Chapter 24: Meeting

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Xiao Sa now was so busy and tired out, yet when he heard from He Yong, he simply put everything down and left. Everything was left to  Zhou Ji to deal with. No joke, he had not been back for half a month, and messy things could accumulate into a pile. Then, why would he bother to have underlings. 

“Brother Sa-” Zhou Ji put on a bitter face. Those things were not serious, but it was really troublesome to deal with. Since Xiao Sa rectified the gang, the old guys could not make trouble, but small troubles were always constantly appearing. They were not serious and were also harmless, too, but with this harmless situation, no matter what, he did not know how to deal with it. With Xiao Sa in the house, everything was is okay. As long as Xiao Sa was gone, messy things came, and he was really annoyed. 

Xiao Sa coldly glanced at him, an indifferent tone without a trace of feelings: “Do as you wish. If you do not want people to hinder, think of a solution to deal with them. Just remember to clean up after.” 

Zhou Ji was blank with a bitter smile. This boldness and resolve was not something he could compare with. That the gang of old guys did not dare trouble Brother Sa, was in fact, was this reason. 

Xiao Sa turned, without stopping, had people drive him to the airport. 

After he left, Han Yan went to Zhou Jing, complaining in dissatisfaction: “Brother Sa has gone too far. When one has a lover there is no humanity, and those old guys, how could he let you deal with them. No, it should be there is a man, but now brothers, eyes with only a beauty but no friends, and to say we grew up with him, hmph!” 

Zhou Ji faintly smiled, touched his head: “Okay. Brother Sa is the boss. He cannot not do everything personally, and this is also for my own good. Otherwise, how in the future will I handle this.” 

“But…” Han Yan was not convinced and angrily said: “The gang of old fools are more cunning than others. They deliberately caused trouble when Brother Sa was not here, and they also took their higher position to pressure us. If it were me, the last time we should not have given them a way out. And you, why let them bully you. Don’t you know what their minds are thinking? If they want to share a cup of soup, they need Brother Sa’s agreement. They do not dare challenge Brother Sa but trouble you. What the hell is that.” 

“They are veterans, nor can we chill our brother’s hearts. Brother Sa carefully considers his matter. If there is too much trouble, just deal with it. We only now began to clean ourselves, but after all, we were with the underworld. A group relying on one’s loyalty and contacts, to let those old fools in, would only appear as Brother Sa’s generosity. And even if they do not do anything, in the older generation, their words have sway. You do not need to worry, I know how to deal with it.” At Han Yan’s look of gnashed teeth with anger, Zhou Ji could not help but laugh. The mood seemed to have lightened. He was not a person to be taken as a dummy, but too many concerns would only appear as indecisive. Since Brother Sa made a statement, he thought, perhaps he could also give those fools a little something to see. 

Xiao Sa exited the door and made a few phone calls. He sent the collection of jade to D city and, since he was going to meet with Bai Jing, a gift must always be prepared. 

Damn He Yong, Xiao Sa cursed in his heart with a cold face. Thinking of that fox mentioning his request, his heart was stuffy. He could only secretly blame his disappointing subordinates, but he did not expect Bai Jing would come back so fast. He also wanted to meet in a hurry. If he knew he would have stayed a few more days in D City. 

He Yong wanted to see his good trick and wanted to take advantage of him, which was not so easy. Xiao Sa sneered, his eyes darkened. One day, he would take back the advantage! 

The next day, Bai Jing went out after breakfast. Nanny Chen stared at him, several times hesitating to speak. A few months ago, she was very confident that she totally understood the young master, but now… 

Nanny Chen looked hesitant, and she was not sure. She was aware of the change in the young master, but she did not understand why the young master changed. Before she thought it was lovesickness, but the young man did not call back for half a year. No matter how confident she was, she knew that things were wrong. 

And yesterday she should have self-destructed. Young Master loved his mother, even if no one mentioned her before. Nanny Chen had wanted to have a close relationship with the young master, so she talked about Miss Lin. She did not expect Bai Jing could connect it to the old master, damn!

However, Nanny Chen smiled and made a phone call. However the young master changed, she believed that the young master’s temper would certainly not change. That child was warm-hearted. Even if he was cold to her, would not bad mouth her, was more likely to ignore her, the young master still respected her. 

As long as the young master was not far away, she could find the right remedy for the reasons of his change. Nanny Chen believed, not for long, the young master would be hers to win over. Otherwise, she was beating bushes. She knew what the young master’s favorite was, and what he needed. Kust give her enough time … 

Nanny Chen had such a thought, and her heart was relieved. She still had a chance! 

If Bai Jing knew that his ignoring Nanny Chen which would be misinterpreted as this, he would laugh so happily. He just did not want to miss Xiao Sa’s reunion, so he treated her with patience. He did not expect to make her insatiable. He did not know where she got the self-confidence. 

Bai Jing came to the garage and picked a Hummer. Bai Jingcheng was quite determined to give him two Hummers, both different models. The H2 had three rows of seats, and manning it was very convenient, followed by a large compartment for trunk storage. The H6 was the same as the car. The car was very luxurious and decorated, with appliances completed, but it was smaller like, a small KTV. 

Bai Jing directly sat on the Hummer H2, his eyes sweeping around, catching a glimpse of the bodyguards, his lips with a cold smile. If they wanted to come along, that was fine. His eyes flash a touch of ruthlessness, not hesitating to drive forward. He did not care who stepped in front, he just felt a burst of pleasure. Driving a Hummer was so cool. 

The bodyguards acted very fast, dodging to hide far away while a moment ago blocking in front of the car. Bai Jing watched from the rearview mirror and sarcastically thought, that woman was really generous and valued him well. Those talented men were but wrongly positioned as his bodyguards; she was too wasteful.

Bai Jing faintly smiled and did not think too much. Putting these aside, anyway, there would be no relationship after all. How could he, for there was no need to waste his mind. The meeting with He Yong was in the afternoon. Since there aws time , he drove the car to the gas station and also ran around the neighborhood. After that, it should be around the afternoon. 

On the way, Wang Xuebing called him twice. Bai Jing made a few words to end those calls. The air of D city was really depressed. Once he came back he felt short of breath, just as if there were things always reminding him of the outbreak of the apocalypse, constantly thinking while he was not busy never stopped. His heart was inexplicably heavy, his chest feeling like it had a simmering evil fire burning. A severe hatred, which he did not know what he would do when he faced Nanny Chen and those bodyguards again. 

Shopping around D City, with one hundred and twenty barrels of gasoline on hand, Bai Jing’s mood was a little soothed. Seeing the time was three in the afternoon, without delay, he direct drove to the meeting place. 

Jingkaiyue Restaurant was not busy at this moment. Bai Jing parked his car and went into the hall, pushed the top button of the elevator, lazily standing where he pleased, making people automatically give up the path. His solemn face rebellious, he revealed a pride of looking down on everything. Knowing that he was in a bad mood, who would dare to come forward and touch bad luck. 

At the top of the restaurant, Bai Jing with hands in his pockets, casually swept around. When he saw He Yong, his body suddenly stiffened. Dully retrieving his sight, only he himself knew, how much restraint he put to avoid being choked, his foot like roots in the ground, all kinds of complex emotions in his heart. How could he be here? 

“Master Jing -” He Yong saw him from the far end, smiling as he waved. 

Bai Jing was without expression, stiffly walking over, his eyes fixed on He Yong, not daring to move away. He was afraid, he could not help but be nervous. In fact, he was already very nervous now. His peripheral vision almost greedy, watching the man next He Yong, Bai Jing noticed that before the apocalypse, Xiao Sa had this kind of appearance. 

A cold face with facial features clear and deep, his whole body seemed to exude a cold breath. Those cold eyes shone like cold stars, his thin lips tightly sipped, dressed with a tailored suit showing his handsomeness. When he was silent, he was cold as ice, just only sitting there gave a sense of existence which could not be ignored. 

But only Bai Jing could feel it that when Xiao Sa looked at him, his eyes seemed to soften a bit. Hidden under the eyes was something wild and plundering. How could he not recognize ot, that kind of eyes was too familiar, familiar enough as long as he closed his eyes, it could appear in front of him any moment. 

Bai Jing’s stiff face sat opposite them. Until the waiter came, he then pretended to have nothing to look at, looking away from He Yong. His heart was slightly loose. Even though it was only a short period of less than a minute, it felt very long, the palms of his hands emitting cold sweat. 

He Yong felt great pressure. He felt the cold air surrounding the seats, and he could not help but complain. Why would Master Jing stare at him. Did not Master Jing always have his eyes all over the sky? 

But complaining to complain, He Yong’s face was not obvious. After Bai Jing put his order, he smiled and introduced: “Today was my boldness, Master Jing, don’t blame me. This is Xiao Sa, do you remember ?” 

Remembered, how could he not remember. It was engraved and marked in his soul. He was afraid until death that he would always remember. But what He Yong meant, he did not remember he had met with Xiao Sa before the outbreak. While thinking, his eyes also looked at Xiao Sa, and straight into a pair of dark eyes, Bai Jing was slightly stunned for a moment. His heart could not help but panic, a strong possessive, high-handed atmosphere coming over. 

“Hello, I am Xiao Sa.” A low voice full of rich magnetism, his lips raised a perfect curve. His eyes were deep and bottomless, which focused with an evil charm watching Bai Jing, as if to suck in people’s souls. 

“Bai Jing.” He subconsciously answered. Bai Jing’s brain was blank, just by a little, he would have fallen into a pair of very tempting eyes.

But he did not know, his dull expression at this time, in the eyes of others seemed to be a scenery of proud arrogance. Cold, noble, head above everything else, a beauty of domineering, dazzling brilliance. 

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