Chapter 93: A Name That Moves The World

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“This metropolitan examination shall all be left to you now.”

A chilly breeze passed through the corridors, full of the aroma of blossoms.

The commander-in-chief and Chen Huhao walked abreast of each other through the governor house towards the interior. Chen Huhao did not forget to remind this commander-in-chief of their important matter.

The man grinned, an expression telling him to be at ease. “This matter is of the utmost importance. His Majesty has already acquiesced. You can relax. That brat absolutely will not pass the metropolitan examination.”

Chen Huhao sighed.  “It really is getting harder and harder to see through this Chen Mo. I never imagined he would still be alive.” Clearly, that prince should have dispatched someone to get rid of him before the metropolitan examination already. What sort of marvelous ability could an Essence Flower warrior have to surprisingly still leap and frisk about.

“I fear Lord Chang’an has dispatched someone to secretly watch over him.” The commander-in-chief pondered.

Chen Huhao shook his head. The probability of this was too remote. The current emperor had summoned Chen Zhangtian to Chang’an and conferred him the title Lord Chang’an. Outwardly appearing as if he had practically given Chen Zhangtian a glory above millions, he was secretly monitoring each and every movement inside Chang’an Mansion, and how could Chen Zhangtian not be aware of this. It was simply impossible to hide this from the Human Sovereign.

“However, no matter what, he cannot pass this metropolitan examination.” The commander-in-chief reassured. “That brat is talented, but it’s obvious he won’t be able to write a thought-provoking article. This time, the Wanshou Temple’s side has also agreed. There’s no need to worry.”

“Let’s go watch for now.”

Chen Huhao and the commander-in-chief entered the mansion’s examination room. They heard that Chen Mo had already turned in his paper, so they specifically came to see the results. However, he only used a short amount of time to write out his composition for the Mind Trial. Perhaps he was unable to write anything profound, or perhaps he definitely believed that he could rely on his own outstanding talent and background. The Wanshou Temple would give him particular preference and allow him to pass.

How naive.

He scarcely realized that the current Chen Family in the Great Chong Dynasty was a flickering candleflame in the wind. Countless people eyed the flesh of Lord Chang’an, ready to partake. Even so, he vainly tried for the court examination, which was simply ridiculous to the extreme.

Inside the examination room, the one proctoring was Chan Master Yuan MU. As the Great Chan Master of the Wanshou Temple, Yuan Mu’s cultivation was profound. This time, they mobilized a lot of strength for him to finally agree to help them suppress Chen Mo’s exam qualifications.

At this moment, they saw Chan master Yuan Mu absolutely silent, sitting in front of his desk, like a wooden sculpture, like a statue of Buddha.

“Chan Master Yuan Mu, I hear that Chen Mo has already turned in his paper. He really is fast, but it ought to be bullshit.”

“Looks like we have justification to disqualify him. We can even use this opportunity to diminish Lord Chang’an’s influence.”

The two of them walked over smiling.

Chan Master Yuan Mu was calm as a dry well, staring at the scroll on his table, deep in thought.

“Chan Master?”

The commander-in-chief asked around.

He then learned that ever since Chan Master Yuan Mu saw the scroll on the table, he had been stuck there in that posture, as if he was a well. The commander-in-chief and Chen Huhao curiously glanced at the scroll. This white paper only had a short dialogue.

Excellent characters, vigorous and fine strokes, flowing style, the power of each character permeated the paper, yet there was also a simple and serene feeling. In the Mind Trial test, they knew, other than testing the comprehension of a warrior towards the topic, the composition of the answer itself was also an important aspect. From these characters, they could see that the warrior was inevitably outstandingly talented in the usage of qi and blood and vivid calligraphy.

The words before their eyes deserved significant praise. Apparently, the writer’s merits were not low, and the style of the calligraphy contained the implication of the Bagua. But at first glance, there was an ear-splitting, recoiling intent.

What a great work.

In this world, how do I handle someone who slanders me, cheats me, humiliates me, ridicules me, underestimates me, belittles me, or deceives me?

Endure him, permit him, avoid him, follow him, bear him, respect him, or ignore him. Then see what becomes of him in a few years!

“Good, these words are truly divine.” The commander-in-chief was awestruck.

The topic for the Mind Trial was a saying from one of Chan Buddhism’s Seven Masters, Wumen Huikai, “Spring has a myriad flowers, autumn has a bright moon, summer has a cool breeze, winter has snow soon. If your heart is free of things that cause you worry, then that would be your best season.” To make a response, the warrior would need to write out their own understanding of this.

In reality, this poem had only one hidden meaning – equanimity. 

The absolute majority of warriors mostly would begin from equanimity, beginning to fill their responses with great discussion and vim, but most would appear a bit longwinded. However, this scroll’s answer only used a paltry few lines to illustrate numerous forms of the world. Equanimity jumped out at them from the paper. This was simply the work of gods. Even the experienced commander-in-chief was considerably impressed.


“This is too good. No wonder the Chan Master would be silent. Words like this, a response like this, I feel this needs to be particularly praised.”

“Far more than just praise, I feel a monument could be erected, for someone to be able to have this kind of understanding in the metropolitan examination.” Chen Huhao was also quite happy that such an examinee had appeared in Changluo. He would have face.

Chan Master Yuan Mu flatly said: “These words can be relayed to Abbot Xi Du. That is also possible.”

“Who is this examinee?”

The two of them approached for a closer look, noting the name.

The smiles immediately vanished from their faces into thin air. Immediately, they were mute and dumbstruck.

Two characters as lithe as dragons shocked their eyes.

Chen Mo.

“What? Chen Mo, how can it be Chen Mo, how can it possibly be him.” Chen Huhao screeched, his entire body quivering in anger.

Chan Master Yuan Mu calmly said: “Perhaps you two can also tell, that in this metropolitan examination Mind Trial, if this paper is number two, then perhaps no one would dare to be number one. Old Monk would never dare give this a ‘fail.'”

The commander-in-chief was much calmer than Chen Huhao. He looked carefully at these characters, yet there was an out of this world equanimity.

If characters like this were judged unsuitable, they would only be jeered at by everyone in the world. The Wanshou Temple’s reputation would suffer a sudden and steep decline here.

“In this world, how do I handle someone who slanders me, cheats me, humiliates me, ridicules me, underestimates me, belittles me, or deceives me? Endure him, permit him, avoid him, follow him, bear him, respect him, or ignore him. Then see what becomes of him in a few years!” The commander-in-chief said in amazement: “This is too well-written. I want these words framed and hung up in my study. Indeed, this brings sudden clarity, a dedicated and continued practice. He is as extraordinary as the Seven Great Chan Masters.”

“But if he passes the metropolitan examination, then Chen Mo will soar into the Heavens. His Majesty and the prince…” Chen Huhao was still struggling.

“His Majesty has the Mandate of Heaven, how can that change because of one warrior. For this metropolitan examination’s Mind Trial, Chen Mo is inevitably number one.” Chan Master Yuan Mu flatly said, not allowing for the smallest compromise.

Chen Huhao was silent.

“They all say that Lord Chang’an’s fourth young master is a cripple. Now that I’ve seen these words, I believe it, that this is perhaps a deliberate move on Chen Zhangtian’s part. What a phrase, endure him, permit him, avoid him, follow him, bear him, respect him, or ignore him. Then see what becomes of him in a few years! Thunderous to the ears, it is composed too well.” The commander-in-chief laughed heartily.

“Then it’s decided. I shall relay this response through the night to Chang’an.” Chan Master Yuan Mu’s words had a hidden meaning.

Are you prepared to accept that Chen Mo’s name will move the world?

Outside the Divine Warrior Gover House’s gates, the parents and myriad other people who accompanied the juren had yet to disperse. They were gathered in the surroundings, raising their heads and looking, waiting for the Divine Warrior Governor House’s gates to open, to see if their own child could emerge as the number one among all the juren.

Probably not even a few moments after the juren had all entered the examination room.

Everyone had still been in spirited discussion, wanting to continue reflecting upon Chen Mo’s entrance when all of a sudden, the gates opened, and a figure leisurely walked out.

So fast.

This was too fast. The Mind Trial had barely begun. This was not even enough to mull over the understanding of Chan. Everyone was astonished. They looked carefully, wanting to see just whose juren was able to finish writing their topic so quickly. Perhaps they were self-aware they had no prospects and had given up in dejection.

Upon seeing that young man, everyone stared tongue-tied.

“Chen Mo!”

“How can this be, he was the last to appear, now he’s somehow the fastest to come out?”

“There must be something fishy going on in this Divine Warrior Examination.”

“How can he have solved the topic so quickly. Hmph, there must have been collusion.”

A bunch of dissatisfied voices rose.

Chen Mo did not mind them, his body light and free. With equanimity as his path, the famous saying Hanshan asked Shide had shocked that Wanshou Temple monk into speechlessness, absolutely made him prostrate. He already checked and found that the Great Chong Dynasty did not have this dialogue.

“Chen Mo, you finished writing this quickly?” TIng Nanyuan and Qin Shaoxu walked over. The Wuyang Princess sighed, thinking that the it was as Qin Shaoxu had surmised. Chen Mo could not possibly pass the metropolitan examination, so he gave a half-ass answer, which was why he finished in a time multitudes faster than the others.

“Chen Mo, it seems you are very satisfied with your trial?” Qin Shaoxu’s brows rose, very attentively discerning Chen Mo’s mood.

There was no dejection whatsoever. Instead, he beamed, sure of victory.

“I already wrote out the result that was within my mind. Whether or not it is satisfactory is up to the Wanshou Temple.” Chen Mo said: “I believe that the answer I composed is unlikely to come out last and make me unable to enter the metropolitan examination’s second trial.”

“Oh?” Qin Shaoxu showed a bit of intrigue.

“What was your answer?” Ting Nanyuan curiously asked.

“Wait for the examination papers to be publicly posted, then you’ll naturally know.” Chen Mo shook his head. Now was not a convenient time to speak.

They found a restaurant and sat down.

Ting Nanyuan absolutely did not bring Qin Shaoxu here to Changluo for something as simple as spectating the metropolitan examination.

“I’d like to thank Brother Shaoxu for helping me stall for time back there. I never imagined that you were Nanyuan’s friend.” Chen Mo substituted tea for wine in this toast.

“It was nothing special.” Qin Shaoxu slightly smiled, also drinking a cup.

Chen Mo looked over Qin Shaoxu. This man was indeed beautiful. Ting Nanyuan was wrapped around his arm. It seemed there was some sort of feeling between them.

The “Dew Water and Fateful Marriage” swords ought to have been conferred by this Young Lord Qin, but Chen Mo did not know why he even had such a Star Weapon.

“However, we came this time honestly because there is a very small matter we’d like your help with.” Ting Nanyuan sweetly smiled.

“What would that be. If it’s something I can help with, then of course.” Chen Mo said.

“It’s like this. I told Shaoxu about what you said to me last time about that Lingering Impurity whatever being able to restore Fateful Marriage. He feels that your solution has some sense.”

He saw it from the Book Of Casting, so of course it had some sense.

Chen Mo nodded. “So you’ve found it?” As far as he knew, this kind of dew was not easy to find.

As expected, Ting Nanyuan showed a helpless expression. She sought out many people for information, but now one knew about Lingering Impurity.

At this moment, Qin Shaoxu said: “I actually know a place, a secret area, that may have such Lingering Impurity Dew. But I am not certain, so I wanted to ask that you help us, to go look together with Your Servant.”

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