Chapter 26

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Not 20 minutes by car did they arrive at the warehouse. He Yong did an efficient job. Although the warehouse was at a remote location, the warehouse itself was built very well. The space was also great, not only with an anti-theft door, it also needed fingerprints and a code to enter.

He Yong smiled when he saw Bai Jing’s eyes show slight surprise. He was not boastful, only mentioning that this place was found by Xiao Sa.

Although Xiao Sa showed no expression, he was very happy and very much enjoyed Bai Jing’s surprise. It seemed that this step did not go wrong and chasing men, he needed to listen to his own ideas. What others said, he decided to pretend they were farts.

He Yong unlocked the warehouse door, then right at that moment, entered the information of Bai Jing and deleted his own.

Bai Jing looked at his behavior and did not mind it. Entering the warehouse, one by one, he began to check the drugs in the warehouse as well as the medical equipment and the latest technology used in the laboratory.

As Bai Jing walked, Xiao Sa made introductions, a plain tone without any ups or downs, but Bai Jing could hear that, in fact, this guy was very proud.

“Huh? This is not the latest M Country’s experimental equipment?” Bai Jing’s eyes showed confusion. Staring at the medical device, it was familiar even within a dream, as if he could feel the cold of the device.

“You also knew?” Xiao Sa glanced at him and felt proud his kitten was well informed. Saying that Bai Jing had not promised to pursue him, Xiao Sa’s own feelings were too good to bear.

Bai Jing nodded. How could he not remember. In the last life he was lying on this model’s upgraded version for a full three years, but he was very curious. How did Xiao Sa get these things, he thought, and his face also revealed it.

“We in the underworld naturally have our own line.” Xiao Sa said lightly, his tone somewhat self-satisfied. There were some worries. He did not know what views the underworld would have that Bai Jing was an official’s son .

Bai Jing heard, and his eyes lit up. He took a look at Xiao Sa and quietly thought, perhaps he did not need He Yong to make connections to buy arms, does he not have a better person for that right here?

Xiao Sa was paranoid, feeling that the glance from Bai Jing was somewhat meaningful, but then he put this idea down. Hum, who was he. It was fun to tease kittens with claws, and Xiao Sa firmly did not admit that he just had a moment of guilt.

Looking back at the closely following He Yong, Bai Jing decided to wait. With his understanding of Xiao Sa, certainly not for long, Xiao Sa would find him, and when the time came, he would not be late to buy arms.

Bai Jing looked around the warehouse. The drugs were complete, and the amount was also a lot. There were even a few boxes of the country’s property. He smiled and thanked He Yong, feeling that his face seemed to be stiff. Bai Jing turned his head and was embarrassed. It was Xiao Sa who spread out a low pressure. Bai Jing felt odd and somewhat helpless, and there was a trace of unclear faint happiness. Xiao Sa, it seemed, was so overbearing to be around.

“I also thank you, Xiao Sa!” Bai Jing happily smiled, deeply exhaled. It was the first laugh that he had since rebirth. It was the first time he spoke out the name. In his heart, he had a kind of relief. How nice it was. Xiao Sa was still alive, and the end of the world had not yet come. They still had time to prepare.

“You are…” welcome, just as the word was at his mouth, Xiao Sa swallowed it back. Stretching his face, he said: “It’s good that you like it. If you need something, just give me a call.” While speaking, he also cold glanced at He Yong.

He Yong felt very innocent. When Boss Xiao fell in love, his feelings for Bai Jing and his IQ were opposite. Why would he like to stir muddy water, why!

Bai Jing turned his face, silently smiling. To make Dr. He unable hold his poker face, in fact, was a very interesting thing.

Looking around the warehouse with a good mood, Bai Jing inspected things again. Good, the building was very strong, and if he did not remember wrong, after the outbreak, this area became a safe zone.

He did not stay here for a long time, and leaving the warehouse, Bai Jing looked at He Yong. Of course, he spoke out his demands: “Get more drugs, the price is not a problem. There are IV bags, and I want as much as you can buy. Whatever request you have, I’ll do it if I can

He Yong was slightly surprised for a moment. His heart had a sour taste because Bai Jing’s attitude to him was totally different towards Xiao Sa. How long had they met. Not waiting for him to speak, Xiao Sa coldly grunted, interrupting : “Don’t worry, it’s all on me.”

Bai Jing nodded, looked at him, his lips did not consciously raised a slight smile.

He Yong rolled his eyes. Xiao Sa straightforwardly promised, but if it was smuggled goods or large objects, while Xiao Sa may have a way to do so,the drugs and the like needed him. However, he only thought and dared not say it. He just had some chagrin in mind. How could he be hot-headed enough to ask for a tiger’s skin!

Then, Bai Jing said to leave. Although he would like to stay with Xiao Sa more than a while, since things have been completed, if Xiao Sa did not ask, how could he like to stay. In fact, Master Jing was very thin skinned.

Xiao Sa felt some disappointment. Finally, they saw each other, but Bai Jing was in a hurry to go. Although he would like to ask him to stay, after all, they only just saw each other and he did not want to be abrupt. It was not good to scare him away. So Xiao Sa put out an invitation, inviting Bai Jing to meet tomorrow. The excuses were ready, was Bai Jing not in need of drugs? It was just right to deliberate with He Yong, so that he could talk smoothly with Bai Jing tomorrow.

In Xiao Sa’s insistence, the Hummer was driven by someone. Until they sent Bai Jing to the door, he suddenly realized, this was a high-end villa community, where residents were with high positions and powers, or were popular faces. Even if one’s money could not buy a stay, not only did they not allow taxis around, even low-end cars were rare. In fact, these were okay. The question now was how he does he get back.

Bai Jing saw his embarrassed face, and he could not help but be amused. Thinking a bit, he knew the reason. Stifling a laugh, he was afraid Xiao Sa would really get annoyed. When he got off, he had the box moved upstairs. Glancing at Xiao Sa with his chin slightly up, extremely arrogant, he instructed: “You come meet me tomorrow.”

Xiao Sa’s lips curved. His heart twisted as if there was something about to overflow, the first time he exposed a true smile, very shallow but very nice. Even his facial lines were soft. In fact, Xiao Sa could have others pick him up, but just looking at the young man with a proud appearance, throwing the car keys to him, his heart felt comfortable, just as if the embarrassment that happened today did not make him angry anymore. As long as the young man could be happy, it was okay for him to be a clown anytime.

Bai Jing had maintained a good mood when he returned, and he even gave Nanny Chen a rare  kind face and stepped upstairs. Since he had found Xiao Sa, he had nothing to scruple. It was better that Nanny Chen did nothing. If she did, he would not do anything. Since she was thinking of her son, then he would send her to her son’s and believed that her son, who was in the military academy, would be able to protect her in the apocalypse. The premise was that they still had him as their supporter, whom could let them be protected by the military.

Setting the box in the bedroom, Bai Jing could not wait to lock the door. Once he opened the box, Bai Jing’s eyes shone. The box had a total of five pieces of jade: a pair of white horses, jade auspicious animals, and two jade vases. He did not expect what fool would buy those things without even tearing off the price tag. One could see this was temporary preparation, but Xiao Sa really spent all he could to arrange this.

Almost without thinking, Bai Jing directly sent the jade into his hidden dimension, and then he slowly ran his internal force, sitting cross-legged, his eyes closed in practice.

After a long round, the sky had turned dark. He felt the subtle changes to the dimension. Bai Jing was happy that Xiao Sa really was helpful. Whatever he wanted, Xiao Sa sent. Perhaps before the outbreak, he really had a high hope to enter the dimension.

The next morning, he was awakened by a burst of ringtones, he groggily opened his eyes, surprised to see the two characters “Xiao Sa.” Bai Jing silently sat. It was only the early bright light, but this guy was way too early to call.

“Hello!” Bai Jing was bleary-eyed, also with a stuffy sound. Last night, the hens in the dimension lay eggs, and then meeting with Xiao Sa, it kept him too excited to fall asleep until midnight, and now he could not lift up his spirit.

“I am in your downstairs.” Xiao Sa’s cold voice came over, not a single bit conscious that he disturbed the sleep of others.

Bai Jing was helpless. That was the man Xiao Sa was. Slowly walking to the window and opening the curtains, Bai Jing looked at the door. Shown in his eyes were a pair of wild eyes full of desire.

Bai Jing’s cheeks were red, and he hastily pulled the curtains when he remembered he still was wearing pajamas. He hung up the phone, rushed to refresh himself, changed his clothes and rushed downstairs.

Xiao Sa listened to the busy tone on the phone, and breathed out a sigh of pity. Although it was only a glance, he clearly saw Bai Jing’s exposed skin, and his beautiful clavicle. He wondered how coquettish Bai Jing’s body was under the pajamas.

Bai Jing hummed and felt some blame and a bit of shyness. He was sure that person had his mind on sex, did he not already know before? Why was he not calm.

Out of the door, Bai Jing pretended to be calm, staring at Xiao Sa dissatisfied: “Why do you come so early. ”

“I missed you, so I’m here.” Xiao Sa seriously answered. If it was before, he absolutely could not say something so nauseating, but at this time, Bai Jing’s cheeks flushed, his eyes angry, and he filled with energy. Inexplicably, he just wanted to tease Bai Jing.

“You…” Bai Jing was angry. This person was as shameless as in last life.

Xiao Sa was pleased and stopped teasing him. They were unfamiliar with each other, and if he scared away Bai Jing, then it would be his loss. He turned and opened the door: “Get in, you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and I already booked a seat.”

Bai Jing was stunned. Was this car his own, or was it Xiao Sa’s.

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