Chapter 190: The Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies

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“Wu Song, why would you be together with Su Xing?” Leisure Star Gongsun Huang blinked. Her obvious age seemed to very small, but she had a sort of exceedingly refined temperament, which made people feel great reverence for, where no one dared have contempt for her. Even Wu Siyou felt she herself was seemingly younger1 confronting her.

“Su Xing. You are very familiar with him?” Wu Siyou’s eyelids jumped, hearing from Gongsun Huang’s words hidden information.

Gongsun Huang did not speak, her expression fully directed at Wu Siyou’s confusion.

“Your Servant and he have some business that must be settled.” Wu Siyou calmly replied.

Gongsun Huang nodded, neither delighted nor upset.

Suddenly, the girl’s brow wrinkled, and she nearly collapsed onto the floor.

“Gongsun Huang, you certainly were not careful this time…” Wu Siyou shook her head. She could discern that although Su Xing’s power restricted Gongsun Huang’s Gu Poison, this was only stalling. If things went on as they were, Gongsun Huang’s Star Energy was almost completely devoured, and to recover would require a long time. In other words, in the Evil Smiting Hall, Gongsun Huang could be counted as changing direction towards withdrawing from the Star Duels.

“You truly are fortunate the one you encountered was Su Xing.” Wu Siyou narrowed her eyes, spitting out a shocking sentence : “Are you thinking of signing a contract with him like this?”

Gongsun Huang seemingly pondered a moment, then shook her head.

Wu Siyou apathetically said: “Is it that you do not wish to sign a contract with him, or that you fear he will not sign a contract with you?”

Gongsun Huang blinked but did not answer.

Seeing her so indifferent, Wu Siyou no longer wanted to say anything more. She flipped out a map. On it were more or less some of the locations for the materials she needed to upgrade her Star Weapon. Among them, many could be found in the Vermilion Bird Territory. Harm Star Wu Song understood she had already lost Lin Chong in these Star Duels and that she could only rely on herself now. The sole advantage of acting as a Star General that did not sign contracts lay precisely in upgrading Star Weapons.

Fortunately, refusing to sign a contract, she had abundant time to go ponder this matter.

“Lin Yingmei, even if you have signed a contract, Your Servant shall fulfull our promise!!” Wu Siyou muttered to herself.

Gongsun Huang sat on a square desk to the side, curiously looking Wu Siyou up and down, brimming with an expression that could not fathom the Harm Star Pilgrim.

Several knocks from the door interrupted Wu Siyou’s contemplation.


“Excuse us, is Young Lord Su Xing there? Your Servant comes on behalf of Holy Mother Qixia!”2 The crisp sound of a woman’s voice came from outside the door.

Holy Mother Qixia?!

Wu Siyou heard Su Xing mention before that the one commanding the region around Mount Danxia was Holy Mother Qixia. However, it was very odd that this old woman would seek out Su Xing to do something. Could it be this man fooled around with yet another woman? With a vague sense of unhappiness in her heart, she raised her hand, and the door opened on its own.

Two maidens in palace dresses of seven colors with hair like rainbows appeared.

“What is your business!” Wu Siyou did not rise at all, nor did she have the slightest appearance of etiquette.

The two palace girls were stunned upon seeing Wu Siyou’s cold and elegant manner. Seeing that Wu Siyou was unexpectedly Galaxy Late Stage, the girl with a flower ring inserted into her hair deferentially bowed and said: “May we ask what sort of person Your Majesty is to Young Lord Su Xing?”

Wu Siyou was silent.

Seeing that Wu Siyou did not reply, the two woman felt this was odd.

A long time afterwards, Wu Siyou replied without changing her expression: “Your Servant is his wife. His matters can be spoken to Your Servant.”

The Gongsun Huang inside the room blinked and slightly opened her mouth.

The two women had already known and smiled: “Young Lord Su Xing is very lucky with women to have such a beautiful and stunning wife. Is Young Lord Su Xing not present?”

“Why do you seek him?” Wu Siyou was somewhat impatient.

One girl passed over an invitation card.

“Holy Mother Qixia has arranged for a feast tomorrow night, and she invites Young Lord Su Xing and the Madam to go attend!”

“What relationship does he have with you? We have only come for but a few days.” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow.

“It seems Young Lord Su Xing has not informed Madam.” One of the girls smiled: “Young Lord Su Xing used one billion of pure gold to claim several goods. The Holy Mother has some things to mutually request!”

“One billion gold?” Wu Siyou grunted.

Seeing the two girls had yet to leave, Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow: “Is there something else?”

The women somewhat embarrassingly placed a porcelain bottle on the table.

“We hear Madam has a Yin deficiency from intercourse. This bottle of ‘Fine Lady’s Meridian Supplement Pills’3 is something Madam Holy Mother personally sent over to demonstrate sincerity so that Madam can restore her health.” The two girls vaguely said.

Yin deficiency from intercourse??

By the time Wu Siyou’s shock passed and she came back to her sensed, the other party had already left.

“Does this man believe Your Servant does not dare kill him!” Wu Siyou’s silvery teeth tightly bit together. Unexpectedly, even Yin deficiency from sex had emerged.

The Gongsun Huan to the side was seemingly expressionless, but her eyes had a slightly different meaning.

Crying Star Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Chan’s thin golden needles flew, like a drizzle of ox hair, disappearing into the air and reappearing.

In an instant, a golden light abruptly tore over.

Let alone that Xie Chan was a small girl, her body techniques were very unusual, dodging away in the blink of an eye.

“Cultivator, what are you doing interrupting me?” Xie Chan puffed up her cheeks very unhappily.

“Many thanks to Young Lord for saving me.” The panicking and doubting girl said in gratitude. He saw she wore a short corset, and golden light suddenly glinted through it. Her expression was weak, and her forehead had turned purple. Astonishingly, she had been poisoned.

Su Xing did not take notice of her. Immediately, he launched an attack against Xie Chan, seizing this chance to take this Twin-tailed Scorpion’s Gu Poison cure for Gongsun Huang in a burst of energy. Twelve Heaven Tearing Swords promptly attacked. A dragon’s cry boomed, chomping at the bit.

The Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Chan did not expect this cultivator would surprisingly fight without uttering a word. Seeing that imposing and fierce flying sword, her face turned white. Xie Chan spread her arms, and her Life-cast Star Weapon Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles linked together, becoming a scorpion.  

Ordinary artifacts simply were incapable of stopping the Heaven Tearing Sword’s devastation, but the Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Chan’s Destined Star Weapon was unknown grades higher than Ninth Stage. The fine needles flashed three stars, so it was surprisingly a Three Star Star Weapon.

These thin needles became a rain that was like a downpour, all of which blocked the Heaven Tearing’s attack.

Su Xing had long foreseen this, and his hand clenched the Thousand Year Contract Divine Sword Intertwined Branch to immediately attack.

Xie Chan was a “poison” expert, so she was practically incompetent in close quarters; how could she ever let Su Xing approach. Her right hand gestured, and five poison lights launched from her five fingers. Her left hand also did not hesitate, grasping the Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles in preparation to fully use her Yellow Rank Poison Technique. Suddenly, she saw that man’s hand shoot a purple dragon claw. Xie Chan’s protective Star Tool immediately opened a barrier to obstruct this Purple Dragon Claw.

Su Xing closed his fist, raising the Sky Breaking Spear.

The Sky Breaking Spear slammed against Xie Chan’s barrier with a boom. This Star Weapon4 was specialized in breaking defensive magic weapons.

Xie Chan tapped with her hand, and a sheet of Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles pierced through the Sky Breaking Spear towards him. The golden needles carried golden poison, and Su Xing clearly sensed she was corroding his artifact. Su Xing remained expressionless. The twelve Heaven Tearings combined and immediately slashed.

The Star Tool immediately shattered.

Xie Chan’s reactions could not compare to Su Xing’s, and neither was she capable of martial force. This succession of close attacks by Su Xing already was the limit of what Xie Chan could defend against. Xie Chan originally used poison to handle generals in close quarters with great certainty, but she did not anticipate Su Xing’s attacks to be this fierce.

When Su Xing rushed to her front, Xie Chan screamed: “Elder Sister, Mother Highness…”

A ripping sound.

The Thousand Year Contract brushed past Xie Chan’s arms. Blood splattered, but Su Xing did not relent. His left hand formed a seal, and the twelve flying swords turned into a winding dragon. The golden light was colorful, tearing open the poison items and poison smoke. Xie Chan looked at Su Xing with her eyes wide, as if she wanted to firmly remember Su Xing. Her figure very quickly was executed by the flying swords.

In an instant.

Xie Chan disappeared before his eyes without a Star Fall. Evidently, she had entered the Star Nest.

Su Xing’s set of attacks could even be said to have gathered the essence of fighting with the whole body, swift to the limit. This was Five Poisons Valley, the Twin-tailed Scorpion’s domain. How could Su Xing dare be careless about anything. Acting on the spot was to be die in one move, however, even if it was like this, he had still allowed Xie Chan to damage the Sky Breaking Spear. The Twin-tailed Scorpion’s might could be seen.

The girl to the side was dumbstruck. That series of attacks just now practically passed in the blink of an eye, and she completely had not returned to her senses.

Su Xing stored Xie Chan’s blood away.

“Many…” The girl still wanted to be grateful.

Su Xing pulled her hand. Seemingly as if he had seen a ghost, he left only one word – flee!!

“Eh? Did he not kill Xie Bao?”

The girl was extremely confused. Suddenly, she heard the Jade Alum Palace explode. Turning her head, her face immediately changed.

They saw a man draped in a large red cape flap his two wings, rushing over.

Not good!

The Roc Demon King!!

In this instant, she finally could be considered as knowing why Su Xing was this nervous. With Xie Bao destroyed, clearly, this would rile Lady Snake Scorpion, and now her Lord Husband had come to take revenge.

A loud boom.

A ring suddenly was located above the pair’s heads.

Light fell like a downpour from the ring, and that ink-like fog suddenly swiftly stirred to trap the two.

“A magic circle!” The girl who had just obtained hope again despaired.

“A tiny renegade dares to come behave atrociously before This King!” The Roc Demon King’s cold laugh was audible from several ten thousand li away.

At this time, the girl was thoroughly in despair.

A Supervoid Cultivator had set out, so death was inevitable.

Su Xing was too late to use the golden swords to break the array. He directly threw a Territory Breaking Talisman to break this magic weapon’s script, and the two immediately ran out.

“Quickly halt, and This King shall spare you from death!” The Roc Demon King sneered, seemingly even closer.

“Great Sage Falling Sky is of the Roc Clan, we cannot outrun him.” The girl shouted. The Roc Clan was the highest peak among the Vermilion Bird Territory’s high speed clans. Their speed was innate, and a pair of large roc golden wings could take them flying ten thousand li with a single flap. The Escape Techniques of Star Cultivators all could only gaze upon his back, and to use even a Supervoid Cultivation to handle a Roc Clan Demon King’s chase to kill was simply like coming to Mount Five Finger – next to impossible to escape.

Su Xing also understood this. From the Jade Alum Palace to here was a minimum of seventy to eighty thousand li, however, in the blink of an eye, that voice was increasingly near, even arriving before them.

What kind of speed was this.

Their escape was simply indistinguishable from a snail.

Behind them, a man draped in a red cape with wings several meters wide on his back appeared. A powerful pressure pushed enough to make the sky and earth heavy. Along the roads, maids, Demi soldiers and Demi Kings all knelt.

Su Xing tightly clenched the jade amulet, gritting his teeth.

Suddenly, he took up a flying sword and stabbed at his own stomach. Immediately, he was drenched in blood.

“What are you doing?” The girl was alarmed.

How could Su Xing have time to explain. The next second, the Roc Demon King arrived in front of them, as if a god had descended. “You wish to run in front of This King?” The Roc Demon King was godlike, his pressure squeezing from above, and his hand scratched towards them.


Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared without a trace.

The Roc Demon King was taken aback. He turned his head, and he saw that his quarry had suddenly escaped out close to ten thousand li. That speed was no inferior to his “Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies.”5

What sort of Escape Technique was this strange.

“An amateur dares act before an expert!”

The Roc Demon King was furious, flapping his wings as he gave chase.

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  1. As in inexperienced and naive
  2. 七霞聖母, lit. Holy Mother Seven Red Clouds
  3. 素女補經丹
  4. In the raws…
  5. 鯤鵬展翅, a phrase meaning to display great power from the very start.


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