Chapter 15: Afterwards

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Things were at a stalemate. The police chief racked his brain, Xiao Hong’s expression was dark, his eyes abnormally cruel. Although he did not speak, seeing him like that, Bai Jing could tell what he was thinking. This look he often saw in apocalypse was only to kill. If he died in N City, then the bodyguard would be silenced. Although many people were here, no one knew his identity, so it could be hidden in the end. 

Bai Jing sneered. Where was Cao Lei. He was so impatient, and he did not believe with Wang Xuebing here, Cao Lei would put his life out to a greedy police chief. Here was a gang, not a place for reason. Not to mention, he did not intend to reason. 

As his mind was thinking about this, the captain’s radio interrupted. The sound was not large, but it was enough for all the people present to hear it. 

“Chief, special forces have surrounded the club.” 

Bai Jing’s lips bent slightly, laughing as if he was pleased. At the end of the world, he had learned a phrase, that in the face of absolute strength that any conspiracy would not be able to display, this world was “might makes right.” 

Xiao Hong at that moment knew things were bad. Then, he looked at the face of the police chief, whom without any hesitation, gave an order. Before the arrival of the special forces, police officers all had their guns pointed at Xiao Hong’s people. Things changed so fast, that everyone could not react.

“Snap!” The door was opened, and a few rows of soldiers armed with weapons came running in, instantly surrounding them. 

“Young master.” Cao Lei walked at a steady pace. Without looking at his lover, he stood straight to the side of Bai Jing. In front of strangers, he had always been good at pretending. 

Mother! Everyone in the hall sucked in air. They may have seen big scenes, but such a big scene was really shocking. Who was this young man? He could call for special forces! 

Bai Jing shallowly smiled, glancing at Cao Lei. How could he not know this guy worked very efficiently, lightly saying: “Perfect time to arrive, these here are gangsters.” Sweeping his eyes at Xiao Hong and the others, his eyebrows lifted: “Huh? Not leaving anyone out, it’s also thanks to the N City Police chief. He is really a good man, and X Province is actually a good place.” 

The police chief was relieved. When received the news that Mr. Bai had an accident in the club, he was almost startled. If it really was so, he feared his future was over. But fortunately, he still hesitated, not directly refusing Mr. Bai. Otherwise, his secretary rubbed off cold sweat, that Mr. Bai, who was also a ruthless guy, he did not expect to inform him at the same time, and even the special forces were also informed. 

Xiao Hong looked resentful, ferociously staring at Bai Jing. Everything that happened today, he had no time to react to. However, he did not receive any news in advance. This young man seemingly popped out of thin air. He could not understand, was it he who had offended? He could see that the young one was definitely deliberately finding fault, but this juvenile was rebellious. If there was really a case, no reason to only just now launch an attack. Xiao Hong felt this was a scourge from heaven, so hateful. He just sat in the master’s position, but today he fell inexplicably, not even knowing the reasons.

The police chief was also perceptive, restraining Xiao Hong while at the same time covering his mouth. It looked like he was afraid of resistance, but in fact, Bai Jing smiled, he did not care. He only wanted to get rid of Xiao Hong, justifying Xiao Sa’s return. Ten months later, who cares who died. 

“Brother Sa.” In the private room, Han Yan was tongue-tied, blankly looking at the hall: “This…This …This can’t be.” He said and grabbed Zhou Ji: “You, hit me fast, I’m not dreaming?” Yesterday, Xiao Hong was so mighty. Today, he was arrested; it was unbelievable 

Zhou Ji was not as excited. Frowning, he was worried: “Now we cannot get out, what to do? 

Xiao Sa was silent for a moment, then asked an irrelevant question: “What is his identity?” 

Zhou Ji was surprised  for a moment, choked. Believing he was only thinking about that man, he shook his head: “Don’t know. It seems he arrived today to N City.” 

“Check properly.” Xiao Sa’s voice was cold and chilly, without any ups and downs, his eyes fixed on Bai Jing, blinking, as if staring at mouth-watering prey, his overbearing, wild eyes filled with the light of plunder. 

“ No…No…it cannot be.” Han Yan was shocked. The teenager was a thorn, as he understood this scene. Mess with that one, and you might get burned by fire. 

Xiao Sa retracted his gaze. He still could distinguish between the severity of things. He just had some interest, his eyes flashing deeply: “If my guess isn’t wrong, the gang will change their confession in a few days. He helped us a lot, so we need to go thank him.” 

Han Yan understood clearly that this was an ulterior motive. 

Zhou Ji did not say anything; he believed in his own big bro. This teen no matter how good he was, was just a man only. Brother Sa will not, for him, disregard his own brothers. 

“But what do we do now?” Han Yan was anxious. Checking around, Brother Sa certainly could not escape. 

“Wait for me to come out.” Xiao Sa’s face was expressionless, his cold voice said without a thought. But Han Yan and Zhou Ji understood that Brother Saw was preparing for the worst. If he was arrested and detained for a few days, the said changing confession would let them feel at ease. Brother Sa always had things under his grasp, and with Xiao Hong now caught, there might be a few old guys getting really anxious. Arranging some things could lay only in the hands of the Xiao family head. If they do not help Brother Sa get retracted, then they can watch the juicy meat disappear. 

But how could they not expect that things would be more smooth than they expected. 

Bai Jing saw Xiao Hong was arrested and casually looked at him: “So he is the boss, nothing special about him.” 

Police chief saw this and laughed. He knew he would go to X Province and felt no pressure: “Mr. Bai you may not know, but the boss had belonged to another person, his younger brother. However, that was some time ago. Things happened, and his brother seems to have disappeared, leaving the case to the police station. Then he took his brother ‘s position.”

Bai Jing heard him talking about Xiao Sa, and his heart could not help but tighten, but then he relaxed, pretending to be disdainful: “Well! Another giant’s grudges, his brother might be harmed by him.” 

“Yes, yes, yes, you are right, this thing must be investigated clearly.  On another day I’ll withdraw the arrest warrant.” Police chief accompanied with a smile, wiping off cold sweat. His heart pounded, but there was no other way. Bai Jing was right at everything, and he was involved. 

“Since there is nothing, you can leave. Today we were also frightened and bothered the chief to come here. This guy should die, which kills my mood.” Bai Jing complained as everyone sweat. Xiao Hong got some sympathy; how he happened to encounter such a fiend, this really was a reckless disaster.

Some speculated that Bai Jing intentionally sought trouble, but to find fault, there must be a reason for it. Let alone, the boy has never been to N City, and even if he did, with such a superior person and a family background so prominent, how could there not be news. 

Those few people who saw Zou Zechen being beaten began to ponder. It seemed only to benefit Xiao Sa from beginning to end, but if Xiao Sa knew such a person, they did not believe it. Else, how could he have been a wanted man. 

But anyways, things have finally ended because Xiao Hong the gang head was escorted by the armed forces. The police chief waved a hand. Interrogation, his ass; he was anxious about this matter and wanted it to end quickly. If a problem was exposed, since he was about to receive a promotion, he really did not want anything out of hand. The things today, he was shocked enough to choke. 

Outside the club door, Bai Jing took a deep breath. Giant grievances, brothers against brothers, Xiao Sa also suffered a betrayal by his loved ones. He just learned today and had ridiculed hated Xiao Sa’s poor words, but he did not know that he was right on the point.

After dealing with Xiao Hong and Wang Cheng, Xiao Sa should be able to come back. 

Bai Jing secretly thought, suddenly feeling ill at ease, when Xiao Sa came back, would he come visit him? 

Cao Lei was speechless the entire way. When they returned to the hotel, he asked them what had happened that Wang Xuebing would actually say that the situation was urgent. 

Bai Jing’s mood was complex. How could he have the patience to listen, only telling Wang Xuebing: “You’re sleeping with me tonight.” 

Wang Xuebing stared, his mouth open in a circle. 

Cao Lei suddenly did not speak. 

Bai Jing was too lazy to look at him and walked directly back to the room. Wang Xuebing did not follow, only turning to look at his lover, his brows tangled, to elaborate on today’s things again. 

“Say, could young master be possessed by a ghost?” As a bodyguard, Cao Lei was very clear on the personality of Bai Jing. Not to mention the investigation before the task, and later not seeing any difference, it was as if from the beginning of last month, the young master was changed.

“You silly, been possessed? If there was a ghost, I think you’re one.” Being wily and eccentric, but also trying to be human-like, is that not a ghost? 

“What ghost? What about a pervert?” Cao Lei greedily laughed.

“Roll aside, keep your hands off, pervert.” Wang Xuebing smiled and scolded.

“Calling me a pervert, it won’t do to not put my hands on you…”


They fooled around, also setting aside this topic, just forgetting about it. Anyway, young master was fine. Although they were scared of the change in young master, they did not think there was anything wrong. Although the young master was insufferably arrogant and headstrong, to tell the truth, it was a bit of a silly feeling. It was now more pleasing to the eye, and even now he was extremely hateful. The next day, lots of people came to visit, and Bai Jing patiently coped with it. From time to time he inquired indirectly, and finding out that the police have removed the arrest warrant, he was slightly relieved. But there was nothing on Xiao Sa’s whereabouts, making him a little disappointed. 

Then the third day, the fourth day. He had heard Jinghai Tang has been under Xiao Sa’s control, but he himself did not show up; only his people did. 

Bai Jing waited. These days he dealt with a lot of people, from the mayor of the political commissar down to all sectors of businessmen, a group and another kept coming and going, afraid that refusal to see the guests would make him miss meeting with Xiao Sa. 

But all the way to the sixth day, Xiao Sa still had not come to visit. Bai Jing felt complex, not knowing if this was a sad loss, or a sigh of relief. Although he had long been ready, all his mind thought of and missed was Xiao Sa, but to really meet him, he could not help but also clam up. In his mind always was the time when Xiao Sa was pierced by a zombie. 

“Let’s leave!” Bai Jing said, he did not intend to wait, and knowing Xiao Sa lived well, he was relieved. And now, he had more important things to do. 

He was not the old person he was in his last life. He would not be lost, and the apocalypse was coming. Becoming more powerful now meant they would also have more opportunities to survive in the future. 

It was not that he never thought of visiting Xiao Sa, but if he did, then what. Tell Xiao Sa the outbreak was coming? This was not possible, not as good as strengthening his exercises so that he could better protect him in the future. Xiao Sa was dead for saving him the last life, so in this life let him protect Xiao Sa. Even if they have not met, this did not affect his decision!

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    They missed each other by a hair!
    The long awaited reunion…
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  3. it’s weird that they despise his harmless arrogance before but seems to adore the arrogance that kill now.

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