Chapter 92: Then See What Becomes Of Him In A Few Years

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Ting Nanyuan worriedly tugged her lover’s sleeve, saying inwardly, This is the Divine Warrior Examination, a very serious occasion. To masquerade as someone is but a very serious offense.

“So you are Chen Mo?”

Qin Shaoxu jumped, easily floating up to the platform. Everyone was stunned.

“Wow, so handsome, what a beautiful man.”

“So this Chen Mo turned out to be so handsome, hee-hee.”

“He doesn’t seem to have martial force. Is he really able to defeat a Qi Flower warrior?”

“Too handsome, Your Highness Chen Mo, I want to give birth to your babies.”

Random chatter erupted like a pan. Everyone was overturned by his beauty, and even the Divine Warrior Governor House’s commander-in-chief, the Wanshou Temple’s monks, and the other proctors were stunned by Qin Shaoxu’s pretty appearance.

However, Chen Qing, Zongzheng Ying, Zhang Meng, and the others who recognized Chen Mo nevertheless wrinkled their brows.

“You are Chen Mo?”

The commander-in-chief’s eyes glowered at him. He naturally recognized Chen Mo’s appearance, and he knew that this man in front of him was not Chen Mo. However, to dare impersonate another person at the Divine Warrior Examination…Very well, he would definitely ask for the death penalty.

Qin Shaoxu wore a thin, silent smile.

“Step forward and press down on the palm imprint.” The commander-in-chief raised the juren token. Now, his identity would be exposed.

Qin Shaoxu was still unmoved. He stood atop the platform, quietly basking in everyone’s praise and criticism.

“Wuyang Princess, isn’t this Young Lord Shaoxu? He is honestly too mischievous. How can I not recognize my own cousin.” Chen Qing laughed. He also somersaulted onto the platform and addressed Zongzheng Ying and the others: “What do you all say.”

They were truly silent.

“You aren’t Chen Mo, but someone who dares impersonate him.” The commander-in-chief gave a signal with his eyes. Several bodyguards holding swords and spears encircled them. “It seems His Higness Chen Mo disdains this metropolitan examination. Chan Master Yuan Mu, I think we can only invalidate his qualifcations?”

“Young Lord Chen Qing, what do you think?” The commander-in-chief had a tacit understanding.

Chen Qing feigned an agonized and distressed expression, “Ai, Cousin Chen Mo’s martial arts are exceptional. That he does not participate, there must have been some accident. It seems this has no connection to the Divine Warrior Examination.”

“Even the Son of Heaven suffers the same punishments as a commoner should he break the law. And so, even if he is the young lord of Chang’an Mansion, he does not have privileges before the Divine Warrior Examination.” The commander-in-chief righteously said. Nearby, Chan Master Yuan Mu also pretended to wring his wrists in sadness. “It seems His Highness can only participate in the next Divine Warrior Examination. Perhaps he can temper his mind even more.”

Just at this moment, a voice interrupted their little farce.

“Terribly sorry, I woke up late. Your Servant is Chen Mo, specially here to participate in the metropolitan examination.”

A voice came from inside the crowd. Everyone who was currently in discussion suddenly noticed that a youth wearing a bamboo hat had appeared in their midst. The young man tossed away the hat, revealing a clean face. It could not be described as being very handsome, but it was soothing and very personable.

“Chen Mo!!!”

The pupils of the Chen Qing who had been secretly pleased with himself now shrunk, losing his voice out of shock.

“Chen Mo?”

“He’s Chen Mo?”

“Chang’an Mansion’s monster young master?”

“Wow, so young.”

Everyone shouted, even more excited than before.

Chen Mo stepped onto the platform in a single bound. He nodded slightly towards Qin Shaoxu, a sign of his gratitude. “So it turned out you were here all along. It seems I have done something unnecessary.” Qin Shaoxu meaningfully smiled. He glanced at everyone and instantly descended the platform.

“Why didn’t you answer when I called your name earlier. Your qualifications…” The commander-in-chief’s tone became a bit evasive.

“Apologies, I was too focused with my cultivation as I stood there earlier. I did not hear your cal. I truly have committed a great offense just now.” Chen Mo cupped his fist: “It should not be too late for me to stand on the platform now, right.”

The commander-in-chief, Chan Master Yuan Mu, and others exchanged glances. No one had the courage to dare prohibit Chen Mo’s exam candidacy. “Since you have come, we shall let this slide. But to make others feel that Chang’an Mansion flouts the regulations is not very good.” The commander-in-chief feigned a chiding appearance.

Chen Mo affirmed, placing his hand on the juren token, passing without a doubt.

“Cousing Chen Qing, why the surprised face?” Chen Mo dismounted the platform and grinned at Chen Qing.

Chen Qing forced a smile. “As long as you’re here, as long as you’re here.” As he said this, he wiped cold sweat.

The juren had more or less all assembled. The commander-in-chief specifically glanced at Chen Mo as he addressed everyone: “Then, now all juren are to enter the exam room for the first test, the ‘Mind Trial.'”


Four heavy iron gates were slowly opened. Inside was the exam room. Altogether, there was a room capable of holding a thousand people. All of the juren carried their tokens into the Divine Warrior Governor House.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, it is truly too good that you came.” Zongzheng Ying walked before Chen Mo. This young man was still a bit indignant: “In this Divine Warrior Examination, I will for sure redeem my honor.”

“We shall see. I have faith that you will not cause Supreme General Zongzheng to lose face.” Chen Mo nodded.

Zongzheng Ying was taken aback, his fully arrogant air somewhat evaporating. He turned around and entered the exam room. 

Chen Mo then chatted a bit with Zhang Meng and the others.

The commander-in-chief saw all of the juren into the exam room with his eyes. Then, he shot a glance at Monk Yuan Mu and Chen Huhao. Only now did Chen Qing’s uneasy mind finally recover tranquility. He looked at the Chen Mo who received everyone’s attention, his heart secretly hateful. Chen Qing was unable to believe that Chen Mo was surprisingly able to still survive. Could it be that Thunder Tribulation cultivator did not kill him, or perhaps he was killed by Chen Zhangtian instead?

Chen Qing restrained his restlessness. No matter what, they had to annihilate Lord CHang’an this time. This was the wish of His Majesty as well as the prince. Any more influence the Chen Family gained was merely a locust after autumn – unsustainable.

Don’t think that you can enter the court examination after this metropolitan examination.

Harboring this thought, Chen Qing entered the exam room.

“What is this metropolitan examination’s Mind Trial?” Qin Shaoxu asked Ting Nanyuan.

“Aren’t you a person of the Great Chong Dynasty. How do you not even know this.”1 Ting Nanyuan giggled. “The Divine Warrior Examination is not the average sort of assessment. Not only does it test a warrior’s martial force, even more important is a comprehension of Buddhism. This decides how far a warrior can walk.”

The so-called Mind Trial was actually just a written test.

There would be a topic the Wanshou Temple asked everyone, making the warriors write a response. Afterwards, the proctoring Wanshou monk would choose the one hundred candidates with the best answers to enter the following “Martial Trial.” In the end, those final ten that passed the martial trial would participate in the court examination, something obvious at a glance.

“I fear that Chen Mo will not be able to enter the court examination.” Hearing the end of this explanation, Qin Shaoxu blurted this out.

“Why?” Ting Nanyuan was confused.

“Since the first trial, the Mind Trial, is under the judgment of the Wanshou Temple’s monk, he will not pass.”

“Impossible. Although the Mind Trial examines a warrior’s comprehension, the higher your cultivation and the younger you are, the better your chance of selection.” Ting Nanyuan believed that given Chen Mo’s Talent, passing the Mind Trial would be easy. Furthermore, he was also an heir of the Chang’an Mansion, regardless. Who would dare not give this face?

“Nanyuan, don’t tell me you still haven’t noticed something is off?” Qin Shaoxu felt the girl was naive.


“That Chen Mo is certainly very shrewd. All along, he was standing in the middle of everyone, not stepping forth until the final moment. Do you know why this is?” Qin Shaoxu asked.

Ting Nanyuan pondered but was unable to venture a reasonable guess.

“Can it be that he feels being the last to enter the stage will garner him the most attention?” The reality seemed to be the case. This ostentatious flourish definitely would leave a very deep impression.

“Incorrect. He was observing who his enemies were.” Qin Shaoxu narrowed his eyes, his gaze fixed on the Divine Warrior commander-in-chief and the Wanshou Temple monk.

Ting Nanyuan understood and was shocked. “Qin Shaoxu, you mean that Chen Mo wanted to seize the belief he was unable to attend the metropolitan examination to see just how many people were aware of this detail? But why do such a thing?”

“The struggle of the worldly has always been so senseless.” Qin Shaoxu shrugged.

Ting Nanyuan hugged Qin Shaoxu’s arm, increasingly fond of this lover: “Shaoxu, you really are too smart.” Pausing, the girl was a bit disappointed: “But according to what you said, the Wanshou Temple is determined to not let Chen Mo pass the Mind Trial. Then wouldn’t he be unable to participate in the court examination. I always wanted to see who was stronger between him and Elder Sister Yanyu.”

“No, this is not yet certain. He still has a chance.” Qin Shaoxu smiled.

“If even the Wanshou Temple has decided to make things difficult for Chen Mo, what chance does he have?”

“That depends on the response he makes. He needs it to be so powerful that everyone is left speechless, a level that will shut them up.” Qin Shaoxu said.

“Ah…” Ting Nanyuan’s mouth hung agape.

To be able to write an article that everyone would acknowledge, was that not a literary giant, then. Even the Imperial Hanlin Academy did not have many that were so incredible. 

“What sort of topic is this?”

The Divine Warrior Exam Room was a large area with screens separating candidates. Each writing desk had a stalk of incense, and there was a white scroll on each table. The inside of the scroll was this metropolitan examination’s Mind Trial topic.

Chen Mo opened and looked. The topic was very simple.

It was a saying from one of Chan Buddhism’s Seven Masters, Wumen Huikai.2

“Spring has a myriad flowers, autumn has a bright moon, summer has a cool breeze, winter has snow soon. If your heart is free of things that cause you worry, then that would be your best season.”3

All of the juren were to use this poem to demonstrate their own understanding, to compose a corresponding response.

Chen Mo carefully looked this over, meticulously pondering over this phrase’s meaning.

At this time, the juren around him were already beginning their compositions. They used their brushes to splash ink on their papers in flamboyant calligraphy, their brushes moving like serpents. In truth, writing the words of the response was also an important point to this Mind Trial. By judging a person by the characters they wrote, the observers could naturally sense the strength in a warrior’s mind.

Chen Mo pondered. Then he took out his brush and ink, beginning to write.

The current proctor was none other than Chan Master Yuan Mu. As Qin Shaoxu had assessed, even if Chen Mo had skill that pierced beyond the Heavens this time, he would need to rest any thoughts of passing the Mind Trial. For the sake of keeping the Chen Family in check and to root out Chen Zhangtian’s influence in the Title Bestowal Ceremony, the first part would be to clip his wings.

And Chen Mo the abnormality was in need of a clipping.

The Mind Trial assessed comprehension and mentality. Chan Master Yuan Mu was confident that a youth did not have the mentality to make any great composition. When the time came, he would judge it as nothing more than average.

Seeing Chen Mo’s brush seemingly fly, his expression flat, several people jeered in return.

After practically only a few moments, Chen Mo stopped his brush and sealed his scroll. “Sir, Your Servant Chen Mo has already finished his response.”


All of the juren who had their heads buring in their responses raised their heads in shock and stared at Chen Mo in astonishment.

This brat was too fast. Just how much time had passed since they entered the room? Even a piss took longer than this, but he surprisingly already finished his composition.

Fuck, what a cheat, he definitely colluded with the overseers.


Everyone gnashed their teeth.

Meanwhile, the still complacent Chan Master was also stunned.

Chen Mo’s composition was too fast. Even he was unable to imagine how any convincing comprehension could be written in such a short time. Could it be he thought that he was certain to pass based on his status as a scion? What a truly naive guy. Chan Master Yuan Mu sneered internally, already deciding to judge Chen Mo as unqualified. On the surface, he expressionlessly nodded and faintly smiled: “Young Lord Chen Mo, won’t you think a bit more carefully? I am afraid that in such a short time…”

“Chan Buddhism pays particular attention to comprehension. One phrase is sufficient. Excess is superfluous.” Chen Mo craftily said.

“Although you say as much, Your Highness is still a bit impetuous. If your writing is unconvincing, Old Monk has no way to let Your Highness pass.” Chan Master Yuan Mu shook his head.

“But of course.”

Chen Mo leisurely left.

Chan Master Yuan Mu wrinkled his brow and opened Chen Mo’s scroll. The first phrase that entered his eyes made this arrogant Chan Master dumbfounded. Then, as if he attained enlightenment, as if he saw the light, as if the clouds parted to reveal the sun, as if everything suddenly became clear, he was finally practically in worship.

Chen Mo’s scroll used extraordinary handwriting to write a very short dialogue.

The scroll said.

Hanshan asked Shide: “In this world, how do I handle someone who slanders me, cheats me, humiliates me, ridicules me, underestimates me, belittles me, or deceives me?”

Shide said: “Endure him, permit him, avoid him, follow him, bear him, respect him, or ignore him. Then see what becomes of him in a few years.”4

Then see what becomes of him in a few years!

Author’s Note:

Two chapters for now.

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  1. I am sensing something amiss with this guy.
  2. 無門慧開
  3. 春有百花秋有月,夏有涼風冬有雪。若無閒事心頭掛,便是人間好時節。I had to really stretch it to rhyme moon with soon.
  4. Based on the translation here


  1. They should have totally disqualified him from the examination. Last call is last call, screw your strategising.

    1. The proctors were well within their rights to disqualify him for making them wait so long. But they didn’t want to provoke Chen Zhangtian’s anger, so…I guess it really helps to be the son of a high-ranking noble.

      I really don’t like the special treatment Chen Mo got.

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