Chapter 76: She Will Die

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Manao raised her whip, panting heavily and unable to seize victory as she looked at the other two.

King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo and the purple-clothed woman were a bit stronger than she had anticipated, nearly making her nurse a grievance off her very first battle after retrieving her Star Weapon. Luckily, this sealed Star Weapon still had a bit of remaining Fiend Star-level Star Energy. This barely was enough to activate her Yellow Rank Technique.

Earthly Stars would awaken Innate Skills at Heart Furnace Realm, and at Earthly Fiend level, they could comprehend Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow. Zhongli Sanmei and the purple-clothed woman were at Reborn Realm. Manao’s Yellow Rank nevertheless did not give either the chance to defend. In a flash, both of them were heavily injured.

“To think This King would surprisingly be injured by a Yellow Rank.” Zhongli Sanmei was not angry, instead smiling.

“You seem to be very proud. In that case, I shall take your Star Name.” Manao sneered, drawing her Scattering Of God.

Whip-light formed like a spear, buzzing.

Just like a monastery bell, it was able to defeat the qi and blood of warriors. Zhongli Sanmei grit her teeth, blocking with her spears. The Burnt Out Three Calamities whined. An intense wind howled like fiends, and killing intent bubbled forth from the air and rolled around the whip.

“You are a disaster that must be exterminated today.” The purple-clothed woman was also firm in killing Manao. Her trip this time to the Western Desert Tower was because she knew about this portion of history, that Scourge Of God Attila was a Star General who was able to make the Overseas Star Field’s empire crumble through her strength alone. She naturally possessed Fiend Qi that did not lose out to Purple Rose. If she was allowed to mature, she would be a danger to all of Star World.

The purple-clothed woman was also using full power. She lunged in front of Manao, longsword in hand, purple qi piercing through, like a True Dragon spitting thunder and lightning as it rolled through the clouds. Then, her wrist sunk, and that gorgeous Star Weapon promptly attacked. In an instant, sword-shadows bloomed like a forest behind her, seemingly drowning Manao’s whip in a dense wood. The sword-shadows had power to topple mountains and overturn seas as it pushed forth.

Although this technique did not reach the level of a Heaven, Earth, Dark or Yellow, it was clearly the woman’s extraordinary martial art.

A normal warrior was completely unable to block it.

Manao’s heart stopped. In front of her were innumerable sword-shadows bearing a blazing air. The intense smell of iron rolled forth as if to crush her.

Strong as a thousand cavalry, those who stood before it would be swept away.

As expected, she was a Star General with a trace of Purple Rose qi, with the form of a ruler. Manao’s body was covered by a dangerous chill, but she was also flaring up inside with a burning fervor. In her heart, only this kind of Star General was able to match her.

Manao’s “Scattering Of God” could not block it no matter what how much she wanted for it to. After the Scattering Of God was repelled, sword-light immediately assaulted her, making goosebumps rise all over her whole body, giving her chills. The Scourge Of God instantly withdrew without another thought.

Sword-light riddled her whole body. Manao barely brandished her whip, using all the Star Energy she could muster.

Whip-light smothered and pierced through the sword-light.

The purple-clothed woman was run through by this attack and sent flying away. Zhongli Sanmei seized this chance. She twirled her spear, and several rays of spear-lights stuck into Mana’s body. But the two of them were too heavily injured by the Yellow Rank Dragon Breaks Vastness. These attacks lacked significant power.

Manao merely threw her shoulders. “Scattering Of God” easily struck Zhongli Sanmei and sent her reeling backwards.

Right now, neither Zhongli Sanmei and the purple-clothed woman had enough strength to continue the battle.

“Looks like we lose.” The purple-clothed woman softly said, her forehead already beaded with sweat.

“That so?” Zhongli Sanmei definitely did not feel this was the case.

Manao was not sloppy either. She circulated her last bit of Star Energy to draw “Scattering Of God.” The whip whistled, and gale struck them in the face, as if an enormous serpent was here. This time, one of either the purple-clothed woman or Zhongli Sanmei would be constricted to death under the whip.

The purple-clothed woman balled up her fist.

Just at this moment, a roar exploded like booming thunder. A mighty silhouette as immense as a mountain bore down, stopping the whip. That staff swept horizontally, surprisingly kicking up an even stronger breeze. The leftover killing intent was thus also shaken apart.

Manao was surprised, taking several steps back.

A youth stood in front of Zhongli Sanmei in the nick of time.

“You!!” Manao’s tone sunk, unable to hide the astonishment in her eyes.

In the Western Desert Tower, who else could compare to a Star General but Chen Mo.

“Where the hell have you been.” Zhongli Sanmei seemed to have anticipated this and grunted. Pausing, she noticed Chen Mo had some minor injuries and wrinkled her brow.

“You two…” Chen Mo swept his gaze over the two women. Zhongli Sanmei and the purple-clothed woman were heavily injured. For the time being, they were unable to continue battle.

“I even thought you would listen to my warning.” Manao gripped her whip and glared coldly at Chen Mo. Those wicked eyes seemed about to devour him.

“I honestly never thought that the famous Scourge Of God would appear in this place.” Chen Mo forced a smile, “Had I known earlier that was you, I actually would never have stirred these waters.”

He knew about Attila, the Scourge Of God. In history, the Xiongnu were defeated. The Southern Xiongnu capitulated while the Northern Xiongnu moved west, and among those who moved west was their leader Attila, who toppled what was then considered the unexcelled Roman Empire. He was considered quite a ruthless character.

“You already have no chance for regrets.” Once Manao finished speaking, the whip cracked towards Chen Mo.

This whip still contained Star Energy, raising a storm, attacking like a snake. Three Flowers Overhead warriors did not have the qualifications to resist. Chen Mo waved Northern Dipper. With a single strike, a tyrannical force shattered the air, ear-splitting.

The staff and whip interlocked. The Scattering Of God did not break open this weapon’s defenses as she had imagined. On the contrary, her own whip seemed to be dazed, losing its keenness.

“Huh?” Manao felt her wrist turn numb. Her gaze fixed onto Chen Mo’s body. “What power do you cultivate?” To be able to repel even her Star Energy, this brat was even stronger than she imagined.

She had underestimated him.

“Chen Mo, now’s the perfect time to kill her.” Zhongli Sanmei shouted.

“Kill Me??” Manao sneered. This King Of Extinguished Ashes’ brain must be waterlogged, to think that a Human Star warrior was able to kill her. This was simply ridiculous.

Manao brandished her whip again.

Chen Mo leaned forward and advanced, attacking with Northern Dipper.

Manao was already forced to use her Yellow Rank by Zhongli Sanmei and the purple-clothed woman’s teamwork, so she used up a lot of Star Energy. Right now, she did not have much strength to continue the battle. Against Chen Mo’s oppressive onslaught, the Scattering Of God lost its godly mighty, forced on to the defense.

Chen Mo used Northern Dipper’s “Bagua” to consecutively unleash attacks. Because these were not techniques like Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow, their might was not formidable. But against the current Manao, they brought plenty of trouble. Several bouts later, Manao’s whip finally had an opening torn into its defenses by the big stick. Chen Mo saw his opportunity and swung Northern Dipper. A gale howled. THis kind of harsh metallic collision produced an intense and blazing metallic air, making Manao feel danger.

Gritting her teeth, Manao was unreconciled as she was left with no choice but to block with all her power using the whip. The vertebrate-like whip coiled upwards to stop Northern Dipper.

Chen Mo fiercely yelled, a white Star Crest flashing. Innate Skill Invincible had activated.

How is this possible??

In Manao’s astonishment, the Scattering Of God was shaken back. Northern Dipper smashed into Manao’s shoulder. Its tyrannical power directly shattered her shoulder bone. The lung wound and shoulder fragments made Manao vomit blood. Her body techniques were suddenly disorderly, and she saw Chen Mo immediately follow up with another strike.

Manao had no choice but to dodge away, pulling back a distance.


Following Manao’s shock, each attack under Chen Mo’s Invincible was full of power, pushing forth without stopping. Manao immediately fell into a sorry-looking defense.

On the other side, the purple-clothed woman was already stupefied.

Her little cherry mouth hung agape as she was stunned by the sight in front of her.

What is this?

A practically top-notch Star General the likes of the famous Scourge Of God was surprisingly forced into a sorry defense by a Star Cultivator who had yet to blossom a Qi Flower. Even if she was heavily injured beforehand, to take down a warrior ought to still have been as easy as blowing away dust.

The purple-clothed woman subconsciously turned to look at Zhongli Sanmei.

Zhongli Sanmei was very calm, as if she already foresaw such a thing would occur.

It appeared that this brat actually inherited Chen Qingzhi’s Innate Skill, “Invincible.” His attacks were like a tide, giving no room to breathe. The Invincible Innate Skill originally increased concentrated power explosively following the progression of attacks. The more he attacked, the stronger he became. This was why a magnificent army had no way to stop the wielder.1

Chen Mo had such an Innate Skill as well as the divine weapon “Northern Dipper” that was on par with a Star Weapon, and he himself also cultivated Star Energy. His bodily strength was astonishing.

Bluntly speaking, this brat was practically no different from a Star General.

But there was a restriction to his Star Energy. His expenditures were very vast, and he was not at a level where he could use Star Energy as perfectly as a Star General could. So Chen Mo himself knew that if he wanted to defeat or kill the Scourge Of God, he would need to do it in a single burst.

If he could kill this Scourge Of God, her own Star Energy could recover to Heart Furnace.2

As Zhongli Sanmei thought this, her gaze swept to the purple-clothed woman.

Thus, Chen Mo’s attacks became heavier, and the Wind Concealment Divine Stone already lost its use, revealing that shocking staff. The attacking staff was a powerful sight, each strike stirring berserk power.

Manao’s Scattering Of God whip the special characteristics of “softness” and “entanglement.” Several exchanges later, it was already at its limit, and Manao herself was a bit weak, having been smashed a few times by Northern Dipper. If it was not for the Star Energy that a Star General cultivated as well as her innately strong body, a normal warrior would have been ground to paste, definitely dead.

Dammit, I underestimated this brat too much.

Manao’s complexion was pale.

Chen Mo’s Star Energy at this time was also at its limit. After several attacks, Chen Mo once again walked the Bagua. There were three bangs, and Northern Dipper swung down towards her.

Manao also launched an attack she had kept charging. The time the whip took to sweep out as well as its angle were all incomparably precise, unleashing a gale. The whip and Northern Dipper suddenly clashed.

So long as she could break this brat’s attack, she could still kill him!

Manao thought to herself as she shouted.

The still air was torn apart by a whirlwind stirred up by the whip, releasing an indistinct whistling noise. Its tip that was just within reach was like a bloodthirsty tusk.

At this moment, the serpent became a dragon, flashing a blood-light.

Surprisingly, it was another Yellow Rank.

Even more mighty.

Zhongli Sanmei’s expression changed, “Get away, now!!”

Manao staked everything on one throw, however, reflected in her eyes that were as deep as an abyss was nevertheless the blinding and inextinguishable obsessive flame in the youth’s gaze. That simply resolute expression was like a frail yet sharp razor, attacking the very depths of Manao’s soul.

In the face of her Yellow Rank, this young man did not show any sign of cowardice at all.

Chen Mo let go of Northern Dipper. All of a sudden, he snapped his fingers, and a chess piece appeared.

A chess piece as black as the abyss.

The Star Energy on the piece was unfathomable.

It flew straight at her like a shooting star.

Manao’s pupils shrunk. For the first time in her life, she felt fear towards a Star Cultivator.

She will die!

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  1. 所向披靡 literally means “sweep away all that stands before you,” sometimes paraphrased as “invincible.” Considering this explanation, I’m debating switching from “Invincible” to “All-Sweeper.” Well, the point is he becomes unstoppable…
  2. Referring to Zhongli Mo.


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