Chapter 21: Surprise

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Whatever was done, was done. It was useless to put any more thought to it. Although Bai Jing was annoyed, angry, it was more of disappointment of not being able to enter the hidden dimension. He felt a little distressed that the money was gone, but only a little bit. With his old man standing behind him, he believed money was absolutely not a problem. He hated his own impulses; such an empty-headed thing in the apocalypse would be deadly.. 

Dragging his exhausted body back to the hotel, Bai Jing had settled his mood at this time. In fact, it was no big deal. Just pretend this was a ten day travel trip. He already made the decision when he was at the Muzhu village. If the hidden dimension could not be lived in, then he would collect more meat, and now was only back to the beginning. 

Bai Jing made up his mind. He was not going to go to jade trading market. Y province’s four seasons climate was always spring-like, and it was also the origin of food and herbs. The next day, he left T City and rode to the countryside. Although T City had a very large grain and oil wholesale market and business was also very hot, he had bought jade here. If he collected more materials, he would certainly attract people’s attention.

Just when he arrived at the countryside, Bai Jing felt embarrassed and had some regret. He should not have been so quick to send Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei away. With them, the first was convenience in travel. The second convenience was ease with storage. The third convenience was easily buying things without wasting time. At least he did not have to take a cab  or walk around with his feet. Also, he did not know the road, so having them with him he would not get tired.

He asked around before he came here and heard that there was a large pig farm. Because the pig’s smell was so obvious, it was built in the countryside. But this was really, really in the countryside. He did not ask clearly before, just thinking it was a small town. When he get off the cab he realized that this was like a wasteland. In addition to the mountains and plains of canola flowers, there was actually not a soul to see. 

Fiercely cursing the taxi driver, the man only told Bai Jing there was not too far from the pig farms. Because the smell was great, it was built in a more remote area. There aws only a tricycle pathway, and the driver dropped him off there and turned away. Bai Jing’s depression could easily be imagined.  

Carefully looking at the road, Bai Jing felt a bit frustration. He could only drag himself to move forward. Here he was, and even if he does not go to the pig farm, he had to go back with a car.  

There was a change in good time, and Bai Jing’s bad mood only lasted less than five minutes.  

Watching the canola flowers, there were bees flying in the flowers. Bai Jing wondered about the fruit trees in his dimension. They had been planted for half a year, so why were there no fruits; was it because there were no bees to pollinate? In this case, it seemed that not only meat, but even the fruits he needed to buy more of. If only his hidden dimension could be loaded with living things, that would be perfect. If these bees, these bees went into the space…

The idea just popped out, and Bai Jing stared, his eyes widely opened. What was that he just saw? A bee disappeared? No, no, Bai Jing quickly reacted, also tightly looking to another bee, willing it into the space. The idea just occurred, and the bee in front of his eyes suddenly disappeared, the bee really disappeared, Bai Jing suppressed his excitement. He used psychic power to run around the hidden dimension. Holding his breath, for he did not dare let out a breath, he was afraid the greater hope, the greater the disappointment. Like before, he already had too many disappointments.

The psychic power ran through the space, and Bai Jing slowly relaxed his mind covering the entire dimension. He saw two bees flying in the flowers.  Bai Jing could not help but be happy, laughing out loud, just thinking this thing was so wrong. Yesterday he was chagrined, disappointed, then today there was such a big surprise. 

Bai Jing withdrew his psychic power, tried to enter himself into the space, but still no response. Bai Jing was confused by this dimension which accommodated living things. What and how was it calculated by? 

He was not looking for the pig farm anymore. While happily walking, when he saw a bee or a bird, he would send a few in, and he also found that he could only send one at a time. With two together, the space was without any reaction. Bai Jing was very happy, simply not caring about this little problem. Anyway, he could not raise a large number of animals. It would be alright as long as he had enough to eat, but looking at the dimension that had living creatures, his heart had a kind of indescribable excitement.

Bai Jing joyfully stopped and played, rarely childlike since the rebirth. It could not be helped since the surprise came so suddenly, and he was really happy. He could not hold back, he was too excited. 

Jogging for a while, Bai Jing saw a big dog at the roadside. It should belong to the local farmer, and with a slight move of his mind, he tried to send the dog in. His face fell, why could it not be sent in to his dimension? Bai Jing stared at that dog, his heart bursting with depression, and quickly sent in a bee. Okay, no problem.  

Bai Jing was relieved, his mind also a little more clear. Watching the direction the dog went, since there was the dog and a field, people should not live far away. He intended to find a few animals to try and verify his guess.  

And going for ten minutes or so, Bai Jing saw some people in front. Here was a mountain area, each household very loose, and there was a farmer with a hoe on his shoulder walking in the field. Once Bai Jing saw him, Bai Jing loudly called and hurriedly approached the farmer, asking for directions. Then he knew that he was in the wrong direction. The pig farm was on the left, their village on the right, distance about two kilometers. 

Bai Jing felt awkward but was not depressed. If he really arrived at the pig farm, he certainly would not have the mind to receive the bees. Some time lost, some time gained, it could be considered a blessing in disguise. He was now only worried about how to get back.

The villagers were honest, laughed and said there was a town not far away, where the shuttle ran everyday, so Bai Jing should go back from there. 

Bai Jing first said thanks then asked to buy some chickens, only saying that it was because cage free local chickens were delicious and nourishing. He intended to buy some back for his mother. 

The villagers were very warm and welcoming. Looking at the sky, it was almost noon, so they directly invited Bai Jing home for lunch. Bai Jing give it a thought and did not refuse, but the taste of the meal was so-so and had a strange flavor. Bai Jing only ate a few mouthfuls, then excused himself to see the yard. What he first was were the chicken cages. Seeing that there was no one around, he started his psychic power, and a chicken instantly disappeared and then emerged out of thin air. Bai Jing was happy, and his heart settled down, and then he went to the ducks. As the same, a duck also could be sent into the dimension, but when it came to dogs, smaller ones could while big dogs did not have the slightest reaction. 

Bai Jing realized that to raise things in the dimension he needed to raise it by a volume of one. By the time he understood, he did not stroll around. After the villagers finished lunch, Bai Jing proposed to buy a cock and three hens. In fact, he would like to buy more, but unfortunately he had no car now, and if he did buy, there was no place to put them. Bai Jing felt anxious. Without a car, it was inconvenient for materials collection. Perhaps he really should go back. He had been out on the road six months, and materials such as drugs should be assuredly in his hand. Although he trusted He Yong’s ability, he should always be prepared for accidents.

After buying the chicken, Bai Jing refused the villagers’ kind offer to sent him off. He found a place where no one was around and sent the chickens one by one into the hidden dimension, placed them in the fenced area which was covered with vegetables and grass.  

Watching the chicken lively running in the space, Bai Jing was satisfied. Although it was still a bit empty, as long as the space could be installed with live animals, then others can slowly be sent in. Evidently, jade was effective, and the 32 million yuan had not been wasted. Bai Jing was happy to find the way to send in live animals, and his effort had direction. 

Arriving at the town, he did not care about how crowded the bus was. He kept a good mood sitting on the bus, all the way through its wobbly run to a large population county. He hurried off the bus and stopped a cab, having the driver send him to the airport.  

As for the collection of materials, he did not want to do it now. With no car to store bought goods was not convenient, and a car rental or carpool was always easy to reveal his secret. The hidden dimension could now be loaded with living things, so he might as well think about how to make the space better.

Arriving at the airport, he bought a ticket to S City, which was a coastal city. In fact, he imagined in his heart for a long time that the space must be installed with seawater. He wanted to raise seafood, fish and crabs, scallops and shells. The pond he dug several months ago, even if it was empty, he was not willing to fill it in. In fact, even he did not expect that it really could come in handy. He could only say that the number of disappointments was too much, but sometimes, surprises were always so surprising.

This time arriving to S City, he did not live in the hotel, but looked from the Internet to rent a two bedroom apartment. When everything was settled down, the next day he went to the beach. Because now was the off season, the tourists were few. Bai Jing easily rented a yacht, piloted it directly to open waters off the ocean. He blamed the water near along the coast, which was not clean. 

To the open waters, Bai Jing stopped the yacht, emptied his mind to mobilize the psychic power. He thought that filling in the seawater would be easy to do, but he now knew it was difficult. For only a 400 square meters wide, two meters deep small pond, it feel like it would never be filled. Until his psychic power was exhausted, Bai Jing fell and sat on the deck, wiping off sweat. He found that the pond was only half filled. He clearly remembered just now, just about to fill it, would the seawater in the space decrease?

Bai Jing was puzzled but did not think any further. The more seawater that was installed, he would only be more happy. Then he sat cross-legged, running his internal force to restore his psychic power little by little. A few hours later, he felt a little better, and he also found that his psychic power faintly grew. Bai Jing twisted his lips, thinking of a fantasy novel. The way to improve one’s internal power was to exhaust all of it, which was followed by meditation. One’s practice would be more rapid, and it really was not a folk tale.

He then had three more sessions to collect seawater until the next day at noon. He drove the yacht back. Fortunately, there were people night sailing at the sea before, and the yacht had a set of communications equipment. His overnight time at sea did not attract other people’s attention. After returning the yacht, Bai Jing did not buy anything, but took a direct ride to the apartment and slept a soundless sleep to the next morning. He was truly tired yesterday. 

When he woke up, he was full of energy, first, going to the park to exercise a round and then ate breakfast. Then he went to the farmer’s market, bought some fresh fish and shrimp and came back to the apartment. One by one, they were sent to the dimension, and to tell the truth, this was really a tossing job.

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