Chapter 75: Scattering Of God

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Attila was reputed to be from the Foreign Star Field’s Xiongnu tribe, who once wielded a whip. In the past, she made a massive empire of the Overseas Star Field topple to pieces. Wherever she passed, as if by God’s decree, her attacks were unstoppable and no one was able to resist capitulating.

Thus, she gained the nickname, “Scourge of God.”1

This Star Name’s fearsome nature was practically at the same level as Purple Rose Ruler Star Names.

Perhaps only a Star General that was like a god descended could possibly be able to practically trample over the Outer Star Fields, shock the Central Star Field into dispatching a great general to counterattack. However, from another perspective, this proved that it was possible to defeat and rout such an abnormal Star General; the Central Star Field’s might was very clear to a foreigner.

“Soon, all of Star World will quiver and submit under My Divine Whip!” Manao coldly said to Yun Sha. Her words contained a hint of venting.

In truth, Yun Sha had already passed away when she saw her Star Weapon, “Scattering Of God.”2

The hall was left with some bitterly persisting Qi Flower level warriors. Upon seeing that this Star General was unexpectedly the very same Fiend Star that nearly trampled the Outer Star Fields flat sever centuries ago, they were scared stiff, doing all they could to escape.

Manao Attila shook the divine whip.

A blood-shadow like a string flit through the surroundings with a whoosh, and the Qi Flower warriors were instantly dismembered.

“Come on out, you have already waited a long time. Now, there is no one to disturb us.” Manao raised the whip, one hand gently running along its vertebrae patterns. Her manner was careful, as if she was caressing her lover’s skin.

She hardly finished speaking when two figures slowly walked into the hall. One wore red armor and had red hair while the other had purple clothes and long hair.

Towards this sea of blood and mountain of corpses, the two women did not even raise an eyebrow.

“Scourge Of God Attila. Never heard of you, are you very strong?” King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo licked her chapped lips. Star World was too big and the Star Fields too numerous. Even if she was the Attila who destroyed a vast empire, Zhongli Sanmei had never heard of her.

However, this did not obstruct the woman’s desire for a good battle.

Star General.

Particularly a Foreign or Overseas Star General, a type that was always very mysterious. Zhongli Sanmei already wanted to compare herself.

“Do not underestimate other people.” The purple-garbed woman beside her softly said.

“Fine, I shall take you two as sacrifices to the Star Name of the ‘Scourge Of God.'” Manao was bursting with confidence now that she obtained the “Scattering Of God.” The woman smiled wickedly.

In a flash, the whip fluttered.

Blood-light like a chain, a whip-shadow like a sword pierced through space towards Zhongli Sanmei. Zhongli Sanmei brought out Burnt Out Three Calamities in a defensive posture.

The whip wrapped around the twin spears, yet it easily cut across the defense.


A crisp whip crack.

A thin, hairline cut appeared on Zhongli Sanmei’s cheek.

“She is a Great General, after all. We had best work together.” The purple-clothed woman said.

“Not interested.” Zhongli Sanmei shouted angrily.

A berserk flame erupted. Zhongli Sanmei pounced towards Manao like a tiger let out of its cage.

The two of them traded several dozen blows. Manao’s reactions were calm and unhurried, the Scattering Of God in her hands like another arm. The whip easily flashed about her surroundings, able to attack Zhongli Sanmei from any angle and direction.

She clearly as already at the highest Realm of Reborn Nine Movements, far stronger than Zhongli Mo.

Zhongli Sanmei’s twin spears wildly danced, spear-light warding off the tricky whip again and again. The King Of Extinguished Ashes’ spearmanship was quite formidable, but she was still at a slight disadvantage.

Scattering Of God struck Zhongli Mo’s body over and over, and many pieces of her clothes were ripped off by the whip.

“The Hegemon-King’s Four Great Heavenly Kings are nothing exceptional.” Manao disdainfully made an assessment.

Zhongli Sanmei sneered. If it was not for her Star Energy still being in a recovery stage, what did Reborn Nine Movements even count for. In the past, when she swept through the world, she had Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques, but without Earthly Fiend Realm, she had no way to use them. Upon hearing Manao’s assertion, Zhongli Sanmei could only mobilize an even swifter assault.

Her spears surged, and flaming killing intent fluttered like dragons and serpents. 

The whip twisted apart the spears’ attack. Nevertheless, several rays of killing inten cutting into Manao’s body. Manao’s brows rose, noticing that Zhongli Mo’s martial arts were apparently more refined compared to a normal Reborn Realm Star General’s. The woman did not dare be careless. As she stepped back, her wrist flipped.

The whip strictly cracked.

The purple-clothed woman shook her head. She drew her sword and took a step forward.

At this moment, Manao’s whip had just knocked aside the double spears. The barbs on the whip stuck into Zhongli Mo’s body. Immediately afterwards, the whip’s tip became a sharp dagger that slashed directly towards Zhongli Mo’s heart.

Zhongli Mo was smashed by the Star Energy of Scourge Of God’s whip, losing her chance to erect a defense. Just as the whip drilled towards her, at this moment, a sword blocked in front of her.

It knocked away the whip.

“Now is not the time for boasts!” The purple-clothed woman flatly said.

She bears a wisp of Purple Rose qi?

Manao did not recognize that exquisite longsword. Bemused, she said: “And what Star General are you?”

The purple-clothed woman did not answer. With longsword in hand, she shot towards the enemy. A sword-light seemed to fill the heavens like starlight, blossoming in everyone’s eyes.

Manao flung her hand. The Scattering Of God whip still cut apart the space around herself. A whip-shadow sharper than any blade cleanly struck apart the sword-shadow. The whip was like a storm that protected her surroundings.

With a “hula” sound.

Space broke apart.

A purple shadow instantly appeared in front of Manao.

Manao was taken aback, a bit surprised.

The purple-clothed woman’s speed was eerily fast, breaking through Manao’s obstructions. The longsword in her hand seized the chance to slice towards Manao’s neck. Manao sneered, and her whip suddenly appeared around her neck to block the longsword.

Then, the whip rolled, constricting the woman’s longsword like a snake.

Manao pulled while her left hand scratched at the woman.

Cloth was ripped.

A trace of blood was scratched onto her clothes. At the same time, the longsword immediately repelled the whip and stabbed through Manao’s shoulder.

“You have some skill.” Manao nodded.

“After we kill her, I’d like to settle which one of us stronger.” Zhongli Sanmei once again stood beside the woman.

“Fine.” The purple-clothed woman calmly replied.

The two of them could see that Manao was not easy to handle. She already was at the peak of Reborn Nine Movements, and because this Star Weapon in her hand was sealed via an array and was able feast on blood and corpses, her Star Energy was powerful. For Zhongli Sanmei alone to face her was honestly very taxing.

The King Of Extinguished Ashes was not a reckless person.3

Scourge Of God Attila in the past could make the Central Star Field quake in fear. Her Star Name in of itself was a higher level compared to an ordinary Star Name, approaching the level of a top-notch Star General. And for Foreign Star Generals like this that shunned carnage,4 they viewed any Star General, regardless of whether they were from the Inner or Outer Star Field, an adversary.

“If I can kill your Star Name, then I can recover a lot of Star Energy.” Zhongli Sanmei eerily smiled, immediately attacking with Burnt Out Three Calamities.

Two flames hissed like dragons, piercing through space. The air in front of Zhongli Sanmei was a complete red.

The purple-clothed woman attacked at the same time. That exquisite and gorgeous longsword unleashed a bolt of purple electricity,5 which headed towards Manao like lightning.

“Legend says that killing Heavenly Sprits and Earthly Fiends can manifest Romance Of The World. Today, I shall take you as sacrifices for my birth, the birth of Attila.” Attila drew her whip, and the sea of blood inside the hall was sucked into the whip.

The segmented whip suddenly was as dark as a blood vessel, emitting a frightening chill. Manao then cracked the Scattering Of God. Countless blood-lights spat out from the whip, attacking the two of them head-on.

Zhongli Sanmei and the purple-clothed woman’s bodies were pierced all over by the blood-light, but neither of them had any intent to retreat. “Die.” Zhongli Sanmei stabbed with her spears, her killing intent gushing like a furious flame.

Manao spun around, temporarily evading Zhongli Sanmei’s weapons.

But the purple-clothed woman had been biding her time, simultaneously stabbing wither her longsword.


Manao’s left palm blocked it, barely using Star Energy to block the swordtip, but the Star General she faced was Zhongli Sanmei, a Star General from a thousand years ago who had abundant experience.

Burnt Out Three Calamities took advantage of the opening, attacking Manao.

The three of them were Reborn Nine Movements level. Even though the Scourge Of God’s Star Name was innately very powerful, Zhongli Sanmei’s experience was sufficient to compensate for this disparity, and the woman who had a wisp of Purple Rose qi was also exceptional.

Sword and spear crisscrossed their attacks, not giving Manao any room to catch her breath.

If it was not for Manao relying on the environment of bloody carnage and this Scattering Of God’s formidable power, she would long already been defeated. But even with such a sorry figure, Manao was still frighteningly calm.

She was like a beast waiting for the moment its prey weakened, ready to launch a fatal strike at any moment.

This was the frightening aspect of the Xiongnu Tribe.

Several dozen bouts elapsed in a flash.

A gap was torn open in the whip’s defenses by the purple-clothed woman. Her sword stabbed into Manao’s lung, however, after reaching Reborn Nine Movements, bodily wounds like these were not deadly enough. Manao threw herself backwards. One Burnt Out Three Calamities blocked the whip while the others thrust into Manao’s body.

Manao used a body technique. The whip coiled, “Obediently Star Fall.” Zhongli Sanmei sneered. Her twin spears were unpredictable, spear-light falling towards Manao’s chest.

The purple-clothed woman evidently also wanted to kill her and increased her attack speed. A wisp of purple qi entered her longsword, combining with it. Sword-light radiated magnificently, piercing through the Scattering Of God’s obstruction.

At this moment, Scourge Of God Attila was already forced to a dead end. Even if she did not die to this, she would be heavily injured, about to turn into a fish on a chopping board.

But instead, Manao malevolently smiled.

“You lowly bastards were too complacent!!”

The whip entered the ground, suddenly unleashing a blood dragon that broke the shackles of time and space,  the restrictions of natural law.

Zhongli Mo and the purple-clothed woman suddenly felt a frightening Star Energy shoot into their bodies. That blood-dragon was already in front of them.


“This is?”

The two of them were astonished by this abrupt change.

Yellow Rank Technique.

Dragon Breaks Vastness!6


Shao Shifeng gave an unreconciled shout of anger. His Three Star longsword shattered to pieces before his eyes. The man was astonished. Although this weapon of his was forged from materials that were not so formidable, this was still a Three Star level weapon regardless. Yet it was surprisingly unable to even block and was shattered by this big stick.

Losing the support of his Star Weapon, Shao Shifeng’s mental defenses immediately crumbled. The man was ashen-faced. In a fluster, he used every technique he had.

Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper showed no quarter nevertheless as it smashed downwards.

The Shao Shifeng who sensed that his own death was at hand then shouted incredulously: “You will regret this!! You will definitely regret protecting her!”

His shouts were unable to delay Chen Mo in the slightest.

Shao Shifeng’s skull was pulverized, and he immediately ceased to draw breath.7

Chen Mo panted. He had used up a lot of strength to finally kill this bastard. He turned back to look at Nianyou, discovering the girl had raised her head to stare at something above.

The large hall jolted all of a sudden.

A powerful Star Energy flowed out, making Nianyou’s tiny body shiver.

“Oh, shit, she got her Star Weapon.”

Chen Mo grit his teeth.

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  1. 上帝之鞭, lit. Whip of God
  2. 天神驅散
  3. Are you sure about that?
  4. In the raws. This kind of conflicts with what Attila’s doing.
  5. Don’t tell me that this is Su Xing’s daughter?
  6. 龍破蒼茫
  7. Lucille~

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