Chapter 2: Bygone

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With his lips hanging in a mocking curve, Bai Jing could be considered a young and worthy heir.  Unfortunately, he was just a shameful illegitimate child. His father was good to him only when there was no way to cause problems with the legal wife.

After dinner, Bai Jing quickly went upstairs. He just wanted to check his hidden dimension, for it was the greatest defense for his future life.

Closing the door, Bai Jing couldn’t wait to enter his hidden dimension. When time passed and it did not respond, Bai Jing did not give up. He could clearly feel the existence of hidden dimension. With a turn of his mind, he tested the items on the table. Sure enough, a cup went into it, but then he collapsed from an overwhelming sense of weakness. The pain in his brain was so excruciating that Bai Jing immediately stopped, and sat on the bed. Following the researchers’ guides to circulate inner qi,  he felt just a bit better after circulating one round over the whole body.

Bai Jing’s brow tightened, and he believed he knew why his spiritual power is 0 rank when the dimension there had eight acres of land.

After rebirth, his body has yet to be honed by the apocalypse. It was unable to withstand the huge spiritual power as well as the successful experiment at the end of the apocalypse, otherwise his space would not become larger. But people are dead, and although he does not understand why he jumped back to a year before the end, the hidden dimension still requires spiritual energy to support it. His hidden dimension had not disappeared. Rather, it should because of all of his spiritual power that his headaches would be so tremendous, and that he always felt his spiritual power was exhausted.

Thinking past this point, Bai Jing was not nervous anymore. Spiritual power can be slowly trained, and he had confidence that he could increase his spiritual power by a rank before the apocalypse. It must be said that he would should also thank the people at the institute. With the growing shortage of food at the apocalypse, they only anxiously hurried to increase their ranks, even employing the most exotic and unusual of means.

After the outbreak of apocalypse, hidden in the public were many of the ancient kung-fu family who gradually exposed their talents. Although they did not advance their ranks as quickly as they could if they had used zombie core, they had a good, solid foundation, and zombie core weren’t pushovers. Not only to be able to consume higher than their own rank, but also to prevent instability in their foundation, the most important thing for advancement is also luck, With talent, some people who consumed five cores can be promoted by one rank. Some people even swallowed between a dozen and twenty yet they advanced not one bit, and to move forward required even more cores. Otherwise, he thought, the researchers would not pay close attention to his hidden dimension, and he feared the apocalypse would have no support for it.

Bai Jing smiled an alluring smile, not without the thought of revenge. His heart is not without hatred, but now he’s calm. Furthermore, he feels no need. Even if there is no need from him to take revenge during the apocalypse, for how long they can live, there is no promise at all.

Only this time, the secret of his hidden dimension absolutely cannot be leaked out.

Bai Jing’s gaze darkened, flashing a chilling light. In fact, in his previous life, his hidden dimension mutation was honestly an accident, if possible, he would like to throw away those terrible memories. But the situation didn’t benefit anyone. Holding within their hearts the faintest of hopes, he told the boss about it. Who would have known he would be sold.

At that time, his spatial ability was already in rank 3, with 160 cubic meters of space. The dimension could conceal him for 30 minutes. In the midst of a confusion, the base of a rank 5 who suffered serious injuries attracted other groups’ attention instantly. Three groups fought for four 5 rank cores, and the man knew they were enemies, so he just simply threw the cores into the river, to divert their attention in order to protect himself.

When the boss saw this, he ordered him to go down into the river. Although the river is not deep, the abnormal species of animals in the river were all ferocious and also in a large number. Only by hiding in his dimension could he temporarily fulfill his duty. Bai Jing was not good with water, and as time passed, there were other teams around with hidden dimension warriors. His heart filled with worry. Disregarding whatever the outcome, together with the cores, including its surrounding stones, water, and some variations mutating animals and plants, all were incorporated into the dimension. Only then did his heart breathe a sigh of relief, yet before he climbed up the shore, a sharp pain shot through his body. His blood vessels felt like they were about to burst open, and then he lost consciousness. That time, he really thought he would die.

When he woke up, he had returned to the base. He listened to caretaker Ms. Lee say that when he was rescued, the whole body was caked in blood, with not a shred of intact flesh. Fortunately, the river’s mutant animals did not eat him, or else, how would he have survived.

After Bai Jing heard of this, he was frightened into a cold sweat, and he felt a mysterious calling within his heart. And when his boss asked for the crystal-nucleus, Bai Jing face turned a pale white. Using his mutant ability to find that his spiritual power and ability actually went down to rank 0. 0 rank spatial warriors had no way to use other skills. At that time he was thinking, if not the core was still in his hand, he would be such a waste, and the boss would not save him.

Only a short time later did he find his hidden dimension changed into something different. Divided into two layers, one layer was the space to accommodate items. The other became a layer of land, an acre’s worth, of which half an acre is clean spring water. In the spring there is a huge stone. Alongside the stone was a strange plant, which looked like a lotus, but something about it was bewitchingly different.

Although Bai Jing was surprised at the time, he was more anxious because he found that the dimension did not have those four 5 rank crystal-nucleus. Even his collection of things from before, including his mother’s relics, had all disappeared. Helpless, he could not hand over the cores, and could only tell the truth, but only hiding the piece of stone and lotus. If he remembered correctly, that piece of rock should be a meteorite, and the river just happened to be near the meteorite’s crater.

In the days after, Bai Jing still led a fair life, but he also found that his spiritual power, although less, had become more pure, which meant that he his advancements would be more difficult. When after absorbing fifteen zombie cores nothing changed, Bai Jing felt the boss’ attitude towards him changed.

So he paid more attention to his training his ability and finally advanced to rank 1. The land had become two acres, but before he could celebrate, the boss sold him to the Institute, for a residence right in the B City. Relative to other places, B City is the capital of Z, where there was a military guard, and was thus more secure.

Bai Jing’s heart was filled with hate. If there is nothing in this world he most reluctantly stepped into, that is B City, and when he was looking forward to see his father, the results …

Bai Jing gave a miserable smile, He did not blame him, really did not blame him. Who let the father’s wife hold so much power over the military. At the time, the political party had become a mere decoration. Although Bai Jing is a son, the legal wife also gave birth to his two daughters, He only cared about himself, and quarreled with the legal wife. Had these things not always been so?

Therefore, he was to be raised in the D city from since he was little. A year had not but a few visits from his father, but he was good to him and spoiled him, allowing Bai the illusion he was important, but a few years later, no more.

Bai Jing does not hate him, does not blame him, but he just could not understand. Even when he was about to leave, why would the woman not let go of him. He did not believe his father was oblivious to this. If he wanted him dead, he need only to say the words. He only hates; why did Xiao Sa have to get involved even though he’d rather Xiao Sa not save him.

“That’s a rather pathetic look you’re giving me.”

“Not at all.”

“As if. My dad doesn’t want me anymore, shouldn’t you be very happy?”

“Little Jing, stop fussing. Quickly come with me, this isn’t the right place.”

“I won’t go. Nanny Chen said this place is very secure, better than where you’re at. Looking at you makes me sick, very sick.”

“Don’t trust her too much.”

“And who would believe you?If it wasn’t for Nanny Chen, I’d have nowhere to go, you damned gay.1 Stay the hell away from me. Now, go. Go. Even if I were to die, I don’t need your concern.”

“Jing, listen to me. Whatever you want to say, we can talk later. We can’t stay here too long.”

“Huh, and you wanted to talk about what, ah….”

“Look out!  Go now.”

“No…..I won’t…..”

‘Go! NOW….”

“Nanny Chen will not lie to me, won’t lie to me, I won’t go, won’t go … …” Bai Jing only remembered that he was in a state of extreme panic, almost like he was one of those generic crazies. Not caring about anything, he ran when it was clear that it was an advanced ranked zombie. No matter how much he wanted to deny it, what was in front of his eyes was the real thing.

His father had abandoned him, and he had been betrayed by Nanny Chen. The same nanny Chen that brought him up since childhood. Although they escaped in different ways and were separated for quite some time, she was still good to him.  Even if his father did not want him, nanny Chen still kept him in mind. How could he believe that Nanny Chen left him for dead!

By the time he reacted, the zombie had pierced Xiao Sa’s body. The moment before his death, Xiao Sa had put his body firmly in front of Bai Jing. Aiming for a mutual kill, he stabbed the zombie through the head, and he himself was run through by zombie claws through the chest!

 “Li…Little Jing … I will not be able to accompany you … … you … … you have to be careful, do not … … do not believe in other people.”

Bai Jing went blank then. He couldn’t believe it, Xiao Sa, who was so powerful, would die for him. In fact, thinking about it, he really was a bastard. If at that time he had left with  Xiao Sa, or if he hadn’t panicked, then Xiao Sa wouldn’t have had to die to protect him.

But nothing more would happen, and Bai Jing’s heart soured. He will protect him after meeting with him. His only regret now was how little concern he had held for Xiao Sa. Besides knowing he was in N City, he knew nothing else. On the other hand, he could just go find him.

Bai Jing smiled, and his self-mockery flared up. He scorned the idea just now. In fact, thinking about it further, if he went to find Xiao Sa now, during the time before the apocalypse, with Xiao Sa being as twisted as he was, it couldn’t be said that he wouldn’t just “do” him, and it was possible he may have ulterior motives.

But he did not understand some of them. How did Xiao Sa take a fancy to him. Although he was confident in his own looks, but not like some sort of handsome vagabond. And his bad temper, arrogant character, narrow perspective, and tendency to rage, how did Xiao Sa ever put up with it.

Bai Jing gave a shallow smile, his lips only slightly curled up, handsome with just a touch of tenderness, he decided to properly face Xiao Sa. If he still likes him, Bai Jing felt that if that person really was Xiao Sa, he could still barely accept that. It wasn’t a big deal to counter later!

If Xiao Sa had a lover around, then he will continually protect him, only until he didn’t need it anymore.

Bai Jing did not know what kind of feelings these were that he had towards Xiao Sa. He only knew that in the more than a thousand days and nights before his rebirth, Xiao Sa had become one of his obsessions, a sustenance, but also a redemption. Therefore, he must find him.

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