Chapter 73: Just Like A Fiend Star

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Her light blue eyes flashed by.

The purple-clothed woman’s speed was very fast, the tip of her foot kicking off of Chen Mo’s shoulder. With a light tap, she bounded up past everyone else, her slender legs seemingly moving as light as a feather. Tap, tap, tap, she directly moved up the ladder of chains.

“Where are you going!!”

Zhongli Sanmei saw through her identity with a glance. The woman’s fighting instinct was aroused, similarly borrowing Chen Mo’s shoulder as she leapt with all her might, her long hair fluttering like flames. The King Of Extinguished Ashes became a fire-light that gave chase.

Chen Mo rubbed his shoulders, inwardly saying, Why use me as a springboard.

Luo Kui and the others were taken aback.

What was this situation. Any way they looked, those two women seemed to be very bad to provoke.

“Is that a Star General?” Yun Sha asked in astonishment.

“That one with the Nebula Flying Chariot may also be a Star General.” Chen Mo said.

“Star General?”

They were all slack-jawed. When could they ever have seen three Star Generals appear together in the Outer Star Field. Even if the tower was rumored to have a Star Weapon, this was completely useless to other Star Generals.

“You guys best think carefully. It may be very dangerous.” Chen Mo said.

Just what lay inside the tower, nobody knew. However, to run away know clearly was not very realistic. But not a single cultivator present wanted to even think of facing a Star General.

Who were they kidding.

Even a Reborn Nine Movements Star General was enough to cut a Three Flowers Overhead warrior down to size.

“Let’s do our best to not provoke them. We’ll have to give up on the Star Weapon, too.” Luo Kui made his decision.

“Let’s go quickly.” Chen Mo finished speaking, hugged Nianyou tight, and used the Bagua body techniques. This time, he borrowed Luo Kui and Yun Sha’s shoulders to leap up towards the tower.

Everyone stepped onto the passageways outside the tower. Li Xiunian chopped with his head, severing the chains.

“Old Nian?”

“Since a Star General has appeared, it would not be too wise for them to fight over the weapon. This is a kindness to them.” Li Xiunian slightly smiled.

No one said a word.

Thrown down like this, while a warrior would not fall to their death, they would unavoidably curse angrily.

“We don’t have much time. We have to make haste.” Luo Kui said.

“If a Star General’s Star Weapon really is sealed in this tower, there should be lots of Inner Star Field treasures. Let’s each split up and go search.” Yun Sha suggested.

Towards this legendary Western Desert Tower, they did not understand too much. However, they did find some never-before-seen Spirit Stones below the tower in the past. Presumably, the tower contained many valuable treasures. Yun Sha was unwilling to waste time. After she finished speaking, she scuttled into a jet-black window, her figure vanishing.

She definitely did not want to return without any achievements after spending so much effort.

Zhuang Jing and Li Xiunian also immediately split up and search.

“Brother, what do you plan to do.”

Chen Mo looked in the direction Zhongli Sanmei had given chase. She was continuing up, heading towards the very top of the tower. “I’ll go check on Sanmei.”

“Then you be careful.” Luo Kui seriously said.

The tower looked very large from the outside, but the truth was that the inside was very dull. The inside was filled with non-Han style totems, completely not lacking in decoration.

The interior had considerably many halls and corridors, staircases everywhere, crisscrossing paths, as if this was a giant labyrinth.

Past a dozen floors, the scene suddenly opened up into a large main hall.

This is??

What appeared in Chen Mo’s eyes was a giant, open fresco. Depicted in the fresco was a woman riding a horse while wielding a long whip. Behind her was the force of an army of cavalry. Beneath her iron hooves was thick blood, as if she had trampled upon a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, charging and breaking through enemy lines.

At first glance, it gave a sort of extreme impact.

Especially the whip dancing in that woman’s hand. It was drawn merely with a few strokes, but it possessed soul, as if it was swift as lightning, splitting Heaven and Earth, carrying a vast, divine might. 

“Rumor says that there was once a Star General from the Foreign Star Fields who marched straight through the Outer Star Field’s hundreds of Star Fields unchallenged. Blood flowed for millions of li. She was finally defeated in the Tail Fire Star Field when she encountered the obstruction of a Central Star Field Star General. It looks like that was true.”

A gloomy voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Mo glanced out the corner of his eye. In the doorway, he spotted a warrior walk in wearing a cloak that obscured his face. He lifted his gaze, drawn in by the painting in front.

“But it doesn’t seem she was killed.” Chen Mo looked at the next fresco.

This hall had ten giant frescoes, each one outlining a scene from the hand-to-hand battle from several centuries ago. On the last one, this woman sat alone on a throne, the whip in her hand gone and her magnificent army completely wiped out. Only a hovering pavilion was left, and in the end, this tower gradually vanished into the mist.

“It seems that she wasn’t killed by the Star General. Instead, she sustained heavy injuries and to avoid being captured and having her Star Weapon fall into others’ hands, she specifically created this tower to seal her own Star Weapon. Afterwards, her Star Name fell, but the Star Weapon nevertheless remained here…” As Chen Mo spoke, his brows knit together.

This meant that the Central Star Field was completely oblivious to this fact, which also meant that there was nothing to the rumor that the tower was constructed to monitor the Foreign Star Field. Those perhaps were some rumors drawn up by a few warriors themselves after they entered the Western Desert and caught sight of the tower. As time passed, those rumors developed into their form known today.

“If this Star General retrieved her Star Weapon, then she definitely will renew that tragic massacre of the Star Field from centuries ago.” The warrior gloomily smiled: “But this is fine. This seal is so mysterious, even the Central Star Field has not noticed. Perhaps the Star General who inherited the Star Name may not find it either.”

Chen Mo’s expression was somewhat grim.

He suddenly recalled all of Manao’s words and actions as well as her warning.

This is bad.

It was possible she was here for the Star Weapon!

If he let her obtain it…Chen Mo recalled that woman’s eyes brimming with an aura of evil, and he immediately could not help but shudder. He feared that the Great Chong Dynasty, even the Tail Fire Star Field as a whole, would be in trouble.

“Did you think of something?” The warrior took note of Chen Mo’s change. “Can it be you feel that Star General is coming?”

Chen Mo glanced at him, “I’ll be taking my leave first.” Just as he was preparing to leave, at the moment he turned around, the man behind him suddenly lunged, an intense killing intent attacking Chen Mo.

Chen Mo was already on guard. He spun around, completely wide open, then immediately pushed forth his right palm. An enormous flame shot out like a cannonball, exploding in the space before him.

The man’s next killing blow amounted to nothing, and he could only pull himself back, otherwise he would have fallen into this explosive-like killing intent, something quite dangerous.

“This is Li Center Empty?” The man said in surprise. “To think you surprisingly are capable of the super first-rate Bagua.” His voice then took on a cold tone: “No wonder you were able to kill Fatty.”

“Fatty? What are you saying?” This guy would not be that stupid fat man’s bodyguard, right? Now that Fatty was dead, the man was under the impression that he did it?

“I didn’t kill him, and I don’t have the time to waste explaining this to you right now.” Chen Mo thought of Manao. He did not have interest in tussling with this man. He needed to go stop Manao from obtaining the Star Weapon.

From the history of military successes in the fresco and from the generations of rumors in Little Jade City, Manao’s Star Name perhaps was unimaginably formidable. If she obtained the Star Weapon, the consequences would be inconceivable.

The man sneered. He flipped his wrist, revealing a sword. The sword’s edge was accompanied by three Stars – it was Three Star level.

Nianyou abruptly hugged Chen Mo tightly.

“You’re from the Eastern Flower Sword Sect?” Chen Mo’s eyes sunk.

The man ripped away his cloak. At this point, there was no need to hide. As expected, he was the man they met briefly at the inn. Originally, Chen Mo wanted to let Zhongli Sanmei dispatch him at the same time, but they never could find him. They had thought he ran off.

Chen Mo never imagined that he would surprisingly follow him to the Western Desert, and then wait until he was alone before taking action.

“I am Shao Shifeng!!” Shao Shifeng coldly said: “I shall give you another chance. Hand her over to me, and I can let you go, let you stop that Star General.”

“You think I’ll believe what you say?” Chen Mo’s left hand stroked the ring on his finger, secretly activating the One Qi Ring.

“I am not an insensible person. This girl is just important to my sect. I can look into how you managed to kill my Junior Brothers, but I must bring this girl back to the Sword Sect. She will not be a fortunate existence for you. I advise you hand her over to me.” Shao Shifeng tightly gripped his sword, his tone not allowing for argument.

“Over my dead body.” Chen Mo sneered.

“As you wish then.” Shao Shifeng restrained his anger. He had already waited a long time for this opportunity. Regardless of whether Chen Mo handed Nianyou over or not, this boy would not live past today.

When he finished speaking, Shao Shifeng already attacked.

A sword-light like a chain headed towards Chen Mo’s face. Swift as lightning, it reached him in an instant. Although he was only Essence Flower Late Stage, the Star Weapon already had Three Stars. This attack was enough to contend against a Qi Flower level warrior.

The opponent was no more than a Three Flowers Overhead Early Stage warrior. Shao Shifeng had been very confident he could take Chen Mo down in one strike. However, after experiencing Chen Mo’s super first-rate Bagua, he did not dare be overconfident. Fatty was an Essence Flower Middle Stage, but he still died to the boy’s hand. This meant that this brat’s strength was a bit unfathomable.

This sword-qi definitely could not be warded off using his body alone. Chen Mo fell back, using his invisible Northern Dipper to strike.

With a metallic clang, this chain of sword-light was smashed to smithereens.

Shao Shifeng was taken aback. His Three Star Star Weapon’s attack was surprisingly disintegrated by a single smack. He was somewhat skeptical of his own eyes.

Northern Dipper’s power was ample. Chen Mo set Nianyou aside, his figure pouncing at the same time.

He swung the big stick horizontally.

Biting cold and overwhelming strength that could not be hidden away even with the wind still made Shao Shifeng feel fear and trepidation. This stick’s power was not only unmatched, it even contained qi within.


This brat was merely Qi And Blood Nine Turns a few days ago, how could he have Qi Flower level strength right now.

It was too late to dwell further on this. Shao Shifeng grit his teeth, using an attack, “Raging Waves Splitting Shore.” Sword-light rose like a tidal wave, ripping the ground to shreds. This attack was classified in the Eastern Flower Sword Techniques as a first-rate technique. It was much stronger than that Tide With No Coast that fat man used.1

The hall was ripped open by several dozen gashes from the sword-qi. Finally, the sword-qi gathered on Chen Mo’s body.

Bang, bang, bang.

The dozen rays of sword-qi surprisingly were completely twisted apart by Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper, unexpectedly unable to even approach him.

The Shao Shifeng who had been filled with the desire to see Chen Mo rend apart by the sword-qi was slack jawed at this sight.

Just how abnormal was this brat’s power?!

Chen Mo bellowed like a clap of thunder. His figure suddenly vanished, and six deep footprints appeared consecutively in the ground. Then, Chen Mo swung Northern Dipper.

Shao Shifeng could not see the weapon, but he nevertheless clearly sensed the incoming pressure.

Wider than the Heavens, heavier than the Earth.

Kun Six Severed!!

Shao Shifeng was pale as a sheet of paper. Chen Mo’s power honestly was far beyond his imagination. He originally thought that this brat was nothing more than Essence Flower Late Stage, completely unable to oppose himself. But with these few moves, Shao Shifeng discovered that he had been completely deceived by that brat’s innocuous appearance.

This guy’s weapon, martial arts, and strength simply were like a Star General’s.

Oh, no.

In a panic, Shao Shifeng did his utmost to block with his sword.

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  1. Referring to Zhang Ming, the fat man from the Sword Sect that Zhongli Sanmei actually killed.

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  1. The panic about Chen Mo’s power reminded me of Su Xing constantly being likened to a Star General in the last 3rd of MoD.

    The difference here being it was that it was Star Generals themselves who were confused by Su Xing… on top of most of his stronger opponents also being Star Generals.
    Neatly balanced by the fact that Su Xing rarely actually won a fight and that his opponents were always overpowered compared to him. Su Xing either fought to a draw, ran away, or had help. Su Xing was believably OP without being broken.

    Chen Mo is just straight up OP.
    Then again, Chen Mo isn’t fighting Star Generals cor his life on a near daily basis and had a way better starting position in general.

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