Chapter 63: Three Flowers Realm Warrior Utterly Defeated

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“What’s the matter?”

The Zhongli Sanmei who had been drinking the Mancheng Xiang saw Chen Mo suddenly hug Nianyou tight and promptly shot him a glance.

Nianyou had shrunken into his chest, burying her face. A long, long lock of her black hair flowed like water, falling to the ground. Chen Mo stroked her back to comfort her, his gaze looking everywhere inside the inn. He said to Zhongli Sanmei: “I’ll go to the Great Tool Court to see about those Throwing Knives. Take Little You to buy some clothes for now.”

The cloaked Zhongli Sanmei shot him a disdainful glance.

“Oh, right, the big lane over there has a private shop with ready-made clothes that aren’t bad. Go take a look over there.” Chen Mo drank his tea.

“Alright then.” Zhongli Sanmei had spent the past ten days staying in the inn and cultivating her Star Energy. She already felt a bit cooped up.

“I want to go with you.” Nianyou held Chen Mo tightly.

Chen Mo comforted her and said: “It’s okay, Sanmei will look after you. I just need to hurry and finish this thing, and then I’ll be back.”

By every possible means of persuasion, Nianyou finally and reluctantly agreed.

After finishing the Mancheng Xiang, Chen Mo gave Zhongli Sanmei a few more instructions. Then, he paid the inn. After a while, Zhongli Sanmei had her fill of the tea. The woman very ruthlessly grabbed the little girl as if she was a sandbag and walked out.

Sitting in a corner.

Three men watched Chen Mo and Zhongli Sanmei depart.

“Senior Brother Shifeng, that’s definitely her.” Yi Chizhu’s eyes burned as he stared at Nianyou. That unbearably feeble figure was all too familiar. When they searched for her originally, he thought that some cajolery was enough to deceive a Star General into going to their Easter Flower Sword Sect. The result was that the girl stubbornly refused, finally forcing them to cruder measures. By the time they brought her back to the sword sect, they would have to face the Ancestral Master.

“Who are those two?” The fat man drank tea, twitching his lips. He was somewhat disdainful when he saw Chen Mo had not yet reached Three Flowers Overhead, however, that person wearing the cloak was worth their trepidation.

“Seems like they’re from the Western Region.”

“It looks like they’re preparing to take her to the Foreign Regions?” Yi Chizhu muttered. Little Jade City had many Western Region merchants. If they went to the Foreign Regions, that would not be strange, but this would be considerably problematic.

Shao Shifeng expressionlessly rank his tea, a ruminating expression.

“Senior Brother, what do we do?” Yi Chizhu asked.

That cloaked person’s background was unclear. He was unable to discern their cultivation, and he did not dare act rashly.

“In my opinion, now’s the time to seize her by force. If something happens, the changes will be bothersome.” The fat man softly said: “What do the three of us have to be afraid of? Why not just capture that young man first, get some information from him. He’s only Qi And Blood Nine Turns level, easy-peasy.”

“This idea is not bad.” Yi Chizhu nodded.

“Alright, Junior Brother Zhang Ming, you go capture that man first. Junior Brother Chizhu, you are to continue monitoring the situation. I will go gather information.” Shao Shifeng said.

“Leave it to me.”

The fat man snatched the plate and stuffed a large amount of fruit in his mouth. Then, he stealthily stepped away, leaving this place like a cool breeze.

“Brat in front, halt.”

Chen Mo walked into a small alley as a shortcut when he abruptly heard a voice call out to him from behind. Chen Mo turned his head back to see quite an obese man. The man beamed from ear to ear as he slowly walked towards him.

The counterpart appeared unassuming, his build short and full of fat that did not appear to possess great strength. However, from the faint Essence Flower above his head, he clearly was already at Three Flowers Overhead Realm.

“You looking for me?”

Chen Mo was aloof, his brows slightly rising.

“When you were drinking tea at the inn just now, who was that little girl you were hugging?” Zhang Ming strut over.

“My little sister. What’s your business?”

“Your little sister?” Zhang Ming chuckled, an amused appearance. “Then you must have adopted her. To tell you the truth, that girl is someone from our Sword Sect. I sought you out because I want you to turn her over to me. If you agree, I have here a Grade Seven Dust Washing Pill that I can give you.” For a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior, Zhang Ming felt that giving out some arbitrary treat was sufficient. To look down on This Fat Brother, heh, heh, see just how I’ll handle this.

Zhang Ming’s eyes rolled.

The Dust Washing Pill was a Grade Seven pill used to bolster cultivation for Essence Flower Realm.

Chen Mo nodded and smiled: “Then I’ll give you something in return.” He reached for his Astral Stone.

Just as the fat man was bewildered, all of a sudden, a chilling and tyrannical punch-wind assaulted him in the face.

Chen Mo’s fists already were in front of him without any warning.

Zhang Ming’s shoulders shuddered, containing his qi and blood as he met this head-on. Originally, he thought he could easily ward off this Qi And Blood Nine Turns punch, but the instant that fist fell onto his shoulder, a powerful force practically shook apart his bones. The pain made the fat man leak tears. He screamed, hastily drawing back.

“You dare sneak attack me?” Zhang Ming hissed between his teeth.

“Who the hell are you people?” Chen Mo said in a low voice.

While at the inn, Chen Mo sensed Nianyou suddenly shrink into a ball full of fear and felt that something was off. He had already noticed the fat man and his companions. To now see the other party surprisingly follow him, he feared there was nothing good about this.

Chen Mo’s Gen Overturned Bowl was originally to heavily injure the other man in a single blow, however, his foe was Three Flowers Overhead, not easy to face.

“To have refused a toast only to drink a forfeit.”1 Zhang Ming swallowed back his saliva and immediately reached out.

His entire person became an afterimage, already appearing behind Chen Mo, grabbing at his back. A Three Flowers Overhead Essence Flower Realm warrior had yet to break free of the limits of their physical body. Even though the difference in their realms was a single level, Chen Mo’s body used Star Energy to be as sturdy as a Star General’s. The fat man grabbed Chen Mo’s shoulder believing he could crush it, but the moment he took hold, it was like he touched a very hard piece of steel. It did not move in the slightest.


Chen Mo suddenly spun around and used the Bagua’s Dui Upper Open.

He sent forth his palms, pushing his opponent back a step.

The next punch followed immediately. Fortunately, Zhang Ming had reached Essence Flower Middle Stage. He sneered and swung his arms in circles as if they were hammers. Power slammed about against his arms, neither side willing to take a step back.

“A Qi And Blood Nine Turns dares to be impudent.” Zhang Min’s legs stepped.

Bang, the ground split clean apart.

The Essence Flower level warriors’ every movement had already reached perfection. He was able to control energy such that it could erupt from any place on his body. Chen Mo took a step back, and Zhang Ming pushed forward, becoming a black bear, swinging his claws at Chen Mo.

Astonishingly, this was combined with martial arts, a fulfillment of the physical and spiritual.

Chen Mo used Li Center Empty, and his body techniques receptively yielded. His punches were like cannons, rocketing and smashing into Zhang Ming’s chest. Although this was a super first-rate martial art, Zhang Ming merely tottered. His technique was called “Black Bear Trembling Zhi.”2 Power concentrated into his chest to counter Li Center Open.

Enormous force destroyed Li Center Empty’s cannon. Chen Mo instantly switched to Kun Center Full. His power filled to the brim, rising like springwater.

“Huh??” Zhang Ming was astonished, pushed back repeatedly.

“Bagua?? You’re surprisingly capable of the Book Of Change’s Bagua?” Zhang Ming’s eyes revealed his envy. The man chuckled, and his hand waved. A chilling and brilliant sword appeared in his hand, a Two Star Star Weapon.

A Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior absolutely was not able to contend against a Star Weapon, especially a Three Flowers Overhead level warrior’s.

Zhang Ming subsequently hacked straight at Chen Mo.

The sword’s power rose like a tide, surprisingly containing a kind of continuous, endless feeling, leaving one at a loss of what to do. The alley’s surroundings were covered by sword-light. A Western River Sword Sect cultivator probably could recognize this as the Eastern Flower Sword Technique’s “Tide With No Coast.” Unfolding in this narrow space, it could completely trap the enemy. A Qi And Blood level warrior was basically only able to sit and wait for death.

And if the enemy resisted it head-on, sword-light would rise sudden as the tide, difficult to escape from.

Chen Mo did not recognize this move, but he could discern that it was quite fierce, that a trick was hidden within. If he was any other Qi And Blood warrior, perhaps he would have panicked here, but Chen Mo was unflappable. He clenched his fist.

Zhang Ming’s eyes were blinded as he gasped in shock.

Chen Mo waved his hand, as if he was gripping a ball of air.

Just at this moment, an unparalleled, tyrannical arrogance burst out of his hand, attacking Tide With No Coast like a hit knife through butter.

Bang, bang, bang.

Countless ear-splitting rings seemed to rupture his eardrums. Zhang Ming’s expression winced in pain, astounded. “What technique is this.” Before his eyes, he only saw Chen Mo seemingly wield an invisible weapon. The instant he waved, all the sword-lights were crushed to slag, completely breaking his Two Star Star Weapon technique. 

Zhang Ming used an Eastern Flower Sword Technique.

Sword-light rapidly changed, and his killing intent became a line that moved back and forth. Chen Mo grabbed Northern Dipper. After using the Wind Concealment Divine Stone, Northern Dipper’s form was concealed. The wind shrouding the weapon became powerful killing intent that followed and extended along with the weapon’s tyrannical power.

Shit, this brat’s swordsmanship is too abnormal. There’s no way to block it.

Zhang Ming’s heart stopped.

In their exchange, he surprisingly was somewhat unable to dominate. The opponent used a weapon that was clearly a different level of power. “Don’t tell me that’s a Star Weapon?” A thought flashed through Zhang Ming’s mind, already thinking of retreating and making other plans later.

“Black Bear Slaps Tree.”

Zhang Ming combined his martial arts with his swordsmanship.

The power of the Eastern Flower Sword in his hand attacked Northern Dipper. The formidable killing intent this time was blocked. Against the full-power strike of the Three Flowers Overhead warrior, Chen Mo took a step back, but then Chen Mo sneered, pointing his left finger.

Zhang Ming’s eyes were dazzled.

All of a sudden, he felt a piercing pain in his chest. If it was not for his indestructible qi and blood, he would nearly have been defeated. “Something isn’t right with this brat.” Zhang Ming turned and fled.

A Three Flowers Overhead warrior being repelled by a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior, anyone else would have been in disbelief.

However, Chen Mo definitely did not have plans to give him a chance to escape. He did not want to leave unknown dangers alone. One Tang Sect assassin was problematic enough.

“Thinking of running?”

Chen Mo was disdainful. All of a sudden, his legs flashed.

Six footprints instantly appeared before him.

Zhang Ming’s body techniques were not fast, but he was still confident enough to outrun a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior. However, before he had even taken ten steps, he heard six footfalls behind him. Then, his back was struck, and the Essence Flower above his head unexpectedly scattered.

Zhang Ming once again used Black Bear Trembling Zhi, shaking off Chen Mo.

“Dammit. I, your father,3 will definitely make you pay the price.” Zhang Ming spat blood as he cursed. A silhouette abruptly blocked the street in front of him.

The cloaked woman?

The fat man was taken aback, his expression instantly becoming sinister. “I, your father, want to see just who the hell you are.” He bellowed, like a berserk black bear, each step he took unexpectedly pulverizing the ground and shaking the walls.

The Eastern Flower Sword Technique became a ray of cold light that shot over.

The cloaked person finally raised her head, looking straight at him. A pair of spears appeared in her hands.

The fat man’s arrogance instantly vanished into thin air.

He was blank.

Burnt Out Three Calamities?!

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  1. 敬酒不吃吃罰酒, an idiom that more accurately means that hesitation has forced even more drastic measures.
  2. 黑熊抖豸. A Zhi is some sort of mythical worm creature.
  3. 老子, a self-address used in anger

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