Chapter 191: Great Sage Falling Sky

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“Here, this is for you.”

Tang Lianxin opened her palm. There were several glittering golden earrings. These golden earrings were forged using the leftover dragon scales from the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. The earrings appeared with the marks of dragon scales, their rays of light resplendent.

An Suwen picked one up in pleasant surprise, “Little Sister is so amazing. This Astral Tool was refined entirely by Little Sister?”

Tang Lianxin affirmed, without any expression on her face. “This Astral Tool can protect you once, so it does not have too great a use.” She shook her head. Her manner still maintained a sort of antisocial feeling. Ever since Su Xing and Wu Siyou left for the Vermilion Bird Territory, Tang Lianxin did not visit the Immortal’s Abode often at all. However, Wu Xinjie nevertheless pestered her, discussing refining with her as she brought out a few materials to have Tang Lianxin forge self-protection Astral Tools.

They never expected Tang Lianxin to actually put in the extra effort, for the five Astral Tool earrings were all exceptional.

“Has Elder Sister Lianxin not thought of signing a contract together with Su Xing?” Shi Yuan and the others walked over. Seeing this earring, she handled it admiringly. They were always low on Astral Tools and Astral Treasures, and having plundered that many chests, only Lin Yingmei had been given an Astral Tool bodice. The Thief Star was thinking that if they recruited this Astral Tool refining Solitary Star, then Su Xing truly would be like a tiger that had grown wings.1

The other who had the same thinking was Wu Xinjie. The Knowledge Star actually was not worried, though. Since the Solitary Star had even called Su Xing “Big Brother” anyways, signing a contract was something that would occur sooner or later. Taking advantage of this to persist with a few more words in her ear would be even more assured.

“Tang Lianxin, there is a matter Your Servant wanted to ask you about.” Ling Yingmei looked at the earring and was not impatient to wear it. Rather, she asked a question.

“What matter!” Tang Lianxin’s eyes were somewhat curious. Lin Yingmei was previously always taciturn, very seldom would she question people.

“Since you are capable of refining flying swords, then you should be clear on materials.” Lin Yingmei stared at Tang Lianxin.

The Majestic Star’s words made Wu Xinjie and the others have a sudden epiphany.


“What materials?”

Wu Xinjie then listed each and every one of the materials to refine Su Xing’s Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword for her to listen. The materials to refine the Five Elements Sword were completely abnormal, and some were already extinct without any hint of a trace left. However, seeing the Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard was a forging expert, it could be said for certain she could have some information.

“You let Big Brother Su Xing forge a flying sword so defiant of the natural order?” Tang Lianxin’s brows tightly wrinkled. She was astonished and confused. It was unknown how much time it would take to forge this sort of flying sword. This was simply a waste of time.

“Did you not forge the Golden Star Sword?”2 Wu Xinjie smiled.

Tang Lianxin also thought so. She carefully pondered, then replied: “Some of this I am not too clear on, but the Heavenly Gem Valley reportedly has the Wood Element Sword’s ‘Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo,’ and the Extreme Ice Holy Palace has the Water Element’s ‘Ten Thousand Year Dark Ice.’3 Only the Black Turtle Territory’s4 Black Turtle Sea can produce the ‘Gen Wu Divine Iron’5 of the Earth Element Sword. The Fire Element Sword’s ‘Heaven Clinging Scissor Plumage’6 is already depleted. Perhaps it can be found in the White Tiger Territory. As far as the Solar, Lunar, Astral and Draconic Swords, only during prehistoric eras did they appear…”

Although they had already prepared their hearts, hearing Tang Lianxin’s words, they still could not help but be somewhat disappointed. It seemed that for the other Eight Elements Swords to appear, it would not be easy..

“Elder Sister Yan Yizhen has disappeared.”

Suddenly, An Suwen shouted in astonishment.

Everyone returned to their senses and discovered the maid was not in the Void Immortal’s Abode at all.


“It seems she has gone to find Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie smiled. Yan Yizhen was loyal and devoted, and compared to the Young Master’s consolation, she completely did not care for Wu Siyou’s bet.

“Then what shall we do?”

“No need. If we go, we might contrarily implicate Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“But are we just going to idly wait like this? Overall, This Young Lady feels she has lost to Little Yi.” Shi Yuan was not reconciled to stand by.

Lin Yingmei twitched her lips, seemingly frustrated a bit as well.

“Listen to Elder Sister’s words. We are not to bring Young Lord trouble, but Xinjie has an even better idea.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Sister Xinjie, what idea do you have?”

“Since we have dragon scale Astral Tools, let us go help Yingmei find the materials to advance her Star Weapon?” Wu Xinjie said earnestly: “Yingmei’s Star Weapon has already fallen behind Wu Siyou’s.”


“Your Servant wonders how Young Master is faring?” Lin Yingmei twisted her brow.7

“Be at ease. Let alone Wu Siyou is so resolute, Xinjie dares to make a guarantee. Should Young Lord truly fall into a crisis, she will not hesitate to intervene.” Wu Xinjie’s completely self-confident appearance made everyone somewhat unconvinced.

“Why does Sister Xinjie say this? She seems almost like she is very hateful of Big Brother for snatching Elder Sister Yingmei.” An Suwen said. “Could it be that she fears anything that befalls Young Lord could spread to Elder Sister Yingmei?”

“That is a mystery known only to Heaven, and it absolutely will not be leaked!”

The Knowledge Star winked and mysteriously smiled.

Thus, at this time, Su Xing was overwhelmed with shock. To execute his Chaotic Tail Escape, he needed to first be heavily wounded before he could float away, but this instant of floating took him several thousand li away in a moment’s breath. To Su Xing’s knowledge, he did not know of an Escape Technique in the Azure Dragon Territory that could be faster than the Chaotic Tail Escape. The Chaotic Tail Escape used self-harm as a precondition, and whenever it reached the highest level of the forty-ninth layer, using it would be very shocking. Su Xing already had the Chaotic Tail Escape refined to the forty-eight layer, and with this one breath, he could flee a thousand li.

How could he have anticipated that the Roc Demon King’s “Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies” would be actually so abnormal to the extreme. Reportedly, it was practiced to the peak, and a flap was a hundred thousand li. Fortunately, this Roc Demon King was not at the apex, but a light flap of his wings took him more than five thousand li. Even more fortunate was that the flap required several breaths’ time, otherwise, Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape could not outrun him.

This sort of speed perhaps would render using the Purple Rose Jade Amulet too late.

The Roc Demon King’s cold laugh seemingly could be felt across a thousand li, and the pressure never left Su Xing’s body. His silhouette was extremely swift and on the move. Su Xing flew a distance of three thousand li in the time of several blinks, and the result was that he still was being closely clung onto by the Roc Demon King. It seemed that wherever he flew, those golden wings would appear there. Such a frightening Escape Technique, Su Xing had never seen this before. Even if it was those Supervoid Cultivators of the Azure Dragon Territory, this sort of speed was difficult to outrun.

With ten of Su Xing’s breaths he already had flown out of Falling Dragon Mountain. The Demi Kings and Demi Soldiers of Falling Dragon Mountain had already been shaken off light years away, but he was unable to break away from this Roc Demon King’s pursuit, and the cold laughter behind him was increasingly swift and fierce. The Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators unexpectedly having such a superb Escape Technique had made the Roc Demon King feel disbelief. Let alone Star Cultivators, he had never before had a worthy rival in high speed within the Vermilion Bird Territory. Seeing a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator unexpectedly capable of being so defiant of the natural order, the Roc Demon King’s killing intent wildly bubbled forth. If he could not clearly figure out what was going on, how could the Roc Demon King be at ease.

The Roc Demon King shook the wings on his back, and the two wings transformed, becoming an immense sky concealing object. Wherever it passed, shadows covered, and these shadows were even faster than the Roc Demon King. In the blink of an eye, the shadow fell beneath Su Xing’s legs.

Su Xing was aghast, sensitively perceiving he seemingly had been slowed; this shadow was capable of trapping him. Gritting his teeth, he cut himself several times again, and his Escape Technique was even faster.

The Roc Demon King had already fixated on the idea of killing Su Xing, and he also fully used his power. As far as he was concerned, this was rarely seen.

“It is the Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li!”

The girl screamed in terror.

This Roc Demon King was genuinely angered. The so-called Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li was not at all an actual ninety thousand li in one flap. Rather, it was an enemy killing move used mid-flight. Those shadows were the Roc Demon King’s immense Divine Intent. This Divine Intent was similar to a cage, following behind Su Xing and engulfing everything. If Su Xing were to stop for a moment, then he would rolled into this shadow. Once he had been captured by the Divine Intent, no matter how much faster he was, he would be in the palm of the Roc Demon King’s hand. It seemed the Heavens had been seized, and for this reason was he called by others Great Sage Falling Sky.

“Hurry and think of a way to escape.” Su Xing said as he fled, his face profusely sweating: “Even with my speed, I can’t break away from this Roc Demon King no matter what I do!” Su Xing applied all the Star Energy in his body to his escape, and it still was of no use. The Roc Demon King’s Divine Intent and cold laughter always followed close as a shadow.

Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape nearly to the point he wished he was dead. That Roc Demon King still pursued relentlessly, unwilling to let go.

“This…” The girl had no words to say.

Su Xing did not have hopes that she would have any solutions. The opponent was a Supervoid grade cultivator. This type of cultivator had the entire world at his disposal, far from comparison to a Supercluster Stage. Unless his Star Energy was stronger by tenfold, perhaps only then Su Xing could engage in battle.

His mind pondered over countermeasures when he suddenly heard the sound of crashing tides below.

“Fuck. If this goes on, I can only fly out of the Vermilion Bird Territory to think of a solution. I wish the Azure Dragon Territory won’t let him be unbridled!” Su Xing bit his teeth. The Roc Demon King behind him was closer and closer. Those low sneers seemingly were right beside his ear, throwing his state of mind into confusion. Fortunately, Su Xing had practiced the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique. His will was seemingly bathed, without the slightest bit of being destabilized. Otherwise, if he were to slow a bit, he would be seized by the Roc Demon King’s Divine Intent.

“How could This King be at ease without taking you. Do you believe that you can live in harmony if you can flee to the Azure Dragon Territory? Should This King’s powers be put to use at full strength, even that Emperor Liang could not protect you if he were to come.” The Roc Demon King laughed aloud, the sound seemingly right behind his ear, making Su Xing’s entire body turn cold.

Su Xing was not resigned to his fate. If he really were unable to go any further, with a shake of the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, he could then seize the chance to use the Purple Rose Jade Pendant. It was just that with this, he actually would escape back to the Void Immortal’s Abode. Honestly, he would not have the face to see Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and the others. Until the very final moment, Su Xing did not wish to concede defeat.

And at this time, the lightning flash-like pursuit between the two shook the entire Vermilion Bird Territory. Su Xing was too fast, where basically no one could see him clearly, but that Roc Demon King was not the same. His wings extended, his Divine Intent extended, and wherever they passed, it was like Mount Tai had rolled past. Fortunately, it was fleeting, otherwise, a moment longer, and he would inevitably fall to the stage of tragic death. In an instant, everyone was discussing the matter of the Roc Demon King.

“Just now, that had to be Great Sage Falling Sky Roc Demon King’s Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li??”

“Who could be this powerful, unexpectedly forcing Great Sage Falling Sky to use this ability?”

“Could it be a cultivator from the Azure Dragon Territory?”

All the whispers flashed past, boiling over a thousand mountaintops.

“You Monster, we are Star Masters yet you dare chase to kill. Do you not fear the Liangshan Maiden will find trouble with you.” The girl on his chest let loose words of scolding.8

Su Xing could not help but wonder whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. At this moment, holding out hope for that faintly discernible Maiden Mountain really was too naive.

“Let This King see to what time you can persevere!!” The Roc Demon King laughed aloud, seemingly sensing Su Xing’s weakness.

Su Xing sighed. It seemed he could only go for broke. Unless it was the Purple Rose Jade Pendant, the sole solution Su Xing could think of was to thoroughly self-mutilate himself. The higher the degree of injury for the Chaotic Tail Escape, the faster the Escape Technique was. Although he was somewhat unreconciled, he could not be unreconciled after encountering the one who was but the overlord of a part of the Vermilion Bird Territory.

Just at the time Su Xing prepared to use it, suddenly, he heard an air-breaking sound boom over.

Staring, it was unexpectedly a god killing arrow, imposing as a dragon.9

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  1. Right about now, Su Xing could really do with some wings lol.
  2. In the raws, but obviously she means Heaven Tearing.
  3. 萬年玄冰
  4.  玄冥界, lit. Dark Ghost World, but I am pretty sure the author will change the name like they did with the Vermilion Bird Territory, which had also initially been given some weird name that was changed later. I tl’d the name as Vermilion Bird from the start, and I shall continue to do the same with the Black Turtle Territory.
  5. 艮吾神鐵
  6. 離天翦翎
  7. Aww, Lin Yingmei would rather be with Su Xing than search for materials…
  8. The girl is indeed a Star Master, I can confirm that much.
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    Tang Lianxin affirmed, without any expression on her face. “This Astral Tool can protect you once, so it does not have too great a use.” She shook her head. Her manner still maintained a sort of antisocial feeling. Ever since Su Xing and An Suwen left for the Vermilion Bird Territory, Tang Lianxin did not visit the Immortal’s Abode often at all.”

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