Chapter 62: Picked Up A Wife

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Chen Mo stored away this Nebula Chariot that he finished crafting, very satisfied with the first Astral Tool he had ever created in his life. Then, he looked over the remaining materials.

The time to cast the Nebula Chariot was less than he had thought. Chen Mo took a deep breath, circulated his qi and blood, and saw that his qi and blood surged, focusing in his heart and mind.

Star Energy flowed throughout his whole body. A faint spiritual aura cold be glimpsed above him, swirling around itself, assuming the shape of a flower.

After a while.

Chen Mo ended his cultivation.

“I never imagined that casting this Astral Tool would somehow allow me to already have a breakthrough to Essence Flower level.” Chen Mo clearly already sensed that the distance to breakthrough to Three Flowers Overhead was but a step away.

Due to the leyline’s lung-fire and his Star Energy involvement in casting this Astral Tool over the past few days, his qi and blood had already reached a peak state that was practically impossible to reach. Under the powerful pull of the earthly fire, Chen Mo’s Essence Blood apparently began to temper an Essence Flower.

This sort of progress was faster than he had imagined. However, this was also logical. An ordinary Qi And Blood warrior could break free of their physical bodies by cultivating qi and blood, and a casting master used formidable earthly fire and Star Energy while forging weapons, a similarly difficult and challenging type of cultivation.

He was in the Great Tool Court’s best Earthly Fire Casting Room and had the Astral Tool’s forging procedure. Chen Mo’s Essence Flower was simply a fish back in water. With the right conditions, it naturally budded. 

Only a casting master with indestructible qi and blood could possibly forge a perfect weapon inside the leyline’s lung-fire, otherwise, the casting master was basically unable to withstand the days needed, inevitably losing their qi and blood and dying. It was only through Chen Mo’s sturdy body and his two Servant Star contracts that he was able to bear it.

If he could withstand this kind of high pressure, his Essence Blood would naturally condense into One Flower Overhead.

The “Essence Flower” of Three Flowers Overhead was the peak manifestation of a warrior’s resilient mind. Back then, Qing Wan was able to straighten out after sustaining a chain of severe blows. However, this was not necessarily the reason she was able to bloom Three Flowers Overhead.

Understanding this point, Chen Mo’s mood was good.

Within half a month, entering Three Flowers Overhead Early Stage should be no problem.

In a flash, the tenth day came and went.

Chen Mo’s casting room doors finally opened. When he took one step out of the Great Tool Court, that Manao’s female bodyguard immediately obstructed his path. “I presume Your Distinguished Self has finished forging it? Her Highness has asked for you.”

Facing the female bodyguard’s serious eyes and her threatening sword-drawing stance, Chen Mo helplessly nodded.

On a plateau outside the skirts of the city.

The proud Manao was still in her black, half see-through long skirt that outlined her beautiful figure. Her ponytail danced with the wind. The woman gazed in the direction of the Western Desert, her eyes full of a n impenetrable darkness, as if it could swallow someone whole.

“This is the Nebula Chariot you requested.” Chen Mo waved his hand, taking out the completed Astral Tool.

On the surface, it looked like an ordinary chariot. With Chen Mo’s current craftsmanship, the appearance of the chariot was barely passable. Manao turned around, and with a single step, her figure already appeared on the chariot.

Her speed was very fast, already surpassing the bounds of Qi And Blood Nine Turns.

Chen Mo’s brows rose.

“Did you add the Paradise Snow?” Manao asked.

“Of course. This chariot’s quintessence was imbued with the Heavenly Mother Cloud Sand, otherwise, there would be no ordinary way to forge a flight Astral Tool with my current skill level.” Chen Mo replied.

Manao stepped on and tested it. An Astral Tool was not like a magic weapon; there were no restrictions in its usage. So long as there was a supply of Star Energy, it could operate, however, the Star Energy that a crafted Astral Treasure like the Nebula Flying Chariot required to maintain was not a small burden.

The Nebula Chariot slowly floated up, clouds forming and gracefully moving.

Circling around the heavens, a bag suddenly dropped from the sky. Chen Mo caught it in his hands. When he opened it and looked, there was some Paradise Snow. Manao’s voice came from above. “This Paradise Snow is your remuneration. That Astral Tool Diagram is also yours, transaction complete.”

She finished speaking, and without giving Chen Mo a chance to respond, the Nebula Chariot raced off towards the Western Desert. Very quickly, she blended in with the sea of clouds, all trace of her vanishing.

“Forget it, it’s no loss to me.” Chen Mo appraised the Heavenly Mother Cloud Sand in the bag. There were also some of those other materials remaining. This Astral Tool forging could even be said to be an enormous boon. As long as he was also able to obtain the Spirit Attachment Iron Essence, he could soon forge the Black Python Flying Daggers. 

Chen Mo returned to Little Jade City and came to the inn, suddenly noticing a Luo Kui currently loitering outside.

“Senior Luo Kui?” Chen Mo greeted him.

“Chen Mo, you really kept me waiting.” Luo Kui looked at Chen Mo, his eyes suddenly lighting up.

After their discussion that day, Chen Mo left him the address of the inn he was temporarily residing in. Originally, he wanted to discuss about the Wind Concealment Divine Stone, but afterwards, he was met with Manao’s business and completely delayed this.

“Senior, is something the matter?” Chen Mo asked.

“Ai, no need for ‘Senior,’ your skill leaves me ashamed of my inferiority.” Luo Kui laughed out loud.

The two of them entered the inn and found a corner to sit in.

Chen Mo ordered some tea and steeped some for Luo Kui.

The aroma of tea seeped into their lungs, the scent endless.

“This Mancheng Xiang is certainly a good tea.” Luo Kui twitched his lips, the taste of the tea lingering in his mouth.

“Senior Luo Kui, were you looking for me because of the Wind Concealment Divine Stone’s whereabouts?” Chen Mo smiled and asked.

Luo Kui remembered that this was definitely not the time to drink tea, “I came to talk to you about this.”

Ever since he traded that strange stone for the Black Pythong Scale Armor, Luo Kui had always felt quite guilty towards Chen Mo, feeling that this boy was too forthright. He wanted find a chance to collaborate as a way to compensate.

“That stone, what does Brother feel about it?” He asked.

“En, not bad at all.” After a lot of effort, Chen Mo had finally embedded it into Northern Dipper inside the casting room. It was practically the same as the Book Of Casting described, however, one Wind Concealment DIvine Stone could not hide the weapon for too long, and it required a lot of Star Energy to support. If he had a dozen, that would be much easier.

“Great Uncle has information?”

“Right, if you’re interested, at the north slope outside the city in three days, I’m gathering a group in preparation to go search the Western Desert for the tower.” Pausing, Luo Kui’s expression sternly said: “However, truth be told, with Brother’s current cultivation, I fear it will be very dangerous, so whether you go or not is up to your own decision, Brother.”

“The Western Desert’s tower?” Chen Mo muttered to himself.

“En, if you miss it, you’ll probably have to wait another two years.” Luo Kui looked around and slightly nodded his head.

“Alright, if I decide to go, can I bring along a couple people.” Chen Mo said.

“A couple people?” Luo Kui wrinkled his brow.

Chen Mo forced a smile. “They’re my family.”

“This is up to you, bring them if you feel you need to.” Luo Kui had thought that Chen Mo would bring bodyguards out of fear this was too dangerous. He could understand this. With Chen Mo’s youthful talent, he would not be convinced that Chen Mo did not have backing. “However, it’s best we don’t let too many people know. The Western Desert is very dangerous, you’ll have to think about this clearly.”

“Or if you believe in me, I can sell you more of those stones should I obtain any more.” Luo Kui said.

“If I don’t come at the appointed time, no need to wait for me.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Sure.” Luo Kui nodded.

After they finished drinking the Mancheng Xiang, Luo Kui lingered a little longer.

Bidding farewell, Chen Mo drank tea alone, pondering about the Western Desert Tower.

“It’s such good tea, yet you’re enjoying it by yourself, hmph.”

All of a sudden, a cold and arrogant voice interrupted his thoughts.

Chen Mo lifted his head to look, spotting a woman in gray clothes and a mantle standing in front of her. A lock of red hair lay across her chest. Although her figure was hidden, her impressive physique was still faintly visible.

“Big Brother.” Beside her was a small child, with silk clothes and black hair, she was as delicate as porcelain. The little girl softly called out.

Chen Mo showed a smile. “Nianyou, you’re willing to come out.”

Nianyou liked to lay against Chen Mo’s chest. From the girl’s perspective, this seemed to be the safest place in the world.

Chen Mo enjoyed her hug very much. “Sanmei, it looks like you two got along quite well.”

In these ten days that Chen Mo was gone, Zhongli Sanmei and Nianyou were alone. Sensing that this Big Sister was not hostile, Nianyou finally lowered her guard a bit with great difficulty.

“This King has led troops in battle. As if taking care of a little girl isn’t simple.” ZhonglI sanmei say down in front of him, grabbing that kettle of Mancheng Xiang and guzzling it down like beer.

“You seem to have broken through to Three Flowers Overhead?” Zhongli Sanmei glanced at him with those flame-like eyes.

“En.” Chen Mo nodded.

“Oh, then you’re pretty good.” Zhongli Sanmei’s approval was awfully dull.

Pretty good?

Before even a month had passed, he had ascended from Qi And Blood Nine Turns to Three Flowers Overhead. Few in the Great Chong Dynasty had achieved this. Chen Mo felt this truly was ill-matched.1 “I want to talk to you about the Western Desert Tower.”

“The Western Desert Tower, that place with the Star Weapon?” Zhongli Sanmei said: “This King has actually heard recently that many warriors are entering the Western Desert in search of that tower.”

“Fine then, This King wants to see.” Zhongli Sanmei did not hesitate to say. From the very beginning, she did not consider any of the dangers in entering the Western Desert.

“However, it won’t be easy for Nianyou to go. Can you stay behind to take care of her?” Chen Mo knew that this request quite unreasonable to the King Of Extinguished Ashes.

As expected, upon hearing this, Zhongli Sanmei exploded.

“This King is not your nanny, are you kidding me” Zhongli Sanmei stared at Chen Mo. This brat honestly treated her like a wet nurse. He picked this girl up himself, now he unexpectedly wanted her to look after the child.

“Isn’t it quite dangerous.” Chen Mo felt guilty.

“Dangerous? If you don’t have even the small bit of guts for this, can you be This King’s Servant Star?” Zhongli Sanmei lowered her voice, full of disdain.

Chen Mo was unable to respond.

“Nianyou, do you want to go to the Western Desert?” Chen Mo lowered his head and asked.

Nianyou blinked.

“With me…” Chen Mo added.

Nianyou promptly nodded.

Zhongli Sanmei could not help but smile. This brat perhaps had picked up a tiny wife.

However, the Western Desert was too nasty. Whether or not Nianyou was able to bear it, this was a very serious problem. Chen Mo needed to consider this carefully.

Just at this moment, a group of three guests entered the inn.

When they glanced at Chen Mo’s table, one of them was suddenly shaken.

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  1. 遇人不淑, a phrase that is usually used to describe being married to a bad husband.


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