Chapter 192: Qingci, Wanyue, and Longkui

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This arrow’s extremely fast emergence had a calculated route, simply not giving Su Xing time to react. The thousand li in a flash chase between the two also simply did not anticipate anyone could launch an arrow this quickly. Furthermore, to be able to be aimed at them, this sort of accurate attack was universally shocking.

Fortunately, the arrow was not at all aimed to kill Su Xing. It brushed past him, but the arrow’s tip still scraped somewhat of a cut against Su Xing’s face. The Roc Demon King behind him was then misfortunate. An arrow first directly ripped his expanded Divine Intent to shreds, and then it directly shot towards him. Luckily, his Divine Intent obstructed the majority of the power while the remainder still pierced through the Roc Demon King.

The Roc Demon King yelled loudly, only feeling this arrow that penetrated his body wanted to churn his organs to pieces, to shatter his soul. Only by relying on the Roc Clan’s valiant constitution did he manage to stop it. There was an immense roar in the sky.

By the time the Roc Demon King looked again, Su Xing had already become a black dot disappearing into the horizon, already unchaseable.

“Damned Star General!” The Roc Demon King yanked out this arrow, and the arrow became light particles. Astonishingly, it was made of Star Energy, however, he had most probably discerned that. That escaping person should be the Traveller. The person able to leave his Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li unable to capture was of Galaxy Early Stage, and perhaps only with the Speed Star Magic Traveller1 of the Star Generals could this be done. Otherwise, the other Star Generals could not possibly intervene. Thinking of this, the Roc Demon King’s heart was slightly better, but the pain of his wounds made his fury ignite.

“Damned Star General!” He cursed again and helplessly flew back home.

Su Xing fell onto the mountaintop that fired the arrow. With this speed, the Star Energy he consumed could not be counted. Another instant more, and he was too late to replenish it. Like this, by the time Su Xing completely was free of danger did he discover he seemingly had already reached the stage of being completely shriveled up. Even a finger was unwilling to move.

“Don’t you, y-you die.” The beauty shrieked, her whole body dyed with Su Xing’s blood.

“Your turn now.” Su Xing lay down before a tree, speaking powerlessly.

“Mine?” The beauty did not understand.

“If you don’t save me, I really am going to die.” Su Xing closed his eyes. The reason he had saved this girl in passing was for this time. The Chaotic Tail Escape injured Su Xing into a mass of cuts and bruises. Even in the N times of bitter struggles he had previously, he never had been injured like this. This Chaotic Tail Escape that harming others without self benefit benefit sure enough was malicious.

“Oh.” The beauty nodded. Flustered, she found a pill bottle, but in the end, she found that there surprisingly were none.

Su Xing actually had some, but he found he could not extend his Divine Intent, and thus, could not use his Astral Bag.

“Take this.”

A graceful voice floated over from a high place.

Raising her head to look, she saw an extraordinarily soldierly woman had appeared at an unknown time on a high treetop. She wore a white pleated skirt. Her lapel, sleeves as well as her skirt had a black border. The lines were refined, and her physique was elegant in any posture. She wore a silver crystal tuinga, her silky hair dancing in the air. Seeing her look disdainfully at Su Xing and the girl, she then tossed a river jade porcelain bottle to Su Xing.  

The porcelain bottle brimmed with fragrance. Evidently, it was an extraordinary Spirit Pill.

“Ah, thank you, Elder Sister.” The girl expressed her gratitude.

Although this medicine could not bring the dead back to life nor cram full Star Energy, it was wonderfully effective on the Su Xing whose whole body was covered in injuries.

“Thank you to Elder Sister for the favor of saving his life.” The girl bowed her head.

“I only could not bear to see that monster use his position to bully others, nothing more.” The woman indifferently said. Apparently, this was a negligible matter.

From her body, Su Xing could only sense a Star Energy even more profound than Wu Siyou’s circulate. Watching her mannerisms and gestures, she was angered but dignified, with a flourishing heroism. Su Xing more or less guessed she should be a Star General.

“Your Servant is Qu He2 of Mount Danxia. May Your Servant ask for Elder Sister’s name, it is necessary that Your Servant cannot thank you enough.” Qu He bowed.

“No need to trouble yourself over my name. I only want to know why would you provoke that Roc Demon King? Why could you break away. I only wonder what Escape Technique you used?” The woman looked at Su Xing, slowly asking.

“This Escape Technique can only make you laugh when said out loud…Chaotic Tail Escape.3 Using self-harm, it can escape a thousand li. I wonder if Young Lady has heard of it.” Su Xing gasped.

“Chaotic Tail Escape?” The woman nodded. She looked at Su Xing’s whole body of injuries and was seventy to eighty percent convinced.

“Little Sister Hua Rong4 completely is of refined mind!!”

From a distant place suddenly came clear laughter.

They saw a woman walked out. To Su Xing, who had seen so many beauties, her appearance could only count as ordinary, but her figure was fabulous. Her elegance was beautiful, her fine black hair like a waterfall. It was as if her shoulders had been carved, her waist perfectly balanced, and she wore a blue and white palace dress.

“Hua Rong?”

Su Xing heard her words and was somewhat surprised. Raising his head to look at that heroic woman, sure enough, she was a Star General like he had imagined.

“The Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong?”5 Qu He shouted in shock, gazing with an expression of adoration at the woman.

Su Xing was not surprised. From that universally shocking arrow just now, it had to be the Ten Thousand Li God Killiing Arrow. Presently, the people that could fire it were very few.

“Hmph.” Hua Rong was disgruntled. She squinted, and her tone was ice-cold: “It truly is easy to draw you over. What do you want to do now?”

“Your Servant only wished to scale to the top of Maiden Mountain together with Little Sister. To this very small wish, is Little Sister unwilling to agree?” That blue and white woman was all smiles.

“Do not raise that again. I will not sign a contract with anyone. For this time’s Maiden Mountain, I will reach the summit by myself.” The Hero Star’s tone brimmed with self-confidence.

The woman smiled: “The previous generation’s Wu Song could reach the summit only because she had Lin Chong. One person alone has her limits. Little Sister being self-confident is good, but conceit will also be abundant.”

“You dare say that I am conceited?” Hua Rong laughed. Her eyes shot cold light. “I will not kill you, and that is only because I feel you are not worth killing.”

“Elder Sister Qingci,6 what are doing troubling her.”

Suddenly, an irritated voice sounded out.

A beautiful figure emerged next to that Qingci. The one who appeared was a woman of extremely high stature. She had a panel skirt, shorts and a black armband. Her riding boots tread heavily; her embroidered tube top was not covered with any outer garments, and she had black shoulder pads and gloves. Her fine, long black hair was bound with a gorgeous bandage inscribed with talisman script, which was even demonically beautiful to the extreme. Apart from this she did not have too many accessories. Her attires could be considered bold, and she revealed a great expanse of skin that was not white, but a sort of tan.

Compared to her master, the two could be said to have incomparably distinct forms.

If Qingci could be said to be like that expression that could only be drawn, nevertheless, that would be a slightly regretful beauty. Then, this tall woman was just like a beautiful asura trapped in a prison, covered in a murderous aura from head to foot. Those black pupils demonically fierce, forcing others to not dare gaze at them.

“Since she is unwilling to accompany Elder Sister, I shall beat her into submitting under Elder Sister’s foot.” The demonic woman was cold beyond compare.

“Longkui,7 you must not be so lacking in manners.” Qingci smiled.

“Elder Sister actually wants to play with Little Sister Longkui.” Hua Wanyue hooked a disdainful smile. Her expression sunk, and an indescribable longbow formed in her hand. The bow was painted red, its bow string gloomy. The bow’s body flickered, indistinctly revealing the sun, moon and stars. Three magnificent stars were extremely dazzling.

The Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow!8

As expected, she was the Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong!5

That Longkui woman spread her arms, and two clumps of darkness emerged. That gloom flickered, and from time to time, demonic dancing claws could be seen, as if an asura was in the palm of her hand. Her weapon was shrouded within, and its shape was simply indistinguishable, but a forceful terror made Su Xing shiver. He was alright, but that Qu He had been scared pale in the face as she hid behind Su Xing.

Longkui stepped and skyrocketed into the treetop.

Shua, shua, shua.

Huan Wanyue opened the bow extremely quickly, and three arrows followed suit.

Those arrows also were not an ordinary weapons. The arrows were swift, their power fierce, and although the woman Longkui used her weapon to block, she still was pushed back by the arrow attack. Hua Wanyue drew the bow into a full moon, and Starlight glittered once again.

Longkui’s body techniques dodged to the left once more, avoiding several arrows before she chopped towards the large tree.

A boom.

A tree that could be encircled by seven or eight people had been cleaved in two in the blink of an eye. Perhaps Lin Yingmei could not easily attain this sort of might. The gloomy weapon hacked it down, its murderous aura flaring up. It directly bit at Hua Wanyue, but the Hero Star stepped in midair, as if she had tread on a cloud. Her figure flew backwards, and the Heaven Earth Sun Moon bow consecutively launched several arrows, breaking open this murderous air.

Longkui’s figure directly rose, just like a murderous god. That space had been ripped apart and seemingly pulled into a straight line.

In practically a single breath, Longkui’s attack quietly arrived beside the Hero Star Hua Wanyue without any indication, aiming at the Hero Star Little Li Guang’s excellent arrow arts. The asura-like Longkui was fully aware of its power. Her seemingly impulsive and uncivilized attack first of all made calculations that were more precise than a machine’s.

Hua Wanyue was very surprised Longkui was this swift. The Hero Star’s eyes narrowed, and she opened her bow to fire arrows. Her speed was extremely quick, and looking far into the distance, more than a dozen arrow pillars were like gently falling scattered willow tufts. In an instant, they formed a soaring storm. Its formidable might covered the sky and hid the earth, conforming with the chaotic atmosphere.

The arrow had not yet arrived, but its murderous air arrived first.

Dance Through The Willows!!10

A vicious and angry shout.

The gloom on Longkui’s hands combined into one. Black qi shot everywhere, soaring into the sky, her body following the movements of her palms. Black light flashed, and her entire person already was like an arrow, shot straight, just as if she had used her Yellow Rank Style.

One hit certain kill!

The distance between the two seemingly ceased to exist. Longkui’s gloom was brandished, and it slammed together with the falling willow tufts that filled the skies.

Su Xing only saw the black qi almost seem to want to devour the willow tufts, but it was the Hero Star who was evidently a step ahead in the end. The Hero Star flew a hundred chi upwards. The arrow’s power concentrated, and the willows flying dance successively broke this attacking prison.

The mountain forest rumbled, the trees toppled, and the birds scattered in alarm.

The Hero Star Little Li Guang abruptly pulled back on the bow and aimed at Longkui’s master – Qingci. The bow was drawn into a full moon, and the arrow seemingly whistled.

Qingci confidently did not move.

A black shadow flung out and intercepted the arrow.

“I want to see between you and I just who can go farther!”

Hua Wanyue lightly smiled. By the time they looked again, she had already disappeared without a trace.


Longkui was not resigned as she clenched her teeth. She looked askance at the Su Xing and Qu He several dozen meters away, spitting out two words of killing intent, “You hindrances!!” Her body passed like black smoke, and a powerful killing intent covered them head on.


This woman honestly was oppressive and fierce.

Su Xing’s body was currently was powerless, somewhat lethargic. This honestly was escaping the wolf’s mouth and into the tiger’s den.

“Longkui, come back!”

Qingci softly called out.

The attacking asura’s murderous air instantly vanished like smoke into thin air. Longkui withdrew and returned to her master’s side. Her eyes seemingly were seemingly looking at a dead person as she stared at Su Xing and Qu He.

“Excuse me, I wonder what relationship you two have with Hua Wanyue?” Qingci advanced, asking with a smile, her voice like a cleansing spring breeze. But what a pity that Heaven was too impartial, giving her a songbird’s throat yet with such a mediocre appearance.

Su Xing was not of a generation that judged others by their appearances. Seeing that she should be a formidable Star Master, he naturally could not mention the matter of his being chased by the Roc Demon King. In addition, seeing that her Star General was very addicted to killing, knowing that they were Star Masters was perhaps difficult to achieve a good ending. He replied: “We just happened to pass by this place.”

“So it turned out to be this, we have caused you trouble.” Qingci lightly smiled.

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  1. 天速星神行太保
  2. 瞿荷, funny cause this name describes her personality carefully. “瞿” means “afraid” and “荷” basically means “burden”
  3. 爛尾遁, the literal meaning is “Incomplete Escape,” with the connotation that it’s bad, as in “Shitty Escape Technique”
  4. 花榮
  5. 天英星小李廣花榮
  6. 青瓷
  7. 龍葵
  8. 天地日月弓
  9. 天英星小李廣花榮
  10.  穿楊柳絮舞


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