the Book Of Casting’s spirit stone chapter, Chen Mo had seen it before. It was categorized as a wonder stone, known as Wind Concealment Divine Stone.3

When forged into a weapon, it could obscure the shape of the Star Weapon. When attacking, it could allow the attack trajectory and killing intent to become untraceable. It was a considerably thorny trick.

However, this stone only appeared in the Inner and Central Star Fields. It was impossible to find one in the Outer Star Fields.

That man apparently did not know this Wind Concealment Divine Stone’s worth, bringing the stone around for trades, but the others also clearly were not sure about it. Although they were all amply experienced casting masters, they were still Early Stage, after all. They absolutely had never seen a Spirit Stone from the Inner Star Fields. Even if they used their hands to feel it, they were unable to sense any particular qualities of this stone. On the contrary, this stone with thousands of holes appeared at first glance to be completely unsuited for use in casting weapons. For a time, no one traded with him.

Elder Ding’s eyebrows slightly shifted, but he remained aloof.

When Chen Mo saw this, he took a step forward. “Elder Brother, this stone is quite beautiful, how are you trading it?”

The big man who was in the middle of being miserable immediately regained his spirits when he heard someone show interest in his stone. Seeing that it was the most brilliant Chen Mo from earlier, he split into a wide grin: “It seems you have the best eyesight, genius little brother. This stone is quite exceptional. Maybe only the Inner Star Fields have it.”


This man actually had some idea about it.

Chen Mo nodded: “I think so, too, but it doesn’t look particularly useful for casting weapons.”

When he said this, the man began to fret again. He also knew this stone was not easy to forge. Perhaps a Middle Stage or even a Late Stage Casting Master would be able to control it. From his perspective, this was basically unimaginable.

“Little Brother, I see that you are a genius. If you have interest in researching this stone, then I have a small request.” The big man chuckled.4

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  1. I’m having a premonition that Ou Yezi is actually Chen Mo’s mother.
  2. The timing makes sense. Chen Mo’s mother fled when he was young.
  3. The very same from 108MOD
  4. I don’t like how Chen Mo is taking advantage of him, but that’s his nature.


  1. Well, I certainly didn’t expect this development. I’m assuming that Ou Yezi’s version is a weapon capable of imitating Su Xing’s feat. I really hope this weapon doesn’t become an abandoned plot point later on.

  2. Romance of the World 8s supposed to be a weapon that Su Xing used?
    …Kinda hard to believe considering he broke damn near every tool/weapon he had save for his sword Chant, Intertwined Branch sword and a few others at the end, and he gave Silver Blade to Xinjie.
    Kinda wondering what it could be then…

    Yo. If Chen Mo’s mom really was a Star General then he has more plot armor than Su Xing ever had…

    1. Remember, Romance of the World was the technique Su Xing used to kill Shi Xian, the one where he summons all 108 Maidens for an all-out assault.

      1. Oh yeah! The thing that let him spam Star Weapons/True Spirits!
        Can that even be reproduced?

  3. You know what would be funny? If one of the casting masters who declined to try himself with the Yu Underworld Stones happened upon Ou Yezi’s weapon and, not having heard about Sword Casting Villa’s request, never brought it to them to analyze.

    Oh, who am I kidding? It’s obvious that Chen Mo will find it, if he hasn’t already found it previously. Still, there is no connection between the Yu Stones and being able to find the weapon, unless it were stored in a box which contained a similar material capable of killing a person who tried to open it. But of course, Chen Mo cannot possibly die like a chump by triggering a trap and being vaporised like a cartoon character, so of course there will be no such thing.

    Now, regarding the theory that Ou Yezi would be Chen Mo’s mother, it’s not a bad theory, really. It would certainly explain her magic manual “1,001 cheats for casting weapons”. But what would we make of her sister, Chen Mo’s “auntie”? Can an Earthly Star be Ou Yezi’s sister? That is a slightly more thorny problem.

  4. They could be sworn sisters, or they actually could be like Mu Qingying and Mu Duiying, one in a higher tier than the other.

  5. If I had to guess right now, I would say Ou Yezi is our MC’s mother and not his Auntie’s biological sister but a sister in the star maiden sense. The big staff/stick/spoon is the weapon.

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