Chapter 72: A Ladder Of Chains

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Seeing the legendary tower appear before their very eyes, everyone flared up with excitement.

“I never imagined it would be so simple. You really were able to solve it.” Manao stared at Chen Mo, her eyes containing a meaningful glance.

Chen Mo felt that he could only consider his luck to be pretty good. Because this tower was hidden in the depths on the Western Desert, the warriors who came here practically would never stay for too long. Even those that meticulously searched would often appear after rain, so none of the cultivators ever thought of this. Perhaps some warriors had such thinking like him, but they lacked a flight Astral Tool that could survey the entire situation of the ruins.

Much less that so many warriors would work together for a common goal.

However, that Chen Mo could think of this connection made Manao still very impressed. For something as insignificant as decorative patterns on the ground, a person that did not possess sufficient experience would be very hard-pressed to have such thinking, and the crux of activating the array was merely one more step.

“Chen Mo, do you want to do something for me?” Manao asked.

“Many thanks for Your Highness’ grace, but Your Servant does not have any such thoughts.” Chen Mo said.

“Are you sure? Do something for This Highness, and I will guarantee that you will someday be a ruler, that you will become the hegemon of this Star Field. This is not something the ordinary person can obtain.” Manao’s tone and her expression were naked in their invasiveness, as if the Great Chong Dynasty of the Tail Fire Star Field sooner or later would fall into the palm of her hands.

In Star World, only that kind of superb Star General could possess such heroic air and dare say such things.

He needed to divert this woman.

Chen Mo’s eyes slightly moved, replying without batting an eyelid: “I have no interest in this. This trip to the tower is merely to find some casting master spirit stones.”

Manao’s eyes were somewhat angry, having never expected that a man would dare refuse her while being neither servile nor overbearing right in front of her. “You don’t know good fortune!” The woman was furious. She stamped her foot, and a ray of Star Energy was released, shaking Chen Mo’s body.

This Star Energy was very tyrannical. Chen Mo was too late to defend and was thrown from the Nebula Flying Chariot, falling down.

Chen Mo somersaulted, landing on the ground. He raised his head to look at Manao again. The woman guided the Nebula Flying Chariot towards the tower, very quickly vanishing into the fog outside the tower.

Zhongli Sanmei and Luo Kui both rushed over, hastily asking what just happened.

Retracting his thoughts, Chen Mo then looked carefully at this legendary tower.

This fort that floated in the sky was somewhat unreal. Its style was that of the Foreign Western Region, rough, unruly, and barbarous. However, this tower was apparently a hundred meters away from the ground. It was entirely impossible to reach it without something capable of flight. It seemed Manao had the Nebula Flying Chariot forged for this very reason.

“What do we do now?” Chen Mo looked at Luo Kui and said: “You ought to have a plan, right?”

Although warriors could leap a hundred meters, the tower was too high up. Without riding swords or flight abilities to lift off the ground, it was impossible to go there. Luo Kui and the others had come here before, and they had even seen the tower. Clearly, they had to have something prepared.

“Leave the rest to us, Brother.” Luo Kui beamed.

This casting master then pulled out a pile of materials from his Astral Stone. They seemed to be every kind of mechanical implement.

“We must move quickly. This tower won’t last too long.” Li Xiunian said.


It’s not some airship or the like, right?

Chen Mo thought.

After a hasty assembly, it very quickly became a mechanism – a giant ballista.

“Whoosh, whoosh.”

The surroundings suddenly filled with whooshes.

Chen Mo looked. Many of the warrior parties had been outfitted with similar ballistae. Their warheads were forged from pure steel, and chains as wide as an arm were linked to the bolts. The warriors aimed the bolts at the tower, then simultaneously fired.

Several bolts soared into the sky, breaking through the mist as they shot towards the tower.

Due to some of the ballistae not being of too high quality, several bolts fell just a bit short in the end. That bolt from Pang San’s party deeply embedded itself into the tower’s lowest outer wall.

“Heh, heh, Crazy Luo, we’ll be going first.” Pang San complacently laughed. They anchored the bolt to the ground, and everyone used the chain as a ladder, climbing up towards the tower.

“It’s up to you now, Old Nian.” Luo Kui wiped his sweat.

Li Xiunian nodded. He stood in front of the ballista. The old man took a deep breath and manifested two of his Three Flowers Overhead. A ray of qi gathered in his palm, and Li Xiunian suddenly swiped.

There was an explosive bang.

The bolt shot forth like a shooting star.

A strong force tore open the obstruction of the fog and wind. On the bolt, a powerful airflow was maintained. Like the flaming trail of a fire arrow, it was incomparably brilliant.


The chains were stretched taught. The bolt had clearly penetrated into the tower successfully.

“That’s creative.” Chen Mo could see that these warriors had prepared these ballistae bolts to stick into the tower’s walls, forming a path of chains.

“Let’s hurry, we can’t let them take anything.” Luo Kui hastily called out.

To be able to scale the tower this time made the warriors nearly mad, each one unable to hide their excitements, as if the tower above had many treasures. Chen Mo was somewhat apprehensive, though. But when he saw Luo Kui and the others were like this, he knew there was no way to dissuade them.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“That Manao may be a Star General.” Chen Mo said.

“Is that so? That’s the best.” Zhongli Sanmei showed a bit of excitement. The King Of Extinguished Ashes did not bother to glance at the warriors here, and only a Star General was able to make her somewhat interested.

At this moment, everything was a bit chaotic. Several warrior teams’ ballista bolts had failed in the end to reach the tower, leaving them somewhat anxious. Giving up on their own machines, they fought over the chains of successful teams.

Luo Kui, Yun Sha, Zhuang Jing, and Li Xiunian were already the very first to climb up this ladder of chains. Their warrior abilities were all very vigorous. Past Qi And Blood Nine Turns, the harmony of their bodily organs already could work as they please, a level there it could work without obstruction. A mere simple walk over a length of chain was basically no problem to them.

Chen Mo carried Nianyou up the chains. With the Bagua as his foundation, he walked over these chains also very gracefully, yet Nianyou actually was somewhat frightened as she buried her head tightly into Chen Mo’s chest.

However, the higher he went, the more steep the angle the chains became. The movement speed of the warriors gradually slowed.

Suddenly, there was a scream from the surroundings.

Everyone looked. Pang San’s chain abruptly severed. All of the warriors who crawled up Pang San’s chain were caught off-guard as they tumbled down one after another.

“This guy unexpectedly cut off his own chains. Heh, heh, he really has his style, to not let anyone take advantage of him.” Luo Kui sneered.

Pang San’s chains were cut off. The other warriors could only go to the chain-ladder of others. Chen Mo’s immediately received attention.

“Let’s move faster.”

They latched onto the ladder of chains, making increasingly intense undulations.

Crash, crash, crash.

The chains shook with wave-like tremors.

This wave on the chains was especially abrupt. Luo Kui was caught off-guard, losing his center of balance and falling off. Chen Mo’s hands and eyes were coordinated and swift, bringing out Northern Dipper and waving it, using a skillful strike on Luo Kui’s back. Li Xiunian then grabbed onto him, pulling Luo Kui back onto the chain.

The terrified Luo Kui was scared pale in the face. Before he could thank Chen Mo, the shaking of the chains intensified even more.

Chen Mo turned his head back to look.

A purple-clothed woman stepped on the chains, rapidly closing in.

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