Chapter 98: Dragon Capture Claw Demon Subjugation

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Star World’s bugs numbered in the millions, too numerous to mention one by one, but those that could be Demonic were very few.

The Black Crystal Centipede was one of these.

When he first came to Star World, Chen Mo had delved into countless books in Chang An Mansion’s Langhuan Pavilion. Perhaps it was humanity’s nature for gossip, but he was very fond of cultivation and secrets. The most widely circulated was Sima Qian’s “Records of the Grand Historian.” In the portion “Commentary on the Hunting of Bugs,” she had ranked Star World’s hundred Great Demon Bugs. The Black Crystal Centipede was ranked number ninety.

This centipede’s whole body was like thin silk, transparent, able to move and hide in any environment. With its camouflaged body, a cultivator could hardly detect it. If prey was nearby, it would instantaneously launch an attack and kill its target. Legend said that even a Star General could die to a mature Black Crystal Centipede, but Black Crystal Centipede were very rare in the Outer Star Fields. For things like Sima Qian’s Demon Bug List, the truth was because of their rarity, the majority of the bugs had been hunted down by cultivators and Star Generals. Rumor said most of them were extinct.

To be able to see this kind of Ancient Demon Bug in a place like this, Chen Mo was quite surprised. However, this was a ruin from an ancient dynasty. Demon Bugs like this actually would not be very strange here.

After the Black Crystal Centipede killed that cultivator, it once again lay against the wall. Chen Mo realized this kind of centipede thrived by consuming ambient Yin type spiritual power. Only after waiting a certain time after the corpse’s death would the corpse’s Yin Qi become nourishment.

Chen Mo took note that this Black Crystal Centipede was still only an infant. Its body was close to two chi in length. If it was mature, its length would span more than a meter, and it would gain the ability to fly and burrow.1

Chen Mo looked at it and had the idea to capture it.

Demon Bugs were very rare, and to kill it would be too wasteful. It it was a mature Demon Bug, only a cultivator that had undergone Thunder Tribulation would have such qualifications. Fortunately, an infant was very weak, however, this was still not something a Three Flowers warrior could conquer. On the other hand, Chen Mo was not the average Three Flowers warrior. He cultivated Star Energy and possessed the Innate Skills of Star Generals. He had the qualifications to fight it.

The Black Crystal Centipede very quickly disappeared without a trace into the cavern wall. Chen Mo immediately used the “Black Raptor Breathing” he had learned earlier, swiftly locking onto this centipede with a small breath. The Black Crystal Centipede apparently sensed this abnormality, suddenly moving its feet and chittered. But in the end, it was a weak infant. After a moment of vigilance, it relaxed its guard. If it had been mature, no ability would have been able to detect it once it entered its state of emptiness.

Chen Mo fetched a talisman, slowly walking towards the Crystal Flower.

The Black Crystal Centipede had very formidable intelligence, possessing a keen understanding of hunting opportunities and target prey. If he let it sense danger, it was extremely likely to flee. In that case, finding it again would not be so simple. The Black Raptor Breathing’s lock did not last too long. Chen Mo concentrated all of his attention on restraining his presence.

Of course, when he drew near that corpse, the Black Crystal Centipede’s breathing had an obvious change. It seemed to be shifting its position. Apparently, it was afraid a warrior would know its hiding place, quietly adjusting its position, even moving along the wall, yet Chen Mo was unable to discern the slightest change. This kind of camouflage was simply perfect, flawless. Fortunately, he had the Black Raptor Breathing, otherwise, he would be unable to determine how he would be sneak attacked.

Chen Mo first inspected the corpse. This youth was just about nineteen years old, his entire body stiff, dead with his eyes open, Qi-blood already frozen. Struck by the Black Crystal Centipede’s Cold Poison, he apparently died on the spot. 

Chen Mo closed the youth’s eyes, then turned his gaze again to that Crystal Flower.

The Crystal Flower grew on the wall, emitting a coldness. The Black Crystal Centipede probably normally ingested the cold qi of the Crystal Flower. One weakness of the centipede was that it could not see sunlight before it was mature. Otherwise, it would die. An underground labyrinth was the perfect environment for it to live in.

Chen Mo took a deep breath, extending his hand to pick that Crystal Flower. Nearby, the hidden Black Crystal Centipede’s breath seemed to have waited for this. With its presence locked onto by Chen Mo, he could sense a bone-penetrating chill the centipede emitted from its body. This kind of chill nearly made him want to turn tail. This was also an ability of the Black Crystal Centipede. If its presence was detected, the chill it emitted would be enough to influence its foe’s willpower. The Black Crystal Centipede was able to sense this and then flee.

What a pity that it encountered Chen Mo. This chill was completely unable to make him change in the slightest.

Chen Mo reached out as if nothing was wrong.

Just at this moment, the opportunistic Black Crystal Centipede attacked all of a sudden, a cold light shooting like lightning towards Chen Mo. Then, the Black Crystal Centipede was already pouncing towards Chen Mo’s head, its hundred feet winding around, its blue light like blood.

Just when the Black Crystal Centipede was about to kill this Qi Flower prey, it suddenly noticed that the target had no life force, an illusory sensation. Chen Mo’s entire person became a mirage that surprisingly vanished on the spot, revealing a talisman.

This was a Body Projection Talisman.

This Middle Grade Talisman he obtained from that Thunder Tribulation Cultivator was most suited to preserving his life.

Chen Mo appeared to the side, his fingers formed into a claw.

In midair, the Black Crystal Centipede had no way to protect itself at all, which was another of its major weaknesses. In order to subdue it, he could only do it in the instant it was in midair, and he had to grab it. This was his only chance. If he allowed the centipede to touch any material or surface, its “Emptiness” protective ability could instantly allow it to vanish from Chen Mo’s field of view. In addition it its speed, it would be difficult to capture it again even if he used the Black Raptor Breathing.

Chen Mo’s claw was very straightforward, as flat and dull as if he was searching his pockets for something. The Qi Flower’s True Qi shot out from his fingers. This claw was like a big net, ensnaring the Black Crystal Centipede.

This technique’s name was “Dragon Capture Claw.”2

Back on Earth, Chen Mo was a martial arts nut, particularly fascinated by those techniques from wuxia novels, even personally going out and learning the Yijin Jing.3 To recount, Chen Mo believed the reason he crossed over to Star World was that because he wanted to cultivate, he was fooled by a monk into ingesting a pill that was allegedly able to remold his entire being.4 The result was that his own obsession killed him. At Qi Flower Realm, Chen Mo refined True Qi. Those martial learnings that originally existed only in stories back on Earth could now be utilized using True Qi. However, they were not as strong as portrayed in the wuxia novels, but they were still quite good nonetheless.

This Dragon Capture Claw was a technique that Chen Mo practiced often before. To capture something from a distance was always the greatest dream of a man.

Halfway down the Black Crystal Centipede’s carapace was its weak point. Chen Mo used Star Energy. This attack was extremely quick, an iron net truly capable of enshrouding even a dragon. With True Qi as the snare, his five fingers like pincers, he immediately caught the centipede.

He emitted the True Qi in his body, firmly trapping the centipede.

The Black Crystal Centipede struggled, its hundred feet endlessly flailing. A Yin power promptly penetrated Chen Mo’s skin into his meridians and vessels, chilling his heart. This Demon Bug was very formidable. His Qi Flower realm was completely unable to restrain it, “I don’t think I won’t be able to take you down.” Chen Mo sneered, immediately activating Star Energy to suppress it.

At this moment.

Somewhere else in the labyrinth.

Chen Qing was currently pacing anxiously back and forth. Many tokens were already in his hands, all collected along the way from those juren he defeated. However, although these tokens were sufficient to permit him exit from the labyrinth, it was still very obvious that he was not interested in this at all.

A moment later.

Three figures appeared nearby.

Their leader was none other than Zhao Yan.

“Young Master Chen Qing, we’ve kept you waiting.” Zhao Yan curled the corner of his lips. There was an odd arrogance in the man’s eyes.

“It’s fine. This labyrinth is too complicated to have even troubled Brother Zhao Yan.” Chen Qing laughed and said. He looked at the two people next to the man, somewhat surprised. They were a man and woman, their ages about fifteen or sixteen, very young. This made him very doubtful how such warriors could possibly have the qualifications to go kill Chen Mo. 

“These are assassins the Tang Sect has specifically dispatched.” ZHao Yan said: “After all, the prince cannot easily take action himself.”

“The Tang Sect?” Chen Qing was elated. The Tang Sect’s hidden weapons and assassinations were very famous in the Outer Star Fields. Their strength was far beyond being able to be judged by physical appearance alone, however, the previous two assassins had been killed instead, making Chen Qing a bit skeptical once again.

“You can relax this time. The information that that whatever Chen was trash obviously was mistaken, so we had dispatched two trashes as well. This time, we will help you accomplish this.” The woman appeared very impatient as she spoke. She possessed fine eyes, which made her appear somewhat cruel and unruly.

The other young man assassin was much colder, not uttering a single word.

“Then good.” Chen Qing nodded. The Tang Sect’s headquarters were not located in the Tail Fire Star Field. That this branch was able to dispatch two unfathomable assassins were already very amazing, let alone that Zhao Yan had a complete Three Flowers Overhead realm and remarkable strength. No matter how strong Chen Mo was, he was no more than Qi Flower Realm. Their group was confident they could take him. 

“Where did that Chen Mo run off to? He should still be here, right?” Zhao Yan asked.

“Relax, I already played a trick on his token. For the time being, he is unable to escape. Right now, he’s trapped in the labyrinth with no way to escape.” Chen Qing sneered: “If I’m not wrong, he should be going to obtain that Crystal Flower.”

“The Crystal Flower, this flower is pretty good to refine into medicine.” Zhao Yan smiled.

“I fear that a Demon Beast dwells near this Crystal Flower. You won’t obtain it if you’re careless. Chen Mo will inevitably be heavily injured when he goes to get it. Afterwards, I will go seek him out for a contest, duel him with ownership of the Chen Family’s holdings on the line.” Chen Qing explained his plan. “If we’re lucky, Chen Mo will be good-for-nothing. I will defeat him, and then today will be his death day.”

“And if you’re unlucky?” The woman assassin disdainfully asked.

“If unlucky, ha, ha, thanks to Brother Zhao Yan and you two assassins, I have faith his luck is already at an end.” Chen Qing was very confident.

“Fine then. Let’s quickly set out. I definitely don’t want to waste time on such a boring assassination.” The woman assassin waved her hand, an impatient appearance, not caring for Chen Mo from the start. 

Chen Qing inwardly wrinkled his brow. He had seen this prideful attitude in too many warriors. In the end, their conclusion was an inevitable and ruthless thrashing by Chen Mo. But that quiet young man made Chen Qing slightly impressed. This kind of steadiness and composure inspired genuine trustworthiness.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Qing’s body technique hurried towards the cavern.

Zhao Yan’s party of three immediately followed behind at a certain distance.

Meanwhile on Chen Mo’s side. After Chen Mo used Star Energy, the Black Crystal Centipede’s struggle became futile. Although the Black Crystal Centipede was very fierce, it was still a juvenile. Against Chen Mo’s Star Energy, it did not have any good countermeasures. After its weak point was seized, the Black Crystal Centipede was completely unable to break free.

Following an unreconciled screech, the Black Crystal Centipede completely lost its fury. Chen Mo looked and immediately threw it into a small space within his Astral Stone. When he opened his Spirit Flower in the future and cultivated Divine Intent, he would then carve his Divine Intent into the centipede’s mind. This way, he would have truly subdued it.

After all of this was done, Chen Mo exhaled, wiping his sweat-filled brow.

In order to capture this Black Crystal Centipede, he had used up much of his strength, but it was all worth it. This Black Crystal Centipede’s camouflage and ambush abilities were more frightening than any assassin’s.

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