Chapter 23: In The House

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The car body’s test turned out to be good. Bai Jing then opened the door, and Cao Lei hurriedly stood in front of the restaurant and saw this situation. He quickly ran over and got into the car, not wasting a breath. The speed of the action made Bai Jing feel incredible. 

Seeing him in the car, Bai Jing stepped on the gas pedal. He felt very satisfied as the car’s performance was very good. Cao Lei put on a supercilious look, bitterly staring at Bai Jing. He knew if he did not run fast, the young master absolutely would leave him behind. It was not easy to do this bodyguard job, not only worrying about the safety of the young master, but also to be a nanny at anytime, anywhere. The young master would throw him away if he did not pay attention. For his wasted worries about the young master, the young master’s conscience was eaten by dogs.

“Hey, Young Master, where’s your luggage?” Sitting in the car, Wang Xuebing found that young master was empty-handed. 

“Didn’t bring it.” Bai Jing lazily replied, then he remembered that for convenience on the road, he had long put all the things into the hidden dimension. 

Wang Xuebing was silent, and Cao Lei exposed as expected expression. The answer was not very strange for Bai Jing to use, and the young master bringing luggage would make them feel abnormal. 

Wang Xuebing was bitter. If he remembered right, the young master had told him to buy jade, but looking at the look of young master, Wang Xuebing weakly asked: “Where is the jade you bought?” 

Bai Jing twisted his lips: “Gone.” He was telling a big truth. Those jade disappeared without trace.

Wang Xuebing was stunned, what was the meaning of this? 

Bai Jing did not care about his stupor, and some things were unreasonable. Fortunately, Wang Xuebing did not ask, only thinking that young master was prodigal and drove around for a while. Seeing the time was late, Bai Jing then slowly drove home. It had been a long time since he left home. To see the surrounding environment, it actually made him have a strange feeling.

Parking the car in the garage, in his ear came a nagging voice: “Do not think that having the young master backing you up that you can run wild, that there are no home rules in your eyes. The young master has a good heart, is naive, treating you with tolerance. Old master sent this car, and the young master did not even have a look at it. With you driving around, you really think you own this home, huh.” 

Bai Jing looked at Wang Xuebing, meaning, what is going on? 

Wang Xuebing shook his head. In fact, he was also very innocent. Anyway, Nanny Chen was not pleased to see him. These days, she kept finding fault. 

Cao Lei raised his eyebrows, sarcastically looking out the window: “This old woman, Young Master said to not bother with her. We naturally listened to orders.” 

Wang Xuebing tugged him, his eyes staring wide open. How could he be this outspoken. Nanny Chen at least took good care of the young master. 

Bai Jing did not look at him, only nodded and agreed with Cao Lei: “En, do not care about her. You are bodyguards, she is not your boss.’ 

“Young Master, you and Nanny Chen…are you…” Wang Xuebing hesitated, hesitantly asking. Although he already was aware the young master was dissatisfied with Nanny Chen, to show so obviously, it was the first time. He did not understand. The young master had always listened to Nanny Chen, and put it any way, that Nanny Chen took care of him for eleven years. 

Bai Jing mockingly smiled, his lips bending with a touch of cold: “Who is her boss, don’t you know?” 

Wang Xuebing was stunned, his mouth wide open. He looked like he really knew nothing. Cao Lei had a clear mind. No wonder the young master changed so much. So this was it, but the young master could tolerate it until now, he really was a bit awed. 

Bai Jing looked at these two, and he understood. Wang Xuebing has been protected by Cao Lei. These bad things, how could Cao Lei let him know. Wang Xuebing must have been this clueless in the last life, only doing his duty regardless of other things. In fact, Wang Xuebing was a simple man, and being together with such a person as Cao Lei was also good. 

Opening the door, Bai Jing walked several steps, and the cry from the courtyard instantly became louder: “Young Master, you came back. Why didn’t you make a phone call in advance, let me look at you, have you not…”  

“I am very good. Now, I’m tired, I’m returning to my room.” Bai Jing glanced at her. Having not seen her for half a year, Nanny Chen seems to have not changed, even with the way she talked with him. It was the kind of cordiality with some blame. When heard, people would be warm-hearted, the tone of a familiar voice without a trace of barriers. There was no trace of anything strange, as if they often contacted her. 

“Well, well, good, I’ll call people to put out the bath water right away. It must be difficult for you these days on the outside alone. You even were not with the bodyguards, and you did not make a phone call back to me. I should not let them two follow you. Qi Jun is much better. You are this thin and dark, if you have any accident, how do I explain this to Miss Lin.”

“You knew my mother?” Bai Jing looked up and stared at her, his black eyeballs gradually became darker and darker. How he did not know before that Nanny Chen actually knew his mother. 

Nanny Chen’s eyes darted, dryly laughing twice: “I sure did. Miss Lin was a good person, had it not been for her, we the orphan and widow really would not know how to live.” 

“Let me hear it, I want to know about my mother?” Bai Jing’s face was calm, but his heart was raging. Nanny Chen thought that talking about mother, he would be changed for her? The past one perhaps so, but now, his heart just felt angry. Since mother helped her, then why did she send him to die. She was more unforgivable than Bai Jingcheng!

“Miss Lin was a very beautiful, very good person. When you had not been born, my husband had just died, only leaving me and Qiangzi, and we also owed a lot of debt. At that time, Qiangzi was only 2 years old. He was sick with no money to see a doctor, yet the doctor insisted on full payment for treatment. I was in the hospital, anxiously holding him and crying, and later your mother found out our problem. She paid the bill, and then helped me find a job, let us have a way out. When we met her again, she already had you. I did not think she would actually remember me, telling me to say hello. Then, after I heard that she died, I thought of you as a little one. I was worried. After I heard that the master needed a nanny to take care of you, I resigned from my old job, rushed over, and watched you grow up day by day. I think Miss Lin’s spirit in heaven would be happy.”

Nanny Chen said so with affection, touching, but Bai Jing just felt bored. He was afraid that the last few words was the focus. If he did not rebirth and heard this, Bai Jing thought that even Nanny Chen made mistakes, but for her to resign and come take care of him, in any case he would forgive it. He also would feel guilt, but…

Bai Jing sneered, and now he was not the old ignorant young master he was in the last life. The wage of Nanny Chen taking care of him a month could cover those who work in a factory for half a year. Everything was specifically designed for him. People going to the peak was human nature, but just under the guise of feeling, that made him feel sick. He would also like to know more about his mother’s passing, but looking at Nanny Chen, he suddenly lost interest. He still had some curiosity: “Why didn’t you talk before?”

Nanny Chen’s smile stiffened. Bai Jing understood and smiled: “Did my father not allow you to say? 

“No…not..I did not think of this when young master was still small, but with these days gone by, I found young master has grown up, and it reminded me of Miss Lin. If she was still alive, saw you…”  

“Pai!” Bai Jing shut the door, too lazy to listen to her nonsense. Between father and mother’s relationship, he did not want to care about who was right or wrong. No one else but his father, he could not think of whom shot down people’s mouthing off mother around him. That plot was nothing more than melodrama. Father did not want to let him know as he was afraid he would have resentment. But, in the last life, perhaps he would have hated his father, but this life, there really was no need. After the advent of the outbreak, no one could be guaranteed to live. Who would care to bear such a complex feeling in mind.

Returning to his room, after a shower, he did not go to bed to rest. He turned to pick up the phone. Thinking, he put it down, and then he took his cellphone out. His cellphone and code number had changed as early as when he left D City. With everything in this house, he could not be assured. Who knew if there was no cellphone monitoring. 

Opening the phone book, looking at the few numbers, he directly called He Yong’s phone. The main purpose of his return to home, in addition to these drugs from He Yong, the rest was the arms. And then he also planned to go out again. The materials he collected were not much, and those things only took a small amount of the space, which supported more than a dozen people’s needs. A year or two would not be a problem, but gasoline, gas, and even toilet paper, which were consumables, he must buy more. The more the better.

Bai Jing thought, maybe he could consider buying a tissue machine… 

After a while, the ring sounded only a few times, then connected. 

“Hello? Good day!” The low and steady voice passed over, but also with a touch of pressure. 

Bai Jing paused. The He Yong in his impression had always been warm and gentle. He Yong’s voice when listen to would only feel like a shower of spring breeze, and now suddenly listening to him so serious, it really could not match his image. If his sound had not changed, Bai Jing would really think he had the wrong person. 

“This is Bai Jing.” He faintly said one, directly stating his name. 

He Yong was impatient, his mood tired. When it was Bai Jing’s call, he was seemingly full of energy and with high spirits. Even his voice became softer, as if in a flash, he turned to being a gentle gentleman again: “It’s Young Master Jing, you finally called. Your things are ready, and I would like to thank Young Master Jing’s help for last time.” 

Bai Jing felt cold aversion, so he said that he did not like dealing with such people. His face changed too fast, and he faintly answered: “Ah!” Then, he said: “I’ll pick those up tomorrow at your convenience.”

He Yong hesitated for a while: “Tomorrow…” 

“Is there a problem?” Bai Jing frowned. 

“No, no problem, is tomorrow afternoon, okay? I have a surgery in the morning.” 

Bai Jing thought and did not refuse. To pick up goods, in fact, he did not have to see He Yong personally. He could just tell Bai Jing the address and send someone there. That would be fine, but thinking of He Yong’s help, He Yong was the type of person with his head full of ideas. He did not know this time what things would happened. He would not dislike it if there were more medical supplies. If He Yong wanted to meet, then meet. Either way, it was not his loss, and He Yong knew very complicated people. Maybe he could think of ways to have He Yong buy arms for him. Otherwise, to conceal the bodyguards at home really was a little bit difficult. 

It was just that Bai Jing did not know when he had just hung up the phone, He Yong turned and dialed the number of Xiao Sa, his face laughing like a cunning fox.

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